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I love this country. I consider myself to be a patriot. However, I disagree strongly with the direction this country’s supposed leaders are taking us to. I despise Bush for making swiss cheese out of the Constitution of the United States Of America and saying it isJust a Goddamn piece of paper!” No, it isn’t, it is our founding document Mr. Bush and you show a lack of respect for that document that enabled you to become President just as you have shown for everything else in your life.

I lack respect for dictators like Bush and he is as close to that as you can get in this country. So, this blog is all about my feelings and things I see wrong with today’s world.

Leave a comment if you like, I’m curious as to your opinions too.

Oh, and please don’t ever accuse me of using chain mail stuff.  (one guy already did)  I only use news wires, services, etc and the most reputable one I can find to verify my stories.  I wouldn’t put speculation in this blog.  Other than that, have a great day!

25 Responses to “About Me”

  1. My opinion is that the government is illegal. Those who vote it in are participants in it.

  2. So do you not vote? Somehow that doesn’t seem like an answer to me. I realize that corruption is rampant within our government, but doing nothing isn’t going to see changes. What is it you recommend?

  3. Tempest at Dawn, a new book about the Constitution by James D. Best

    My book Tempest at Dawn is now available, and I’d like to send you a copy. I’m not looking for blurbs, promotion, or anything else. I want to send you my historical novel because I appreciate your support for the Constitution. If you respond with a mailing address, I’ll have a copy sent right away. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your support of Border Invasion Pics. Few people realize how much effort it takes to find the ever changing alien trails and get our videos, and we don’t do it for thieves like KPHO to advance their agenda. We appreciate everyone who calls them out on this issue.

  5. My pleasure. I really try to give credit where credit is due. To have someone like KPHO steal is beyond words. Especially when it is twisted like they twisted it. As I said in the article, KPHO is definitely pro-illegal alien.

    I hope this helps to spread the word. You guys work so hard to make people aware of what is happening. I thank you very much and appreciate the fact that you let us use your stuff.

  6. Thanks for the honest open blog. They are hard to find anymore, so many people are afraid to say what they really feel or think or know. Keep up the good work. I would like some comments from you on my blog. thanks again. Mary Russell

  7. Hi Mary,

    Welcome and thank you for posting. I’ll drop by your blog and let you know I was there. Come back as often as you like.

  8. Nice to see your still going strong.

  9. I just sent you an email! I’m so glad to hear from you! I need to repost all the articles I did on you. I was planning on leaving this site, but changed my mind after trying to work with another. I mention your case all the time though.

  10. Many children/students are brought here, against their will, by their parents because their native country has been overrun with gangs and/or poverty. I don’t know if you are a parent- but I am. If I had grown up in a country, had children, and then witnessed a dramatic change in my homeland- whether due to gangs, NAFTA, or other circumstances, you can be sure I would do whatever I had to doto get my children into a safe environment. Also, regardless of you opinion of the parents/adults that come here illegally, I cannot understand how anyone can blame an innocent child.

  11. J.C.,
    Thanks for stopping by. In this silent invasion, and believe me it is an invasion, children may be a casualty. I do not blame them, but they are the vehicle that many criminal illegal aliens use to stay here. Or try to. When they are found out the parents are deported and the children placed in foster care. The outcry then is that we are splitting apart families. But the parents KNEW that option existed when they came here, that they might lose their kids if caught. The criminal illegal aliens took that chance anyway.

    Instead of running to another country and forcing that country to take them in they should show some backbone and band together to save their country, not drag this one down because it is easier than fighting for their own. Where is their pride and spirit? But no, they show none of that. The cowards run away, devastating the land on the border with their trash, ruining the land along the border. Don’t ask me to pity the criminal illegal alien children when there are children in THIS country, Citizens by birth, who are starving and living in poverty, without the ability to get medical aide these criminal illegal aliens get for free. Not going to happen in this lifetime.
    Again, thanks for stopping by,

  12. wow i think you really know your stuff on congress!!! keep it up!

  13. I have had a gradual but certain process of enlightenment over the years in which i have come to view the US Constitution as far from perfect. No one in their right mind would suggest that Justice prevails even the majority of time in this country, which has been corrupted to the core. As Lysander Spooner would say about it, it either authorized such corruption or was powerless to prevent it and therefore is unfit to exist. I would suggest that if it deserves to remain as a Truly useful Document to assure Justice and all such Positives, then it grossly needs to be amended, and not in ways which can be interpreted away.
    The Foundation of any Structure or Organization is most critical and therefore, to insure stability and a Free Society of People, that Foundation must be Individually Sovran People,(an archaic but valid spelling which i prefer, to contrast with irrational Royalty). Such Sovran Individuals’ domains are their Life, Liberty, Family, and duly acquired Property, both Real and Personal. Taxation is an Insult to any rational, Freedom Loving Individual. A tax assessor recently had the truthful audacity to tell me that there was no relationship between taxes levied and goods and/or services received! Therefore, to make the point quite clear, the US Constitution, to have any credibility, must have Taxation and any other such arbitrary Coercion, amended out of it. The Free market, Free Enterprise system is quite capable of providing the goods & services without coercion. Interesting to note, that the US Constitution upholds in principle the sanctity of contracts but doesn’t extend that safeguard to the People (full disclosure, consideration, then acceptance or rejection of the offer), relative to the operation of government. A Constitution for a Free People cannot permit a President to sign dictatorial Executive Orders, or to have Judges be political appointees for Life!!?? … and for these to have shown their diabolic incompetence, while still be given a wage of $300 to $400 Thousand per Year… Give Me a BREAK!!
    I hope that this fits nicely in “JustYourTruth’s Weblog” And thanks for accepting my comments. Best of Luck on your Blogsite!
    jondraw the sovran ratreb (short for rational rebel)

  14. You are certainly entitled to your opinion ratreb. Now, you can go into any other country you please since you don’t feel the need to defend our Constitution but feel like your opinion is the only one out there. Seems to me that talking to a tax man is just asking for stupid!

    All that aside, this blog supports the Constitution. However, if you think your rights CAME from that document, you really need to learn about it more. Our rights were given us by our Creator, not some document. Amending the Constitution won’t change that and anything the does Amend it had better be agreed to by We the People. That our government has been taken over by greedy slimy socialists is one of its problems, but you can’t blame that on the Constitution.

    Try to get educated and then you will be welcome here.

  15. I’m thinking this was meant to go somewhere else. I’ll do some research and try to answer your questions though.

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