ConsumerReports Promotes Junk Science Loses All Credibity

It used to be you could trust Consumer Reports and their offshoot Consumer Reports But that is a thing of the past, at least if you value your health. The fraud and death administration (FDA) has been putting pressure on all sources to turn vitamins and supplements into drugs as a new source of money for their clients, Big Pharma. The fraud and death administration is determined that if they cannot get these supplements and vitamins for their clients that they will be discredited so that consumers won’t use them.

As I read the Consumer Reports report on these supplements, the first thing that struck me was the consistent use of “might or maybe.”  Any time I see these words I know that;

  • The science behind this isn’t there
  • The information is bogus
  • There is an alterier motive behind the report
  • Junk Science strikes again

This supposed report is full of these maybes and might cause.  Except for one conclusion every single one says “likely unsafe.”  On the one that is listed as unsafe, it refers to its usage in Hong Kong.   Seriously, do they expect us to swallow this bilge?  I called them up and told them what I thought of this report and that I WOULD NEVER LISTEN TO ANYTHING THEY EVER HAD TO SAY AGAIN!  Period, end of discussion.  Consumer Reports no long exists to me.


It is the goal of the fraud and death administration to take supplements and vitamins away from consumers and replace them with drugs.  Doing so would destroy the health of our Citizens.  Our food is already so adulterated that it has lost most of its nutritional value and our bodies struggle to cope with this added assault on our systems.

Diseases which show genetic markers but can be linked to GMO’s are now making their appearance.  Macular Degeneration, is new.  It is so new that science hasn’t even finished studying what it is.  This is a clear sign our DNA is being changed by the gmo’s we are eating without our knowledge.  Ye the fraud and death administration is of the opinion that GM/GMO’s are equivalent to real food. These frankenfoods are NOT the same.  Not by any stretch of the imagination or the science behind the disturbing facts that GM/GMO’s alter our DNA and can be passed on to future generations.

Causing us health issues forces us to go to doctors that then write a prescription for drugs and the downward spiral of our health begins to rocket to the eventual death of the body.  These drugs kill 3,000 people each month and yet they are STILL on the market and being promoted.

Vitamins and supplements can stop may of these new conditions from ever appearing.  This doesn’t please Big Pharma, it doesn’t please the fraud and death administration.  So the assault on our lifesaving vitamins, herbs, and supplements will continue.

Let me show you the insanity of the new consumer reports health junk science being vomited onto the web:

Dangerous supplements

What you don’t know about these 12 ingredients could hurt you

Last reviewed: September 2010

We Americans do love our dietary supplements. More than half of the adult population have taken them to stay healthy, lose weight, gain an edge in sports or in the bedroom, and avoid using prescription drugs. In 2009, we spent $26.7 billion on them, according to the Nutrition Business Journal, a trade publication.

What consumers might not realize, though, is that supplement manufacturers routinely, and legally, sell their products without first having to demonstrate that they are safe and effective. The Food and Drug Administration has not made full use of even the meager authority granted it by the industry-friendly 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).

Let’s take this one step at a time shall we? First, note the date. September 2010? Forgive me but I thought it was August…  Then we have that dollar figure, $26.7 billion that big pharma isn’t getting and the fraud and death administration wants a piece of as well.  Greedy bastards!

Next, supplements, vitamins and herbs are naturally occurring. They are not manufactured like drugs are where they mix in this and that adding viruses and toxic chemicals. The herbs, vitamins and supplements do not need to be made, they exist already. This report above is CLEARLY designed to mislead, misrepresent, misinform, and scare people away from life-saving compounds our bodies NEED.

Notice the FDA is mentioned? I told you this was their handiwork.  Congress has repeatedly tried to gut DSHEA in recent months but consumers have fought back and the bills were defeated.  The broken and incompetent fraud and death administration is working extremely hard to gag producers of vitamins, minerals, supplements and herbs so that they cannot tell you what the health science is behind their products.  It is a fact that the fraud and death administration is suing cherry and walnut growers in an attempt to silence them on their benefits of their fruits and nuts by claiming that they are actually selling drugs, not fruit and nuts…  Is that enough insanity for you?

Click here to see their supposed dangerous list of supplements:

Calls for the fraud and death administration to be dissolved are growing.  No one believes a thing they have to say anymore.  Being FDA approved means that someone paid the fraud and death administration their user fees, some of which are over $1 Million dollars, and got their drug approved.  The fraud and death administration hasn’t done any verifying of the data itself in a LONG, LONG, LONG time.  So being FDA approved doesn’t mean shit any more.  After all, they approve of cigarettes, right?


So I called Consumer Reports Health dot org at 1-800-274- 7596 and I told them just what I thought of their junk science.  I told them I would NEVER, EVER, believe a single thing they wrote about again.  That they had lost ALL credibility with me FOREVER!  I told them up front I didn’t have a subscription to their news letter, (if it can be called that), and the gal on the other end wasn’t pleased to hear what I had to say.  She did say she would pass it along though.

Biased and One-Sided Consumer Reports Article Attacks Supplements

August 10, 2010

Consumer Reports Health’s position seems to be that supplements generally are unsafe and unregulated. In fact, supplement are arguably the safest part of the food market, as we explained on June 1. And they are highly regulated, as we explained on July 13. The FDA may remove any unsafe, misbranded, or adulterated supplements from the market. It is charged with enforcing the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, which holds supplement manufacturers to “good manufacturing practices” (industry standards for product quality); and it may take any necessary action based on adverse event reports. Both the FDA and the FTC also have to power to stop any fraudulent advertising.

Moreover, nowhere in the main article are the health benefits examined or weighed in a neutral fashion. They cite the Nutrition Business Journal’s figure of $26.7 billion in spending by Americans on supplements, without recognizing that the reason most people continue to take supplement is because they work—usually as supplements to diet, but often to improve health more effectively, more reliably, and more safely than prescription drugs.

At the bottom of the page is a link you can click on to send CRH an email.  I left in the first paragraph and then wrote my own message.  I then forwarded the link to friends who are concerned about health and again put in my own message to them.  Those who use junk science must be shown the error or their ways and informed about their loss of credibility.  Bull shit is bull shit, no matter how they package it!  Calling it fertilizer isn’t going to make it smell one iota better.

One of my favorite “go to guys” is Byron Richards.  He’s been on the front lines of health information for as long as I can remember. Byron J. Richards, Founder/Director of Wellness Resources and a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and nationally-renowned health expert, radio personality, and educator. He is the author of Mastering Leptin, The Leptin Diet, and Fight for Your Health: Exposing the FDA’s Betrayal of America. Byron is one of my personal heroes.



By Byron J. Richards, CCN
May 15, 2007

Your right to have free access to safe and highly effective dietary supplements is under an intense multi-pronged FDA attack. On May 14, 2007 the Supreme Court sided with the FDA by deciding not to hear the case of Nutraceutical v FDA, letting stand a federal appeals court ruling that permits the FDA to use drug-related risk/benefit analysis to determine if a nutrient is safe. This is the exact same point the FDA is trying to get put into law through Senate bill S.1082 and HR.1561, which consumers have flooded the Senate on over the past few weeks. And it is the same point the FDA is seeking to help implement on an international basis through Codex. The Supreme Court denial to hear this case is a dramatic turn of events that means there is very little time left to act to preserve free access to dietary supplements. The first part of this article explains this issue in depth so that Americans can understand what is taking place. The second part explains the steps Americans need to take to preserve their health freedom.

Leading health freedom attorney, Jonathan Emord, has been handling the Supreme Court petition for Nutraceutical Corporation. He has also been helping us prepare amendments to neutralize the threat posed by current FDA reform legislation (S.1082/HR.1561). On May 11, 2007 I received an email from Mr. Emord explaining the significance of the Supreme Court case:

These bills failed, as have others that have been introduced. But the fraud and death administration is not giving up. They will continue to peruse legislation to silence valuable health information as well as gain control over supplements and herbs. They have billions and billions of dollars to throw at legislators too.  Every penny that big pharma can put together will be thrown at our representatives in order to coerce them into destroying access to healthy alternatives to unhealthy drugs.

I maintain that the fraud and death administration is guilty of fraud, racketeering, and murder.  They are willing accomplices in promoting bad drugs such as Avandia which is linked to heart failure since 1 year after it hit the market with undeniable evidence.  The fraud and death administration covered it up, stalled for time, and as of this date, 12  years after Avandia’s release, there is only a warning on the fraud and death administration’s website.  Need more proof?  There is TONS of it on the web.

The side effects alone from most drugs manufactured today by Big Pharma are enough to make one think 10xs over about taking them.  Why would I want to take a medicine that will cause 5-10 problems just to alleviate 1?  Most asthma medicines out there will CAUSE an asthma attack.  They won’t tell you that!


By Byron J. Richards, CCN
October 26, 2006

The FDA Protects Big Pharma from Competition

The FDA was within their rights to send warning letters. True enough, some of these small companies had stepped over the line. Had they harmed anybody? Most of the nutrients in the products being offered actually have considerable science showing they may help diabetes. What is the FDA really afraid of? People getting better? People learning what options they have to the drug racket of the sickness industry? Maybe the FDA is trying to distract the public, portraying themselves as effective while they continue to this day to allow thousands of Americans to be injured and die in the name of profits for Bayer.


And what are these effective treatments? A commonly used FDA-approved diabetes drug, Actos, has been found to increase edema and heart failure and have no benefit to diabetic patients. Another diabetes drug, Metformin, is known to cause B12 deficiency that will certainly increase the risk for neuropathy. Then there is the expensive new diabetes drug, Januvia, expected to have sales of a billion dollars. Once again, the drug only treats symptoms and does not fix the cause of the problem. When doctors put patients on insulin to control type II diabetes the typical outcome is that blood sugar is lowered by stuffing calories into fat, a medical treatment that causes fatigue and further obesity. If we took the FDA statement about “bilking consumers” at face value many common FDA-approved diabetes treatments would need to be shut down. Is it any wonder individuals are desperately looking for help?


The fraud and death administration is a failed experiment. Not only are they incapable of doing the job they were designed to do, but they are more concerned with their own profit than any pretense to health advocacy. This agency needs to be fired and abolished! There is no hope of bringing the FDA into line. Too much corruption for far too long is rooted too deeply to ever untangle the mess.  Tell congress to investigate/fire the fraud and death administration.  Write to your legislators today and tell them your thoughts on this vile, evil, money grubbing failed institution.

Put pressure on House Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on to pass H.R. 4913:Free Speech About Science Act of 2010. It is time we got truth about supplements, vitamins and herbs! We deserve to know what is good for us.

~ by justmytruth on August 11, 2010.

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