Congress Calling Al Capone

To this day if you do a search for the greatest mob boss ever you will find Al Capone’s name.  Congress seeks to bring back Al Capone in their bill H.R. 980 and S. 1611.  Congress is working hard to bring all things of freedom under their greedy, grasping control.  It has nothing to do with making sure that workers across the nation have the same benefits, nothing to do with their health or yours or mine.  CONTROL is all it is about.

Let me draw you an imaginary situation.  Suppose Oklahoma City decides to pass a law that congress doesn’t like or feels that it isn’t Oklahoma’s right to pass.  A tornado comes through and devastates the area.  So congress decides that no first responders will be dispatched until the city of Oklahoma agrees to withdraw the offending legislation.  First responders would have to sit and wait for the go signal before being allowed on scene because it just might be too dangerous.  Do you want your first responders under Al Capone’s control?

It is reported that Al Capone‘s business card had him listed as a “used furniture dealer.”  I think that title can be applied to most of those in congress, don’t you?  Capone’s idea of business was that if it was illegal he would supply it.  Here is where Al Capone and congress differ, congress takes, it doesn’t supply.

The Democrats with their greedy, grasping, sticky fingers, seek to consolidate power under congress’ rule.  Free enterprise is a thing of the past.  Congressional spending is out of control and off the charts.  Congress justifies their spending binge by thinking your money belongs to them and they can spend their money any way they like.  I live by the following rule:  If you have to justify it you already know you are wrong.  No excuses apply.

Couched in lofty terms which would seem to show the moral high ground but which hides the sleazy underbelly of corruption, H.R. 980, (already passed), and S. 1611, (currently in committee), are more of the same old power grabs we’ve been watching lately destroy this country.

The first thing to consider is that while FEMA can call on first responders, they cannot control them utterly. State’s do. Let’s look at some of the findings of congress on this issue:

Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act

(2) State and local public safety officers play an essential role in the efforts of the United States to detect, prevent, and respond to terrorist attacks, and to respond to natural disasters, hazardous materials, and other mass casualty incidents. State and local public safety officers, as first responders, are a component of our Nation’s National Incident Management System, developed by the Department of Homeland Security to coordinate response to and recovery from terrorism, major natural disasters, and other major emergencies. Public safety employer-employee cooperation is essential in meeting these needs and is, therefore, in the National interest.

This is a blatant ploy to take the State and Local government OUT of the equation and place them under the banner of DHS, one of the MOST incompetent parts of the federal government! Taking these agencies OUT of the control of the State and placing them under DHS means that a State will have to ASK FOR HELP from the feds in order to respond to a natural disaster or other emergency.  Police, Fire, Ambulance, Paramedics, etc. would find themselves directed by the feds and forced to comply with the wrong-headed imbeciles currently calling themselves intelligent.  (Government Intelligence)  Democrats think this is a great idea! < cough >

(3) The Federal Government needs to encourage conciliation, mediation, and voluntary arbitration to aid and encourage employers and the representatives of their employees to reach and maintain agreements concerning rates of pay, hours, and working conditions, and to make all reasonable efforts through negotiations to settle their differences by mutual agreement reached through collective bargaining or by such methods as may be provided for in any applicable agreement for the settlement of disputes.

NOTE TO CONGRESS: The State and local governments and their employees have been doing just fine without your help for 234 years. Why are you assuming now we need your < sarc > wisdom < /sarc >?  Knock, knock, is there anybody home up there?  I see the lights are on…

(4) The absence of adequate cooperation between public safety employers and employees has implications for the security of employees and can affect interstate and intrastate commerce. The lack of such labor-management cooperation can detrimentally impact the upgrading of police and fire services of local communities, the health and well-being of public safety officers, and the morale of the fire and police departments. Additionally, these factors could have significant commercial repercussions. Moreover, providing minimal standards for collective bargaining negotiations in the public safety sector can prevent industrial strife between labor and management that interferes with the normal flow of commerce.

Congress, read the above again and apply it here. We’re doing just fine without your corrupting influence. It would be a serious mistake on our part to allow you access to this PUBLIC arena.  Has anyone else noticed that their “spend-go” has fallen flat on its face or that they haven’t even bothered to approve a budget for this year?  You didn’t?  Wonder why?

Pay attention to this next paragraph of the bill.  It is a damning finger pointing out why this legislation is NOT necessary!

(5) Many States and localities already provide public safety officers with collective bargaining rights comparable to or greater than the rights and responsibilities set forth in this Act, and such State and local laws should be respected.

So why do we want this legislation??? If our States and local governments are doing a great job, don’t fix what ain’t broken. Ding, ding, ding! Unfortunately, congress doesn’t respect our local and State governments.  They have convinced themselves that they are omnipotent. (Does viagra make a pill for that?)

The utter incompetence that congress has shown whether it be in spending limits, (the lowliest Citizen can balance their checkbook), and lack of common sense spells disaster for the united States.  Trusting anything to congress is asking for a pyromaniac to not start a fire.  It is as though they continue to believe we aren’t going to notice what they are doing.  We aren’t nearly as stupid as congress believes  us to be.

Then next segment of the bill carries the definitions of what congress is talking about because you know their understanding of things is often different from our own. For example: the definition of confidential employee is, (ready for it?), confidential!  OMG, who would have thought?  The definitions include what they mean by firefighter, labor organizer, public safety employer, emergency medical personnel, law enforcement officer, public safety employee, etc.  Where it gets interesting, and where congress is out of their effing minds, is the following:

(9) PERSON- The term ‘person’ means an individual or a labor organization.

It isn’t even funny how despicable I think congress is for defining a person as an organization. People are people, organizations and companies may be made up of people, but they are not a PERSON! Any time you see this you have to understand that congress is seeking to circumvent the constitution and the inalienable rights of human beings with their creator and give those qualities to non-human organizations and companies.  My disgust for the authors of these little gems cannot be put into words.

With these little definitions man elevates a company or organization to that which our Creator, created.  I find that appalling and disrespectful.  Wonder what Jesus would think of this?  If he flayed the money changers out of the temples think what he would do to congress today!  Man, I’d even pay to see that!  And give me a front row seat!!!

Currently democrats are wondering why We the People aren’t seeing things their way.  They are terrified of the coming elections, as they should be, and are pulling out all the stops to try to discredit anyone and every one who says anything negative about them.  They act like they are dumbfounded that we don’t agree with their ivory tower, holier than thou attitudes and corporate agendas.  The socialism which is being shoved down our throats at every turn has them “concerned” that we might be misunderstanding their goals.  Not a chance guys and gals!

Next comes the meat of the bill.  Here the federal government takes over the “right to decide”that has always rested with the State.


(a) Determination-

(1) IN GENERAL- Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Authority shall make a determination as to whether a State substantially provides for the rights and responsibilities described in subsection (b).

The authority naturally being congress.  It seems that we have no rights to decide for ourselves how to govern ourselves.  Congress is the only one with judgment sufficient to make such decisions.  And we’ve seen just HOW WELL they have handled that!!!  But wait, they aren’t done yet!

(2) CONSIDERATION OF ADDITIONAL OPINIONS- In making the determination described in paragraph (1), the Authority shall consider the opinions of affected employers and labor organizations. In the case where the Authority is notified by an affected employer and labor organization that both parties agree that the law applicable to such employer and labor organization substantially provides for the rights and responsibilities described in subsection (b), the Authority shall give such agreement weight to the maximum extent practicable in making the Authority’s determination under this subsection.

This little gem translates to: We will consider your agreement and if we like it we’ll settle the matter in your favor, however, if we do not agree that it benefits our desires we’ll over-ride your decision with one of our own.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Not this time around congress.  we’ve seen you coming a mile away.

Oh, and there is this little point to also note; any decisions made will remain in effect FOREVER or until the “authority” decides otherwise.  There is never going to be a time when this decision comes up for review!

(3) LIMITED CRITERIA– In making the determination described in paragraph (1), the Authority shall be limited to the application of the criteria described in subsection (b) and shall not require any additional criteria.


(A) IN GENERAL- A determination made pursuant to paragraph (1) shall remain in effect unless and until the Authority issues a subsequent determination, in accordance with the procedures set forth in subparagraph (B).


Upon establishing that a material change in State law or its interpretation has occurred, an employer or a labor organization may submit a written request for a subsequent determination. If satisfied that a material change in State law or its interpretation has occurred, the Authority shall issue a subsequent determination not later than 30 days after receipt of such request.

Since it is the Citizens of a State who vote, and not a corporation or organization, this is a blatant way for the feds to say, “you are incapable of governing yourselves, no matter what you decide, we know best…  I don’t know about you, but I want congress and the feds to get the hell out of my life and let me LIVE it as I see fit under the Constitution.

While the bill goes on to say that anyone may file a grievance with the courts if they do not agree with these decisions for up to 60 days, the bench padding that the Obamination is doing insures that their will be done.  We’ve had that amply proven with all the suits against Obama that the courts claim We the People have no standing in…

Rights and responsibilities must include the ability of all the above named groups of public employees to join unions.  Congress just can’t stand the thought that each State has the ability to pass laws which the PEOPLE want and not necessarily what congress deems “suitable.”  This bill is just one more step along the path of stealing our power away from us and putting  it in the hands of corruption.  At this point and time there are few in congress who work for US.  Most work for their lobbyist paychecks.  There is more special interest than united States’ interest in the agenda of congress.  Bad bills like this are just an example of their gangster style heavy-handedness.

(b) Rights and Responsibilities- In making a determination described in subsection (a), the Authority shall consider a State’s law to substantially provide the required rights and responsibilities unless such law fails to provide rights and responsibilities comparable to or greater than the following:

(1) Granting public safety officers the right to form and join a labor organization, which may exclude management employees, supervisory employees, and confidential employees, that is, or seeks to be, recognized as the exclusive bargaining representative of such employees.

(2) Requiring public safety employers to recognize the employees’ labor organization (freely chosen by a majority of the employees), to agree to bargain with the labor organization, and to commit any agreements to writing in a contract or memorandum of understanding.

(3) Providing for the right to bargain over hours, wages, and terms and conditions of employment.

(4) Making available an interest impasse resolution mechanism, such as fact-finding, mediation, arbitration, or comparable procedures.

(5) Requiring enforcement of all rights, responsibilities, and protections provided by State law and enumerated in this section, and of any written contract or memorandum of understanding between a labor organization and a public safety employer, through–

(A) a State administrative agency, if the State so chooses; and

(B) at the election of an aggrieved party, the State courts.

In the past all this has been accomplished without cost to taxpayers and at the expense of the company or organization which was duly elected by the employees to represent them.  After the enactment of this bill, that will now wind up being paid for by taxpayers.   Those in congress will not rest until every last dime we think is ours is being doled out to us by those in their elusively remote, well-padded dominion.  According to congress we are not capable of governing ourselves.

I have only gone a bit more than halfway through this bill but my post is getting too long here so I will close it.  Read the bill for yourself.  Make up your own mind if this is a good or a bad bill.  Let congress know you are watching them and that bringing Al Capone back is not an option…

~ by justmytruth on July 23, 2010.

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