Eric Holder’s Frivolous Lawsuit Against Arizona

“Make crime pay. Become a Lawyer.” Will Rogers quotes (American entertainer, famous for his pithy and homespun humour, 1879-1935)

With all the disgusting abuses of power the Obamination administration is guilty of, the worst by far is wasting tax payer dollars on frivolous lawsuits.  Imagine, the federal government is concerned with Arizona “infringing” its right to ignore and pick and choose which laws it enforces and the States be damned.  Imagine you tax dollars flying out the window for this earth shattering event!  Arizona will take care of her Citizens.  Does anyone know if we can sue the federal government for failure to enforce current laws?  I’d love to bring a civil suit against this castrated administration!

As I check the news headlines on this issue I find that the Obamination is in a distinct minority.  No one likes this administration or how it is handling things.  The Obaminator has been found guilty of Treason by no less than 3 Citizen Grand Juries.  Course, the Supreme, (cough), Court refuses to hold any administration accountable for its felonious actions.  Anyone up for walling off D.C. and getting on with the business of life, love and the pursuit of happiness?

Sucking up to Illegal aliens and Calderon, F*** America!

What chance has law and order got though when  you stack the bench with judges who vote for whatever they are paid to vote for, refuse legitimate suits, and fail to bring illegal activities to justice ?  It’s called padding the bench and the Obamination is doing it as fast as possible.  Kagen is only the most recent, and we know she is anti- Constitution.  Kagen has ZERO bench experience.  I’m sure she will be a good little prostitute for the Obaminator!

You have no idea the restraint I’m placing on myself with this post.  My fingers would be only too happy to type what I’m thinking in….

The Patriot Post

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The Department of Injustice

The Justice Department filed suit against the state of Arizona Tuesday over its recently passed immigration law, saying the law “interferes with the federal government’s balanced administration of the immigration laws” and, therefore, has crossed a “constitutional line.” And believe us, no one knows more about crossing constitutional lines than the Obama fact, the administration’s real reason for suing may be patent infringement on constitutional line-crossing.

Truly, the lawsuit could allege copyright infringement, because all Arizona did was copy federal law. We don’t know if Attorney General Eric Holder has actually read the 18-page law yet, but, as we’ve said before, it merely makes it a state crime for people to be in Arizona if they’re in the United States illegally. If the police have an otherwise lawful encounter with someone, and if they have “reasonable suspicion” that the person is in the U.S. illegally, the police are required to ask for documentation of immigration status. An Arizona driver’s license is sufficient.

The law is not, as the DoJ alleges, an attempt “to set immigration policy at the state level.” It is an effort to enforce federal laws that are not being enforced. If there’s a legitimate criticism, it’s that police resources are scarce enough without this added burden. But that’s not Arizona’s fault.

The bottom line is that the administration is seeking to do two things: preserve (or even expand) the power of the executive branch in immigration law and policy and win over an important and growing constituency group for generations to come.

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The most lawless administration since dubya and they are concerned with Arizona infringing on their turf?  The 10th Amendment assures we aren’t pissing in the fed’s sand box…  When 96% of the American public desire border enforcement and the feds abdicate that obligation, what else can we do but do the enforcing ourselves?

BTW, no one can accuse MSNBC of being biased in favor of Arizona!

The Obamination ran on a platform which promised to secure our ports and borders.  He is an UTTER FAILURE in this regard.  Liar, liar, pants on fire…  So what’s new about that?  Does anyone in D.C. tell the truth or even know what the truth is?

Suing Arizona: Holders. common sense

We know lawyers are good at concocting ridiculous rationalizations for unjustifiable actions, but U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has really outdone his brethren of the bar this time.


Now, behold the logic of Holder: The United States government, which deliberately leaves the border unguarded enough for thousands and thousands of people (terrorists included) to enter the country undetected each year, claims that Arizona’s decision to arrest these illegal entrants will make us more vulnerable to a terrorist attack.

It irks to the point where you just want to walk up to the Obaminator and his woosey pal Holder and smack the both of them, HARD!  The blatant disregard for the safety of the Citizens of this country in favor of a foreign government and its citizens is enough to call for an impeachment of the Obamination!  Let’s give them the bums rush and kick their asses to the curb!

With a border so open that terrorists can come and go as they please, tell me America, just how is that “Secure Communities” working for ya?

56% Oppose Holder Lawsuit vs. Arizona

Voters by a two-to-one margin oppose the U.S. Justice Department’s decision to challenge the legality of Arizona’s new immigration law in federal court. Sixty-one percent (61%), in fact, favor passage of a law like Arizona’s in their own state, up six points from two months ago.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 28% of voters agree that the Justice Department should challenge the state law. Fifty-six percent (56%) disagree and another 16% are not sure.

The numbers from this poll haven’t changed since the issue first came up in May. What does that tell you?  The Obamination, woosey Holder, and pathetic DHS head napolitano couldn’t find a lit candle in the dark.

There seems to be no end to the abuses of power the Obaminator is capable of.  Calling for the impeachment of Holder, Napolitano, and the Obamination seem like the only steps left to We the People with this outrageous and frivolous lawsuit.  Wasting the taxpayer dollars over this issue is a slap in the face of EVERY American.


U.S. vs. Arizona on immigration

The federal government has filed a lawsuit against Arizona in a dispute to determine who has control over stopping illegal immigrants.

From Miami Herald Wire Services

WASHINGTON — Arguing that only Washington can set the nation’s rules for arresting illegal immigrants, the Obama administration launched a legal attack on Arizona’s strict new immigration law Tuesday.

The government said its immigration enforcement policy “targets . . . dangerous aliens,” including violent criminals, gang members, drug traffickers and others” who pose a danger to the national security and a risk to public safety” while the Arizona law would force federal officials to cope with a flood of illegal immigrants who pose no danger.

Grab your hip waders, the crap is getting deep! This couldn’t be further from the truth and I have the emails to prove it! ICE isn’t doing any immigration enforcement. They have turned into the drug enforcement arm of the federal government. And you thought that was what the DEA was for! Hah! Fooled you!

Trust me, I get about 30 – 40 emails a day on border security and each time ICE sends one out it is all about drug enforcement or busting some pedophile. Not that busting a pedophile isn’t important, but other agencies are charged with that task.  Anyone wanting proof is welcome to let me know here and I’ll send you the past two months worth of ICE and border security headline links!

Hmmmmm, sending Tea Bags to congress got their attention.  Do you suppose sending a pile of shit to Eric Holder and Obama would get theirs???  Na, it would probably go right over their heads…

Thank goodness I’m not the only one who thinks the federal government is off its ever-loving medications on this one.  It seems that all 50 States and Puerto Rico are sending in donations to support the defense of Arizona’s law.  Even residents of D.C. are contributing.  We’ve gone national and there is a lot of support out there for Arizona.  Thank you to all!

Arizona Immigration Law Donations: $500,000 Comes In To Support Law

Website contributions came from all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, including nearly 2,000 from Arizona. Donations ranged from $5 to $2,000, with the vast majority between $10 and $100.


The willingness of thousands of individual Americans to contribute to the Arizona fund illustrates broad concern and frustration over border security and illegal immigration. The state’s legislation has since renewed calls for broader immigration changes.

Send this card to Eric Holder...

The article goes on to state that the donors contacted think the federal government should be helping Arizona instead of suing us.  And wouldn’t it be a novel idea for the federal government to actually enforce current laws?  OMG what a mind-boggling novel thought!

Already here in Arizona a big difference is noticeable on the streets.  No more huge groups of illegal aliens waiting on street corners or in parking lots.  Instead of vocal and violent street demonstrations there is peace and quiet.  If illegal migrants are still coming, they aren’t stopping here.  This law works, even without it being in force at the moment.  Doesn’t that just put a twist in  Obama’s nickers!

More Americans of Hispanic Descent Come Out Against Illegal Immigration And Its Supporters

By Digger

More and more Americans of Hispanic descent are speaking out against those who would tear down Arizona SB1070 as a racist law. They are speaking out against the race-based groups that wish to divide this great country. They are speaking out against illegal immigration. These women have done it the right way and they are incensed that they are being lumped in with a bunch of law breakers and groups who want to use their ethnicity to push for mass illegal immigration and amnesty.

These are the people that the illegal alien supporters do not want you to hear from and they have been doing their best to keep them quiet by slandering them as “race traitors” or the like. However, the truth is that there are more people like Yolanda and Gabriella below than the groups like La Raza want you to know about. I would venture to guess that more than half of the legal community of Hispanic descent in this country opposes illegal immigration, but they have been pushed into silence by threats of being outcasts by these hateful race-based groups.

It is an absolute shame that our Hispanic Americans feel they have to censor their actions, words or deeds because of vocal groups like LaRaza who are the true racists in this country.

Gabriella Speaks City Council Meeting April 27, 2010

Short video by an Hispanic American in Tucson  Please view all the comments on this video.  It shows the true feelings of our Hispanic community.

The cure for Stupid is voting the bums out of office!

I found some very pertinent comments on the Jack Cafferty Files. I miss that segment of CNN as I miss the Lou Dobbs show.  Too bad CNN, like other lame-stream media, can’t be more open minded.

Jack Cafferty asked the question, “Why is the federal government suing Arizona instead of enforcing its own laws against illegal immigration?”

Some of the viewers wrote back:

Glenn in Williamstown, New Jersey writes:
I believe it’s because Obama and many on the left openly support illegal immigration and want amnesty as it will guarantee them more votes should illegal aliens become citizens. If they really opposed states interfering with immigration laws, then you have to wonder why aren’t they suing sanctuary cities and states.

Kathy writes:
I’ll tell you why they are suing Arizona: “Egg On The Face” syndrome. They are embarrassed that a state is taking the lead and trying to solve a problem that Washington, both Democrat and Republican, has been unwilling to solve. When will enough be enough? Secure our borders and go after the companies hiring illegals. Without jobs, the problem will be solved! It’s that simple.

Texan writes:
Because those 11-20 million illegal aliens have probably parented 3-4 times that many “citizens” (aka anchor babies) and the Democrats figure that by ignoring the real citizens of America, they can buy all these future votes.

Anyone out there care to comment here?  I’d love to hear from you.  Just remember that personal insults are not likely to get posted.

If you would like to contribute to the defense fund for SB 1070 please click HERE:

I received this email and will post it here for all to see.  I support and agree with the contents and hope our Governor will take advantage of this offer:

Subject: Lawsuit against Arizona – help is available

Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 09:35:52

Governor Brewer:

I understand that attorney Stephen Pidgeon has contacted you regarding the bringing of a Quo Warranto defense vis a vis Obama and the  federal government’s plan to sue the State of Arizona on SB1070.  See below.  This information has recently been circulating among many people concerned about our country’s future as well as the security of our borders.

You have stood bravely for Arizona and for upholding the laws of this country.  We all admire and respect you for all you have done.  You are unwavering and uncompromising in the stand you have taken.  It is shameless that there are so many in our government who don’t have this courage.  And they lack the minimal integrity in refusing to respect our laws.

I am sure you are well aware of the many questions surrounding the eligibility of Obama to be in office.This controversy has been raging for more than two years and not one judge will entertain the many cases which have been brought before them on this issue.

Mr. Pidgeon and other attorneys and private citizens have worked diligently on this.  And many of us will not give up on uncovering the truth.  Obama is resolute in his stand to not comply with the law.  And, true to form, Obama is now shamelessly seeking to sue a state of the United States which is trying to uphold the law, which is already a federal law.

I urge you to contact Mr. Pidgeon’s office and consider this option and the help he is offering to you.

Regardless of what you decide, you are doing an admirable job and I wish you all the best in your run for governor of this wonderful state.
Mary Seales
Scottsdale, AZ

Pidgeon & Donofrio GP

Old Federal Building
3002 Colby Avenue, Suite 306,
Everett, Washington 98201
(425)605-4774 telephone

(425)818-5371 facsimile

We are prepared to immediately assist with the bringing of a Quo Warranto defense.  Contact us through this email adddress:
Stephen Pidgeon


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