I Just Don’t Get It

Let me say again, I don’t get what all the fuss is over gays or gay rights.  Seldom is it that I fail to comprehend a subject, but this is one of those.  I also couldn’t be more heterosexual than if there was a way to select for those genes before birth.

First, let me say that I have an unshakable, unswerving, faith in our Creator.  For me, the Creator is a real living and active force in my life.  If I am in need, The Creator answers.  It has been so all my life.  I have no doubt that the Creator exists and is in every atom of existence.  I’ve had ample proof of this throughout my life.  That my Creator loves me I do not question.  I have more trouble loving myself.

Having said that, my utter failure to comprehend why Christians have such issues with gays makes me wonder if this is a religious issue at all or one of heterosexual fear of those different from themselves.  Writers I respect seem to go off the deep end on this subject, the military closes its eyes and pretends they don’t exist.  Why?

I’ve seen animals, both domestic and wild perform what is considered gay sex.  I must, therefore conclude that it is a part of creation and of the Creator.  No one seems to object to animals doing it.  Is it because they are animals?  What better example is there of the Creator than its creatures?

I’ve read and seen article  after article and videos on this subject.  But for some reason Christians and other groups take adamant exception to gays or gay marriage.  Each and every article describes the fall of man and places that destruction directly at the feet of gays.  Seriously folks, aren’t we doing enough to ourselves and our environment with chemical poisons in everything, land, fresh water, and sea?  We use nuclear power plants that are neither safe nor inviolate, but gays are the ultimate evil?

If we agree that our Creator made all things, time, and space, everything BUT gays, how do you explain the gay person’s existence?   Did the Devil do it?  I can’t buy that, sorry.  I will admit to being biased here.  I know quite a few gay men and women.  They are decent, hard-working, devoted people.  Just like most of us.  Those I know have much more character than say, the Obaminator or anyone in congress.  Hmmm, politics and sex, why are they always associated?

So I thought I’d find Bible verses that are supposed to indicate our Creator has something against gays.

GENESIS 1:28: “Be fruitful and multiply

This verse is taken by most Christians to mean that Gays are somehow violating the Creator’s law to multiply. Gays cannot procreate as heterosexuals do since they prefer their same gender. However, how many heterosexuals give their babies up for adoption or have abortions?  Christians and all others who engage in these practices would seem to violate this law.

Gay men and women multiply.  And while they may not be able to create life without a doctor’s help, they also adopt those that Christians and others throw away; orphans.  I do not believe the verse above in any way is a warning to anyone but a benediction or blessing instead.  But then most of the Bible is up for interpretation having been written so long ago.  No one actually knows what things mean today.  No matter how versed a person is in interpreting the Bible, they are guessing and using their own views and feelings as a basis for their opinions.  And as we all know, opinions are like.. (ehem), noses, we all have one.  I cannot accept that this verse condemns gays.


By Cliff Kincaid
June 24, 2010

Demonstrating where this ominous trend may lead, the British Conservative Party, which now rules Britain in conjunction with the far-left Liberal Democrats, has not only embraced the gay rights agenda but has just announced that convictions for homosexuals who had sex with men and boys then under the age of consent will be erased from criminal records. In Britain, the age of consent has been steadily lowered from 21 to 18 and now to 16.

Norquist, the head of Americans for Tax Reform, has been butting heads with conservatives for years on the matter of global Islam’s aggressive designs on the West, leading some to think he has very close ties to Islamists. It was a surprise, therefore, that he would also publicly signal his surrender in the war to save Western culture and its Judeo-Christian values. (emphasis mine)

Does that mean that the fight against Islam is all the fault of the gays? Please.  I believe it is utter nonsense to put the gay person and associate them with of Islam.  It insults both.  And applies to neither.  This is what I find again and again and I truly respect Cliff Kincaid.  Religion seem to me to be the ultimate problem, not the Creator, the gays, or the Islamists.

Genesis 2:18-22: “Godmade Adam and Eve”

Our Creator created males and females. What makes us different from animals is choice and intelligence. Animals do not exhibit choice, just nature. Yet animals have been filmed, had pictures taken, etc. in the act of homosexuality. They act as nature dictates. So why do they have same sex partners? One has to assume that if it happens in nature, then our Creator allowed for it. Not exclusively, which is why there will always be more heterosexual relationships than gay ones, but it is a natural act all the same.

The need a for species to “continue” requires that both males and females interact to procreate, have sex.  But that doesn’t mean that there is no allowance for “other” things to happen.  What if being gay is nature’s way of birth control?  How can you say it is not?

On the one hand Christians tell us that the Bible is the work of God to be taken literally.  Then turn around and say it can’t be taken literally because of the immaculate conception portion of the New Testament.  Well, which is it?  Awful convenient to interpret it one way to prove a point and then do a 180 to make another.  I don’t buy it either.  I believe the Bible to be a history, a record of how people were long, long ago and not the absolute word of our Creator as most claim it is.

I do not believe that the motives of our human existence can be attributed to our Creator.  If we were as much like our Creator as most hope for, we should be able to create worlds where what offends us doesn’t exist.  I find what congress is doing to be offensive   I will do what I can to change this by voting, not by a hate-filled speech aimed at their destruction.

If we agree that our Creator created all men and women to be equal, how come in this enlightened day and age, we are still working to deny freedom to some of us?  Do you claim that gays are somehow not human?  Didn’t we figure this out when slavery was abolished?  Why are some more equal than others???

Why do we, as a species, show such fear against the “other?”  Having utter faith in my Creator I have room to accept those that are “other” than myself to exist without fearing they will replace me.  I believe they are part of the Creator’s design, not its destruction  One day I will die.  It is inevitable.  I may get hit by a car or a bus or shot or knifed by an illegal alien.  While the above can be direct threats to my life, I do not see gays as being any part of that.

With companies like Monsanto whose products mutate our ability to have children, the larger, and more imminent, threat appears to be Monsanto, not gays.  If our Creator loves us, and I believe that utterly, then why don’t we love ourselves as much?  If we spent more time loving ourselves and our fellow human being we would push past, and leave no room for, fear, hatred, discontent, and all the other major ills of the world.

sunday4-animated-1.gif Jesus Walknig on Water image by PsiouxeThe truth is that humans love money more than our Creator.  If that were not so, our world would not be dying of toxic chemicals in our soil and in fresh water, Franken-foods that are slowly mutating our bodies, and pollution.  It was money and greed  which sent infected blood into the world and created AIDs and HIV.  Those responsible have never been held accountable.  Wouldn’t you know, it was drug companies, our government, and journalists who created this plague?  Not our Creator.  MAN in his arrogance and greed created corruption.

Published on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 by CommonDreams.org

Nuremberg Trials For AIDS

by Larry Kramer

HIV made its entrance into the gay population through infected Factor VIII as injected by gay hemophiliacs. Factor VIII is a treatment that prevents hemophiliacs from bleeding to death. It was available in trials beginning in 1975 and in distribution from 1978. It was manufactured and sold by these companies: Baxter Travenol Laboratories, Alpha Therapeutic Corporation, Armour Pharmaceutical Co. (a division of the Revlon Cosmetics Corporation), and Cutter Laboratories. Each single individual treatment of Factor VIII contains blood parts that have been spun down from the pooled blood of tens of thousands of people. This blood was collected from paid donors all over the world.

Only one donor had to be infected for the whole vat of pooled blood to be infected. All of these companies came to know that the blood plasma they had bought all over the world and which they had used to make their Factor VIII was infected with what would become known as HIV.

They did not heat-treat this blood, even though early methods to do so had been available since the end of World War II. Even when they possessed the knowledge that their product was infected, these companies did not immediately cease selling their Factor VIII. It will not be until 1987, in this country anyway, that Factor VIII would be completely cleared of poisons. (I am grateful to Pulitzer-prize winning science writer, Laurie Garrett, for first presenting this awful information in her book The Coming Plague, Penguin.) By then the gay population was well on its way to being hideously depleted. One single gay hemophiliac on infected Factor VIII having sex with only one other man on Fire Island in 1975 or so was all it took to get the whole chain rolling. No doubt there may be other scenarios for the origin of HIV in the gay population but this one can never be discounted.

Children infected with AIDS/HIV victims as much as the gay community. http://www.thaichildrenstrust.org.uk/images/content/ca_caf447307d1005705e97f36745c9f7ba.jpg

The above is actually only one paragraph but I have separated out those who created the the misery of the world and where I believe most of the fear of gays comes from.  Nor does it lessen the crime of journalists who misreported the story.  Let’s list those companies responsible and plaster their names all over the INTERNET:

  1. Baxter Travenol Laboratories

  2. Alpha Therapeutic Corporation

  3. Armour Pharmaceutical Co. (a division of the Revlon Cosmetics Corporation)

  4. Cutter Laboratories

  5. The original director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Not named.

It is my belief that this is where most Christian fear comes from. It is the disease which is feared and which is attributed to the sexual preferences of the gay community. However, the real criminals have never been tried or even accused. All was covered up and swept under the proverbial rug while millions suffer and die.

Christians wrong their Creator by blaming a man-created disease on innocent victims.  They place blame and guilt on those least deserving of it for all the wrong reasons.  I cannot comprehend their actions in the face of all that Jesus taught us.

Matt 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Matt 22:38 This is the first and great commandment.

Matt 22:39 And the second [is] like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Matt 22:40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

I do not see the gay community excluded in the above Bible scripture. I see the commandment for unconditional love for self, Creator, and our fellow human beings. If this is the first and second and ONLY commandments of our Creator, somehow I think they should be taken seriously. Hatred and fear are tools of those who wish to destroy the Creator and place themselves above all. I do not accept them nor their views.  I simply cannot love my Creator and despise Its Creations, all of them.

As with all my posts, this is, JustMyTruth.


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