Do As I Say Not As I Do Calderone Liar

As I read what Mexico is doing I just want to slap each and every Congressman or Woman who gave Calderon a stunning standing ovation while demanding that Arizona’s law be stricken down. You see, Mexico is good at doing one thing and saying something else entirely.  And those corrupt officials in congress are aiding and abetting Calderon.  They all need to be fired.

Felipe Calderon calls Arizona immigration law racial profiling

In a speech today to the US Congress, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said the new Arizona immigration law amounts to acceptance of racial profiling. He also called for an assault weapons ban.

Bogotá, Colombia

In the first address to the US Congress by a foreign leader this year, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said reiterated his stance that the new Arizona immigration law amounts to a tacit acceptance of racial profiling.

“I strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in Arizona,” he told American lawmakers. “It is a law that … ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree” and “introduces a terrible idea using racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement.”

Phoenix Rising Rally sign 5-5-10

Oh really? Then how is it that Mexico regularly profiles, on the basis of race, anyone who isn’t Mexican?  Racial profiling is a routine occurrence in Mexico, just ask Alan Wall who happens to be married to a naturalized Mexican American.  While Alan Wall was asked for his documents at a road-side checkpoint, the officer ignored Mr.Wall’s wife completely.  But calderon has the balls to come onto United States soil and condemn Arizona for defending itself against the invasion of Mexico.  Sort of the kettle calling the pot black dontcha think?  Nor will I show the slightest respect to a man or country who puts the Will of the People HERE down!

Profiled in Mexico!

We arrived to a migration checkpoint, and guess what? The agent at the checkpoint didn’t even ask for my (Mexican-born) wife’s documentation, he just asked for mine. In other words, I was profiled!

It was quick though. The agent saw I had the document and we proceeded on our way, and arrived to our destination. It was undeniable, however, I was profiled.

The shear audacity of Mexico demanding this and that from the united States while being utterly incapable of wiping its own ass boggles the mind.  And congress cheered???  But Arizona isn’t utterly alone on this subject. Either some want to keep their jobs come November or there actually are people who understand what is happening in Arizona.

Cornyn says the Arizona immigration law bans racial profiling

John Cornyn on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010 in on NBC’s “Meet the Press”

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who has urged the federal government to increase border security, including sending unmanned aircrafts to survey the Texas-Mexico border, quickly took Calderon to task for lecturing Americans on their state laws.

I wish that the president of the United States, the president of Mexico, the attorney general, and the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security would have done what anybody can do with Internet access, which is to download a copy of the Arizona bill and read it for themselves,” Cornyn said on NBC’s Meet the Press May 23. “It expressly bans racial profiling.

Common Sense, protecting the border when you live next to it!

The facts are that in Arizona if you are 16 or over you MUST have identification on you at all times, period. It has been this way for many, many years. Living along the border with a country of Mexico’s sort, it is important to be identified as a Citizen.

If you aren’t here legally you are definitely trespassing.  In all countries that is ILLEGAL.  Why is it only the united States that feels this is a problem?  We live on the front lines here in Arizona.  Along with Texas, New Mexico, and California we know first hand how bad it is.  Those in congress, the acting POTUS, (I DO NOT RECOGNIZE OBAMA), are totally removed from the situation here and have forgotten WHY THEY ARE WHERE THEY ARE! The problem isn’t the law in Arizona, it is the open border policy promoted by the Obamination and his administration including DHS who is clueless about who is in this country.  We may have terrorist sleeper-cells here and no one has a clue.

Isn't this a form of racial profiling?

Racial profiling makes it sound like the Arizona law is evil incarnate.  However, let’s substitute a few synonyms, (words which are different but mean the same thing), and see if things sound as evil.

Instead of racial profiling how about “common characteristics?”  Would anyone be offended if we used “general features?”  How about “shared common ancestry?”

I have no issues with Hispanics being proud of their origins.  I am proud of mine.  I do not take any issues with Mexican Citizens as a whole so long as they stay in Mexico just as Citizens here should not invade Mexico.  The problem is that these border runners believe that they have a right to land owned by us.  That is usually cause for war in most countries where an occupying force comes to take what isn’t theirs.  Yet here our Congress stands and cheers???  What the hell is wrong with them?

War Map, Conquest of Aztlan

The map entitled The Conquest of Aztlan shows the truth of what I say.  Why is it that those who will defend other countries won’t defend the Citizens of their own country?  Why the pretended blindness?  This information is freely available on the web.  In what other country would those being conquered be feeling sorry for those responsible for their capture?  Is this insanity or what?  I refuse to give one square inch to Mexico, regardless of the names they call me.  I refuse to bow to criticism from a rogue government bent on the dissolution of the united States and made servants to Mexico.  I will die first.

Make no mistake that this has nothing to do with race.  I find some very good people of Hispanic origins.  Especially those from “You Don’t Speak For Me.”  This group stands solidly with every single united States Citizen and all those who immigrated here legally.  And they too will fight to preserve what is being destroyed with talks of amnesty.  We will not bow down.

Pride is one thing, abuse of others is totally different. Those accusing Arizona of racism should see their own fingers pointing back at them.

Border runners are NOT trying to integrate into united States society or our communities.  They are working hard to take this country over, from the inside.  It used to be that those coming to this country felt pride in becoming an American Citizen, but that is no longer true with the invasion currently taking place.  The federal government’s first task is insuring the safety of each and every Citizen and they are failing utterly!  Why are we paying them good money and life long insurance benefits with their incompetence?  It is high time that congress felt the anger and rage of a nation betrayed.  Come November I hope they learn a valuable lesson in economics and financial security.  They do not deserve our support.

Yet more proof that the Obaminator is working against America and for Mexico:

Obama shuns English-language news outlets at press conference

By Sam Youngman 05/19/10 03:18 PM ET

President Barack Obama did not call on any English-language news outlets at his Wednesday press conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, possibily to avoid any questions on Tuesday’s primary election.

Obama stunned White House reporters when, instead of calling on the Associated Press or one of the broadcast television networks, he called on a reporter from Univision, who asked about the Arizona immigration law.

It isn't Americans who are racist, it is Mexicans from Mexico. We do not riot in their cities, they riot in ours.

The Obamination is slapping Americans left and right and the people seem unable to touch him. He ignores us utterly. If the devil had a human face it is the face of Obama.  The great Black hope has turned into the biggest disappointment that this country has ever known.  If we thought dubya was bad, the obaminator makes dubya look good.  The obamination may not torture, (we have no proof of this yet), but he is the most anti-American ever elected.

Amnesty?  Not on my watch!

Trash left by border runners is destroying the beautiful deserts of Arizona. BLM has only managed to clean up 40% and then was out of money.

Arizona is being trashed by border runners who care nothing for the country they are invading.  Money is not being allocated for the destruction of our beautiful deserts.  Arizonan’s bear the brunt of the cleanup.  We bear the brunt of the invaders however it might present itself.  Those pushing for amnesty don’t even have a clue whether terrorists or rapists, murders, child molesters or others are crossing the borders.  And these are the same border runners that everyone wants to give amnesty to?  Kiss my what?  Is the federal government going to check these people out AFTER the fact?  The picture above shows just how much pride border runners have.


By Michelle Malkin  •  April 30, 2006 08:19 PM

Minutemen will clean up a major lay-up area found just West of Lake Pleasant in Maricopa County, NW of Phoenix. This is described as one of the largest lay-ups seen to date. This is your invitation to come join with Minutemen and other volunteer organizations that day in hopes to clean up our spectacular deserts. Your help is greatly appreciated.

This area has been devastated with garbage left from an illegal immigration, coyote smuggling operation. The land is U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) controlled, and the BLM is in full cooperation with this event. BLM has been able to clean up approximately 40% of the debris, and is now depleted of funds to pay for workers to finish the area. Our event is planned to complete the cleanup. BLMt has agreed to supply the following for the cleanup: contractor supplied dumpsters, garbage bags, porta potties, lunches, and workers comp coverage for all volunteers.

Don't allow trash to trash America!

Deserts have very fragile ecosystems. The invasion is destroying in a decade what has taken the earth millions of years to form and grow.  The trash left in this country is by those same aliens that congress and the acting POTUS want in our country?  If they have no respect for the country as they enter it, what guarantee do we have they will show any respect after being allowed the privilege of citizenship?  I think people are seriously stoned to believe that they will treat our country any better once a citizen than they do now.

As a matter of fact I know they won’t.  You can tell where illegal aliens live here in Phoenix by the smell and the garbage in their yards and the sounds of gun fire echoing throughout the nights.  There are areas in Phoenix we know to avoid because of the violence in the area.  And these areas are heavily Hispanic.

House them, feed them, and wipe their asses?

This trash is deposited on a daily basis in the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  It is far worse in Arizona which has the longest stretch of open border.  Both Texas and California are protected with barrier fencing, but Arizona is wide open.  The obamination won’t come to Arizona.  I guess he is worried we’ll deport him with all his fake ID’s.  Obama refuses to work for America.  Obama is a traitor.

I could only find 1 picture on the web of fencing for Arizona.  I would not put much stock in it keeping out border runners.

Would this fence keep out anyone? Someone is dreaming

This is actually some of the better fencing along the Arizona Mexico border. The rest is highly questionable. There is no doubt that the Obamination wants our border open to the invaders.  What else are we to think when billions of dollars were allocated to seal the border and yet the “fencing” remains in a deplorable state.  Would anyone call the following picture a deterrent to invasion?

Most fencing along the Arizona border looks like this.

Is that a keep out sign or highway for entry? I think this is some kind of sick joke being played on the Citizens of Arizona and that obamination refuses to aide us. Oh, he has magnanimously promised some National Guard but the numbers of guardsmen assigned won’t cover squat. And I’m sure the squatter in the oval office has already told his compatriot, calderon, where they will be stationed and how to avoid them. This is change we can believe in?  I think not!

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