Phoenix Rising Rally A Success

Despite the heat the rally was a great success.  Thousands showed up to listen to speakers like Tom Tancredo, Former Colorado Congressman, Rosemary Jenks, Director of Government Relations, NumbersUSA, Russell Pearce, Arizona State Senator and author of SB 1070, Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona’s Terry Anderson – Host of The Terry Anderson Show, and Daryl Metcalfe. There was also a speaker from the group You Don’t Speak For Me, Col. Al Rodriguez, which is an Hispanic group who supports LEGAL immigration, not illegal border runners. We also had a soldiers wife there who spoke of her husband’s term of service completed honorably who came home only to be stabbed in his front yard before his family almost to death by an illegal alien living 2 doors away.

SB 1070 supporters at the rally

Sheriff Joe was an amazing speaker.  He promised us that he would NOT turn over the illegals caught in Arizona to ICE, since DHS and John Morton have already informed us that they will NOT be doing their jobs.  He says he has plenty of room in his *jails* for all those caught who are here illegally!  That is comforting to know.  July 29th is the magic day for us here in Phoenix!

We also heard from Col. Al Rodriguez, Chairman of You Don’t Speak For Me.  Col. Rodriguez is an American Citizen and Hispanic and a wonderful speaker.  Like all of us there, he is FOR legal immigration and against Amnesty for border runners.  He talked of his pride in being both Hispanic and an American and the value of law and order. Everyone cheered!

More Phoenix Rising supporters

My daughter accompanied me to the rally and we met folks from across the country here for the Rally and in support of Arizona’s SB 1070.  I talked to some from Utah and Seattle Washington, but many other States were represented at the rally.  The Son’s of Liberty were there in force and we enjoyed speaking with them.  Many good hearted people from across the country come to support us, listen to the speakers, and bake in the heat.

More supporters.

Everyone was very friendly.  At one point as we were wandering in the blistering heat and sun we were invited to shelter in the tent of total strangers.  This is America as I remember it, before the illegal alien invasion came and we had to worry about so much crime and who our neighbors are.

Both on the way to the rally and on the way home again we met bus drivers who saw our signs and wished they could join us but had to work.  They thanked us for representing them at the rally and asked us of news and what we heard and saw.  All of it was friendly, everyone was united in why we were there, supporting the rule of law.

Some great signs we saw

There were amazing signs carried by many people and I’ll post those we got pictures of here.  There were also some pretty amazing tee shirts, hats, lots and lots of American Flags, and buttons.  Just about anything you can think of was there and either being given away or sold for a few dollars. Water was a priority.

I was actually surprised to see a few TV stations there.  I figured they would ignore this rally as they have so often ignored anything that wasn’t Amnesty related.

All ages were represented there from the very young to the elderly.  If you had wanted to see a cross section of America, it was at the rally.  Hispanics, whites, Blacks, we were all there together and united in our desire for law and order to prevail over the destruction of our country that we see all around us.  Funny, but the Mayor WASN’T in attendance…  Go figure.

I don't think the signs really need explaining

Arizona immigration law supporters gather for rally

Bonilla said the controversial law has divided some members of her extended family. “I’m of Mexican nationality,” she said. “I support Senate Bill 1070 because it’s gotten to the point that it’s not immigration anymore, it’s invasion.”

“But I am not anti-Hispanic,” she said. “I am Hispanic. I speak fluent Spanish, and I’m proud to be in this country.”

It was very hot today with a high of 107 and feeling even hotter in the sun. For some reason there aren’t many shade trees in Arizona, LOL, guess it must be a desert thing. So lots of people were in the sun and HOT! I wasn’t the only one who worried about the babies there.

When Tom Tancredo, former Colorado Congressman, spoke he said you could tell when something is working by the amount of bad press you got at the national level. But we live in the desert and we have thick skins here.

The Obaminsation and his administration don’t want this law to go into effect. Why? Because it WILL WORK! The law makes it illegal to be here illegally. This is just common sense for most of us here in Arizona, but the feds just don’t seem to get it. They want American Citizens to be hurt and suffer through the crimes that illegal aliens commit. They love the controversy of saying one thing and doing absolutely NOTHING, or worse yet, refusing to do the job PERIOD. Just look at John T. Morton, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who has gone on the record as saying he will NOT be enforcing federal laws.

I think it is important to mention that we are NOT against legal immigration.  But we have absolutely NO USE or SYMPATHY for those who break the laws by coming here illegally.  Aliens who manage to get through our desert know the risks they take if they are captured once across the border.  That they have a family here and are then separated from those family members because they are caught is THEIR CHOICE and part of the risks they were willing to take and NOT our fault.  We did NOT invade their homeland whether that be Kenya, Guatemala, Brazil, or Mexico.

Many claim that the founders were immigrants but they were not.  They were British Citizens who came here with the purpose and intention of colonizing this new land.  While America welcomes ALL LEGAL immigrants, we will jail those here who do not feel like our immigration laws apply to them. Laws apply to all or NONE!

It is impossible to fix the immigration laws until our southern border is secured.  Doing otherwise is like asking the FDA to give us safe drugs or tell the truth about supplements.  It isn’t going to happen.  The Citizens of this country only want the laws already on the books to be enforced.  We don’t want anything else.  How dare illegal aliens demonstrate in our Cities, towns, on our State Capitol grounds and demand we support them and give them a way to Citizenship when their very first act was to break our laws.  Criminals do not make good Citizens, they just breed more criminals.

Picture taken at the rally 6-5-10

If I had to estimate how many people there were at the rally today I’d have to say around 5,000.  It was a very peaceful rally with everyone cheering and having a great time talking, telling horror tales of what each has experienced, of the neighborhoods turned into refuse heaps by the aliens who infest them, of rapes, murders and gun fire associated with the crime that seems to naturally follow these illegal aliens.  It isn’t so much they want to be integrated into American Society as they want America to become another Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, or wherever else it is they are coming from.

Those in the Obaminator’s administration will try to tell us that the crime is related to drugs or the illicit gun runners.  But the truth is it is the aliens themselves who bring these lawless attitudes and crimes with them.  Instead of wanting a better life, they want life as they knew it in their country of origin.  Identity theft has skyrocketed since the alien invasion has rocketed off the charts.  American Citizens suffer in so many ways because of this situation yet congress and the acting POTUS wring their hands, make noises, and do NOTHING.  Watching as they cheered when Calderon came here made me sick.

Unlike the rallies of illegal aliens, the Phoenix Rising rally was a peaceful and happy affair.  Watch this short video of one of the amnesty rallies You will have to scroll down the page just a bit to find it, but you can’t miss it.  Those attending that rally knock over barricades, throw things at the police, and generally have a mob mentality.  While no streets were closed for the Phoenix Rising rally, the streets are obviously closed for the rally you can see in the video. The video clearly shows the hatred and violence within the group of amnesty supporters.  THIS is what Congress and the POTUS want us to take to our bosoms?  Are you f**ing kidding me?  No way!

In the video you can hear the people scream racial slurs, not the one the police are escorting, but those who were there to attend the rally.  These are violent, lawless people unfit to live in this country.  We need to make sure they do NOT stay here and pollute our country with their presence, their hatred, their rage or their violence. It isn’t American’s who are racists, it is those wanting amnesty.

In the area where I live in Phoenix the cops are called an average of 4 or 5 times per day to this complex alone.  Violence by those who cannot speak English account for more crime than any American Citizens ever has.  Why does a State that is 73% English speaking have to make allowances for 23% of the population?  Why are we throwing money away providing bi-lingual teachers, doctors, nurses, child care, and even fast food jobs when we should be supporting Americans?  Citizens can’t get a job here unless they are bi-lingual.  That just isn’t right.  Why should we have to press 1 for English? THIS IS AMERICA!!!

If you don’t want to find yourself introduced to Sheriff Arpaio’s jail, I suggest that these illegal aliens learn to obey the laws.  There won’t be any more illegal alien rallies here unless they all want to go to jail.  American’s need to stand up and fight for their rights as Citizens and STOP this bullshite amnesty crap.  We will lose our country, our culture, everything if we don’t enforce the laws on the books already, secure our southern border, AND THEN AND ONLY THEN should we talk about amnesty once we KNOW who the hell these people are, whether they are criminals in their own countries, or good people.

If, instead of illegal aliens we are talking rapists, would we offer them amnesty?  How about instead of rapists we substitute murderers?  Will we be offering them amnesty?  What is the difference here if the crimes are the same?  If we don’t want a bunch of murderers and rapists running around then we need to know who these people are FIRST, before amnesty is offered.  Until then no actions towards amnesty should be taken.  We could stop the flow of money, drugs and weapons cold if we just secured the southern border.  But I guess common sense is too difficult for those whack jobs in congress and the Obamination!

We need to stop listening to the agenda of those who mean us harm. Harm in not enforcing the laws, picking and choosing the laws they like, and those We The People are all expected to live by. Harm by pushing policies and passing laws that are detrimental to our nation as a whole and to the Citizens within each State.  Stop feeling sorry for those who break our laws and then whine that we owe THEM something because they are here!

Let’s try this one other way.  Say you wake up one morning and find that your house has been broken into.  The laundry has been done, the bathroom cleaned, the yard mowed, and the dishes are done by people you’ve never seen before.  They explain they have done all this and demand payment from you for the services they have rendered.  You didn’t ask them in, they broke in, yet now they are demanding money, health care, wages and medical benefits.  They haven’t harmed you personally, but they have broken into your house.  If you call the police and report a break-in, you are called a racist.  If you pay them for what you haven’t hired them to do, they will only demand more.  Well, instead of breaking into our homes, they have broken into our country.

We didn’t invite the illegal aliens into our country, they broke in. Until they come here legally they cannot expect to be paid, housed, clothed, fed or cared for. They have broken our laws by entering without an invitation.  American Citizens need work too and their needs should come far to the fore of anything offered to illegal aliens.  This is NOT a game of fair or equal.  The illegal alien is not equal to the Citizens of this country.  They should NEVER be given anything before All American Citizens have had the basics covered.
So long ad there is one single homeless American in this country no illegal is welcome to amnesty or services.  We have far too many Citizens that are homeless today to even consider giving an illegal alien, their friends and family anything.  Citizens FIRST.  If there is anything left over then we’ll talk. .


~ by justmytruth on June 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “Phoenix Rising Rally A Success”

  1. Ignorance is sad and Arizona SB 1070 is a tragic example of the results of mixing ignorance and power.

    Happily, ignorance can only last so long. Truth will win and SB 1070 will fail- only a matter of time.

  2. Whose ignorance are you speaking of? Those that promote lawlessness or those that think illegal aliens will make good solid citizens? SB 1070 will not fail. It is already law. And unless the federal government can make its own immigration law illegal, it will go into effect soon.

    Please feel free to keep you head firmly tucked into the dark place it currently is.

  3. Online Poll: Do you support Arizona’s tough new law on illegal immigration?

    Vote here:

    Yesterday at 3:30 pm the votes were
    503,202 YES votes
    20,385 N0 Votes
    Presently at 8:04pm 639,119 YES Votes

  4. I just voted on the link you included. Thanks. It seems that 95.7% of those voting agreed with the Arizona SB 1070 law! Pretty COOL!

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