Confirmed, Human Infected By Computer Virus

I was reading the science and technology reports again when I stumbled across  this article.  It seems that the first confirmed human, Dr Mark Gasson, has been infected with a computer virus.  Not possible you say?  No way?  Can’t happen?  I thought someone was pulling my leg and it couldn’t be true. Well it is and it has.  It appears the good Dr. had a chip implanted in his hand and it has become infected with a computer virus.  Another reason for us to never get any chip implants.

I’m one of those people who is of the opinion that just because we can doesn’t mean we should.  The tales of Atlantis say that Atlantians destroyed themselves because their technology outstripped their spirituality.  The tales of Atlantis are a warning and a mystery.  Most would say that Atlantis never existed.  But each tale holds a grain of truth, it had a foundation for becoming, and the warning seems to be very appropriate for life today.

Wikipedia Image

The image to the right shows a hand with an RFID chip implanted.  The technology has been around for some time, and in use, for about 11 years now.  Used mostly in animals, prod8cts you purchase, and studied under lab conditions the RFID chips can cause cancerous tumors to grow around them.  The FDA has even issued a warning concerning chip implants.

Other problems associated with the chips are as follows:

Other medical complications

According to the FDA, implantation of the VeriChip poses potential medical downsides. Electrical hazards, MRI incompatibility, adverse tissue reaction, and migration of the implanted transponder are just a few of the potential risks associated with the Verichip ID implant device, according to an October 12, 2004 letter issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A patient could be burned if the chip reacts to outside source of EMF radiation, such as a strong electrical field or a magnetic resonance imager (MRI) machine. The strong magnets used in an MRI scanner could destroy the implant and cause serious burns, internally and externally. According to the FDA’s Primer on Medical Device Interactions with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems, “electrical currents may be induced in conductive metal implants” that can cause “potentially severe patient burns.”

Cancer and burns are not on my list of favorite things to experience…

Dr. Gasson contaminated the RFID chip he had implanted in his hand on purpose. Along with producing cancerous tumors and burns it makes the chips very unappealing.  But that is just my opinion as always. Of course, all the problems associated with the chips are kept very quiet. Unless you are looking for them you won’t find them.

Frankly, of all the things one could be noted for I don’t think I’d want the distinction of being the first person to become infected with a computer virus… Somehow the enthusiasm Dr. Gasson feels is missing for me. Can’t decide why…

Could Humans Be Infected by ‘Computer Viruses?’

These results could have huge implications for implantable computing technologies used medically to improve health, such as heart pacemakers and cochlear implants, and as new applications are found to enhance healthy humans.

Dr Gasson says that as the technology behind these implants develops, they become more vulnerable to computer viruses.

Used to track the whereabouts of Japanese students

I guess truancy is a problem in Japan because they have a whole article about the successful implantation of students and have given the chips away for free in order to be able to track them and find out where the students are at any given time.  Ya, that sounds like a lot of fun.  Talk about big brother watching over your shoulder…

According to Dr. Gasson the RFID technology has developed to the point where the chips can communicate with other devices, store data, and they can also manipulate that data.  Dr. Gasson says the chips are basically mini computers implanted in a human being or animal.

Attributed to Duncan Long but found HERE:

The most common uses today for the RFID chips are in passports and enhanced drivers licenses.  Imagine the government tracking your every movement once outside the country, or even within it if you carry your passport or driver’s license with you at all times.  And who doesn’t have their license with them at all times? How many leave their wallets at home when they go out?

Here in Arizona you are required to carry identification with you at all times if you are over the age of 16.  However, the enhanced license is optional and not required.  That’s the good news.

It amused me to read that Dr. Gasson finds it “exciting to be the first human infected with a computer virus.”  Oh, really?  He used the device to get secure access to the university and his cell phone.  How secure is it if it is infected with a virus?  Computer infections include tracking cookies which gather personal information and then send it to a specific location for pickup at a later date.  That could include information about his phone calls, his access code to the university, his bank accounts, etc.  Ya, real exciting…

A chip implanted next to a finger

In checking around on the web for information on adverse side effects known from chip implantation I stumbled across and FDA report documenting an incident that occurred after a chip was implanted in a woman without her consent.  It is called the Maude Report.

MAUDE Adverse Event

Event Date 10/12/2005

Event Type Injury   Patient Outcome Other Event Description In 2005, i was placed in a government experiment involving the use of radiation. It only has been recently known to me that this study by the government involves various levels of magnetic/microwave radiation in relations to side effects as well as behavior changes. This project is part of surveillance and appears to be carried out by inexperienced individuals in their response to reporting adverse affects and providing appropriate care before serious conditions prevail. I am quite familiar with the human anatomy and physiology to provide data associated with this type of treatment. I went from a healthy woman with hypertension that was controlled to one with multi-organ involvement including thyroid complications. Worsening hypertesion and cardiac manisfestations leading to what i feel is heart failure with marked shortness of breath on exertion. My immune system failed with tremendous infections-viral/bacterial- leading to prolonged steroid use thus causing secondary adrenocorticoid dysfunction resulting in chronic steroid dependency.

I have been trying to be removed from this study to multiple near death experience relating to side effects to the heart and near vascular collapse from total withdrawal from steriod use. The government states that this is nonlethal but i beg to differ. I would like to full investigation and stop to this study until further data can be gathered to support the harmful effects of magnetic /microwave radiation.

The chip maker was VeriChip.  In this country VeriChip is the one  you go to if you want an implant…

Common RFID chip placed on items you purchase from stores.

These chips are everywhere and in everything.  Flat and inconspicuous they rest inside DVD’s, paper tags on clothing, even becoming part of the label of clothing and toys.  They are cheap to make and easy to hide.  Nothing we buy anymore it seems lacks a chip.  Even our food is being tracked by these devices.  One of these days you will be able to shop from your fridge and have it paid for automatically from your checking account, no need for a card, just “chip it.”

RFID loaded passport, The age of the surveillance society.

While I believe that RFID chips are an invasion of privacy and dangerous to human health and animal welfare, there are good uses for them IF the technology can be made so that it doesn’t do the kind of damage the case above points out.  Multiple organ failure, worsening health conditions, cancer, and cancerous tumors.  VeriChip maintains the chips are safe, but studies show otherwise.  I’m sure those who have a loved one with Alzheimer’s’ would love these chips for tracking someone who gets lost easily.

The FDA has issued warnings concerning the chips.  Do you have any idea how much evidence has to pile up before the FDA acts???  Trust me, it is a lot!

The FDA warning comes in a document it calls “Class II Special Controls Guidance Document” and can be found HERE:

The FDA, (fraud and death administration) has found multiple problems with the chips but has allowed them to be marketed anyway.  The fraud and death administration lists the following problems with the chips:

  1. Adverse tissue migration
  2. Migration of implanted transponder
  3. Compromised Information Security
  4. Failure of implanted transponder
  5. Failure of Inserter
  6. Failure of electronic scanner
  7. Electromagnetic Interference
  8. Electrical Hazards
  9. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Incompatibility
  10. Needle stick

It is especially interesting to note the following considering the above list of problems:

5. Limitations of Exemption from Premarket notification

FDA’s decision to exempt a Class II device from the requirement of premarket notification is based on the existing and reasonably foreseeable characteristics of devices within that generic type that currently are, or have been, in commercial distribution. Section 21 CFR 880.911 specifies the limitations to exemption. If any of these limitations apply, your device is not exempt and you must submit a premarket notification.

Those pesky regulations that require this or that can always find an exemption can’t they?

The technology is so controversial that some States have banned the forced implantation of the devices.  Wisconsin was the first, North Dakota was the second, and it appears that California is the third.  However information is sketchy on California.  Arizona offers you a choice.  Pennsylvania has also banned forced chipping.  The Amish told Michigan they would rather leave the State than submit to chipping.  I’m sure that many more States have followed the example of the above but information is not available on the web.  Check with your State legislators to find out where your State stands on this issue.

The problem I see with these chips beyond their suseptability for infection by computer viruses and the health risks is that you cannot turn them off, EVER. Once they are ON, they are ON 24/7/365. The tracking ability never stops. If someone wants to know where you are at any given time all they have to do is activate the data transmitter within the chip and they know where you are at any given moment.

How to kill your RFID chip

-The easiest way to kill an RFID, and be sure that it is dead, is to throw it in the microwave for 5 seconds. Doing this will literally melt the chip and antenna making it impossible for the chip to ever be read again. Unfortunately this method has a certain fire risk associated with it. Killing an RFID chip this way will also leave visible evidence that it has been tampered with, making it an unsuitable method for killing the RFID tag in passports. Doing this to a credit card will probably also screw with the magnetic strip on the back making it un-swipeable.

-The second, slightly more convert and less damaging, way to kill an RFID tag is by piercing the chip with a knife or other sharp object. This can only be done if you know exactly where the chip is located within the tag. This method also leaves visible evidence of intentional damage done to the chip, so it is unsuitable for passports.

Less than the width of a human hair, easily hidden, RFID chips are in everything.

There are more ways to kill the chips but you will have to read those for yourself by clicking on the link to the article above. I’m a huge advocate for privacy rights. The government has no business knowing where a person is at all times. Perhaps this is convenient if you are a government official but for the average citizen it is NOT necessary.

The Constitution of these united States guarantees our God given right to that privacy, (4th Amendment).  While these chips might be helpful in some instances, they are a violation of our sacred right and our government can NOT require them. This violates our protected God-given right. But then the government is continually violating the Constitution for which they swore an oath of allegiance.

Time Enough? Consequences of Human Microchip Implantation

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