Where Does All The Money Go?

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I want to know where all the financial gains from the EPA and the FDA go.  I want to know what that money is used for.  As a Citizen of the great State of Arizona I’m concerned with the way the federal government gobbles up fines but we never see how that money is spent or who gets it.  Certainly the environment isn’t improving any. More and more studies are coming to light which prove that these agencies are neither able to do their jobs nor improve the lives of humans or animals and plants.

Do these agencies clean up any messes?  No.  So where does all the money go?

Until recently, (2005), the FDA and EPA were experiencing budget cuts on most all of their inspection programs but the fees charged, or fines imposed on businesses and cities has only increased.  So where did the money go?

The FDA, (fraud and death administration), lists its fee schedules on its website. The following applies for fiscal year 2010:

This notice establishes fee rates for FY 2010 for application fees for an application requiring clinical data ($1,405,500), for an application not requiring clinical data or a supplement requiring clinical data ($702,750), for establishment fees ($457,200), and for product fees ($79,720).’’

I cannot find information on the fees the EPA charges in one area anywhere. There are numerous possible sources of information but no consolidated information such as the FDA provides. Just tracking the fees the EPA charges could be one whole article all by itself.

Let’s compare the FDA numbers of 2010 with 2005 when the budget was still being cut across the board:

This notice establishes fee rates for FY 2005 for application fees ($672,000) for an application requiring clinical data, and $336,000 for an application not requiring clinical data or a supplement requiring clinical data), establishment
fees ($262,200), and product fees ($41,710)

What this doesn’t say is whether the fees are total gains expected or per application fees.  Notice the fee increase from 2005 of $672,000.00 to $1,405,500.00 in 2010.  Where does the money go?  What is it used for?

The FDA charges separate fees for medical devices and for inspections.  So there is even more money to wonder about.  The FDA seems to be a money black hole.  Money flows in but is never seen again.

FDA backs proposal for US industry fees to fund food inspections

By Rory Harrington, 04-Jun-2009

A contentious proposal to compel US food manufacturers to contribute towards safety inspection costs took a step forward yesterday after the Food and Drug Administration signaled its backing for the idea.

Newly appointed FDA commissioner Dr Margaret Hamburg said she supported a proposal made in the Democrat-sponsored bill for companies to pay $1,000 per facility to fund safety checks by the agency. Under the proposals, the FDA would be required to inspect every food facility in the country at least once every four years, with high-risk ones being inspected every 18 months.

I believe that the FDA is fraught with fraudulent schemes aimed at siphoning  all the cash it can. There is little to find under searches for where the FDA money goes. Are we to suppose it all goes to salaries for those doing inspections? Look at the numbers again and then multiply them by how many drugs come out on the market each year. Somehow I do not believe it is all going to pay employees…

The EPA recently released its proposed budget.  In there it claimed that it would use the money to clean up the Great Lakes Area and for other purposes.

EPA Pumps Budget $$ into Water Infrastructure, Great Lakes

WASHINGTON, DC, May 7, 2009 (ENS) – For the first time in eight years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency budget has not been cut, it has been increased. Today, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson released the agency’s $10.5 billion budget blueprint for fiscal year 2010, which she said, “takes significant strides to ensure that our air, land, and water are safe and clean.”

The budget proposal brings back the polluter pays principle for Superfund cleanups and adds 30 new enforcement staffers. It will fund water infrastructure upgrades, Great Lakes restoration, a greenhouse gas emissions registry and will pass at least $1.1 billion along to the states and tribes in the form of grants.

While you can read much about programs concerning the Great Lakes and their health, there is no concrete evidence that anything is actually happening. Lots of hype and blather but no project information is available except in such general terms that the reality is suspect.

It is important to note that the fees they charge are on top of the budgets assigned to these agencies.   To get a real idea of the money coming to these agencies we would have to have access to real numbers.  Numbers like the combined fee amounts and the budget for the year stagger the imagination.  Bets are that the heads of these agencies make as much as the bankers everyone bitched about.

But those figures are not available.  Just another example of the lack of transparency in the federal government.  How can we as Citizens of this nation figure out what is and isn’t a valid expense when we have no idea where our money goes or how much an agency makes or how much is spent and on what?

EPA is best known for air pollution monitoring http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/Air-pollution.JPG

The EPA monitors pollution particulates in our cities, towns, and from corporations.  They charge fines when the pollution goes over a certain amount.  But does that clean the air?  Does it improve conditions?  NO.  People suffer when the air is bad.  Those with asthma and heart conditions suffer the most, but no one escapes bad air.  Not even when confined indoors. The fines imposed do not improve the quality of the air.  The companies and automobiles causing the pollution continue to emit these pollutants on a daily basis.  How then does the agency justify its existence?

As for the FDA, 3,000 people per month die from drugs the FDA has approved.  Why isn’t this agency under investigation for fraud?  The FDA is tasked with making products safe for consumers.  Apparently it is unable to do that job if 3,000 Citizens die per month…  So much for “safe” drugs approved by the FDA.

The FDA relies on companies to give it the information it needs to approve drugs.  It doesn’t do the chemical analysis itself. It is in a companies best interests to keep any information which would adversely affect the sale of a new drug OUT of the FDA’s hands.  Since the FDA doesn’t do its own testing there is little incentive for the companies to provide accurate and applicable information to the FDA.  Meanwhile the FDA takes trivial matters and makes mountains out of them.  Such is the case in what the FDA is doing with ear candles.  Ear candles have NEVER had a death reported but the drugs which kill thousands of people each month take months or years, if ever, to be pulled from the shelves. The FDA is proposing a ban on ear candles while it allows drugs that kill to remain on the market.  Even getting the FDA to issue a warning is nearly impossible.

The EPA has a place you can supposedly go to to find out the air quality of your area by State or Zip code.  The site doesn’t work, the data is NOT available.  Nor do the fines stop those that muck up the air from doing so on a daily basis.  How then does the EPA qualify as an agency that is worth the trouble of funding?  Charging fees for companies that pollute is little more than a slap on the wrist.  If a company makes millions per day and is charged thousands for polluting, where is the incentive to stop the pollution?  There isn’t any.  These agencies are nothing more than window dressing and a means of siphoning off money from the public.

By now everyone knows that global warming is a major hoax.  Everyone but the EPA apparently.  In a recent article the EPA is going ahead with its plans to monitor, assess fees, and make standards for greenhouse gasses.  It seems the EPA is determined to get the evil, none-existent, gases out of our environment.  Well, good luck with that.  Even breathing puts so called “green house gasses” in the air folks…  Is the EPA going to have us all line up and charge us individually for breathing?

This is what a New Drug Application (e.g., a marketing application) looks like – this is a small one: http://www.circare.org/info5.htm

The ability of these agencies to do the jobs they were designed for continues to be a valid question. Why pay for agencies that cannot do what they are designed to do, do the job ass backwards, or pull good products off the market while allowing bad ones to continue to hurt people and the environment.

Senate showdown over EPA climate rules scheduled for June 10

By Ben Geman – 05/25/10 09:59 AM ET

Murkowski’s plan overturns EPA’s “endangerment finding” last year that greenhouse gases pose a threat to humans. The finding is the legal precursor to EPA rules that limit heat-trapping emissions from cars, power plants, factories and other sources.


Also, even if the measure cleared the Senate, advocates of blocking EPA would have to force a vote on companion House legislation. Murkowski’s plan faces a near-certain veto if it got that far — the White House has repeatedly criticized her resolution.

I have no idea why the obaminator would want to veto a bill to get rid of this ordinance from an agency devoid of any real action. Must be all about the money?  The article is all about the deal struck with Harry Reid.  Go figure…

The real danger to humans and animals, not green house gasses... http://www.activeset.org/photos/joge/air_pollution_pl_600fix.jpg

Nothing the EPA does stops air, ground, or water pollution.  Just what good is the EPA?  Where does all the money go that is siphoned off by this agency?

What is cap and trade and who benefits from it?  Another scam forced on the public by the federal government which uses the program to invade our lives and gives nothing back.

Cap-and-Trade for Congress

posted at 5:20 am on July 2, 2009 by directorblue

Among other things, the bill regulates farming; fertilizers; animal husbandry and animal diets; feedstock; soil; light bulbs; home mortgages; banking; power generation and transmission; water and sewer systems; manufacturing; building codes; land use (forested, cleared, wetlands, etc); “manure management”; and creates gigantic new government bureaucracies (unionized, of course) to regulate, control, monitor and audit American citizens. It even reaches into your neighborhood and overrides Home Owners Assocation agreements.

Most importantly for companies, it specifies “emission allowances” for carbon dioxide. You know, the stuff that plants breathe and we exhale. Somehow, the environmental, flat-Earth, no-growth Marxists were able to have it categorized as a pollutant. Worked out well for California, didn’t it? But I digress. The bill assigns companies the right to emit carbon dioxide. Industry can trade those rights, but each year the amount of CO2 they emit is ratcheted down. Thirty years from now, the amount of CO2 is supposed to be roughly one-fifth of what it is today. The goal would appear to be to transform the U.S. into Somalia (their CO2 emissions are very low).

Of what use is this?  Can someone, anyone, explain how this is a good idea?  This is more of the stuff that congress is famous for, programs that put money in their own pockets but are worthless in terms of usefulness.  For a short, but clear, breakdown of the cap and trade terms, click HERE:

For the life of me I can’t decide which agency is more inept.  Neither does a job that benefits the citizens of this country and neither is worthy of respect.  Fraud and deception within the agencies themselves only serves to remind us what happens when government gets too big for OUR good.  I’m sure that like so many of my other postings on this subject, this one will be banned from internet access, but it only means that I’m speaking a truth the feds don’t want you to have.

Pesticides which poison and kill are allowed to be sprayed on crops that we eat.  These same chemicals are even promoted as healthy for us and come in the form of GM and GMO food products where pesticides are introduced into the plants DNA.  No long term studies have been done to prove the safety of these FDA approved products. Many studies have proven them unsafe for consumption by humans or animals.

Neither the FDA nor the EPA has the authority to make our food or our drugs safer.  Chemical pollutants are so widespread within our environment that our health is being affected.  Study after study done shows that toxic levels of chemicals are rising in human bodies.  And nothing is done.  The toxic pollution reaches from land to sea.  Concerned about your area?  Click HERE:

I could pull up a thousand of these articles.  All say that the chemicals that cause harm, (from death to cancer), to humans and animals are on the rise.  How then does the EPA and FDA justify their existence?  Where is the money going if not to help the country?  Inquiring minds want to know…


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