Haiti Vows To Burn Monsanto Poison Seeds

Haiti vows to burn Monsanto's poison seeds, all 475 tons of it! http://www.pacificseed.com/images/seeds.gif

The word is out and no one wants Monsanto’s poison pills er seeds. Monsanto thought to send the seeds to Haiti after the earthquake to help the Haitians start anew. Haiti is having nothing to do with these seeds.  Poor Monsanto, no-one wants or loves you.  Ahhhh.

The poison seeds were to be a gift from Monsanto to Haiti.  Haitians are saying “No thanks!”  OCA, Organic Consumer’s Association, is running a program called Millions Against Monsanto and has put up a webpage where you can add your signature in support of Haiti’s decision to burn Monsanto’s poison seeds.  Just click HERE to add your signature.

The United States Agency for International Development, (USAID), which is taxpayer funded, is using their WINNER program to distribute the poison seeds to Haiti.  This agency is supposed to promote the interests of the United States.  I guess pimping Monsanto products is good business.  You would think it was counter productive to send poison to other countries.  But a pimp doesn’t care about anything but money.  I guess that makes Monsanto their whore.

Country after country is turning down Monsanto’s poison, refusing to allow it into their countries or to be sold within their borders.  Monsanto must be getting desperate by now.  Once Monsanto, and other companies like Bayer CropScience get into a place even burning the fields may not be enough to get rid of it.  The jig is up but the USA and FDA, (fraud and death administration), just haven’t quite figured that out yet.  I guess they must have taken one too many flu shots and gotten stupid.

While the government of Haiti hasn’t banned Monsanto’s GMO crops, the Haitian people won’t plant them and have vowed to burn the entire 60,000 seed sacks Monsanto is sending.

Countries which have bans on Monsanto’s GMO’s are:  Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Switzerland.  Haiti is in good company!.

Of course, that doesn’t help us here in the united States where the pimp government continues to push these products on the Citizens.  The U.S. government is willing to see us all dead by mutation, sterility, and organ failure before they will stop.  I wonder what their plan is once the ground has turned barren and infertile for any crops?  Maybe that is their goal. But when we are all gone, who will restore the land?

Haiti used to be able to feed itself until the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the united States got involved in their country.  Watch this Video Once again we see the how the New World Order is responsible for hunger and economic collapse in other countries.  It will happen here too unless we get rid of the influence of these corrupt agencies and go back to the gold standard.

The Huffington Post did an article not long ago which said a new study had been done linking Monsante’s GMOs with organ failure.  And still they pimp this company!

Monsanto’s GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals

“Effects were mostly concentrated in kidney and liver function, the two major diet detoxification organs, but in detail differed with each GM type. In addition, some effects on heart, adrenal, spleen and blood cells were also frequently noted. As there normally exists sex differences in liver and kidney metabolism, the highly statistically significant disturbances in the function of these organs, seen between male and female rats, cannot be dismissed as biologically insignificant as has been proposed by others. We therefore conclude that our data strongly suggests that these GM maize varieties induce a state of hepatorenal toxicity….These substances have never before been an integral part of the human or animal diet and therefore their health consequences for those who consume them, especially over long time periods are currently unknown.”

Monsanto has immediately responded to the study, stating that the research is “based on faulty analytical methods and reasoning and do not call into question the safety findings for these products.”

The IJBS study’s author Gilles-Eric Séralini responded to the Monsanto statement on the blog, Food Freedom, “Our study contradicts Monsanto conclusions because Monsanto systematically neglects significant health effects in mammals that are different in males and females eating GMOs, or not proportional to the dose. This is a very serious mistake, dramatic for public health. This is the major conclusion revealed by our work, the only careful reanalysis of Monsanto crude statistical data.”

Buying corn from Iowa could be Monsanto GMO corn. 99% of the corn Iowa grows is Monsanto tainted GMO! Sorry Iowa, but get rid of it!  It means that if you buy canned corn, your chances of purchasing and eating Monsanto’s poison is 100%.  I’ve personally contacted companies like Green Giant, Birdseye, and a few others telling them I won’t be buying their products until they are GMO free.  I go to farmer’s markets and buy food these days.

It is important to note that the government of Haiti and the farmers of Haiti have two different views of what is good for Haiti.  The government is constrained to accept Monsanto products because of the IMF and the international bank, the world bank, and the loans that the government took out to secure Haiti’s future.  Once again we see the result of bankers on the economy of a country.  The ability of Haitians to feed themselves was destroyed once the loan was secured…

According to OCA:

Haiti’s New Earthquake: USAID Delivers Monsanto’s Poison Pills

Monsanto’s seeds will be distributed by the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) WINNER It is run byDr. Rajiv Shah, an Obama appointee that the Organic Consumers Association opposed because of his work with the explicitly pro-GMO Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation works closely with Monsanto. program. USAID is a tax-payer funded agency that promotes the United States’ interests abroad.

Haitian peasant farmer leader Chavannes Jean-Baptiste of the Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) called Monsanto’s poison pills Haiti’s “new earthquake.” The MPP has committed to burning Monsanto’s seeds and has called for a march to protest the corporation’s presence in Haiti on June 4, for World Environment Day.

No lobbyists in the Obaminator’s administration, right? Ya, tell us another lie Obama!

I can’t help but wonder where truth in advertising went and when it died.  Reading the USAID site you would think we were doing this really wonderful thing for Haiti instead of trying to dump toxic poison on them.  I guess this is the true meaning of being killed with kindness!  According to the USAID site there are 10 ways that WINNER is changing Haiti.  Notice the word CHANGE not HELP!

10 Ways That WINNER Is Changing Haiti


It makes me want to puke at how this agency twists the English language into something I don’t even recognize. Such lofty goals and such utter lies. Gag me with a pitchfork! Monsanto’s origins as a chemical company do not make for “healthy food!”

While the fraud and death administration maintains that Monsanto’s products, and other GMO producers are “comparable and safe” for consumption, science says otherwise. New testing of these toxic genetically modified products show severe health and reproductive problems associated with eating them. Even a simpleton can understand that using a cancer virus for speedy cell growth in food will make that food BAD for you! There is plenty of science out there condemning the research Monsanto scientists did and the results they have hidden to warrant destruction of all GMO seeds and crops.
The fraud and death administration STILL won’t allow us to have GMO food labeling.  The fraud and death administration knows we would not purchase these products once the GMO labeling was there.  The FDA is another pimp for Monsanto and Bayer CropScience and other companies meddling with genetically modified organisms.

Governments need to get out of the business of interfering with the lives of their people and stop promoting those Big AgraBusiness companies in the market of killing people, plants, and animals.  Before companies such as Monsanto came around the health and vitality of our foods was substantially higher.  I’d personally love to see them banned and burned off the planet!

There is already a Seed Vault housing the worlds diversity of seeds.  It doesn’t take a leap of the imagination to guess that the real reason for this is the global elite who KNOW that GMOs are poison and are waiting for the rest of us to die off before bringing these seeds out of the vault to replenish the earth.  Between the vaccines which will sterilize women and children and the GMOs designed to destroy our internal organs, that plan is well underway.  Hats off to Haiti for saying NO to Monsanto!

Life depends on seeds.  It is well known that Monsanto’s bastard plants are prolific cross-pollinators.  Were it not so there wouldn’t be such an out-cry against them being planted.  How many farmers have lost their farms and livelihood thanks to the heavy handed Monsanto?

Monsanto was sue happy for a long time, probably still is.  But the courts have now said that Monsanto may not patent their products since their plants are neither original or new species but simply modified every day ones.  That can’t have made the pimps happy!  Monsanto is desperate to find new lands to poison.

RETURNS STOCK INDUSTRY S&P 500 Sales 10.63 Bil 7.57 Bil 53.73 Bil Sales (% qtr vs. yr ago) -3.60 23.70 15.50

As this shows, Monsanto is losing money.  Bayer CropScience is likewise falling…
-5.50 (-0.67%) 821.95 -11.85 (-1.42%)

Recently the courts ruled against Monsanto’s sugar beets saying that the USDA didn’t do an adequate job of environmental impact study.  It isn’t easy to get the courts to agree or side with people in this day and age.  Too much Monsanto money being spread around.  That whole whore thing again…

Haiti’s fight for the right to feed themselves is such a basic right that it is hard for us as ordinary folks to understand how governments can force these tainted and poisonous products on us.  Corporations such as Monsanto don’t see US, they see stock options and dividends for their shareholders.  We don’t even register with them.

Haiti’s fight against food poisoning is mirrored in this country as consumers try to get away from using these potentially devastating, toxic foods.  Monsanto’s poisonous GMO crops have been linked not only with internal organ failure, but depression and suicide as well.

Monsanto seems to think a package difference will sell tomatoes.  To me what a food looks like is less important that what it is made from.  Monsanto lives in a dream world, their scientists should be shot, and the market yanked of all these products.  The whores in Washington D.C. can’t seem to get their hands out of their pockets long enough to see what is before their faces, death.

Since 2008, well before the earthquake hit Haiti there have been riots and shootings over food.  World markets have destroyed Haiti’s ability to feed its people.  The global bankers and the New World Order are the root cause of this.  Before the IMF and the World Bank, * helped * Haiti, the people were able to feed themselves.  This is a testament to the greed, corruption and plans for world domination, minus the masses, that is being shoved down the throats of all peoples.

Monsanto Plant Shut Down by Activists in Europe

Let’s all band together and take a note from this page.  We can get our land and food back but it takes everyone refusing to buy or use these poison products.

Here is a funny for you…After signing a petition in favor of the Haiti farmer’s resolve to burn Monsanto’s poison pills I got this note from Monsanto:

Thank you for your feedback concerning the Monsanto donation of 60 tons of hybrid corn seed and 2 tons of vegetable seeds. We have worked carefully with Monsanto and the Government of Haiti throughout this process to ensure that the interests of the Haitian people and Government are protected and prioritized.

Monsanto made this donation to the Government of Haiti’s Ministry of Agriculture in response to the devastation caused by the January 12th earthquake and to help the country’s agricultural industry rebound and maximize crop yields. Monsanto carefully coordinated its donation with the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture and offered specific non-genetically modified (GMO) seed varieties suited for Haiti’s growing conditions. After extensive discussion between the Ministry’s seed scientists and Monsanto staff, the Ministry of Agriculture accepted conventionally-bred hybrid seeds. As part of these discussions, Monsanto and the Ministry also discussed that the seeds will include common industry fungicidal seed treatments that protect them from fungal diseases that arise in the soil and hamper the plant’s ability to germinate and grow. These seed treatments are commonly used in agriculture worldwide and help to increase crop production.

The Monsanto-donated seeds are being distributed by the USAID-funded WINNER project at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that the seeds are properly shared with those in need and that farmers receive information and the support needed to best manage their crop.

The US government is deeply committed to protecting and supporting the needs of the Haitian farmer. As part of this effort, USAID is financing a study of the Haitian seed sector to establish a self-sustaining private sector seed industry capable of providing Haitian farmers with a variety of hybrid or open pollinated varieties adapted to the island’s unique farming conditions.

This week, USAID and the Obama Administration announced that Haiti is one of twenty target countries for a global food security initiative entitled Feed the Future. This program will support Haitian agriculture and address growing poverty and hunger that has been exacerbated by catastrophic hurricanes in 2008 and the earthquake two years later. The Government of Haiti’s informed acceptance of the Monsanto donation of hybrid seeds to help Haiti meet the immediate food needs of its people was made to accelerate food production in the short term while addressing longer term issues of overall food availability for its people.

Again, thank you for sharing your concern and continued feedback.


That is Monsanto for you!  Updated 5/26/10


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