Illegal Aliens Threaten Police In Arizona

This is why Arizona chooses to enforce immigration law. Picture pulled from

This is the image of illegal aliens and their views towards the united States of America. Their sense of entitlement is astounding to put it mildly. This is an image that KPHO would never show. This is what the illegals really think of this country and all those who stand for law and order.

The sign this alien is holding, and proud he is of it, says:

Give Us Free Health Care, Jobs – No Taxes, House, Food, You Owe Us America! We Will Shoot More Police in Arizona Until We Get Free!

Explain it to me.  Just how does America owe anything to the illegal aliens destroying our nation one hospital, one school system, and one city at a time?  This is the face of terrorism in America!

This is what amnesty promotes. This should be burned into the memory of EVERY single American Citizen out there. This is the result of an invasion force the federal government refuses to acknowledge or lend a hand in stopping.

The illegal alien holding the sign WANTED to have his picture taken.  He wanted us to know his true intentions.  He has made a deadly threat towards our police in Arizona and did not get arrested.  How is that possible?  I do not hate Hispanics in general, only the criminal illegal aliens who swarm our borders, threatening to harm the Citizens of this country which the Police are.  Those I will not tolerate within the borders of Arizona.

Am I angry?  You bet I am!  That this behavior is allowed, encourage, and promoted is disgusting.  While the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, it is not meant for non-citizens within our borders.  They are not protected by any Rights, Freedoms, or our Constitution.  To allow such behavior is treasonous.

Flying the Mexican flag within the borders of the united States, illegal aliens compare Arizona to Hitler Photo Huffington Post

Showing a distinct lack of intelligence, this protester compares Arizona to Hitler.  Obviously they have not bothered to read the Arizona law S.B. 1070 or they would know that we are supporting federal laws. The mass hysteria being promoted by communists within our borders, is pathetic.  That children are using is vile to the extreme.  I doubt this child understands what he is doing or what the sign means.

Raising the Mexican flag within the borders of the united States reiterates where these illegal aliens allegiance is!  To Mexico!  So go the hell home if Mexico is was so great!

The rallies of illegal aliens promotes rioting, civil disobedience, and anger against all Citizens of the united States.  Why then is congress and the squatter not doing a damn thing about it?  Why the continued ignoring of our immigration laws?

Radical Immigration Reform Rally, ATL Ga

This rally in Georgia is a call for all illegals to violence against Citizens and the united States. More importantly it promotes hatred towards the Citizens of Arizona, and in particular, the State of Arizona.  Criminal illegal aliens compare themselves to the Tea Parties, but are nothing like it.  Tea Party participants are respectful, pro-united States, pro-Constitution, pro-law and order.  The rallies of the illegals are violence waiting to spill into our streets and among the Citizens of this country.

This is a call for all law enforcement officers to stem this threatened violence against American Citizens here and now.  No more should illegals be allowed to swarm our streets and usurp our jobs, our hospitals, our schools, and our homes.  They make no bones about being Anti-American! Why isn’t ICE surrounding these individuals and asking for their immigration papers?

This sign promotes terrorist actions against a government official in Arizona. Photo Huffington Post

Because Governor Jan Brewer is PRO-Citizen, something that the federal government should be but isn’t, she is vilified by these criminal aliens.  The promotion of terrorism towards a government official should have called out the police and had this crackpot arrested.  But that didn’t happen.  During this rally in Atlanta Georgia signs of communism were highly visible.  The demands for a revolution that were also highly visible were ignored.  A patriot who did this would have been arrested under seditious conspiracy. Citizens of this country who belong to groups like the protection of property rights, Pro-Constitution, etc. have been placed on the DHS terrorist watch list.

While those who are Pro-America are surrounded by police, this rally in Georgia was ignored.  What is the agenda in Washington that such double standards are allowed to continue?  What do they gain by the destruction of these united States.  I’m beginning to think those talking cessation have something.


By Lynn Stuter
May 11, 2010

One former terrorism prosecutor likened the feds case against the Hutaree Nine as “prosecuting U.S. citizens for jibber-jabber.” In other words, the federal case against the Hutaree Nine is a put-up job …. concocted … contrived … full of hot air … dare I say b.s.?!

So, why were the Hutaree Nine targeted while the illegal alien with the sign threatening to kill police, Ron Gochez inciting insurrection, and Atlanta illegal alien protest organizers intent on inciting revolution were not?

No truer words can be spoken! Compared to the Hutaree clan, these illegal aliens are intent on inciting riots across our nation and are being totally ignored by the federal government. The opposite should be true instead.

B S on a tee shirt at the Georgia Rally Curtesy Huffington Post

The promotion of border running, crossing illegally into the Sovereign Nation of the united States, is illegal. The tee shirt the woman wears is saying that no human is illegal.  But according to ANY Nation in the world, it is a crime to crash the border of ANY Nation in the world.  You get to go to prison for this offense.  No matter what country you go to illegally.  If it weren’t a crime then countries would not have borders! End of discussion.  The promotion of anarchy by these criminal illegal aliens is clear.

Here is a video showing how illegal aliens are being incited to violence against Citizens and the government in this country.  Still, nothing is being done by the federal government, congress, or the squatter in the oval office.

L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

A true act of terrorism in the making and the feds stand idly by with their fingers in dark places.  Yet those peacefully calling for America’s return to a Constitutional Republic are denounced as terrorists!  Mind boggling!DHS Dictionary

The obaminator even laughs at the situation.  He makes jokes like terrorism by illegal aliens isn’t happening and Arizona officers aren’t dying.  This is funny?  This is humor?  I must have taken some bad drugs for this to be real!

President Obama, No One in Arizona is Laughing

Short YouTube video…

Why are the Citizens of this country not boiling mad over this situation?  Why are they standing up for terrorists and criminals?  Because they have been brain-washed into believing the New World Order crap and dissolving borders!  The dumbing-down of We the People is working!  The Citizens of this country are actually buying into the propaganda that these illegal aliens will be good if allowed citizenship.  Ya Right!  They prove it with signs and violence promoting behavior like that shown above.

The double standards in the federal government against the Citizens of this country and the illegal aliens invading us staggers the imagination.  How is it that Citizens should obey laws that the federal government doesn’t?  Is it possible to sue the administration for failure to enforce its own laws?  Inquiring minds want to know…

The image which heads this article may be considered viral in nature, but no one has been able to prove it is a fake.  That is one scary thought.  Are police in Arizona being targeted by criminal illegal aliens?  I guess we will find out the hard way won’t we.

Spurred on by the communist party, inflaming the passions of uneducated, stupid mexicans, the violence will escalate.  It is for sure that this is to the advantage of the federal government, which only lacks a reason to put troops within the borders of this country.

Radical Immigration Reform Rally, ATL Ga

The Obaminator and the federal government where illegal aliens are concerned

It is an insult to every Citizen in this country to have this type of behavior encouraged, ignored, promoted, and used to drive immigration reform.  Mexican nationals, aka citizens of Mexico, belong in Mexico and not in the united States of America.  Allowing these criminal illegal aliens to create anarchy, dissent and unrest in this country should be offensive to every American Citizen and stopped by whatever law enforcement is around.

Contrary to popular belief, (the dumbing down of America), illegal aliens have NO rights in this country.  The only right these illegal aliens have is the right to be deported back to their native homeland.  And that is according to the United Nations.

Do united States Citizens actually believe that if these protests turn violent that they will be spared because they are sympathetic?  If you are not of Hispanic origins you are open to being a victim.  Arizona’s stance in support of united States immigration policy is the only one which makes any sense.  At least Arizona cares about the Citizens here. Can Citizens in other States make the same claims? No!

By choosing to ignore the federal immigration laws the federal government is telling Citizens of this country they do not need to obey law and order.  So, don’t like paying your taxes, having your wages garnished?  Don’t pay them. The feds won’t care.  If they take you to court simply use the immigration protest rallies as your defense.  Certainly there is ample evidence the united States federal government isn’t about to enforce or obey, its own laws.  The Internal Revenue Service is a private corporation, not a federal agency so we can ignore them all together.

Tired of having your money stolen to bail out financial institutions which are privately owned?  Don’t pay taxes any more.  Let the feds come up with the money they want to give away.  Let’s watch congress empty their pockets instead of ours.  Why contribute to a system that is so obviously corrupt?

I refuse to allow communism, or communists, to take over my country.  I refuse to allow Mexican nationals, or any other nationals, to dictate to me that I should not obey the laws of this land, or be sympathetic to illegal aliens of any nationality.  They are here illegally, PERIOD!

Being a patriotic American means you support the laws even if you don’t agree with them.  You do not go around promoting violence and anarchy!

Border Invasion Pics

The invasion of the united States is underway.  The corruption in congress, an illegal alien voted into the Oval Office, are all making these illegals think they have a leg to stand on.  The threats of violence against American Citizens is real, here and now and in our faces.  Sympathize if you want to, but do not promote illegal activities.  Our Republic is under attack from within.  Understand the reality and the gravity of this situation or prepare for the destruction of the united States.

If you love America, fight for her!

~ by justmytruth on May 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “Illegal Aliens Threaten Police In Arizona”

  1. The concerns on the photo are based on two elements. The harsh shadows that show on everyone [look at the young boy just to the left of the sign with a shadow to HIS left on the ground]. Now look at the head of the “protester” holding the sign in question. At least half his head of hair should be in full shadow from that second sign [kill cops].

    The second issue regards pattern recognition. Look at the hundreds of other photos of the same LA rally. None are of the theme and most are bilingual. In pattern recognition this is called an outlier. Why?

  2. I’m sorry, but I am not seeing what you are seeing. Yes, I see the shadows, but not the shadow you are talking about with the boy. Nor do I see a single sign face besides that one. Most are turned away. I cannot tell from the picture if they are bilingual or not. As for the shadow you say should be covering half the guys head, it is covering most of his shirt. You can see the distinct outlines which form a square across his shirt.

  3. There is nothing of what you said may make a sense unless you are assuming that we are a bunch of idiots to believe everything. I lived all my life around “illegal” and I am proud of keeping a really strong relationship with most of them. They are hard worker honest people. The fact that some of them are abusing the system does not make it reasonable for us to label them as lesser than human or monsters. They are not the ones behind our trouble, we are. I think it is time for us to look deeper into ourselves and figure out what is really that we want. It is time to cease our arrogance and think for a bit in what direction this country of ours i heading. Be careful other nation are rising, other power are waiting for the right moment to crush us, and i think we are giving them just what they want. Stop picking on those miserable, tired people and focus in what may help keep us who we really are.

  4. It doesn’t matter if they are hard working or honest or anything else. If they didn’t come here legally then they don’t deserve to be here. Invasion is invasion. Breaking the law is breaking the law. If you feel the need to carry guilt around because you have wronged someone then fine, feel free. But don’t force it on me. I obey the laws of this land and anyone who doesn’t is going to jail. Most especially those here illegally. Emotions are different than the law. If you do the poor pity fine, I don’t. Your choice, but I shouldn’t be forced to accept it.

  5. u r certainly a white old bitch who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

  6. Personal insults is the best you can do? This must mean I’m right and you can only resort to name-calling. Am I supposed to have my feelings hurt by this? Sorry, doesn’t phase me a bit. On the other hand, your use of the English language is sad. I take it you are here in the country illegally? Guess I’ll just take your IP addy and send a letter of complaint to your ISP. Can you follow all those big words?

  7. It looks like the top pic was photoshopped. ie: we will shoot more police in arizona until we get free. It’s really hard to believe, sorry.

  8. The photo still hasn’t been disputed. It is under investigation. After all this time though I’d have to say the pic is real since they still have failed to say it was messed with. It would take someone who knows photography very little time to authenticate it or prove it a fake. Thanks for stopping by.

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