Those Who Fund Illegal Aliens

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Our country is being run into the ground by the illegal alien hoard streaming across our borders and funded by both government agencies, Catholic and other churches, and charitable foundations.  Someone explain to me why the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is funding these illegals?  The foundation is always looking for donations.  Why should we support a foundation that helps break the sovereignty of this country?  There are other foundations for breast cancer that don’t help criminals violate our country.  A list of those corporations, foundations, banks, and other government agencies in Maryland which encourage the illegal alien can be found here:DONORS For Casa de Maryland

American Citizens struggle every day to survive with the deliberate destruction of our economy, fiat currency, the exportation of our jobs, the loss of homes, and the flood of illegal aliens into our cities, towns and neighborhoods.  With these illegal aliens come disease, violent crime, murder, the rape of children and young girls, kidnappings and drugs.  All of this funded by the very agencies you would expect to protect American Citizens.

Top of the list is the defiant and corrupt Catholic Church Bishops.  Their stance not only violates the sovereignty of this country, but places in peril the Citizens of their congregations.  I say defiant because they don’t care about the Citizens here, only that they import as many criminal illegal aliens as they can.  The Catholic Church has a long history of abuse and scandal.  In order to become powerful they had to kill all the pagans in the world.  During the witch hunting days they killed at least half a million women for no more than rumor.  And let’s not forget the Priests, (those which ere caught), who used their positions to satisfy their carnal lusts with young boys and girls.  And now we find them importing criminals just because they can!  Catholics should be ashamed and oust these criminal priests and bishops!


By Cliff Kincaid
May 2, 2010

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and its Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which got caught funding the radical group ACORN, are listed on the CASA website as being among its many financial donors and supporters.

Bishop John C. Wester of Salt Lake City, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Migration, issued a statement April 27 “in solidarity with the Catholic bishops of Arizona” opposing the enactment and implementation of the Arizona law.

Even more despicable are the government agencies which support the deluge of illegal criminal aliens into this country.  How do government agencies break federal laws and get away with it?  The following is a list of government agencies in Maryland sponsoring these criminals and breaking u.S. Immigration laws:

Baltimore City Council
City of Baltimore Mayor’s Office
City of Takoma Park
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Maryland AIDS Administration
Maryland Cigarette Restitution Fund
Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Maryland State Legislature
Mid-County Regional Services Center – Montgomery County
Up-County Regional Services Center – Montgomery County
Montgomery County Council
Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Montgomery County Office of the County Executive
Montgomery County Public Schools
Prince George’s County Council
Prince George’s County Council Special Appropriations Funds (Councilmember Dernoga)
Prince George’s Department of Housing and Community Development
Prince George’s County Office of the County Executive
Redevelopment Authority of Prince George’s County
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Your tax dollars hard at work folks! Another instance of the government telling us, “do as we say, not as we do.”  We are REQUIRED to OBEY the laws and yet these government agencies break and IGNORE the law simply by funding those activities which support the criminal illegal aliens.  Way to go Maryland! Are those in Maryland seriously proud of a government which breaks the law? Really? Do you enjoy paying for all the handouts? Well others don’t!

Sad that one of the original colonies which stood for freedom and liberty would become so corrupt and debased that they sanction criminal criminal behavior within their borders and encourage the breaking of federal laws.  Who will protect the rights of Citizens if the government breaks the laws?

Give me one good reason why any Citizen in this country should obey State and Federal laws when State and Federal agencies break those same laws!

Then there are financial institutions, banks and real estate manipulators.  Those wonderful people who stick their fists down your pockets and grab whatever they can!  Charging hidden and non-hidden fee after fee.    These too fund the illegal alien hoard. Why isn’t anyone asking WHY?

The following institutions are directly, or indirectly, responsible for American Citizens living in tent cities are as follows:

Chevy Chase Bank
Danya International, Inc.
Calvert Asset Management Co., Inc
Forte Real Estate Group, LLC

Freddie Mac

International Title & Escrow, LLC
Kay Apartment Communities
McDaniels Homes (known for complaints filed)
M & T Investment Group
M & T Investment Group
Sawyer Realty Holdings, LLC

And LOOK! Freddy Mac is involved! No wonder this agency went broke and tax payers had to bail them out. Too busy handing out freebies to all the illegals in the State. Yup, you have every reason to be proud of the great State of Maryland!

Then there are the law firms that are supposed to help you when you get into trouble.  I’m sure there can’t be too many of them in the fine State of Maryland with all the cossetting of criminal illegal aliens and the laws the State are breaking!  Are these lawyers actively corrupting the laws?  I would bet they are twisting it further than any pretzel ever was!  Obviously they need judges in Maryland who are willing to abuse the law too…

Antezana and Antezana, LLC
Arent Fox Attorneys at Law
Covington & Burling LLP
Crowell & Moring, LLP
Ivan Waldman & Associates, PC
Law Offices of Mallon A. Snyder, Chtd.
Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd.
Ross, Dixon & Bell, LLP
Victor M. Glasberg & Associates

Why are so many lawyers involved with illegal criminal aliens?  Is it so that they can overthrow the laws of the land from within?  The making of the USA, Canada, and Mexico into one nation state will allow the power brokers to destroy all three countries.  Each country was doing just fine on its own before the signing of legislation which sold the Citizens of each country down the drain.

Breaking the law is not going to fix the problem.  Tossing charity at it won’t fix the problem either. Pointing fingers at the way States choose to govern themselves is NOT going to solve this problem. Throwing out those laws/treaties which caused the problems, NAFTA, CAFTA, etc. WILL!

And while I would love to blame all on the Catholic church, the truth is there are many churches actively involved in the destruction of this country.  Those actively involved in Maryland are:

Archdiocese of Baltimore
Archdiocese of Washington
THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Bethesda Friends Meeting
Caldwell Chapel Community
Colesville Presbyterian Church
Congregation of Our Lady of Pompei Catholic Church
Foundry United Methodist Church
Kehilat Shalom
Kehilat Chadasha
Rockville United Church
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Mid-Atlantic
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

St. Raphael’s Church
St. Rose of Lima Parish
Takoma Park Friends Meeting
Takoma Park Presbyterian Church
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

We wouldn’t be facing police states of emergency if these organizations and church groups weren’t actively breaking the laws of this nation and the nations that criminal illegal aliens come from. Without the rule of law anarchy and chaos reign supreme, which is exactly what those trying to destroy our respective countries want.

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

Arizona is a magnificent State!  We not only provide lip service to law and order, we enforce it.  Imagine that!  A State that actually believes in the Constitution, immigration laws, and the protection of Citizens of this State.  Wow, we really should be hung out to dry for our selfishness!

Arizona didn’t create the federal statutes that we have chosen to enforce.  The united States government did.  That other States and agencies choose to vilify us boggles my brain!   But go ahead, it won’t hurt anyone here in the least.  We know where to go if we want to break the laws and do it with State and Federal sanctions!

Just so we are clear, Arizona is not anti-immigrant.  But if you are going to be here, you need to be here legally.  We don’t care what your race is, what your nationality is, we only care that you are here with the sanction of immigration laws behind you.

And while we’re talking laws let me remind you that Mexico has passed a law that states Spanish is the national language.  Why then is it an act of racism for the USA to do the same?  Reverse logic would mean that Mexico is also racist.

Those of you who decide to boycott Arizona, have at it!  We don’t want anyone here who isn’t a law abiding Citizen.  We don’t need you.  The Grand Canyon will still be here.  The sky will dawn sunny and beautiful for us.  Our budget will get balanced once we stop all the handouts to illegals.  Our schools will improve without the costs of catering to illegal aliens.  It is a darned fine day here as it is!  Feel free to let us enjoy it ourselves!


~ by justmytruth on May 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Those Who Fund Illegal Aliens”

  1. How is Susan Komen funding illegal aliens? Inquring Minds want to know!

  2. Had you clicked on the Donor List you would have seen the Susan G. Komen foundation listed. For more information you will have to contact the foundation itself. Thanks for stopping by.

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