W.H.O. Says 90% Of World Population Is Worthless Eaters

Perfect picture, no worthless eaters around.

Could you be a worthless eater?  According to the elite, 90% of the world’s population are worthless eaters.  We consume resources that cannot be replaced and have no reason for being.  These elite, heads of State, governments, etc. believe that there are too many people in the world.  And they are moving to correct that problem.  More and more vaccines are coming out which sterilize women and cause erectile dysfunction in men.  You won’t believe one of the main players in all this, but it’s true, the World Health Organization, aka WHO, is the front line of defense for the elite.

Watch this short video:

Dr Rima – The Globalist Agenda

A google search for vaccines linked to infertility, another way of saying sterilization, will bring up 1,290,000 articles. I’m not the only one concerned it seems.  In my search for verification I came across some truly interesting information.  My hope is that you will consider it for the sheer weight of information it contains.

According to the u.S. Census Bureau, the current world population stands at about 6,817,859,302.  The elite think this is way too many people and have started to take steps to curb and control the growth of humanity.  And they aren’t messing around.

Vaccines like Guadasil, H1N1, or genetically modified organisms, (GMO or GM), the move to cull the useless eaters is in full swing.

The Goal of Every H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine: Immunotoxicity, Neurotoxicity and Sterility

The public should be demanding that their governments materialize at least one vaccine trial which is randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled that can scientifically validate the assertions of public health officials.

Since the pharmacokinetic properties of vaccines are not studied, vaccine manufacturers cannot deny any of the toxic effects listed below. The reason they never analyze the absorption, distribution, metabolism or excretion of these ingredients is because it would eradicate the vaccine industry. However the individual effects of each ingredient and their toxic effects on cells are well documented.

The site referred to above goes on to list all the vaccines that are causing harm to human beings and why more needs to be done to stop the genocide being practiced by these multi-billion dollar corporations.

The agency pushing vaccines and vaccinations is the World Health Organization.  This is a private corporation, not a publicly owned one where accountability can be forced, it sets * guidelines * that federal and State laws follow.  And I’m not talking about just the united States, but member states, (that erosion of borders for all countries), world round.  This agency receives 2/3s of its funding from Big Pharma.  Big Pharma’s interest is in pushing their products.  And isn’t it wonderful you get to pay for your own sterilization, complications arising from those vaccines, not to mention more prescriptions you will need to sustain you once you have been poisoned.  What a set up huh?  Making you pay and pay again for your own destruction and that of our next generation.

The philosophy of the worthless or useless eaters has evolved.  A detailed explanation comes from the following article:

The Philosophy Of
The ‘Useless Eaters’

By Mike Smith 10 -8 -7

Man has no natural enemies so he breeds uncontrollably. The artificially created, industrialized world has developed to the stage where it can support the meek of society; cripples, chronically sick, blind and deaf people, etc. Further these people are allowed to breed more cripples, chronically sick, blind and deaf “Useless Eaters” who would have died out in a natural environment and because of this situation, the human race is systematically weakened through enlarging numbers of useless eaters across the world. It has therefore become necessary to control the numbers of the so called “useless eaters” in order for the human race to remain strong and survive. It is important to note that one finds “Useless Eaters” amongst all nations. Race and nationality is of little importance here.

To these string pullers, nature must take its course. Human life has very little value. Soldiers who die in war died, because they were too stupid to stay alive. Genocide is a major bonus to them; culling of mass amounts of “useless eaters” who were too stupid to escape and therefore deserved to be killed. Old people on farms in South Africa being violently killed and tortured to death deserved it, because they should have taken steps to safeguard themselves. If they get killed it is because of their own stupidity. In this world there is only space for the strongest and cleverest genes. The useless eaters have to die. That is why they did nothing to stop the six million Jews being killed in WW2. That is why the world did nothing to stop Pol Pot in Cambodia or the genocide in Rwanda. They were all just “useless eaters”.

There are more wars ocuring today than the history of the world has ever known.  The elite may say this is because the world is smaller, but that is just another way for them to justify their desire to depopulate the world.  And isn’t it a funny coincidence that now that there is a world governing body there are so many more conflicts.  Of what use is the U.N.?

Those who are not contributing, have impaired living expectations, or are unable to care for themselves, are talked about in terms of euthanasia.  Words like, it would be a kindness, there is no quality of life expectancy, are used to promote the idea in loved ones gathered around the bed wondering what to do for their loved one.  And it is working.  In some cases I can understand this, when the body is so broken it cannot mend, when there is no sign of brain activity, then those options should be considered.  If life exists only because of machines, then I would say turn them off.  But how do you know the loved one isn’t aware of what is happening to them?

Awake After 20 Years, Sarah Speaks

Sarah Scantlin’s Family Tells Of Her 20-Year Coma

By Tatiana Morales

Since February when she awoke from a coma-like state that had kept her silent and unmoving for 20 years, she has undergone surgery on her long-unused limbs and has had intensive speech therapy to unlock her long-dormant tongue.

Her conversations now reveal that she was aware of many of the things going on around her while she seemed to be in a coma.

The article continues with the doctor telling them he doesn’t think she will be anything but a vegetable the rest of her life.  She had been hit by a teenage drunk driver, flipped into oncoming traffic, and run over by another car across her head.  That sounds pretty final to me.  Yet Sarah not only survived, but is now awake and has memory of what happened to her while she lay unmoving and unconscious.

There was a small study done on euthanizing children.  The study called it

Considerations About Hastening Death Among Parents of Children Who Die of Cancer

Objectives To estimate the frequency of hastening death discussions, describe current parental endorsement of hastening death and intensive symptom management, and explore whether children’s pain influences these views in a sample of parents whose child died of cancer.

Design Cross-sectional survey.

Setting Two tertiary-care US pediatric institutions.

Participants A total of 141 parents of children who died of cancer (response rate, 64%).

The fact that they even did this study is completely disturbing to me.  What is to be gained from this type of study?  To draw up a future plan for the masses?  Create a media spin so eventually people will consider it normal or compassionate to discuss euthanasia of children?  Ya, sounds like party time to me.  Can’t wait to see how they will sell this one as “good for you!”

Even in 1974 Kissinger was talking about the useless eaters and had a plan for genocide.  His plan can be read here: A synopsis of that speech is the following:

Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide

by Joseph Brewda
Dec. 8, 1995

On Dec. 10, 1974, the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger completed a classified 200-page study, “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” The study falsely claimed that population growth in the so-called Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs) was a grave threat to U.S. national security. Adopted as official policy in November 1975 by President Gerald Ford, NSSM 200 outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in those countries through birth control, and also, implicitly, war and famine. Brent Scowcroft, who had by then replaced Kissinger as national security adviser (the same post Scowcroft was to hold in the Bush administration), was put in charge of implementing the plan. CIA Director George Bush was ordered to assist Scowcroft, as were the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, and agriculture.

NSSM 200 similarly concluded that the United States was threatened by population growth in the former colonial sector. It paid special attention to 13 “key countries” in which the United States had a “special political and strategic interest”: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. It claimed that population growth in those states was especially worrisome, since it would quickly increase their relative political, economic, and military strength.

Now we have companies such as Monsanto whose GMO products target both male and female reproductive processes.  The study of only three of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn varieties shows distinct effects on the reproductive abilities of male and female rats.  Rats are often used to gauge the effects of medicines, health and beauty products, creams and lotions on humans.  I’d say Kissinger’s plan was well underway.

The FDA claims that there is no significant difference between GMOs and regular crops, (crops grown the age old way), but the FDA lies.  There is documented proof that the agency lied, and continues to lie, to this very day.

Spilling the Beans: Unintended GMO Health Risks

In 1992, the Food and Drug Administration claimed that they had no information showing that GM foods were substantially different from conventionally grown foods and therefore were safe to eat. But internal memos made public by a lawsuit reveal that their position was staged by political appointees under orders from the White House to promote GMOs. FDA scientists, on the other hand, warned that GMOs can create unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects, including allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems. They urged long term safety studies, but were ignored.[1] The FDA does not require any safety evaluations for GMOs. Instead, biotech companies, who have been found guilty of hiding toxic effects of their chemical products, are now in charge of determining whether their GM foods are safe. (The FDA official in charge of creating this policy was Michael Taylor, Monsanto’s former attorney and later their vice president.)

Although these biotech companies participate in a voluntary consultation process with the FDA, it is a meaningless exercise. The summaries of the superficial research they submit cannot identify most of the health risks of GMOs.[2]

The evidence mounts and it all points to a well laid plan continuing to be pushed forward. That plan is the eventual destruction of the worthless eaters of the world.  Understand that anything you buy with these ingredients, unless bought from a farmer’s market you know and trust, are most likely GMO tainted; soy, corn, canola, and cotton.

A video you will want to watch:

Everything you HAVE TO KNOW
about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

84 minutes


Where you can go for positive information and tips to become GMO free.  GMO free shopping list, etc.

Whether the culling is done through vaccine sterilization, DNA virus contaminated food,  killing off of land or water born life, or by other means, (some add chem trails as part of this), millions are dying as a direct result of the policies put forth by the elite and acted upon by many sources.  It all comes down to who has the money and what it can buy.

A partial list of who makes up WHO, can be found in Wikipedia.  This list is only partial though I think it gives you a good idea of who the partners are and what their agendas may be despite what they say they are about…

Private sector partnerships

* Aeras: Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation
* DNDi: Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative
* FIND: Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics
* IASP: International Association for Suicide Prevention
* IAVI: International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
* IDRI: Infectious Disease Research Institute
* IOWH: Institute for One World Health
* IPM: International Partnership for Microbicides
* MMV: Medicines for Malaria Venture
* MVI: Malaria Vaccine Initiative
* PATH: Program for Appropriate Technology in
* PDVI: Pediatric Dengue Vaccine Initiative
* TB Alliance: Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
* GAVI Alliance: Global alliance for vaccines

GAVI Alliance is also linked to IFFLM, International Finance Facility for Immunization.  Guess who handles the money?  World Bank..  The private sector partnerships of WHO are mostly made up of huge drug corporations like Pfizer.  Most of these agencies specialize in vaccinating women and children.  What do you suppose is in those vaccines?

Do a google search of involuntary sterilizations.  You will find 1,240,000. From Native American women to those deemed “defective” persons, the process continues today.

The place where all of the useless eaters dogma comes from, the basis for the argument to get rid of us all, is that the earth is running out of room and plantable land.  This simply isn’t true.

Eliminate the Useless Eaters

by Paula Demers

Every time I turn around I will hear over the news, or read in the paper of the tremendous over population of our planet. This is very interesting, because if you took the entire population of the world (roughly seven billion people), and stood them side by side in the state of Texas, each person would have 1000 square feet! There are 261,914 square acres in Texas (that figures to seven trillion square feet). So there is enough room just in Texas for every person in this world to get a piece of land 32 ft. X 32 feet! And that’s just Texas! There is no overpopulation problem! This planets just not big enough for the rich and the poor to live together, that’s the real problem!


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