See How They Run!

English: Helmeted young warrior, so-called Ares. Roman copy from a Greek original—this is a plaster replica, the original is now stored in the Museum of the Villa. Canope at the Villa Adriana in Tivoli.

After the unpopular passage of the healthcare bill, (violating the 1st and 5th Amendments), the Democrats are now realizing just how determined the Citizens of this country are at replacing the lot of them.  In an effort to salvage some sort of career, three Democrats have decided that ending the war in Afghanistan is the way to have Americans view them in a better light.  But trash is trash and should be thrown out.  Curiously, while there are tons of articles out there announcing this new bill, the bill itself is not available yet.

Conflict in both Iraq and Afghanistan have never had declarations of war.  These conflicts were, by our very participation, unconstitutional.  All too similar to the undeclared war in Vietnam.  To have Democrats running around now to end these conflicts seems a bit late.  More to save their own asses than any concern for the welfare of the countries in question or our troops.

The Constitution of these united States says that war powers are divided between congress and the POTUS.  Only congress has the authority to declare war.  No POTUS has that authority.  With no declaration of war, no troop deployment is legal.


The Congress shall have Power:

To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

To provide and maintain a Navy;


The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States….

He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur….

In the history of these united States congress has only declared war 5 times.  There should be no need of congress to come up with a bill for the withdrawal of troops in either Iraq or Afghanistan since no declaration of war has ever been issued.  Yes, congress did vote to commit troops and military equipment for both Iraq and Afghanistan, but no declaration of war was EVER issued.  To view all legislation which involves the Defense Department, click HERE:

There is also the question of the legal citizenship status of the acting POTUS.  These united States are currently without a legal commander in chief until such time as Obama proves his eligibility to hold his current office.  Each and every day Citizens of this country are routinely asked to provide this proof, the POTUS is NOT exempt!  He should have been vetted when he decided to run, but never was.  Another failure of congress.  McCain had to, why is Obama exempted?

I’d like to also remind everyone that the conflict in Afghanistan is a NATO coalition driven agenda.  It is a New World Order/Global agenda war against Afghanistan, NOT something this country should be a party to.  NATO demanded this action.  We are NOT the worlds go to guy for warriors.  This is what global governance is all about.  They pull the strings and we jump.  How is that part of our founding father’s vision for this country?  Democrats have long favored continued war on Afghanistan.  So I find it funny that three Democrats are now talking about getting out.

In the 12 hours since the Feingold-McGovern-Jones bill news was released there have been over 23,400 articles and news items written about it. One day later that number has dropped to a mere 13,700.  Censorship?  The parrot media is in full bugle mode, trumpeting from the tops of the mountains this too little, too late, news item.  This is another case of pointing elsewhere so you won’t be paying attention to what they are actually doing.

Jim McGovern is an advocate of gun control.  I suppose it only reasonable to see why he is against the conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Obama’s promises to bring home the troops has been a major disappointment to all the Citizens who voted for him.  I believe that Obama’s original promise to withdraw all troops from Iraq by the end of 2009 was one of the main reasons he was elected.  Now, 15 months later, there are still over 98,000 troops in Iraq.

Some interesting facts about Iraq:

Cost of deploying one U.S. soldier for one year in Iraq – $390,000 (Congressional Research Service)

Lost & Unaccounted for in Iraq – $9 billion of US taxpayers’ money and $549.7 milion in spare parts shipped in 2004 to US contractors. Also, per ABC News, 190,000 guns, including 110,000 AK-47 rifles.

Missing – $1 billion in tractor trailers, tank recovery vehicles, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other equipment and services provided to the Iraqi security forces. (Per CBS News on Dec 6, 2007.)

Mismanaged & Wasted in Iraq – $10 billion, per Feb 2007 Congressional hearings

Could this be one of the sources of guns in the hands of the drug cartels in Mexico?  This seems to match the description of those arms the cartels have gotten a hold of.  Careless of the military to lose so many weapons and other heavy equipment.

One of the things that bothered me most about the troop withdrawal from Iraq was that instead of bringing them home as promised, Obama sent them to Afghanistan. This was NOT what he promised to the Citizens of this country. One thing We the People have gotten the message about is that those running for any office will say what they have to in order to get elected. Once in office, they do what they want to, or what those who own them want them to do. NOT what they promised us!

Still, I cannot find a bill calling for troop withdrawal anywhere.  If it exists, it is in the minds of its creators and not written down on any of the bill tracking services available on the web.  At the moment this is another stunt by Democrats hoping to salvage their careers.  If we elect more of the same come November, then more of the same we will get.

How can a man who creates conflict win a Nobel Peace prize?  A burning question for me.  Is that the irony or ironies or what?  Obama seems to be such a man.  I found an amazing piece about him here:

Obama and the Nobel Prize: When War becomes Peace, When the Lie becomes the Truth

by Michel Chossudovsky

When war becomes peace,

When concepts and realities are turned upside down,

When fiction becomes truth and truth becomes fiction.

When a global military agenda is heralded as a humanitarian endeavor,

When the killing of civilians is upheld as “collateral damage”,

When those who resist the US-NATO led invasion of their homeland are categorized as “insurgents” or “terrorists”.

When preemptive nuclear war is upheld as self defense.

When advanced torture and “interrogation” techniques are routinely used to “protect peacekeeping operations”,

When tactical nuclear weapons are heralded by the Pentagon as “harmless to the surrounding civilian population”

When three quarters of US personal federal income tax revenues are allocated to financing what is euphemistically referred to as “national defense”

When the Commander in Chief of the largest military force on planet earth is presented as a global peace-maker,

When the Lie becomes the Truth.

Obama’s “War Without Borders”

I don’t think I could say anything as eloquent as the above. When truth becomes a lie and a lie the truth, that sums up Obama to me. So, for what was he given a Peace prize when he had accomplished nothing to earn it? According to Reuters:

The Norwegian Nobel Committee praised Obama for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” citing his fledgling push for nuclear disarmament and his outreach to the Muslim world.

I find that absolutely hysterical. Imagine, the worlds most conflict driven man gets the nobel peace prize for diplomacy. It is the biggest joke ever played upon the world. Ask those in Iraq or Afghanistan if they agree. Ask Iran how they feel about this. < shaking my head >  What were they thinking when they awarded the Obaminator this honor?

One of the worst pieces of legislation introduced by a Democrat was S. 773 Cyber Security Act of 2009. The bill, while stalled in committee, contains a mile long list of reasons why there should be rigorous standards set for the internet and  intranets. Why the government should have access to information on the net regardless of any laws prohibiting such. In effect it would give the POTUS power over the internet.  What is free now will be another piece of government intellectual property.

Should it pass, there would be a new government agency created to watch over us. Big brother gets bigger and bigger. Even without the bill our emails, phone calls, regular mail, etc. are monitored, sifted for content, and analyzed. Our 5th Amendment rights have gone out the window and been buried under the mask of national security.

Democrats in Wisconsin want to change the voting rules to make sure illegals are allowed to vote.  Rule changes would include:

  • Populating the official statewide voter registration list with persons who are not registered to vote;
  • Not requiring signatures to confirm voter registration, whereas signatures are required for all registrations under current law;
  • Enabling citizens to obtain and submit an absentee ballot in-person, without needing to certify with a signature or have ballot witnessed, unlike current law.

Democratic legislation which sounds helpful is one that is being written to overturn the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission. In that case the Supreme court never answered the question set before it and decided to make new law with their ruling by overturning precedence, something never before done in our history. Bad supreme court, BAD!  I question how the supreme court could IGNORE the question before it, throw out the trial terms agreed to, and make a ruling based on their, (supreme court justices), desires.  Here is proof:  This excerpt is taken close to the end of the transcript on PBS Bill Moyers Journal.

JOHN ROBERTS:I do think that it is a jolt to the legal system when you overrule a precedent…it is not enough that you may think the prior decision was wrongly decided…the role of the judge is limited; that judge is to decide the cases before them; they’re not to legislate; they’re not to execute the laws.”

BILL MOYERS: Is that what he was doing last week?

MONICA YOUN; Absolutely not. This started out as a case about a very narrow issue. It’s, is this 90 minute infomercial attacking Hillary Clinton, is this a corporate campaign ad or is it not a corporate campaign ad? And what the court did is they said, “Well, you know, we could rule on that question, but instead let’s talk about this entire topic of whether corporate spending in elections should be limited.”

BILL MOYERS: In other words, that question was not in the case, that the judges reached out and brought to the court.

ZEPHYR TEACHOUT: It was not only not in the case, but the parties stipulated that they wouldn’t have to deal with these questions. And the judges reached out. The justices reached out and decided to make this statement of their view of corporate independent expenditures.

The whole court decision should be thrown out as invalid.  The supreme court is trying to give corporations the same rights as people. A corporation is not a person and cannot have rights, not as protected by the Constitution and given to PEOPLE by our Creator.  I don’t think our Creator had corporations in mind when he created people.  Of course, that is only MY opinion.

Democratic Party of the 49th Ward

Be on the look-out for many more bills to be introduced as Democrats fall all over themselves trying to save their careers.

Attorney Generals in 38 States have now filed suits against the healthcare reform bill that the Democratically controlled congress passed. It is hard to get an accurate count with so many articles referencing the original 13 and then individual articles talking about the rest.

First and foremost you have to understand that We the People hold the real power, then comes the individual State, and last comes the federal government.  By mandating to each individual Citizen what they MUST DO, the Constitution, our Creator given Rights, are null and void.  While congress has the right and duty to legislate laws of the land, it doesn’t have the right to tell each individual Citizen that they have to purchase a certain product from a specific vendor.  This is a violation of our right to choose for ourselves.

I want free health care like they have in France, Cuba and Canada, but I will not be forced to BUY it from some government controlled agency and still not get all the care I need.  My eyes are not removable, why is that separated out of this health care bill?  My teeth are not removable from my jaws, so why are they not part of my body and part of healthcare?  The insurance industry wrote the legislation.  Do you seriously believe it is for your good that it be implemented?

Watch the Democrats now.  See how they run.  It should be amusing to see what they come up with to save themselves.

~ by justmytruth on April 17, 2010.

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