Obama’s Outrage A Joke

Few things make me mad besides injustice.  One is being lied to.  Another is being censored. I tried to upload a photo of the obaminator smoking.  I felt it appropriate for this article and it won’t load in the final version of this post.  I can see it but no one else can.  The man has power, I’ll give him that.  And the cowards here at WordPress are pathetic!

Now, all kids lie.  I think it is an unwritten rule in the manual they forget to give you when you bring a child into this world.  But as we grow up most of us, politicians and government agencies excluded, know that telling the truth is a matter of honor.  We learn that honesty IS the best policy.  Not so with our government or their agents.

Our government officials from the top down are broken and corrupt to their cores.  Lying is just the normal state of affairs for them.  I believe the White House has a list of things that they release for public statements depending on what has happened.  It means nothing to any of them and should mean even less to us.

There is disturbing news along the border and, as usual, not a damn thing is being done that would be of any consequence or protection for the Citizens of this country.  Whether it is a single Citizen or law enforcement, people are being murdered by the drug cartels and the border remains open to these criminals.  DHS is less than useless.  The squatter in the White House is window dressing, a pretty puppet to smile vacantly at the public and assure them all is well when it is anything BUT.  It is up to us to act to stop the killings along the border.

Statement by U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Carlos Pascual on the March 13 Killings of U.S. Consulate Staff in Ciudad Juarez

Mexico City, March 14, 2010 –The entire United States Mission in Mexico is shocked and grief-stricken by the horrendous murders of three members of our official family from the U.S. Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez, on March 13. Those slain included an American citizen employee of the Consulate General and her U.S. citizen husband as well as the husband of a Mexican citizen employed there.  Our thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with the families of our fallen colleagues who were gunned down returning to their homes after attending a weekend social event.

But this sort of thing happens every day in Mexico where another corrupt government does nothing to stop these killings. In fact, they don’t even bother to investigate as you will see.  Well armed as the Mexican army is, (thanks to the u.S.), there are rare encounters between the military and the drug cartels. Why? Because as a regular means of exchange, the military knows the cartels will retaliate if the army interferes.

The Obaminator knows this also.  And it is very bad for continued open border policy when Citizens are murdered by marauding bands of illegal alien smugglers and cartel men.  Still, nothing is done about it.  Too bad for the families of those slain, abducted, or missing, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Of course, the fact that a rancher is on his own property, that property being along the border, is just another too bad, so sad.  Release an innocuous statement and move on.  People will forget soon enough.

Meanwhile the government knows damn well that things are getting worse border way. The following article was published in the DHS newswire, a publication by DHS.

Mexico: descent into chaos DHS:

Mexican assassin teams targeting U.S. law enforcement

Published 7 April 2010

Mexico is deteriorating into anarchy, and there is a spill-over effect: DHS issued an alert to law enforcement units in western Texas, warning that Mexican drug cartels — specifically, the Barrio Azteca gang — are now targeting U.S. law enforcement personnel for assassination in retaliation for a recent crackdown on members of the gang; Mexican criminal gangs already routinely kill policemen, judges, and politicians (and their families, too) — often in the most gruesome manner in order to send a message to others — and they have now taken on the Mexican military as well

The steady deterioration of security conditions in Mexico has brought the country to the verge of resembling Columbia in the 1990s: Drug traffickers and criminal organizations in Mexico now have many more men under arms than the combined uniformed forces — police, the military, etc. — of the Mexican government, and the brazenness of these criminal militias has grown apace.

But we wouldn’t want to guard our borders, protect OUR Citizens from these brutal gangs. Hell no, that would impede the horde of illegal aliens flooding into this country from Mexico. We can’t tear the u.S. economy apart if we guard the border. Can’t have global rule if there are borders, can’t destroy this nation with a secure border!

It is becoming more and more common to hear of slayings on the u.S. side of the border attributed to these criminal illegal aliens, gangs, or cartels, who seem to consider the border nothing more than an in-between place.  Who cares if it is crossing into another country?  That’s where the money is. Why should the government care if the parents of a baby are slain right in front of the child and the baby left for…? Babies are born every day, right?  What’s one more dead baby in the grand scheme of things?  And pregnant moms are a dime a dozen, right?   Who will notice one more dead one?

When will enough be enough America?  If the government refuses to do anything about this, then it is up to the Citizens of this country to change things.

  1. Make sure no one currently in office ever gets re-elected.
  2. Man the border ourselves and work to stop the flow of illegal aliens.
  3. Make sure the border patrol knows where you are and what you are covering.  Let’s not have Citizens shot by friendly fire…
  4. Make it clear that what the government won’t do, Citizens WILL.
  5. Amnesty?  NEVER.  No way..
  6. Humanitarian measures like water placed where illegals can get to it?  No more!

Legally we can’t just shoot the bastards.  And although they may be better armed, if they know there are a dozen Citizens armed and waiting to take them down for every 10 feet of area, these cartels may think twice about sending drugs and illegals over the border to face those willing to do what is necessary to protect themselves, their families and their friends..

War isn’t fair, it isn’t nice and we didn’t start it.  These gangs and thugs have said it is open season on any and all who get in their way.  Maybe these united States hasn’t declared war on Mexico, but these gangs have declared war on us.  They have made it crystal clear that they intend to win their war.

Zetas Threatening South Texas Lawmakers

Reported by: Farrah Fazal
Last Update: 4/09 1:53 pm

WESLACO – Several South Texas lawmakers tell CHANNEL 5 NEWS they’ve received threats from Mexican drug cartels.

Our source explains increased law enforcement at the border is making it tougher for the Zetas to preserve their drug and weapons smuggling routes into the United States. They don’t want lawmakers to send National Guard troops to the border. Troops would threaten the Zetas’ operations.

Maybe a few dead politicians is what will be required in order for the incompetent DHS to get off its collective ass and do something constructive. Don’t count on it, not with Janet Napolitano at the helm. Since leaving Arizona she has proven to be the most compliant of yes men, er women…

It certainly doesn’t seem to matter to the current administration that Citizens are dying along the border, even those who try to help the illegal hoard.

Robert Krentz of Arizona Murdered Hours After Confronting Illegal Aliens in Airzona

His final confrontation against the illegal aliens, may have been his last. He was murdered along with his dog just hours after confronting another round of illegal aliens who used his property to cross into the United States.

For years, he had asked for help. Help didn’t come, and it may have cost this American his life.

I’m not one for going to other bloggers for news, but this one has media coverage of the event and is worth watching. If I could have found the coverage listed anywhere else I would have pulled it from another source.  It isn’t that I don’t think bloggers are capable of good articles, just that often they are discounted, don’t provide links to back them up, or just rant.  Google ignores me utterly.  Wonder why???

Tried to find the original server https:/.../103891837/mexico.ciudad.juarez.jpg But the server wasn't found.

Sitting right on the border as it is, Ciudad Juarez is an easy staging point for criminals, illegal aliens, and the drug cartels to move into the States from.  This fact hardly seems to disturb anyone in the Obaminator’s  administration.  The only thing that does seem to disturb them is not getting their way, or bad press.

Robert Krentz was known for helping the criminal illegal aliens that stream across our borders.  While checking water lines he kept for them, he must have crossed paths with some cartel member.  It cost him his life.

Reward Offered for Arrest in Arizona Rancher’s Killing


After Rober Krentz was gunned down while tending to his ranch Saturday morning, police suspect an illegal immigrant is to blame and a $15,000 reward is being offered for information by the Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association leading to an arrest.

Cochise County authorities believe Krentz was killed by an illegal immigrant who then fled to Mexico. Foot tracks were identified and followed approximately 20 miles south to the Mexico border by county, state and federal authorities.

The Obaminator was outraged over the killings of the Embassy personnel, what about this rancher?  What makes the Embassy people more important than this man to his family.  No outrage has been spoken of for this man.  Why not?  Because he is a Citizen and therefore expendable?  War is spilling over into this country from Mexico.  That usually means a declaration of war by congress, but none is forthcoming.

Where is the outrage over all the women and girls from these united States that have gone missing or been found slain in Mexico, Citizens of this country, human beings!  Come on Obama, where is your humanity as the Citizens of this nation die after voting you into office?  Are we not as worthy of aide Haiti?  What do you have to say to these families?  Is this why your bully boys, the FBI, are going after the militia?

American Death toll in Mexico’s drug war surges


The FBI now refuses to estimate the numbers of Americans being kidnapped or murdered in Mexico. These earlier reports were out dated and officials believe the real numbers are much greater. All 30 were Americans just from the San Diego area alone. How many other U.S. citizens are there? No one seems to know for sure. But there are others more from border cities like El Paso.

Carey was alone in a well known downtown Juarez tourist hotel. Two men where seen according to the bell boy forcing Carey from her room and it is believed she was taken to an unknown site where she was brutally beaten and then stabbed 37 times. Her bloody butchered lifeless body was found by police in an abandoned house on the out-shirts of town. Carey’s handbag, possible cell phone and all her personal possessions were found in her room at the hotel and Carey’s family wants to know what other things where found of Carey’s and what happen to them after the Juarez police took them into custody? We have asked the Juarez authorities for an accounting of them and to turn them over to us but so far no luck, according to Carey’s Father Stan McClintock.

The article goes on to say that over 500 women and girls have disappeared from Mexico in recent years. The total death toll in Ciudad Juarez is around 1,500 PER MONTH!  With the refusal of the FBI to state how many are missing, how many are dead but at least found, and how many more are still unaccounted for, the Citizens of this country are in dire peril. There is no cause for this continued treachery on the part of the united States government when war is knocking on our door!  Mexican authorities refuse to cooperate with anyone from these united States whether they are family of victims or authorities here.  Even journalists are ignored and targeted.  So why doesn’t our government want us to know?

Where is Obama’s outrage over the missing, dead, or  those who have disappeared?   Why aren’t there troops along the border protecting us?  What does Mexico have on this pretender president that he won’t express his grief for Americans who have died?  Why do we continue to ship money, train troops, grant them hazmat clothing and weapons and do nothing for our own?  Inquiring minds what to know.

Also according to the article, the local police, El Paso County Sheriff, FBI, DEA, and Homeland Security have all refused to investigate Mr. McClintock’s daughter horrible death or even look into it. You tell me what to think of this. The FBI will go after militia, (the Hutaree),who are working to protect their families and friends, but they refuse to investigate the brutal murder of a U.S. Citizen in another country? Where is the CIA in all of this. Isn’t that THEIR job?

If you don’t feel enough anger over that, then how about this from the article above, that same year…:

Congressman Silvestre Reyes (D-TX), chairman of the influential and powerful House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence which has oversight responsibilities for the Department of Homeland Security, the parent department of ICE, FBI, CIA and others, asked for ICE to help arrange the release of Mexican National Erika Posselt a relative of the congressman’s wife who had been kidnapped for ransom from a business she owns in Mexico.

A congressman can do this for someone not even a Citizen of this country, but refuse to protect ransom, or investigate when Citizens of these united States are kidnapped, murdered, or disappear. Wake up America. See this government for what it truly is.


~ by justmytruth on April 14, 2010.

8 Responses to “Obama’s Outrage A Joke”

  1. “It isn’t that I don’t think bloggers are capable of good articles, just that often they are discounted… …or just rant.” I agree. My first impression of your blog: you do not refer to our president by his name or title. When I see this act of disrespect for him and/or his office, I am inclined to dismiss you and your views as nothing but a rant. Offer your blog some credibility by respecting the president. respectourpresident.org

  2. All he has to do is produce a birth certificate and not some made up photoshop forgery to prove he is eligible for the Office of President. Until he does that I will not acknowledge him as POTUS. He will always be a pretender, squatter, or the Obamination. Every citizen of this country has to produce a BC, driver’s license, etc. to get a job or services of some sort. He continues to refuse to do so. 3 Citizen Grand Juries have found him guilty of treason and other offenses. You may discount this blog all you want to. This is ONLY JustMyTruth, it doesn’t mean it is yours or anyone else. There is a copy of a signed, dated, stamped BC of Obama on the website American Grand Jury which says that Obama was born in Kenya. It traces him to Indonesia, ties him to England. Let him prove his eligibility or get out of the White House.

  3. Obama is the best, simply the best, if you care for people outside of the USA and believe they are people too. We’re proud of him!!!!!

  4. And if I care more for the people of this country? The Obamination is an incompetent leader not to mention ineligible to be POTUS.. Glad you like him but I voted for a Black Citizen of this country who doesn’t need 28 social security numbers to throw people off the trail…

  5. So what you are telling me there is no hope for me to get the government to do anything for my nephews that are currently kidnapped in Mexico. I have been trying to get them to do something for 9 months and I keep looking trying to find a loophole in the laws and how our government works. We have talked to mercenaries and are trying to raise the money to send them into Mexico, we have good reason and evidence of where they are being held. Being forced to be slaves in there illegal activities. You know how hard it is to raise $10,000 these days? And thats only one trip if the mission cannot be completed in one trip then we’re stuck trying to raise enough money for them to go again! If you have any advise please let me know.

  6. I am so sorry your family is suffering so badly. The cost is going to be much higher than just money.

    I only print what I find. I say what I think. But I think when two governments are in bed together, the little people don’t have much hope for getting help.

  7. I bet the Native Americans wish they had better secured the borders when they had the chance.

  8. Yes, I’m sure they have wished that every day since we got here.

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