When Will Obama Come Clean And Answer The Question Of Legal Citizenship?

“Clever liars give details, but the cleverest don't.”

It appears that so many requests are coming in to Hawaii for a copy of Obama’s birth certificate that Hawaii is now considering ignoring them.  Go figure.  Can you guess who is behind all this?  After all, if Obama would just produce the real thing there wouldn’t be a problem, unless that is the problem, that one doesn’t exist and he is really a citizen of some other country.

Hawaii claims that they are tired of responding to questions concerning the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama.  That time and money are being wasted responding to * Birthers * who have no “tangible interest” to start with.  Well I’m not a Birther, nor ever have been, and I want to know if  Barack H. Obama, aka Barry Soretor, is, IN FACT eligible to be President of these united States.  First, I wanted to know what the legal definition of “tangible interest” was.  There is no legal definition for this phrase that I could find under any legal dictionary.  The term “tangible” refers to property.  Since Obama is acting President of this country his records should be open to the public, especially since Hawaii has already released a certificate of live birth.  So Hawaii has no standing with this phrase, but it sounds legal enough.

Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama ‘birthers’

By MARK NIESSE, Associated Press Writer Mark Niesse, Associated Press Writer Wed Mar 17, 2:48 am ET

As the state continues to receive e-mails seeking Obama’s birth certificate, the state House Judiciary Committee heard a bill Tuesday permitting government officials to ignore people who won’t give up.

“Sometimes we may be dealing with a cohort of people who believe lack of evidence is evidence of a conspiracy,” said Lorrin Kim, chief of the Hawaii Department of Health’s Office of Planning, Policy and Program Development.

OK, so the State has decided that it is too much trouble to continue to answer the same people time after time.  But do they really need a law that makes these people “vexatious requesters?”  Especially during a time when they are trying to promote Sunshine Week, a time when news organizations promote open government and freedom of information.  Sounds like they are working against themselves.

Watch this video on the problems with Obama’s certificate of live birth:

The video is only 8:47 seconds long but proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the certificate of live birth supposedly attributed to Barack H. Obama is a forgery; photo shop doctored document.  Obama’s little sister Mia was born in Chacarta Indonesia and also has a certificate of live birth from Hawaii, yet was never born there…

According to the IsraelInsider:

Document forensics expert: Obama “birth certificate” a “horrible forgery”

By Israel Insider staff  July 20, 2008

An expert in electronic document forensics released a detailed report on the purported birth certificate — actually a “Certification of Live Birth” or COLB — claimed as genuine by his campaign. The expert concludes with 100% certainty that it is a crudely forged fake.

The purported birth certificate was published by the left wing Daily Kos blog on June 12 in response to unconfirmed reports that Obama was not in fact born in the United States (Canada and Kenya were suggested as the possible locations of his actual birth). Since he would in that case not be a natural born US citizen (his mother was not present in the US sufficiently long as an adult to pass American citizenship on to him automatically), he would not be eligible to be president. Israel Insider has followed the story in five previous articles and uncovered evidence, most recently, of admitted forgery among Daily Kos bloggers, tolerance of electronic forgeries on the blog site, as well as efforts by a blog administrator to conceal the admission of forgery.

I am not surprised by any of this at all. When speaking of Obama I always state the * acting POTUS * NOT THE POTUS. The actual forensics report can be found HERE: In order to get this analysis done, Techdude had to go through some pretty nasty stuff:

My deepest thanks and appreciation for Techdude’s unwavering commitment to the truth despite the threats and harassment, the slashed tires and the dead animal on his porch.

I thank you too Techdude. Even if the rest of the country aren’t listening, lost in the Kool-aid they have been conditioned to drink.

But back to Hawaii’s bill to make vexatious requesters out of those of us who want to know the truth, and are not satisfied with the Kool-aid, and have never considered ourselves birthers, whatever that is, let’s look at that bill:

SECTION 1.  Chapter 92F, Hawaii Revised Statutes, is amended by adding a new section to part IV to be appropriately designated and to read as follows:

§92F-A Abuse of process. (a) An agency may request that the office of information practices declare that a person is a vexatious requester.


Report Title:

Information Practices; Vexatious Requests


Enacts an abuse of process law for vexatious requesters of public records.  Effective January 1, 2050.  (SD1)

I guess we won’t have to worry about this one too soon huh?  2050?  That’s only 40 years from now.  I guess they need some time to put this one into effect.  Of course, it is all moot when it comes down to the fact that Obama’s COLB is a complete and utter forgery.  The bill was passed on its first reading and you can check its status HERE:

Another interesting read was of a court case filed in Hawaii by Andy Martin. It asks the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals to order the release of Barack Obama’s original, typewritten 1961 birth certificate.  But the court has done back-flips in order NOT to answer.  Gosh, where have we seen this done before?  Could it be the case against David Olofson?  Or maybe the land owner in Tucson Arizona who was sued by 6 illegal criminal aliens who won a monetary settlement even though it is against Arizona State law for any criminal illegal alien to be awarded money damages. Hmmmmmm, we certainly seem to have a trend going here.  When did Judges start creating laws instead of ruling on existing laws?  Read the full suit HERE:

Cover-up after cover-up has been going on.  Just how much longer can this type of clown government go on?  Feds who don’t have to obey federal laws?  Complete known forgeries standing as verified truth?  Does that give WE the People reason not to trust anything or anyone having to do with the federal government?  Ya, that just might be it.

I had to go look up “birthers” because I knew nothing about them.  Somehow the vision in my head of all these pregnant women standing together just didn’t seem right.  According to the website:

OK, I can live with that. I think it is a horrible name but that is just me. I prefer to be known as a “Restore the Republic” kind of gal. Their site has a great list of court cases, updates to those cases and many other interesting facts concerning the Obaminator.  Even if you don’t want to be known as a * birther * it is great information.  I’ll have to go back and look a lot closer at what the court cases contain.  A comment my daughter made though was, “Are there any States that DON’T have a case against Obama?”  Sure does look like a lot of them that’s for sure.  Click Here to see the list.

Oh, and birthers, you aren’t the only one being called a racist for your belief that Obama is in-eligible to be President.  I voted for Cynthia McKinney, a Black woman, and I’m called a racist because I’m also against criminal illegal aliens being given amnesty in this country.  Go figure..

A petition circulating the internet is asking signers to:

Demand the truth by joining the petition campaign to make President Obama reveal his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate!

I know we used to have laws that made public official’s records open to public scrutiny and I kinda doubt that anyone would try to steal Obama’s identity if they viewed his real birth certificate with the Secret Service, FBI, and all those other three letter agencies looking after him.  Therefore the ONLY reason that Obama won’t show the real birth certificate is because it doesn’t exist.  The COLB has been proven a forgery.  Nor have I seen any government agency answer those charges.  That just leaves us with an impostor squatting in the White House.  Your bad Obama.  Lies will only get you so far, then the truth wins out.

The questions that are rising around the Obamanator’s birth certificate are causing States to question their own policies and implement new ones so that this never happens in their State.  WorldNetDaily wrote this article about just this very thing.


Obama’s eligibility becomes war among the states

Lawmakers jump into fray, seek answer to constitutional question

Posted: January 19, 2010 8:20 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

The demand for documentation of Barack Obama’s eligibility to occupy the Oval Office is surging, with lawmakers in several states now working on legislation that could be used to require future presidential candidates to reveal precisely how they are qualified under the U.S. Constitution’s demand for a “natural born citizen.”

WND already has reported on a bill co-sponsored by some three dozen lawmakers in Arizona who want to require candidates not only to submit the information, but state officials to independently verify the accuracy.

Now, why would we need to do that? The criminal illegal alien hoard AND Barack Obama make it impossible to do otherwise.  The article goes on to explore what other States are doing to deal with the problem confronting them.  So how soon do you think Obama will resign?  Do you think he can stay in office and not have to deal with the folly of lying for personal gain, misrepresentation of eligibility to even run for POTUS, media manipulation, etc., etc., etc.  By the time the charges were read Obama would be an old, old man.  And what does that say about his family?  Does Michelle know the truth?  You would think so.  That would make her an accessory to the deceit of a Nation.  I feel sorry for the kids.  They don’t deserved to be dragged through the mud when this whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

Hawaii State law says that a birth certificate can be issued to another under these guidelines;

  1. Family Members
  2. Legal Guardians
  3. Estate Representatives
  4. Court Orders
  5. Other Legal Purposes

However, Citizens of this country are highly concerned as expressed by this person who wrote in to the HonoluluAdvertiser:

Rick Newbold, a defense contractor from North Carolina now working in Iraq, asked the Health Department and the White House for Obama’s birth records, in part, because Newbold believes it’s “hypocritical of the president to proclaim that his administration is transparent when it obviously is not,” he wrote in an e-mail to The Advertiser.

“My interest in discovering and defending the truth about our chief executive is to maintain the integrity of the office of the president and to protect our republic from subversion, especially from foreign powers. America is in decline as a result of the globalist mindset and monied interests who seek to destroy America and integrate it into a global system of governance and taxation.”

This is a sincere request from someone concerned for the welfare of the country, as our federal government should be, as it stands today. How can the government continue to block efforts to answer the simple question of Obama’s eligibility when doing so harms this country and all those who live within her borders?  Added to the rest of what the federal government is trying to do, Obama’s resignation is the only answer.  At this late date even a full disclosure of the facts, the original birth certificate, AND government transparency won’t fix what Obama has broken; the faith of a Nation.

One last item to mention is that if the Hawaiian office of information practices gets a total of about 50 emails or letters per month concerning Obama’s birth certificate, that only equals between one and two per day.  Just how overworked are these people that even two emails/letters per day is too many?  Talk about government sloth!


~ by justmytruth on March 17, 2010.

10 Responses to “When Will Obama Come Clean And Answer The Question Of Legal Citizenship?”

  1. I sent this info to one of the attorneys who has filed suit against obama or what ever his name is. The attorney emailed me back and said he hadn’t heard about this Bill and would look into it.

    Does anyone know the exact name of the author of this Bill?

  2. The bill is numbered S.B. 2937 it can be found under Information Practices; Vexatious Requests Here is the link:


  3. JUSTMYTRUTH said: “Forensic science has proved that the document Obama used to prove he is eligible for POTUS is a forgery. Another Kool-aid drinker for sure.”

    Baloney. Two guys who will not give their names and whose background in forensic science is unknown have said that the document was forged. But no official body said that it was forged. No official or former official said that it was forged. Neither McCain nor Hillary said that it was forged.

    IN CONTRAST, the two top officials of the Department of Health of Hawaii have said twice that the facts on the published document, which is the official birth certificate of the State of Hawaii, have been confirmed by the original document in the files.

  4. Oh, the credentials are known all right. The fact that the guy needs to protect himself from those who beat him up, put a dead animal on his porch, etc., has nothing to do with his wanting to remain anonymous. Techdudes credentials are longer than my arm. Law enforcement all over the world use him to help them in their cases.

    As for the top officials in Hawaii declaring it was a valid document? I’m sure money has nothing to do with that. Why don’t you visit the website where they examined the forged COLB and see why it not only is a forgery, but a lousy one at that.

    Also, remember the Mia, Obama’s sister has a COLB and she was born in Indonesia. How do you explain that one?

  5. You said: “After all, if Obama would just produce the real thing there wouldn’t be a problem..”

    Obama HAS produced the real thing. The Certification of Live Birth, which Obama has posted and shown to Politifact and FactCheck, is the official birth certificate of Hawaii.

    Like many states, Hawaii now releases only the short-form birth certificate, which it calls the Certification of Live Birth (http://www.starbulletin.com/columnists/kokualine/20090606_kokua_line.html). However, this is the official birth certificate of Hawaii, and when it says on it “born in Hawaii,” as Obama’s birth certificate does, it is accepted as proof of birth in the USA by both the US State Department and the branches of the US military. In Obamas’ case, the officials in Hawaii—who happen to be members of a Republican governor’s team—have said twice that the original document, which they said is an original birth certificate, confirms that Obama was born in Hawaii.

    There is no proof or even a credible story that Obama was born anywhere else than Hawaii. Obama’s Kenyan grandmother never said that he was born in Kenya. She said that he was born in Hawaii.

  6. You must be seriously stupid then to not check out all the evidence before you. Forensic science has proved that the document Obama used to prove he is eligible for POTUS is a forgery. Another Kool-aid drinker for sure.

  7. You said: “if Obama would just produce the real thing there wouldn’t be a problem…”

    Obama HAS produced the real thing. The Certification of Live Birth, which he posted and showed to FactCheck and Politifact, is the official birth certificate of Hawaii, and it is the only birth document that Hawaii sends out these days. It no longer sends out copies of the original. However, there was not and is not a way to get a birth certificate from Hawaii that says “born in Hawaii” unless there is proof that the child was born in Hawaii. Obama’s says on it “born in Hawaii,” and the facts on the published document have been confirmed twice by the officials in Hawaii, who are members of a Republican governor’s administration.

  8. Hmmmm, double vision here with the previous comment. Forensic science has proven conclusively that the document Obama has given us is a forgery and not a particularly good one either. Poor, poor puppet of the administration. It is hard to accept that you have been hood-winked by a pro.

  9. In my opinion this is what the small portions of the republican party of “birthers, baggers and blowhards” have brought you. They are good at “Follow the Leader” of their dullard leaders, they listen to Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush and Savage and the rest of the Blowhards. Are you surprise at what they do when you know what they think? The world is complicated and most republicans (Hamiliton, Lincoln, Roosevelt) believe that we should use government a little to increase social mobility, now its about dancing around the claim of government is the problem. Although most republicans are trying to distant themselves from this fringe they have a long way to go. And as they said in WACO “We Ain’t Coming Out”.

  10. Thank you for responding. While I do not know much about the * birthers ,* what they watch on TV, or much else about them, at least they are working towards something they believe in. Very little surprises me any more except the fact that people continue to vote a two party system they KNOW is broken yet refuse to go independent claiming it is wasting a vote. I’d rather *waste* my vote and make a point of speaking my mind than continue to use a system that is lost to greed and corruption. Until We the People band together as a whole and draw a line in the sand for Congress, the POTUS, and all other government officials, we will not get anywhere regardless of what we call ourselves.

    Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time

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