Obamacare Whistleblower Tells Of The Sellout Of Americans

It has come to light how the Obaminator and Congress are selling out American Citizens in favor of Big Pharma and the fiat dollars that PHaRMA throws at them.  We now know why the Obaminator and Congress don’t want to live under the same rules they set for us.  But is this really such a revelation after all we’ve been seeing from this administration and others before it?  Not really.  We expect malfeasance, corruption, greed and avarice to be part of those who supposedly have our interests at heart.  And isn’t that just about the saddest thing you can imagine from those we elect to serve our interests?  Are you awake yet you who voted for this Obamination?  Have the rose colored glasses been lifted from your eyes?  Do you see the real man yet or shall we continue to support this ineligible, corrupt impostor?

Although there are those who are diligently trying to squash the availability of internet data, we are still able to get our information via the web.  There has been much speculation concerning Obama-care.  Most of us are highly suspicious of anything coming out of Washington D.C. anymore.  We are angry, concerned, and skeptical of anything they try to shove down our throats.  They call us names, think to dismiss us, but we are getting through however they may hate to listen.

Consider this latest article from CommonDreams.org:

Whistleblower Reveals How Health Insurers Can Game New Insurance Bill

Though Senate bill cuts ‘pre-existing conditions,’ it still allows insurance companies to create ‘pre-existing’ categories to raise rates

by Brad Jacobson

The Democrats’ healthcare overhaul, billed as a monumental game-changer for Americans’ health insurance coverage, provides numerous loopholes for health insurance companies which will allow them to raise rates to protect profit margins, a health insurance whistleblower says.

Wendell Potter, a twenty-year veteran of the insurance industry and former vice president of communications for Cigna, warns that current healthcare legislation does nothing to prevent the insurance industry from continuing its ongoing practice of increasingly shifting healthcare costs to consumers.

In other words, We the People are being screwed again by those intended to protect us.   The more I read on this the clearer it became that this is just another one of those instances of “same story, different day.”  I tried to view the video that was supposed to show Mr. Potter’s interview, but while the video is there, it s nothing but silence.  That in itself is damning.  I then went to look for the transcript of the testimony.  You can view it either from Bill Moyer’s Journal or click on the following link and get the PDF file.  Click Here for PDF And just in case it disappears online as so much else has you can download your own copy here: PotterTestimonyConsumerHealthInsurance

Testimony of Wendell Potter, Philadelphia, PA Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation
June 24, 2009

Those goals included covering all Americans; eliminating underwriting practices like pre-existing condition exclusions and cherry-picking; the use of community rating; and the creation of a standard benefit plan. Had the industry followed through on its commitment to those goals, I wouldn’t be here today.

Today we are hearing industry executives saying the same things and making the same assurances. This time, though, the industry is bigger, richer and stronger, and it has a much tighter grip on our health care system than ever before. In the 15 years since insurance companies killed the Clinton plan, the industry has consolidated to the point that it is now dominated by a cartel of large for-profit insurers.

And we all know what a cartel is now don’t we? Thugs and thieves. What does that say for those that work for these cartels? What does it say for Congress?  And if they knew this in 2009, why is it still being shoved down our throats today as a good thing?  Because of Wall street, those thugs and layabouts who steal money from us legally.  As with getting rid of the Federal Reserve, we need to get rid of those on Wall Street and the BS they tell us.  None of it is real or worthy of our attention.  Those gambling with the stock market have seen the results of their folly, yet Wall Street is too big to fail…

The irony only gets deeper when  you consider what the healthcare bill is called:

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Can’t you just hear the violins playing in the background, angel’s with wings and harps, benevolence oozing from every aspect of this bill? Oops, sorry, the sarcasm was dripping all over my keyboard!  Consider these benevolent items in the bill:

  1. Like mandatory volunteerism, our government has decided that EVERY Citizen in this country WILL purchase healthcare insurance that won’t be any better than it has been in the past.  The only difference is that now if you decide to opt out you will be fined 2.5% on your payroll by the government. (pg 29 lines 23-25)
  2. If this *insurance* was so good, why isn’t the Obaminator, his family, and ALL of Congress forced to accept it also?
  3. Why is it that a person who can afford a second insurance policy besides Medicade won’t be allowed to purchase it?  How does that serve American Citizens who want more coverage than Obamacare is willing to give? (pg 16 lines 11-20)
  4. At best Obamacare will only cover 70% of PREVENTIVE CARE.  What happens when you get sick?  You pay!
  5. Only acceptable plans will be allowed to insure an individual.  All competition goes away, no more shopping around, price fixing is assured.
  6. While pre-existing conditions will no longer be a reason to be denied coverage, prices will go up to cover the cost to companies and place the burden on the individual once again.  (pg 19 lines 18-25)
  7. Why is it that after the Obamacare goes into effect, Health insurance policy makers won’t be allowed to write any more policies?  How does that benefit We the People?
  8. Why is it that hospitals will now be forced to ask permission of the government to expand beds available for patients?  (pg 317 lines 21-25 and 318 lines 1-3)

An excellent article I found with these issues explained and expanded on can be found at the link just below:

ObamaCare: A Physician’s Point of View On The Negative Ramifications of America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009 21:40

This author has taken great pains to read the document that Congress has decided is a good idea and put it into perspective. The worst part to me though is that in a supposed *Free* society the government can mandate anything at all to We the People instead of being our servants and asking our permission. Oh, that’s right, this isn’t a free country any more.  Why is the media only touting the selling points of Obamacare instead of the reality?  Well, that is a dumb question now isn’t it?  Of course the answer is that the Insurance Cartels are paying them not to.

Now, go to Govtrack and do a search on Healthcare and you will be amazed.  There are 228 bills currently under consideration all having to do with Healthcare.  Healthcare for the elderly, veterans, nurse shortages, drugs, education, and on and on and on…  Next thing you know the government will be in your bedroom watching you have sex and telling you if you are doing it correctly.  Oh, sorry, they can already do that.  Haven’t you had a gut full of the servant telling the master what to do yet?  I’m sure they can, and will,  come up with more for ya real soon.

How much longer will it take before the Citizens of this country realize how broken the two party system is?  When will they wake up to the corruption and greed that rulse those who sit and debate our fates.  I watched a movie on HBO the other night, Dealth on a Factory Farm and all I could think about after it was over was that the government looks at us like that farm looked at the hogs.  We are the pork that those lawmakers live on and our lives are the ones that can and will be tossed aside or extinguished as they desire.  Are we even human to those *on the hill?*

Ask yourself if those in Washington D.C. are doing the best they can or selling us out.  Examine closely if your lives are better or worse than even 10 years ago.  And don’t be giving them the excuses that things change and people change, times have changed.  Because then the only thing I can say is you have bought into your own train wreck of a future and sold your kids down the tubes after you.

Did you read this article?

Internal Memo Confirms Big Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma

A memo obtained by the Huffington Post confirms that the White House and the pharmaceutical lobby secretly agreed to precisely the sort of wide-ranging deal that both parties have been denying over the past week.

The memo, which according to a knowledgeable health care lobbyist was prepared by a person directly involved in the negotiations, lists exactly what the White House gave up, and what it got in return.

How come articles with this information don’t take center stage in the media? Why do the media consistently gloss over all this important information? Because they too are being paid off to keep things quiet. Put it out there but don’t make a big deal out of it. Then it can always be said later that we were told but we did nothing about it.  Nor does congress ever fix the stuff it breaks.  It just says it will some time later…  Been there, done that, got the tee shirt, no thanks!

The only way that Congress and the illegal POTUS are going to listen is vote them out.  No more trusting in their promises.  No more listening to campaign speeches, it is all lies meant to BS you into letting the elite do as they please.  We need to shake them all up and get rid of them.  Vote in your neighbor next door who keeps his word, does what he says he will do.  Anyone with a history, family or otherwise, of politics should be carefully examined before trust is in any way offered.  Better yet, fire the lot and start over.


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