FBI Get’s Their Man, Or Another Screw Up?

Watching KPHO is a formal joke around here.  I say they are nothing but bit line schmucks, spouting whatever the current party line is and trying to make it sound like real news.  After all, who else would call the invasion of a country by criminal illegal aliens nothing but poor people looking to better their lives and cut the crap out of the one Sheriff doing his darnedest to see that the laws aren’t broken by those same criminal elements?  However, when I heard this story last night it made me curious.  Just how accurate is technology and how smart is the FBI?  I have my doubts as to the ability of those in the FBI or any other government agency.

Here is the story:

The “Blue Collar Bandit” (left) from a bank camera; Chris Evans on the right.

Family: Man at work, not robbing banks

  • Reporter: Kim Holland
  • Web Producer: Bill Diven

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – An Albuquerque man remains the FBI’s prime suspect in a series of Phoenix bank robberies despite his claim to an iron-clad and electronic alibi.

The FBI arrested Chris Evans at his Albuquerque home earlier this month calling him the “Blue Collar Bandit” who has held up at least seven banks in Arizona. That bandit terrorized tellers in the late summer pointing guns at them and getting away with a load of loot.

You can watch a short video of the report HERE:

If you believe the latest technology babble you will understand that these hand scanners, (which provide this man’s iron-clad alibi), are infallible.  So why is the FBI so sure they have their man?  Why, because they are the FBI!  Don’t confuse them with the facts now, they have their man!

Hand and optical scanners are supposed to make it impossible to fudge results.  If they are used for an employee to sign in, that employee is supposed to be there with no way for them to fake the results.  Hand scanners use a 3D image of the hand to check for seven different points of comparison.  If the hands don’t match, you don’t get passed the scanner.  Chris Evans’ boss put one of these scanners into his business and during the robberies these scans say Evans was in New Mexico.  Short of donating one of his hands to a bud to get himself logged into the system while robbing a bank, it isn’t possible for him to have been in two places at once.

When I was in junior high I had a doppleganger in the same grade as I was.  We looked so much alike in fact I got slapped by a teacher once for something she had done.  Being yelled at by a teacher calling out someone else’s name and being expected to answer to that other name somehow failed to impress me.  When asked why I hadn’t responded to my name I would inform the teacher that when she or he actually used my correct name I would indeed respond.  Until then they couldn’t call out someone elses’ name and expect me to answer to it.  Is this another of those incidences?  How lucky for the actual bank robber if he can have his crimes pinned on someone else.

Again, let’s not confuse the FBI with the facts here that prove Chris Evans was at work during the robberies!  Let’s ignore the security measures Chris’ boss put into effect to make sure employees weren’t fudging on their time cards.  Let’s just rule out the current technology designed to stop counterfeiting.  Most of all, let’s make sure the wrong guy gets to go to jail because SOMEONE HAS TO!  And it is patently obvious that the FBI hasn’t a clue.

What good is the technology if those in law enforcement can discount it so easily?  What’s the point of having this stuff if it is all BS?  I will admit that the pictures are close, but then, they were designed to be that way.  Two guys smiling may look like identical twins, even if they aren’t.  But I see a thinner face, different nose structure, and other differences between the blue collar bandit and Chris Evans.  Nor can I see teeth or eyebrows in the blue collar bandit which would allow me to better compare to see if they are indeed look-a-likes.

Even dubya felt biometric technology was important enough, and reliable enough, to sign a presidential directive concerning them.  That being the case, why is the FBI arbitrarily ignoring the facts?  See the presidential directive below:

National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD)-59 / Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) – 24, “Biometrics for Identification and Screening to Enhance National Security,” was signed by President Bush on June 5, 2008. This directive establishes a framework to ensure Federal departments and agencies use compatible methods and procedures in the collection, storage, use, analysis, and sharing of biometric and associated biographic and contextual information of individuals in a lawful and appropriate manner, while respecting privacy and other legal rights under United States law. This directive builds upon existing coordination efforts and helps to ensure that high-level plans are implemented throughout government. This directive does not impose requirements on State, local, or tribal authorities, or on the private sector. It also does not provide new Federal authority for collection, retention, or dissemination of information, or for identification and screening activities.

So this writer has to wonder at the FBI thumbing it’s collective nose at the technology.  If it isn’t as secure as the makers of these devices claim them to be, then why would the President want a standard created for them?

Hand Scanner used by Chris Evan's boss

Biometric Hand Scanners work as a means of identification. Hand scanning is gradually replacing photo identification in different aspects of our daily lives. Biometric hand scanners allow pass holders to enter a given secured area more quickly, prevent fraud and eliminate the need to wait in line to get photo IDs taken. There will always be a need to match a person to a pass and this is a new, quicker way to do it.

The process, called biometrics, uses electronic devices to verify identity by recognizing unique characteristics such as fingerprints, hands and the iris of the eye. The technology is used widely in verification systems at airports and security-sensitive facilities.

For more information on this HP2000 click here:

According to the manufacturers this handy, dandy gadget is more useful and more secure than the largest SUV is around a passenger on the road.  The manufacturer’s say you can’t fudge on your time card with this little baby.  And you can’t get your buddy to punch you in either.  And while I cannot find the model above on the FBI’s website for biometrics, they do indeed use the technology.  The FBI uses both single print and ten print/palm devices that it has certified as being up to the task of identifying persons with whom it is  used.   The FBI equipment doesn’t seem to be as useful as the one Chris Evans’ boss installed for his company, but hey, what do I know???

I think it is also very clear to everyone that the FBI, being yet another government agency, uses the equipment from those manufacturers that they make deals with.  It doesn’t mean it is the best equipment, or the most economical, just that this is the stuff they have *deals* for and not that any other equipment isn’t just as good or even better.

I also noted one comment I’d like to include here from the KPHQ article:

I was a police officer for over 14 years and have had hundreds of hours of training in investigations. You, however, dont need police training to see that this is not the same person. Looks to me like the FBI has some major cleaning up to do. Had I ever put together a case such as this, I guarantee no state judge would have ever signed off on a search warrant and I would be looking for a new job for arresting a man with no connection to the crime. A COMPLETE AND THOROUGH investigation should always be completed before arrests are made unless caught in the act. I feel sorry for Evans and his family and I hope the FBI moves at lightning speeds to make things right for this family. Time to step up, FBI, and admit your error and get back out there and get the real suspect!!!!

Except for maybe one or two commentators worried about FBI bashers the consensus of the others is that it is NOT a picture of Chris Evans that the FBI showed around.  If we could all be convicted on the basis of being a look-a-like, we’d all be in trouble I’m guessing.  The world just doesn’t have that many molds available to make distinct and unique faces.  Somewhere there is someone who looks JUST LIKE YOU too.

Most interesting to this writer is the FBI’s description of the Blue Collar Bandit:

The unknown male is described as a Hispanic male, 20 – 30 years, 5’11” to 6’0”, 180 lbs., average build, green plaid long sleeve shirt, beige khaki pants, beige camouflage fishing hat, carrying a silver semi-auto handgun.

I must be blind or something because Chris Evans appears to be a white male to me.  Then there is the fact that Chris Evans has no criminal history.  I realize that times are tough right now, but the guy IS working.  Why would he need to rob a bank?  Are we dealing with the keystone cops here or the FBI?  Someone seems to have really screwed the pooch here.  And I’m quite sure it wasn’t Chris Evans…  So why has the FBI got it out for Evans?  And, funniest part of all is that no mention has been made by the FBI about them having found the clothing this bandito is supposed to have worn for the robberies.  But then if you are going to accuse a guy who doesn’t have those clothes you aren’t going to want to make a big deal of that now are you?

Now, you all may say that Chris Evans worked for a plumbing place and so he could easily have arrived at work, done his time card, and then left to go rob banks all the way over in Phoenix, Arizona then turned around and gone back to work to clock out.  I’d say the work not getting done would be one clue as to why this would be impossible, but again, that’s just me.  I can’t find one good reason why the FBI has decided that Chris Evans is guilty.  It seems to me he is convenient, and a close enough match physically that they can get away with this.  And they will, they are the FBI.  Too bad the rest of us can’t do such shoddy work and call it good, pat ourselves on the back, and be ever so proud of ourselves that we’ve done our jobs.  Oops, my bad, my sarcasm is showing…

And what does Chris Evans’ boss have to say about all this?:

Is NM Man ‘Blue Collar Bandit’?

Several years ago, Crawford installed a $10,000 hand-recognition machine to make sure employees were honest on their time cards. Each employee has his or her own code and has to be identified by his or her individual handprint before the machine, which reads 95 different points on a person’s palm, will clock them in.

The records don’t lie,” Crawford said. “He was here.”

McKinney agreed.

The FBI has these records.  They were turned over when Chris Evans was arrested.  So, with an iron tight alibi, why is the FBI so single-mindedly pursuing Chris?  Only the FBI can say for sure and they aren’t talking.  And just how will the FBI admit to accusing the wrong person?  I’ve never heard of that, have you?  Just another instance where the FBI is flat out wrong, as with going after Sheriff Arpaio, and they will never man up and admit it.  Perhaps Chris Evans will get lucky and the real punk will be dumb enough to get himself caught, but right now that guy is laughing his assets off at the FBI.  And frankly he should too.  It is a sad testamount to the times that the FBI has faked their own case with the wrong man.


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