Media Freak Out Over Lou Dobbs Coverage Of Obama

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.  U.S. Constitution Article II

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States. U.S. Constitution Article II

Talk about media idiots!  I’ve just read a few articles where Media Matters is freaking out because CNN’s Lou Dobbs actually mentions what so many others refuse to, that Obama’s certificate of live birth may not be worth anything legally and makes Obama  ineligible to be the President.  Seems the media  feels they have some right to censor Mr. Dobbs because he is actually covering what these cowards refuse to.  Wow!  Actual mainstream media coverage of a story that simply won’t die, imagine that!!!

Obama, (AKA Barry Soetoro), could have laid this all to rest 2 years ago but has flatly refused to do so.   When you consider Obama has spent close to $1 million dollars to fight showing 1 document, it rather makes you wonder what it is he has to hide???  In fact, many lawsuits are pending which, if the suits win, would force Obama to produce a real birth certificate and PROVE once and for all that he IS eligible to be POTUS.  <sarc> Can you imagine, wanting verification that Obama is eligible to be POTUS???  </sarc> < rolls eyes here >  Lame stream media is going from bad to worse with its *I don’t want to know don’t tell me* favoritism towards Obama.  And I guess $1 million dollars is cheaper than facing the ramifications of not being able to prove he is a legal citizen of this country…

The issue is that Lou Dobbs had a very small section of his  program cover Obama’s certificate of live birth.  This is NOT a birth certificate; it contains no hospital information nor doctor’s signature as a REAL birth certificate would.  And, the law in Hawaii states that if a baby is born to a citizen of Hawaii they may apply for a certificate of live birth whether or not the baby was born in Hawaii, (see below article).  Here is what Lou Dobbs said:

DOBBS: Another issue, and that is the birth certificate. This thing is, you know, I don’t know about you, I’m getting calls now. Often. And I’m not talking about (INAUDIBLE). We saw Mike Castle, Congressman Castle in Delaware. I mean he had a meeting, Don, actually — that became the focus, the president’s birth certificate.

There are those who claim that he was born, Don, in a different country. I — you know, the president, obviously, all he has to do is just produce the original birth certificate in Hawaii and be done with it.

What are your listeners saying about this? Or are they dismissing it?

Don GIORDANO from WPHT: No, they’re not dismissing it, Lou, in fact, we’re the kind of the capital city of the birthers. The guy named Phil Berg who is a personal friend.

DOBBS: Right.

GIORDANO: And I’ve had on over the years. My son even worked for him. He’s the leading figure in this. I happen to think this is the fault of the Obama administration not producing the original records. This would’ve gone away. Now you have all these people that are grabbing on to this and maybe not surprisingly in the age that we live in, Lou, with conspiracies, et cetera, this has legs.

DOBBS: Yes, this — Guy?

GUY LAMBERT, WHFS IN WASHINGTON: Well, Lou, I also have to agree. You know the president, all he’s actually produced thus far is a certificate of live birth, big difference from a birth certificate. Certificate of live birth typically states the city you were born in and the time you were born in.

Anyone, pretty much anyone, can obtain a certificate of live birth. You know why not produce the birth certificate? Hank, if it were me, not only would I produce a birth certificate, I’d show my bingo card, as well. But whatever it takes…

DOBBS: We had people, including reporters from the “L.A. Times,” calling up because I referred to this.


DOBBS: You know, and I mean, instead of calling the White House to ask why they didn’t do it, they’re calling me to ask why I said I don’t know what the reality is. No one does.

BROWNE: But let me tell you, as a psychologist, you know what I’d do? I’d say look, I’m the president, I don’t have to do it and at some point I would show it up and say see you guys are just after…

DOBBS: Yes. Are you sure that would be the psychology of a president or some autocrat in a distant country?


DOBBS: As I last remember, this is a democratic republic and the people are to be respected as well citizens and…

BROWNE: But I don’t know that the public is asking for it. I think.

DOBBS: Oh, you don’t? Well, I do.

GIORDANO: Wait a minute, Joy…

DOBBS: You just heard all of your colleagues here say that they’re listeners are.

Joy, thank you very much. Guy, thank you. Don, thank you.

LAMBERT: Always a pleasure.

And that was the extent of it.  Short, no finger pointing, just a mention of it and what listeners, (Citizens of this Democratic Republic), have to say.  It isn’t that Lou Dobbs made the accusation that Obama’s certificate of live birth wasn’t valid, oh no, he only brought on his show people who were interested in the subject and acknowledged that it was around. He makes no claims and doesn’t seek to disparage Obama.  All Lou Dobbs mentions is that this is an issue that just won’t die!  Then I found this previous mention of Obama’s birth on CNN’s Lou Dobbs:

CNN’s LOU DOBBS: The new questions are raised about the president’s eligibility to be president. THE Latest from U.S. army reserve major Stefan Cook who refused deployment to Afghanistan, proclaimed his orders were illegal because President Obama wasn’t born in United States which makes him ineligible to be president and commander in chief. The major’s orders for deployment to Afghanistan were rescinded. An army spokeswoman told us the major volunteered to go to Afghanistan and could rescind his request at any time up to his deployment. This is what the army said. Based on the fact that he no longer wished to serve on active duty and at the request of central command his orders were revoked on July 14.

Now the major’s attorney is challenging the legitimacy of the Obama presidency in court. She joins a lawsuit by former presidential candidate Alan Keys who wants documentary proof the president was born in the United States. President Obama was born in Hawaii according to state officials and copies of his certification of birth,, investigating those circumstances prior to the election and they have a copy of what they say is the original birth certificate posted on their website. It is in fact the so-called short form, not the original document. It is really a document saying that the state of Hawaii has the real document in its possession. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in May said Hawaii provided a copy of the birth certificate with the state seal that’s posted on the internet.

Documentary proof need to run by office, by the way, varies from state to state. The Federal Election Commission, you may be surprised to learn, does not require any kind of certification or proof of citizenship in running for president. They leave that to the state. And in the state of Illinois, for example, where President Obama first ran for office, proof of citizenship is not required prior to the state legislature or to run for congress or for the United States senate.

As you can see CNN’s Lou Dobbs is only stating the facts as brought to him. He never makes any judgments or speculations and points to places like Dobbs isn’t accusing Obama of anything or even stating that he believes there might be a problem.  What is Media Matters problem? And why is it that Media Matters  seems to think it is a CNN problem and that Lou Dobbs should be *dealt with* for even mentioning it???  Both CommonDreams. org and ran the following for Media Matters, a hard left-wing supporter of Obama.  When you view what was said on Lou Dobbs’ show and then read these outrageous headlines, they look positively pompous and I’m surprised that both CommonDreams and Alternet ran the articles.  Perhaps I’ll have to rethink using these as article sources of information.

Dobbs vs. CNN: How Will Network Solve Serious Problem With Its Premier Host?


Dobbs has repeatedly claimed on both his television and radio shows that President Obama has failed to address the claims of “birther” conspiracy theorists. He has said that Obama needs to “produce a birth certificate” and that the birth certificate the president posted online more than a year ago has “some issues.”

However, several of Dobbs’ CNN colleagues have distanced themselves from these claims:

Oh really? I can count two mentions. How is that repeatedly?  Me thinks they doth protest too much, huh Luigi? Nay, say it isn’t so! Nor is it just *birthers* that have issues wanting this resolved.  Why is it so impossible for Obama to just produce what is asked for and be done with it???  That lame-stream media should actually DARE to mention Obama’s troublesome birth origins??? And what makes Obama’s background sacrosanct? He’s a public figure after all and therefore is open to critique or questions which should be answered forthrightly if there  is nothing to hide!  Media Matters sure does love to exaggerate!

Then we have the article:

CNN’s Lou Dobbs Damage Control

Posted by Steve Benen, Washington Monthly at 10:16 AM on July 23, 2009.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs has, by all appearances, gone mad. He now questions the citizenship status of the president on a daily basis, and tells his audience that he’s a victim of a “liberal media” conspiracy.

CNN has taken to debunking its own host over and over again.

In the wake of Lou Dobbs’ repeated claims on the July 15 edition of his radio show that President Obama needs to “produce a birth certificate” and that Obama’s birth certificate posted online has “some issues,” several of Dobbs’ CNN colleagues as well as other members of the media have debunked Obama birth certificate theories, often ridiculing those who embrace such theories as “nut jobs” who advance “ludicrous” claims that are “more conspiratorial than factual.” Indeed, according to the Los Angeles Times, CNN distanced itself from Dobbs’ comments. Reporter James Rainey wrote: “[O]ne CNN employee reminded me several times that Dobbs’ most pointed assertions were made on his radio program, which is unconnected to CNN.”

Now, I haven’t heard the Lou Dobbs radio show.  I can’t seem to get it up on my computer.  But talk about theatrical headlines! Hysteria!  The moaning and gnashing of teeth!  Sheesh, can it get any more horrific than these headlines when the actual truth is so far beneath this? Plaaaaleze! Where does Obama get off on being the only public official with a license to privacy? It doesn’t work that way and the fact that there is so much pressure to keep this silent and off the media channels makes me think there is good reason for investigation. Something on the order of the Bush administration’s war crimes and torture ya know???  Again, both of these articles came from the Media Matters site which is KNOWN for cherry picking their facts. I wouldn’t trust anything they said or showed me unless also supported by indisputable proof.

In searching for the laws concerning a Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth, I came across this:

Original Birth Certificate on File – Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth But Born in South Korea to Korean Nationals

David Serchuk,

Your article seems to be more about “debunking” the charge that and are in Obama’s pocket and that Berg is an idiot (your implication, not your words) than about Obama not disclosing his vault birth certificate. Based on them “asserting the validity” of what was provided by the Obama campaign, their credibility is severely lacking. A Certificate Of Live Birth proves nothing.

The article should be focused on the 16 or so lawsuits in addition to Berg’s that are in progress in various states – AND WHY OBAMA DOESN’T PUT THIS TO REST BY JUST PRODUCING HIS ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

What Fukino’s press release says is they have Obama’s “original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.” It says nothing about him being born in Hawaii.

If my daughter was running for President, they could say the exact same thing. My daughter was adopted in Hawaii, her original birth certificate is on file and she has a Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth – but she was born in South Korea to Korean nationals.

Not sure when this article was written so you may not have known about the lawsuit from Leo Donofrio (Donofrio vs Wells) that is currently in the US Supreme Court. If it was written today 11/21/08 (or yesterday) and you didn’t mention THIS case, it just goes to demonstrate another case of journalistic malpractice.

So all this sort of throws a whammy into the Obaminator’s claim of *citizenship* don’t you think? If it is that easy to get a certificate of live birth without being born in these united States, surely there was no obstacle for Obama…

WikiAnswers had this information about the whole affair:

Q:Is a certification of live birth the same thing as a birth certificate in Hawaii?

Answer: They are two different documents.

A “Certification of Live Birth” is a short form birth certificate. The information included in the document may differ from state to state. A “Certification of Live Birth” from Hawaii will include the name and sex of the person, date of birth, hour of birth, island of birth, county of birth, mother’s maiden name, mother’s race, father’s name, father’s race, date accepted by registrar, a certificate number and seal. The seal may be different depending on the year it was printed.

A Birth Certificate, or “Certificate of Live Birth,” is the long form birth certificate and contains more detailed information, including signatures of doctor(s), witnesses, vital statistics (length and weight), etc.

According to the Department of Hawaiian Homelands:

“In order to process your application (to verify that you are a genuine native Hawaiian), DHHL utilizes information that is found only on the original Certificate of Live Birth, which is either black or green. This is a more complete record of your birth than the Certification of Live Birth (a computer-generated printout). Submitting the original Certificate of Live Birth will save you time and money since the computer-generated Certification requires additional verification by DHHL.”

Per Hawaiian law, Statue 338.13, any certified copies of the original document can serve the same purpose as the original document.

“(b) Copies of the contents of any certificate on file in the department, certified by the department shall be considered for all purposes the same as the original, subject to the requirements of sections 338-16, 338-17, and 338-18.”

Usually the certification is stamped and signed on the lower reverse side of the document and says “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of the record on file in the Hawaii State Department of Health.”

There were also three links posted which I’ll add here: And HERE: And HERE: All the above information can be found in these links.

So, the conclusion I come to is that Obama should put up or shut up.  Spending 1 million dollars to quash all questions concerning this information is not helping his case.  With 16 or more lawsuits against him pending concerning his birth and proving he is eligable to be POTUS, don’t you think it is about time that he answered the questions seriously and just gave us the information sought after???  It seems to me it is those who don’t want the boat rocked that need to wake up and smell the coffee instead of censoring legitimate questions.  Don’t like it?  Tough.

Articles of interest about lawsuits:


So, remember two things; First, if you have something to hide it will cost you at least $1 Million Dollars, (Who knows where that is coming from…)  Second: They used to say in America that pigs would fly before we elected a Black man to the office of the presidency.  Then we elected Obama and got swine flu…


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