The Sustainability Hoax, International Fraud

What is good for the money men is not good for these united States.  Just My Truth

What is good for the money men is not good for these united States. Just My Truth

I came across this article by Tom DeWeese.  He is one of my heroes because he tells the truth even if the rest of the world doesn’t want to hear it.  He lectures about the evils of the United Nations and their attempt to promote fraud upon the People of these united States.  If we do not make our views clear, if we do not shout from the rooftops that we will NOT obey this fraud, our leaders will cuddle up to these bad men and sign us all up for the fast train to Auschwitz.

I’ll include the post here so all can read. BTW, GHG, (in case you don’t understand it), means Green House Gasses:

Open Letter to the City of Spokane

By Edwin X. Berry, PhD

We are partying on the train to Auschwitz

Spokane signed on to the United Nations ICLEI Climate Protection Campaign in 2001. Since then, the city has spent money, resources and time attempting to comply with the requirements of ICLEI. The rationale for the program was to comply with the United Nations sponsored Kyoto Protocol to reduce GHG emissions.

The basis for the rationale is the United Nations Summary Reports for Policymakers of several years. The City of Spokane assumed that the United Nations IPCC made truthful statements about the effects of GHG emissions and especially carbon dioxide emissions on the earth’s climate.

We now know without a shadow of doubt that the UN IPCC lied and is still lying about the effects of our carbon dioxide and other GHG emissions on climate.

Most blatantly, the IPCC represented to the City a chart of the supposed carbon dioxide content of our atmosphere for the last 10,000 years.

This chart claims carbon dioxide concentration was below about 280 ppm until present times and suggests that only recently have human emissions caused the carbon dioxide concentration to increase dramatically to the present 385 ppm.

The IPCC further claims our emissions, if not curtailed, will cause carbon dioxide concentration to continue to increase with the result being a significant increase in global temperature.

These IPCC claims are lies and a fraud.

The truth shows that the City has been subject to this fraud of the highest order. This fraud has causing significant damage and harm to the citizens of Spokane and if continued, it will cause very serious damage. Indeed, it is the opinion of this writer that the City has a legal basis for a cause of action against those who have perpetuated this fraud.

To respond to the carbon dioxide claim, true scientific data show that we had higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in 1820 and 1940 than we do now.

True atmospheric science shows that we had periods in the last 10,000 years when carbon dioxide was much higher than shown on the IPCC ICLEI chart. True atmospheric science shows that ocean temperatures, not human emissions, control our earth’s carbon dioxide concentrations. True atmospheric science shows that carbon dioxide has negligible effect on climate, does not drive climate but only piggybacks on natural climate change.

Prior to the promotion of the global warming fraud, the UN IPCC had access to scientific information that disproved its hypothesis that human carbon dioxide causes significant global warming.

Nevertheless, the UN IPCC produced Summary Reports for Policymakers that ignored and contradicted the input of scientists. The IPCC claimed to have a “consensus” of scientists on its side when it did not and does not.

Participating scientists who were betrayed by the UN IPCC Summary Reports wrote an Open Letter to the IPCC which states the scientific truth.

Here is a summary of the 2007 Open Letter signed by 101 scientists:

1- UN IPCC reports do not represent the input, views or consensus of scientists.
2- Changes in glaciers, sea-level, species, etc., are not evidence of abnormal climate change.
3- Climate models cannot predict climate (even IPCC reps agree).
4- Significant peer-reviewed research has discredited the global warming hypothesis.
5- We need more low-cost, reliable energy to adapt to natural climate change.
6- There is no scientific basis to cut CO2 emissions.
7- It is not shown that CO2 alters climate.
8- It is not possible to stop climate change.
9- The “precautionary principal” is irrational.
10- Reducing CO2 emissions is a tragic misallocation of resources.
11- Reducing CO2 emissions will decrease our ability to adapt to climate change.
12- Reducing CO2 emissions will increase human suffering.

Here are the 2009 conclusions of the Japanese Science Society:

1- The earth warming is not due to CO2.
2- Solar activity drives global temperatures.
3- The 1500-year solar cycle is confirmed.
4- The Pacific Decadal Oscillation, not CO2, drives temperatures.
5- We are now entering 20-30 years of cooling.
6- The IPCC global warming hypothesis is invalid.

The UN IPCC, ICLEI and all supporting groups like the Sierra Club, knowingly and purposely perpetuated a fraud upon the citizens of the City of Spokane. Their purpose is their own political agenda.

This sustainability proposal, and its companion proposals in some 400 cities across America, is but a small step to brainwash Americans into believing they must give up their abundant energy sources in order to save the planet. This is an evil delusion.

Once these small steps are locked in, the agenda of our enemies will continue with the help of our laws, some lawyers, our brainwashed citizens and our elected politicians.

This agenda, my dear friends, is nothing less than to dramatically reduce the standard of living of America and turn America into a third world country. The seemingly nice, feely-goody sustainability proposals are evil steps leading America to self-imposed destruction.

Here are some of the invalid assumptions built in to the sustainability proposal.

1- natural is optimal (natural is not defined)
2- climate is fragile
3- climate change can be mitigated
4- our carbon dioxide emissions change our climate
5- carbon dioxide is bad and dirty
6- oil is bad
7- oil is going to disappear soon (peak oil)
8- green is good
9- green jobs are good
10- alternative energy is good
11- wind energy is good
12- by omission, nuclear is bad
13- packing people in a city is good
14- living outside a city is bad
15- energy costs are world controlled
16- we cannot produce cheap, reliable energy in America

These assumptions are not supported by science or technology. These assumptions are brainwashing.
Sustainability is built on a foundation of sand. It consists not of truth but of feelings.

Sustainability is a religion. Governmental enforcement of a religion is against the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Sustainability forces decisions to be made on unfounded criteria. It forces decisions to favor more costly alternatives. In the end it will help destroy our economy.

The false assumptions in the sustainability proposal are used to support the following scientifically false and economically costly conclusions:

1- emphasize renewable energy
2- replace hydrocarbon fuels with ethanol, even though it emits more CO2 than using hydrocarbon fuels and it increases food costs
3- promote and track carbon sequestration
4- make it expensive for people to outside a city
5- the energy saving value of packing people in a city trumps the personal desire to live outside a city
6- incentivize green jobs and green businesses
7- reduce city’s oil consumption and GHG emissions
8- reduce vehicle size
9- use electric vehicles
10- reporting systems and bureaucracies to monitor GHGs
11- hire sustainability officers
12- coordinate sustainability efforts
13- align efforts with federal efforts
14- create a culture of sustainability

All of the above are costs that can be eliminated from government. They should be eliminated because they waste voters money.

Damages from the fraud include all the direct costs to implement the ICLEI GHG agenda.

It is time to stop jumping on the U.N. bandwagon and fight for our country and our freedoms. We cannot allow those now in power to think they can perpetrate fraud upon the American Peoples and get away with it.  Write your Congressman or woman and tell them to stop the fraud.  Contact your city leaders and tell them to STOP THE FRAUD! The American people are not cattle to be hearded into cities and penned.  Our national parks and recreation areas are not for sale to foreign governments.  The Citizens of this country make the rules, not those we elect.  Make your voices heard before it is too late.


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