KPHO Broadcasts Designed To Overthrow Law And Order

“Fish die when they are out of water, and people die without law and order.”  The Talmud

“Fish die when they are out of water, and people die without law and order.” The Talmud

It is just sickening what these broadcast stations are doing.  The deliberate choosing of articles designed to overthrow law and order and make you feel sorry for the criminal illegal aliens that are over-running this country makes me ill.  Article after article are spewed across the news designed with one thing in mind, tear down our borders.  What they don’t dwell on is the fact that these articles are designed to make law and order a thing of the past.  What if we were to feel sorry for EVERY criminal, not just the illegal criminal aliens?  How about murderers?  They only pick on the weak leaving the strong in society to survive.  Isn’t that a positive thing?  I’m sure they are just misunderstood.  How about the sexual pervert?  Don’t they only prey on children and old people?  Poor pervert!  Let’s send him/her to therapy, not prison!  Gosh, that’s too harsh don’t you think? < Rolls eyes here >  While we are at it, let’s just throw out law and order all together.  After all, it would eliminate the need for lawyers, judges, prisons, and jails.  See how much money we’d save?  Isn’t that what we are talking about here?

The latest article KPHO did which just pissed me off was this one:

Girl: Parents Arrested In Arpaio’s Raid
Jennifer Parks
Reporter, UPDATED: 1:50 pm MST June 18, 2009

PHOENIX — She’s only 9 years old, but Katherine Figueroa is learning a lot about county politics and immigration laws.

Figueroa’s parents, Sandra and Carlos, both worked at the car wash about 11 years. Prosecutors charged them with using false identification.

The pathetic video can be found here: You can hear how she is being coached in her plea to Obama. Makes me want to puke.

What is glossed over is the fact that the parents had false ID. That means STOLEN IDs in case you can’t quite wrap your brains around it after watching that noxious video. Which in turn means that two American Citizens out there had their Identities stolen and this couple used them for 11 years!  The girl cries for Obama to help them.  There is an easy solution, send her back with her parents to Mexico. You can tell she is an anchor baby simply because the parents didn’t do what most Hispanic families do and have a dozen kids more.

For 11 years this couple broke our immigration laws. So let’s throw away the immigration laws, hell, let’s throw away all laws, especially those that don’t suit us or that we don’t agree with.  It would be all those smoking bans for me.  For over 240 years our laws have worked for us, now suddenly there are huge corporations which want cheap labor and wish these laws on immigration to be overthrown and they are going to make it happen.  Forget about the murders, rapists, and drugs that come across the border.  Just think about this poor pathetic child in distress!

Now, you may think me heartless for not feeling for this child but I actually do feel for her.  However, her parents made choices that have led directly to this conclusion, no one else did, so why should I be made to feel guilty if I don’t burst into tears over this story?  The parents knew that if they were ever caught they would be deported.  They made this choice with full knowledge of the consequences for them AND THEIR CHILD! End of story.  To throw a crying child into it just shows how low these special interest groups and news media will stoop to.  Anything to make a story sell!

And then KPHO ran this story although I missed it and assume it was glossed over:

DPS: Suspects Made 60+ Fake IDs

UPDATED: 10:48 am MST June 18, 2009

PHOENIX — A two-week investigation led to the arrest of two people and the seizure of more than 60 fraudulent identification cards, authorities said.

According to a news release from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Arizona Fraudulent Identification Task Force served a search warrant at a Glendale home Tuesday and discovered a woman making fake ID cards inside.

Agents seized a laptop computer, a printer/scanner, ID card printers, more than 500 pieces of blank laminate, 200 sheets of card stock used for Social Security cards and $400 in cash, as well as false ID cards for Arizona, Tennessee, California and foreign governments, DPS said.

Where do you think these fake ID’s were headed people? Do you think they were being made to hang on a wall? Perhaps as decoration for Halloween? Come on and wake up! They were going to be used to help criminal illegal aliens obtain work here in the U.S.A, work that AMERICAN CITIZENS NEED!  These IDs, if good enough, would have allowed criminal illegal aliens to obtain work and housing and medical aid until they got on their feet.  It would have allowed them to file for Social Security benefits without ever having had to work within this country.

Arizona is being overrun by the criminal illegal element.  They are taking American jobs in a time when we cannot afford to lose even one.  According to Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Unemployment (Household Survey Data)

The number of unemployed persons increased by 787,000 to 14.5 million in May, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.4 percent. Since the start of the recession in December 2007, the number of unemployed persons has risen by 7.0 million, and the unemployment rate has grown by 4.5 percent-
age points. (See table A-1.)

Unemployment rates rose in May for adult men (9.8 percent), adult women (7.5 percent), whites (8.6 percent), and Hispanics (12.7 percent). The jobless rates for teenagers (22.7 percent) and blacks (14.9 percent) were little changed over the month. The unemployment rate for Asians was 6.7 percent in May, not seasonally adjusted, up from 3.8 percent a year earlier. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

That is a lot of Americans out of work!  And those figures don’t include June data.  I hear daily on the news that another company is shutting down operations here in America.  Boeing, thanking the Citizens for standing up for them, is terminating 10,000 jobs.  We’ll remember you Boeing, oh yes we will.  Boeing’s problem is that they outsourced a new project and it is now 2 years behind scheduled release.  They abandoned America.  Anyone who now asks me to support Boeing will find me deaf to their pleas for help and support!  But Boeing isn’t this articles target…

Instead, KPHO is on the rampage against the ONE MAN who actually fights for Arizonans and American Citizens and their jobs!  With articles designed to discredit and anger people, push their emotion buttons, and promote lawlessness, they run these terrible stories about our Sheriff Joe Arpaio!  Of course, Joe Arpaio isn’t bowing to corporate greed and he doesn’t support those who do, like Mayor Phil Gordon.  He works for We The People!  You can tell that Phil Gordon is a brown nose with it stuck so far up the corporate butt that it is a wonder the man can breath!

Gordon To Arpaio: Denounce Nazis

UPDATED: 8:25 am MST June 11, 2009

PHOENIX — Mayor Phil Gordon used the U.S. Holocaust Museum shooting in the nation’s capital to criticize Sheriff Joe Arpaio for what the mayor characterized as Arpaio’s “associations” with neo-Nazis.

“I’m calling upon the sheriff of Maricopa County to denounce the neo-Nazis and the Nazi’s today,” Gordon said at a news briefing on Wednesday.

This is totally inflammatory and a defamation of character! Were I Sheriff Arpaio I think I’d sue the pants off this cowardly mayor. And while you can access a video there that states “I don’t support Neo-Nazis” it just shows the slander for which Gordon is so famous. This mayor needs to be removed and someone who cares about American Citizens put in his place! Shame, Shame on you filthy criminal loving mayor, who is the true promoter of criminal activity.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio stands calm and serene though.  He doesn’t stoop to the gutter level the mayor holds to.

Arpaio said he was saddened by the mayor’s remarks.

“I don’t support any neo-Nazi or racist organization,” Arpaio said at a late-afternoon news briefing. “That’s a pretty low blow that he did to me.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks to any and all who wish to speak with him.  Just because a person is affiliated with a group and Sheriff Joe speaks to him, it doesn’t mean that the Sheriff is a sympathizer or a follower. That would be like saying that someone who is married to, or knows, a murderer supported those deeds.  That is patently UNTRUE!  This NewTimes article is slanted and left of left wing! You can hear the sneer in the writers words. He takes the fervor of the interviewee and places it in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s back, like the Sheriff asked for it instead of placing it on the back of the interviewee, *Vandal*. The character assignation of Sheriff Joe Arpio by this supposed journalist is pathetic!  Just another example of journalists trying to overthrow the laws of this land!   It certainly doesn’t stop with journalists though.

It used to be that if you promoted illegal activity you were arrested for conspiracy.  What has happened to those days?  Why is the promotion of criminal illegal migration to be approved of when we arrest drug smugglers?  What is the difference?  An illegal activity is still an illegal activity, I don’t care how it pulls at the heart-strings!!!

You will not find a single article about Sheriff Joe Arpaio of a flattering nature on KPHO’s biased, and criminal activity promoting, station!  Not ONE!  Can there be any more positive proof that KPHO doesn’t report news but instead promotes the views of the network who owns them?  What of the law abiding citizen?  Where is there sympathy for the plight of American families whose identifications and lives are stolen by these criminal illegal aliens?  How about the jobs lost to these criminals by the businesses that hire them?  What of the American Children who are becoming homeless because of the criminal element who have stolen American jobs?  Where is the sympathy for these children, these parents, their lives?

Justice in America is in the toilet too.  Even the Justices of courts are now giving criminal illegals a free pass.  This flies in the face of our laws and they are the ones who are supposed to be upholding them.  How do we hold these Justices accountable for THEIR criminal decisions?

AP:Judge: Immigrants’ rights violated in Conn. raids

By DAVE COLLINS – Jun 8, 2009

Immigration Judge Michael Straus, in decisions last week, said the ICE agents went into the immigrants’ homes without warrants, probable cause or their consent, and he put a stop to deportation proceedings against the four defendants, whose names were not released. ICE officials claim all four are from Mexico, but all four cited their Fifth Amendment rights in refusing to say what country they are from.

Two of the four immigrants lived in one home, and two lived in a second home. They said in affidavits that agents barged into both homes after residents had opened their doors only a little. The agents went into both homes looking for specific illegal immigrants on a “target list,” who weren’t found, court documents say.

EVERY TIME police respond they barge in. This investigation started a year before these people were arrested.  And what rights should criminal illegal aliens have in this country? They are here illegally, breaking the law by stepping foot inside the USA. What kind of moronic judge violates the laws of this country and gets away with it? Why isn’t he disbarred? Why isn’t there a way to hold these judges accountable?  This judge is going out of his way to help the mayor of this city break U.S. laws.  Why aren’t they behind bars themselves?  And there is NOTHING we can do about it?  Has this country degenerated so much that this is tolerated now?

If it is ok to break one law, why not all of them?  I seriously want to know.  How about if I go rob a bank and I’ll use the setting free of these criminal illegal aliens as my defense?  Do you think for a second that the judge would go for that?  Why not?  If we allow criminals to be freed for breaking our laws, if it doesn’t matter that they steal our ID’s, live in our country illegally, use our services, buy houses and cars and clothing and food while breaking the laws, why can’t I rob a bank and get the money I need to live a better life on?  Someone please explain the difference to me.

getoutofjailcc2When is enough, enough?  When will the agendas of the huge corporations with self interest be exposed for their illegal deeds in bringing in these criminal illegal aliens so they won’t have to pay a living wage to REAL American Citizens?

I have become numb to the bombardment of *poor pity the pathetic illegal*, they are only trying to make a living…  Well guess what?  So are the rest of us.  A choice is made when these criminals come here and break the sanctity and Sovereignty of this country.  Let them deal with the consequences of that action/choice.  I read recently where the women coming here from Mexico start to take birth control pills months in advance so that they don’t get pregnant from the rapes they will endure to get here.  Now that is some choice, don’t you think? It seems to me that this goes hand in hand with them willing to lose their children in order to break our immigration laws and come here illegally.

Do not tell me, as a Citizen of this country and of the State of Arizona that *I* have to obey the laws and then let these criminals off.  Either we enforce all the laws or none of them.

I support Sheriff Joe Arpaio 100% because he supports ME!


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