Rebuttal For Amanda

Our Nation's immigration laws are disrespected both by those who cross our borders illegally and by the businesses that hire those illegal immigrants. Steve Israel

Our Nation's immigration laws are disrespected both by those who cross our borders illegally and by the businesses that hire those illegal immigrants. Steve Israel

Someone named Amanda sent me a reply to my post on Rights For Illegal Criminal Aliens.   I didn’t ignore your comments, but it will take some time to reply.  Here is a post just for that reply.  I’ll back my post up with facts and figures as needed.  I want Amanda to know where I’m coming from and why I feel the way I do.  Amanda, please know that I took comments to heart and that I’ve devoted this article to answering you.

Amanda said:”It would seem that you perhaps are not aware of many things that this country stands for. First of all, there is no reason for an immigrant, legal or illegal, to learn English.

This is true, however, there is no law in any country that speaks a common language that demands ALL speak that language. It is, however, common courtesy to speak the language of the land you move to. This is just one of the ways a person proves their loyalty and desire to be a good Citizen.  No other country on this Earth is expected to conform to those that immigrate, legally or ILLEGALLY, to its shores. Why is it that America and Americans must do so? And while America does have a federal law on the books making it so that English is the “sole legal authority” for the business of the federal government, and declares that no person has a right to require officials of the United States government to use a language other than English; we DO provide translators and signs/paperwork in various languages out of courtesy.  What other country does that? If I went to Mexico do you suppose that the Mexican government would provide me with a translator for all my needs simply because I can’t be bothered to learn that country’s language?

Amanda said: “I understand if everyone spoke the same language the world would be much easier, however there is no official language of the United States of America. If you do not like to hear others speaking foreign languages, I suggest that you purchase Rosetta Stone and begin learning.”

Actually Amanda, I speak 4 languages.  Some with better fluency than others, but I can understand most of what is said. I speak German, Greek, English and I’m learning Spanish.  And we aren’t talking about the rest of the world, we are talking about this ONE country, the United States of America.    How many languages do you speak? My mother immigrated legally to this country from Switzerland when she was 19.   She learned English and she spoke 5 other languages fluently.  And why is it that these Mexicans expect us to speak and provide Spanish translations when they do not do the same in Mexico or any other country for that matter??? Why is it all right for Americans to bend over backwards but not for other countries? Why should I spend money for a language course just to make some people (Illegal or legal), feel at home? IN MY OWN COUNTRY This is MY HOME!

Amanda said, “Second of all, nobody has the right to silence.”

We all have a right to silence and to BE silent. This statement is either a misspeak or you didn’t read what I wrote correctly.  The right to silence can keep you from self incrimination…

Amanda said, “I would like to see what you would do if your country had rejected you and forced your family into poverty and the only way out was to do anything to find a job.”

Actually Amanda, I do know exactly how this feels. You see, I’m a smoker and so is my roommate and daughter. We are now a 3rd class Citizen of this country I so love, taxed near to breaking, and not working. My daughter has been looking for a job for the past year. My family DOES live in poverty right now. There are over 14.5 million Americans out of work right now, today the totals are even higher. So explain to me why I should support an illegal criminal alien’s desire to work in this country today. More importantly, why should I give a damn about them?

Amanda said: “And when you work harder, longer and faster to support the needs of a greedy U.S. citizen just to be abused, criticized and hated, would you sit by and take it?”

Here you show your true colors Amanda, your hatred for Americans. You want me to welcome you with open arms while you feel this way about me and my country? Greedy Americans who are being taxed to death so that these criminal illegals can abuse our services? Free breakfast and lunch for their school kids, free emergency room care, (forcing the closure of hospitals because these criminals don’t pay their bills), while American Citizens cannot afford the same, free housing, free food stamps, free health care, (again something most Americans who fall through the cracks can’t get but illegals can!), that comes along with all your anchor babies! Do NOT go there with me or any other tax-paying Citizen of this country and call us greedy! If criminal illegals weren’t greedy they would stay in their own country and work the lands there or make their own business opportunities. No, it is the criminal illegals that are the freeloaders, the greedy, in this country.

Amanda said,”Thirdly, the Mexican government hardly will change the country because a of the living conditions of a poor civilian. A good model of this is the U.S. Republican party, perhaps you know a thing or two about that.”

Americans fought and died for freedom from a tyrannical government.  We understand what it takes to be free.  While you wave your Mexican flags, some even above the American flag, in this country to signify your loyalty to Mexico, (which makes no sense to me if Mexico forced you out), you turn around and announce that Mexico doesn’t care about its poor so you will come here and create the same conditions you left behind. Criminal Illegals bring diseases and poverty with them. They trash American soil and neighborhoods without regard for the country they intend to live in. They disrespect our laws from day one of their illegal entrance and through selfish interests and greed. They desire for themselves what their country won’t provide them with. Why don’t Mexican Citizens rise up and fight for their needs?  Change is painful but it won’t happen if you abandon your country.

As for the Republican party, we have two parties in this country, both broken. One is extreme in that it over indulges the * entitlements *, (Democrats), and the other one taketh away, (Republicans). We the People would be better served if these two parties found a middle ground and stayed there. Most importantly we need to make sure we aren’t burdening the taxpayer with supporting people who do not belong in this country!

Amanda said, “Immigration procedures are not getting any easier, in fact they are getting more difficult. This I know because even to marry the man I love I must wait up to 10 years, and even then who knows if they will allow him in.”

Amanda, either you are NOT a citizen of this country or you don’t know how to look things up on the web. I found this with the search: U.S. Citizens marry Immigrant. This was what I found when I clicked on the top search result:

Each year, over 400,000 citizens of the United States marry foreign-born persons and petition for them to obtain permanent residence in the U.S. Spouses of U.S. citizens are considered “immediate relatives” under the immigration laws, and are exempt from all numerical quota limitations. In other words, marriage to a U.S. citizen is the fast lane to a green card.

Alternately, marriage to a permanent resident is very problematical and often results in the recently-married spouses living apart for many years. A legislative solution to this problem is required.

It is also possible for a U.S. citizen to obtain a temporary visa for a fiancee and get married once he or she arrives in the U.S.

Procedurally, the process works like this. The U.S. citizen must submit a visa petition (form I-130) to the National Benefits Center in Chicago to prove that the marriage is bona fide, that is, entered into for love rather than simply for the foreign-born spouse to obtain a green card. Attached to the visa petition are the following items: (1) Biographical forms (forms G-325A) for both the husband and the wife with photos attached; (2) Proof of the citizenship status of the petitioner. This can take the form of a U.S. Passport, a Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship or a certified copy of the citizen’s birth certificate; (3) A certified copy of the marriage certificate; (4) Certified copies of the documents that terminated any previous marriages of the husband or wife, including final divorce decrees, and certificates of annulment or death.

Simultaneously, the foreign-born spouse, assuming he or she entered the U.S. lawfully, should submit an application for adjustment of status (form I-485) which is an application for a green card. Items which generally accompany form I-485 include green card photographs, an affidavit of support from the spouse, an application for employment authorization, an application for a travel permit (known in USCIS jargon as “advanced parole”) – assuming the non-citizen spouse has not be present in the U.S. unlawfully for 180 days or more – and numerous other USCIS forms.

And don’t forget the USCIS filing fees.

The USCIS will accept the applications, cash your check, and schedule an interview somewhere between six months and 12 months. If the wait for the interview exceeds 90 days, chances are that the work card and the travel permit will be issued. We list the USCIS waiting times for all 60+ District Offices.

Do you truly expect me to believe that you have done all of the above and they told you it was a 10 year wait? Does your love have a criminal record that would make it hard for him to join you here? If you expect me be concerned about this then you will be disappointed.  According to the above information your * love * would have to be a criminal to be excluded.

Amanda said, “Part of being a person with a valid point of view is to appreciate and understand the other side of the argument. This is a concept you seem to have failed to understand.”

And where is that carved in stone? This is my view of the world here on my blog. What part of *My Blog* makes you think I should, or have to be, impartial? And why should your opinion of my writings in any way invalidate my own? LOL!  If you don’t like that point of view NO ONE says you must read my stuff. Trust me on that one! I’ve also considered both sides of this issue and decided this is the side of the fence I want to be on. My choice, my blog, my writings. There is no failure to comprehend, there is simply a decided-upon view.

Amanda said, “This is the Untied States of America, the world’s melting pot. Please, ask your ancestors why they immigrated to the United States, I am sure they will tell you many of the same reasons a immigrant today comes here. Without them you would not exist or have the freedoms you have. Thank and immigrant for having the courage to better their world.

Oh, I know my history Amanda! My father’s family came from England. I’ve already said how my mother got here. She ate one meal a day for 5 years in order to save up the money she needed to pay the fees. Then she got herself a sponsor and a job and never once lived off welfare or any other entitlement program. They both worked hard and learned and worked harder and they instilled this work ethic in me. I am proud of my heritage. When my mother got here she only spoke two words of English, but she learned. She moved up the corporate ladder into one of the biggest firms in this country. How many Mexicans learn the English language? I’m forced to see Spanish signs everywhere because of people who refuse to learn English. And do not even try to tell me that it is impossible to learn English! My mother didn’t whine and moan because things were hard, she simply dug in and WORKED at it all the time. Nor was she forced to give up her heritage to do so. I cook like a Swiss, from scratch and a lot of my traditions were handed down by her. No excuse! Legal immigration is one thing, these criminals that come here illegally do not deserve sympathy or pity. They deserve to be deported back to Mexico. I don’t care what Mexico does with them.

Amanda said, “The money an immigrant sends back to their country stimulates the economy, which brings it out of poverty. God help your family if the United States ever falls into the same situation and is forced to immigrate.”

Why should I care about another countries economy? How is that helping these united States? This is NOT a reason to throw away the borders and allow free access to any and all people from other countries! Do you truly believe this is a valid argument? Geesh, no wonder America is becoming a third world nation! We have intelligent people like you thinking and talking! America is being destroyed by EXACTLY this type of mentality! If Americans stood up for America the way they do for criminal illegals we’d be a strong nation again!  According to this site: Mexicans have sent home more than $275,904,000,000 since the beginning of this year. The amount is steadily growing. This is just to Mexico, there is another number for other Latin American countries.

Amanda said, “I truly hope you stay. And please remember, immigrants are not only from Mexico. In fact, in many cases Mexicans do not make up the highest percentage of illegal immigrants.

Why would I leave? This is the country I was born into. This is MY Country and I love it dearly. Just because the going gets rough doesn’t mean I’d abandon it like the Mexicans do Mexico.  But I hate to see how it is being destroyed by the Mexican hoard streaming across our borders. According to The American Resistance:

Proportion of illegals from countries other than Mexico

Of course, not all illegal aliens come from Mexico. In 1997, the illegal alien population was 54 percent Mexican.24 The illegal alien population is currently 70 percent Mexican, with 30 percent coming from other countries.   Latin America, including Mexico, is the source of 90 percent of illegal aliens entering into the United States.   A 2004 Fox News article stated that “it is not just Mexicans who are flooding into our border states anymore. Along with the Nicaraguans, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, and Chileans, agents of the Border Patrol now encounter Chinese, Pakistanis, and Indians. Nationals of countries other than Mexico are known, in Border Patrol parlance, as ‘OTMs'” – Other Than Mexicans.

Please state where your facts came from because they directly contradict those of DHS, the above site, and many others. Mexico is the number 1 country from which illegal criminal aliens come from. And it isn’t because these Mexicans don’t have jobs either, they do in many cases.

Do you realize that Illegal Immigrant is an oxymoron? In case you don’t know what that means it means putting together two words that are directly opposed.  You can find examples here: An immigrant is someone who comes to a country by means of legally entry. To come here illegally makes them a criminal. You cannot be a criminal and immigrate to this country.

Let’s look at Mexico’s requirements for Immigration:

Mexico has a single, streamlined law that ensures that foreign visitors and immigrants are:

* in the country legally;
* have the means to sustain themselves economically;
* not destined to be burdens on society;
* of economic and social benefit to society;
* of good character and have no criminal records; and
* contributors to the general well-being of the nation.

The law also ensures that:

* immigration authorities have a record of each foreign visitor;
* foreign visitors do not violate their visa status;
* foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics;
* foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported;
* foreign visitors violating the terms of their entry are imprisoned or deported;
* those who aid in illegal immigration will be sent to prison.

No illegal criminal alien entering this country from Mexico deserves to be treated differently than the country they come from treats their foreign visitors. Think on that Amanda.

Amanda’s full message can be found here: Amanda


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