The Sky Is Falling Or Holocaust Museum Shooting

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.  Barbara Ehrenreich

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots. Barbara Ehrenreich

I’ve been taking time off this last month to just relax and take it easy.  It was time to enjoy the coming of summer here in Arizona and lounge by the pool.  But yesterday’s media blitz got to me.  One man goes ballistic with the pressures of the economy, exorbitant taxes, bailouts, and unemployment and the media goes mad with excitement.  Good God, it must have been a slow day for such an outrageous media to plaster our screens with non-news.  You would think that the man blew up a building and killed dozens instead of killing just one man.  Now I’m sorry about the man who died.  I feel terrible for his family and friends and their grief, I truly do.  I don’t think anyone deserves to go out that way.  It is so sudden and final.  But neither do I think that the whole world needs to feed off it like sharks in bloody water.  The feeding frenzy that went on was truly awesome.  And why is it that it is ALWAYS about fear mongering?  CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s Lou Dobbs, CNN’s Campbell Brown, NBC, Fox, MSNBC, CBS local news too, all were part of the mass hysteria of the day.  I’m sure the list of channels that carried the story are endless, so this is all I will link to here.  Video coverage of the day can be found HERE: Top left of the screen, click on the Video tab.

It felt rather like Chicken Little running around telling us the sky was falling without ever looking up to see if it was true.  Speculation was rampant.  We went from possible ties to extremist groups to absolute certainty that the speculation was true.  To me it was one man on a rant to the world about his views.  It had nothing to do with the rest of us, most especially the white race,  and everything to do with the killer’s anger at the world for wrongs he perceived.  And why is it that being proud of being a white person is now considered to be a hate group?  Black pride isn’t.  Asian pride isn’t.  Nor is Hispanic pride.  Just us whites.  Shame on the media and especially on the Souther Poverty Law Center.  Just who put them in charge of listing hate groups?  I really want to know cuz as far as I am concerned it is only their opinion.  And we all know the definition of opinions, they are like assholes, everyone has one…

WWII veteran James Wenneker von Brunn

WWII veteran James Wenneker von Brunn

In article after article that I read about this incident James Wenneker von Brunn worked alone.  And while the FBI is scouring his past and internet records, there are NO proven ties to ANY White Supremacist or Neo-Nazi groups listed.  It is all total speculation, fear mongering and media frenzy making a story juicier.  These media blizters are the ones who should be arrested for grandstanding!  For making up shit and spewing it as fact.  SHAME ON THE MEDIA!

According to The Chicago Tribune:

FBI officials said that all indications suggested that Von Brunn had acted alone, but they continued to investigate that question.

“The preliminary indication is that this incident involved a lone suspect,” said Joseph Persichini Jr., head of the FBI’s Washington field office. Other authorities said that they had no indications in advance that the museum, which is affiliated with the U.S. government, might be targeted.

Townsend said that “if it does turn out that [Von Brunn] is a lone wolf, those are the most difficult to pick up because there is no indication or warning that they will go from saying hateful things to doing hateful things.”

Nowhere in the article is it listed that James Wenneker von Brunn has ties to ANY hate groups. The man was consumed with his own hate, isn’t that enough?  But that doesn’t make all whites haters or racists or accomplices.  But the media sure made it sound that way.  Tie that to the anti-gun drive by Obama and you start to understand just why this was such a delicacy for the media.

Being a veteran of war, ANY war, can leave a man with psychological problems/trauma/disorders such as PTSD, (Post Traumatice Stress Disorder).  WWII was about Germans and Jews.  The Holocaust was real for him.  It has stayed with him.  I’m not excusing him, but it seems to me that the man has mental problems.  There has NEVER been any mental therapy given to these war veterans as it didn’t exist in their time.  I think it is safe to assume that von Brunn needed therapy and never got it.  He does have a criminal history which should have alerted authorities that he needed help.  Instead, he was jail or imprisoned and ignored, listed as a crazy white guy no doubt.  You can read about his criminal history HERE:

Also on that page are a few of the good things von Bunn did such as:

During WWII he served as PT-Boat captain, Lt. USNR, receiving a Commendation and four battle stars. For twenty years he was an advertising executive and film-producer in New York City. He is a member of Mensa, the high-IQ society.

Understanding can only come if we know the whole person, not just the sensationalism that gives the media such a feeding frenzy!  von Brunn is listed as working for the Institute for Historical Review which, according to SPL is on the hate-group watchers list because they talk about the hype that is made of the holocaust.  The Institute for Historical Review do not deny that the holocaust happened, just that the media hype over it is above and beyond what is seemly.   I fail to see how that makes them a hate group.  But perhaps it is because I see things logically and don’t do the knee-jerk reactions that those who are emotion driven do just to see their names in the papers or media blitz of the day.  < rolling eyes here >

And I have to tell you that if expressing our rights to free speech puts us on a hate-crimes list, so be it.  I can’t stand the criminal illegal aliens that are streaming across our borders, ruining the American Lifestyle with cheap labor, trashing our American lands, invading our States, bringing with them crime and disease and we won’t even go into the resources that tax payers pay for them with emergency room usage, food stamps, and housing, or the school resources such as free breakfast and lunch.  Does that make me a hate-crimes advocate?  No because I would feel the same way about any ethnic race that came into this country illegally and I don’t care what the color of their skin is.  It isn’t my fault these criminal illegals have brown skin.  Nor do I advocate violence against these criminals.  I just want my country to uphold the laws of this land and deport them.  If Mexico can ship out 12-20 million criminals to our country, how come we can’t ship them back???  Lazy, greedy  government/corporations is why.  If Mexicans want change they need to start with THEIR country, not expect ME to change MINE! That is what Americans did.  We fought for our country.  We didn’t abandon it when the going got rough!  These spineless Mexicans don’t deserve amnesty for the way they act.  And don’t ask me to feel sorry for them either!

One site links von Brunn to white supremacists groups, another to Neo-Nazi.  They are linking him to just about any and every group out there just because his views reflect, or are similar to, those of these groups.  And while the media would love for you to feel horror and fear at the act of ONE MAN, the way they say it implies all whites are in on it.  It is truly pathetic how the media makes shit up and calls it fact.

And of course, they all had to link this to the White House, like von Brunn was going there next or had a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding!  OMG!  The media is just amazing.  There is simply NO WAY that security at the White House would have allowed von Brunn to get to the White House.  Here is CNN’s Lou Dobbs opening remarks for his show last night:

LOU DOBBS, CNN ANCHOR: Thank you, Wolf. Tonight, a deadly shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. A private security guard, Stephen Tyrone Johns killed. Two other security guards returned fire against the gunman. That gunman critically wounded. The suspect is James von Brunn. He is 88-years- old. He lives in Maryland. Law enforcement describe him as a white supremacist. Von Brunn spent time in federal prison on attempted kidnapping, assault and firearms charges. The museum just blocks from the White House was full at the time of that shooting. Victims were rushed to the nearby trauma center at George Washington University Hospital.

In my mind it is the two other guards, not mentioned by name at all, that are the heroes of the day.  These men risked life and limb by engaging von Brunn in a gun fight.  But no mention of their bravery has been made.  How sad is that?  Don’t these men deserve recognition for their brave actions?  They were the ones who told the people to get down and get out.  Why no mention of them at all except in passing.  It is almost as though they weren’t there at all, that they didn’t engage von Brunn and stop the violence that was in their faces, or save the lives of those in the museum.  Doesn’t anyone else find that just a bit strange?  Why is the dead guy who never had a chance to pull his gun the hero?

Witness after witness was interviewed after that. All were traumatized, as is normal for such a situation, and all had an opinion on what happened and why.  But unless von Brunn wakes up and talks, we’ll never know why he did what he did, if he was mentally stable, or if, indeed, he has ties to ANY of the groups he is supposed to be linked to.  On the other hand, Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns is being herolded as a hero who died in the line of duty.  I’m not sure where the hero part comes in, not that I want to disparage his memory, but don’t you have to do something to be a hero?  He was shot and killed without ever drawing his weapon, that’s all.

According to the WashingtonPost:

Details of the shooting remained sketchy last night, but apparently the 39-year-old, who was armed with a .38-caliber revolver, did not have time to react when James W. von Brunn walked into the museum, according to police sources.

“Immediately upon entering the front doors of the museum, he raised the rifle and started shooting,” D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said of von Brunn, 88, adding that he “was engaged by security guards, and there was an exchange of gunfire.”

The closest I could get to finding out what the job requirements were for being a security guard at the museum was this page: There was no information there though.

In this image provided by the U.S. Holocaust Museum, museum guard Stephen T. Johns, is seen. Johns was killed Wednesday, June 10, 2009, in Washington, when an elderly gunman opened fire at the museum. (AP Photo/U.S. Holocaust Museum) (AP)

In this image provided by the U.S. Holocaust Museum, museum guard Stephen T. Johns, is seen. Johns was killed Wednesday, June 10, 2009, in Washington, when an elderly gunman opened fire at the museum. (AP Photo/U.S. Holocaust Museum) (AP)

I wanted to see if part of the job description was that you might get shot while on duty or if that was just understood.  You can find out about the company, Wackenhut Corporation, which is the firm that Stephen Tyrone Johns actually worked for, here:

And as I’m looking for more information on Mr. Johns, I come across absolute bullshit sites hailing him as a selfless hero for defending people when he never even had a chance to pull his gunTwo sites feeding off eachother make you wonder if they are the same person under different blogs.  Neither quotes their sources or at least links to them.  Pathetic!  Mr. Johns was dead before seconds had passed.  It was the other guards there that brought down von Brunn and saved the people at the museum.  Get your facts straight guys or don’t write your articles. Mr. Johns was an unfortunate victim of a horrific crime, not a hero.  Those are the facts whether people like them or not.

I tell you the media circling this situation makes it clear that journalists can say what they please and copy and paste articles without regard to the facts.  Mr. Johns’ probably died without even realizing what was happening.  This is not to say that the man wasn’t a warm and loving individual who cared about those he worked with, and for, only that the facts are the facts, regardless of the hype and blather the media spews forth.

I’m sure all will mourn the passing of this “gentle giant”.  And the world certainly doesn’t have enough of these wonderful people.  It brings to mind what Billy Joel said, “Only the good die young.” Again, I feel so bad for Mr. Johns family and friends.  His loss is a great one I am sure.

In the end we will probably never know why James Wenneker von Brunn went to the Holocaust Museum and opened fire.  He was critically injured in the gun fight he started.  Some articles state he was shot in the head.  Chances are good he’ll die and justice will be served.  The loss of Mr. Johns is a great one though.  He cannot be replaced and his family and friends will greive.  Why an 88 year old man would go on a rampage only he knows for sure.  It is very sad that some only see violence as a remedy for things they don’t agree with.


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