Research Silenced, Academia To Blame

Censorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself.  It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.  Potter Stewart

Censorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime. Potter Stewart

Lately the loss of freedom of speech is felt most keenly in the area of academics.  Whether it is scientists or researchers, the fact is that censorship is becoming more the norm than the exception.  What is happening to academia?  What are they so afraid of that they have to silence, censor, and  squash the freedom of speech this country was founded on?

If I was a student now, I’d quite. To hell with paying the extortionist fees charged by these institutions.  Who wants to be a cookie-cutter doll they turn out?  What happened to thinking outside the box?   It has become clear that thinking is not required, and in fact, is discouraged in higher learning institutions.  Were I a student, I’d refuse to pay for what is NOT an education.  How do these institutions get away with this type of censorship and who is behind it?  Even students are now censored in what they can and cannot learn or view.  Something unheard of for my generation.  Read HERE: Another HERE: And HERE: The list goes on and on.  Do your own google search of students being censored.  My results brought up 1,180,000 results…

When I first heard of this story all I could think of was that the department of Commerce got a hold of this and threatened this group if it wasn’t removed.  How dare academia succumb to pressure?  What has them so afraid?  Just what is the skeleton in the closet that allows special interest to subsume education?  Isn’t the right to a good education part of our national heritage?  I guess not.  According to what is happening, I’d quit school now because it is no longer OK to think, to research, or to publish your works.  I feel for the researchers who wrote this article.  I would quit working for these fools that seek to silence their work and publish it on my own for all to read and let the masses decide.

I heard it first on the Lou Dobbs show and by that time the report had disappeared.

DOBBS: This broadcast has reported literally for years on the problems and the abuses with the H-1B visa program, that’s the federal government program that allows tens of thousands of foreign workers into this country each year. The H-1B program benefits corporate America at — without question at the expense of middle class jobs. Tonight a new study from two respected universities confirms what we have been reporting here, that the H-1B visa program not only cost American jobs, but it depresses American wages as well. Bill Tucker joins me now and has the story for us — Bill.

BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Lou, there’s a hitch to this report tonight. That report is no longer available online. All that is left is the abstract. The researchers declined our interview request, but a copy of the draft report obtained by LOU DOBBS TONIGHT, the researchers found that the use of H-1B visa workers decreases the wages of computer programmers, system analysts and software engineers by up to six percent.

Offshore outsourcing decreases the wages of I.T. workers and managers by two to three percent. The study is a joint project between New York University Stern School of Business and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. A spokesman for the Stern School says the report was taken down after being posted for five days because they were not prepared for the media attention.

And a decision was made to instead put the paper up for peer review, not public scrutiny. The researchers say the research was undertaken because the policymakers need to understand the importance and the impact of the H-1B visa program. And Lou, we should point out that one of the researchers, Tom Bay (ph), from the Stern School of Business has in fact done a meeting interview and appeared in “Computer World“, so I don’t know why…

TUCKER: … not quite ready for it today.

DOBBS: Well this is fascinating. Let’s back up here a bit.

TUCKER: Right.

DOBBS: One: Who were the two professors who did the study?

TUCKER: Professor Hit (ph) at Wharton and Tom Bay (ph) at the Stern.

DOBBS: And Tom Bay (ph) did an interview with “Computer World” and revealed what?

TUCKER: A very straightforward interview. Five to six percent depression in the wages, two to three percent depression in the — all the off-sourcing side of this business and talked about why they felt it needed to be done because there’s a lack of empirical evidence.

DOBBS: A lack of empirical evidence. We have been reporting here…

TUCKER: Right.

DOBBS: … for years on it, I wrote a book as a matter of fact in 2004…

DOBBS: … called “Exporting America” in which we dealt in part with H-1B visas. This looks like absolute censorship by two universities supported by corporate money. What are the universities saying about the appearance of absolutely stripping two authors of their academic freedom?

TUCKER: Well, we put that question to them this afternoon and they insist this is independent research, not funded by any corporate money, no technology industry money involved in this study, and it’s the insistence of the spokesperson at the Stern School today.

DOBBS: And Wharton School, at the University of Penn — their response.

TUCKER: The same and then their professor just straight up declined any request for an interview as well.

DOBBS: So two universities on the same day making a decision to take down this research after five days on the Web. This looks straightforwardly, straightforwardly like two institutions succumbing to immense pressure. I am very sorry for these two professors. I am very sorry for the academy for having to confront these kinds of forces. This is absolutely an embarrassment for these two institutions.

It’s inexcusable on their part in my judgment. We would be delighted, by the way, to have the heads of both of these business schools join us here at any time. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to provide academic freedom to your professors, we would be delighted to have you with us to further discuss it. Extraordinary, but our commendation to the professors for doing the research and let’s see where we go and over what period of time. Bill Tucker, thank you very much.

Well as I said, we have been reporting on the outsourcing of middle class American jobs to cheap foreign labor markets for literally years and the push by particularly the Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for more H-1B visas and other issues facing our hard working middle class for years now. In fact, I have written two best selling books “Exporting America” and “The War on the Middle Class” and here are just a few examples from our broadcasts over the years on this very important issue.

DOBBS: The war on our middle class is real and it is intensifying and middle class working Americans are losing their struggle against special interests. The dominant political power of corporate America in Washington.

Big business interests in this country are pressuring Congress to expand the H-1B visa program. Business leaders couldn’t care less that this failed, mismanaged guest worker program is taking jobs away from hard working middle class Americans.

The abundance of cheap foreign labor in this country right now is pushing wages lower for millions of middle class working Americans.

DOBBS: And that was three years ago. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress at the Stern Business School and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Hopefully the standards of those two fine institutions will prevail over some rather misguided policy judgments rendered apparently today, when we simply asked the question like what are the facts.

Shame on Stern Business School and Shame on Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania!!!  Shame on any censorship wherever it comes in.  Where are the lawyers challenging this censorship?  Where are the ambulance chasers now???  I guess who needs freedom of speech when you have Obama huh?

First Amendment – Religion and Expression

Amendment Text | Annotations

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I wonder what part of that is unclear to the Chamber of Commerce?  What part of it is unclear to academia?  Someone needs to sue their asses off and this crap has got to stop!  We the People need to be able to file grievances for this assault on our way of life.  It never should have come to this, where science, students, or research is censored.  Where special interest groups are able to put so much pressure on academia that important research is lost or are simply removed and not allowed to remain public.  I should think a FOIA request would solve this problem…

In the article from Computer world, the authors of this paper said:

Although our findings suggest that the negative effects of globalization may be substantial for some workers, it is critical that policy-makers weigh these effects carefully against the macro-level economic effects,” said Tambe and Hitt in the report. “Offshoring will most likely remain a necessary and important part of the global economy, and there is substantial evidence that H-1B admissions appear to directly improve levels of innovation and entrepreneurship, which in the long term should create new jobs and raise demand for technology workers in other areas.

In this paper, we simply sought to dispel the myth that globalization generates no losers, and we begin to identify how the global migration of jobs and workers is affecting some high-skill workers in the U.S. Globalization does appear to have a negative wage effect on workers in some occupations, and as business and labor continue to become increasingly global, any discussions should include how best to prepare the vulnerable members of the U.S. workforce for global competition,” they added.

Other sources of information on this article can be found simply by typing the report’s name into a search engine.  How despicable that such pressure can be applied to an institution that information essential to education of the public is hidden like a dirty secret.  These institutions should be sued and what caused this report to be hidden exposed to the fullest scrutiny.  If it is the US Chamber of Commerce, this organization should be disbanded and those associated with it prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The study is unique, the authors said, because of its study of all the resumes. That combined with other public sources of data, gave them a sample number of IT workers in each firm, which they coupled with the number of H-1B workers these firms reported hiring. In total, the study was based on information the researchers compiled on 156,000 IT workers employed at nearly 7,500 publicly-held U.S. firms.

“The relationship I’m investigating here is how compensation looked for domestic workers, depending on whether or not their employers are using offshore and H-1B employment,” said Tambe.

You can see that the data would be very enlightening were it to be made public again.  Worker education might cause the American worker to revolt against their oppressors and those who have special interest in hiring these workers who are NOT Americans.  Corporate interest has superseded those of the citizens of this country and it has GOT TO STOP!

No wonder they wanted this study squashed.  No wonder there was so much pressure to take it off the net.  No wonder those in Corporate America don’t want you to know what is happening or the actual numbers.  It is my belief that the tax day tea parties need to become a daily rally cry for all Americans.

It is special interest groups here in America which seem to have more power than We the People.  It is time to either take our government and our country back or lay down and die.  I refuse to lay down and die and so will fight to save my country and make those groups which seek to usurp the public interests illegal.  Time for Corporate America to either get a clue or get the hell out of here.  Take your business elsewhere, we’ll be fine without you, trust me.

This is a rich land, a rich country.  We need to take it back from the greedy son of a bitches that have taken it to edge. We can rebuild our country, without those whose interest is in seeing this beautiful place broken.

Offshore Outsourcing

As approved by the IEEE-USA Board of Directors
March 2004

The offshoring of high wage jobs from the United States to lower cost overseas locations is currently contributing to unprecedented levels of unemployment among American electrical, electronics and computer engineers. Offshoring also poses a very serious, long term challenge to the nation’s leadership in technology and innovation, its economic prosperity, and its military and homeland security.

Prudent steps must be taken to ensure that offshoring, if it does occur, is implemented in ways that will benefit the United States and all its citizens, including high tech workers. To this end, IEEE-USA recommends that:

Read the full statement on their website.  Network with others, it is to your benefit.  If workers band together and fight those corporations which seek to outsource, Microsoft comes immediately to mind, but there are others such as IBM, General Electric, and Citigroup.  Forbes magazine even wrote an article on the subject of the best places to go to outsource jobs.  How’s that for American spirit???


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