FDA, Psychiatry, Big Pharma; Murder For Money

We believe the picture painters of the mass media are artfully creating landscapes for us which deliberately hide the real picture. In this book we will show you how to discover the "hidden picture" in the landscapes presented to us daily through newspapers, radio and television. Gary Allen

Wayne O. Evans said," We see a potential for nearly total control of human emotional status, mental functioning and will to act."

After writing the article yesterday about the FDA I am more convinced than ever that the FDA is part of a plan to help to kill the American people.  If you can watch the first video here and not be convinced of the same thing then I must be insane.  I do not believe I am.

When you go to the doctor because you feel bad, you usually assume that any drugs the doctor gives you have been tested and proven safe.  But you would be wrong if you thought that about the field of psychiatry.  With a profit margin of over $72 BILLION Dollars a year, Big Pharma is working closely with these psychiatrists and the FDA to get you on drugs that not only haven’t been tested, but they will kill you.

Before you call me crazy or other less savory names, please watch this video. It is about an hour so watch it when you have the time.  It will open your eyes in absolute horror to the murderous ways of the FDA, Big Pharma and the Psychiatric field.  Some of the stories you will see, especially when you view the section on teens will blow your mind.  All are heartbreaking.  The following video may be the most important video you see in your lifetime.

Making A Killing: The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging

Feb 26, 2009 –

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

Psychotropic drugs. It’s the story of big money ? drugs that fuel a $330 billion psychiatric Making A Killing: The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging

You can find a teaser video here:

YouTube – Making A Killing: The Untold Story Of Psychotropic

10 min – Jan 10, 2009 –

Rated 4.8 out of 5.0

Making A Killing: The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging Pt 1 Psychotropic drugs. Its the story of big moneydrugs that fuel a $33

In 1967 psychiatrists from all over the world got together.  They were tired of not being acknowledged by their physician counter parts and came up with a plan to change that lack of respect.  Wanting a bigger piece of the pie, (that’s you and I), these men met in Puerto Rico to see how they could change the world and promote themselves.

Men like Joseph Zubin, Nathon Kline, Charles Savage, and William Turner were determined to gain the respect they felt they deserved.  They set out upon a conspiracy that has killed 3,000 patients a month since then with the help of Big Pharma.  In 1952 the DSM, the Psychiatric Bible, as it is known today had barely 130 pages and only had 106 so called known diseases. Today, the DSM IV has over 880 pages and still growing…

Wayne O. Evans said,” We see a potential for nearly total control of human emotional status, mental functioning and will to act.” 1967 Puerto Rico

These psychiatrists had a plan.  By the year 2000 they would have a drug to control every aspect of human behavior.  They would meet and vote on symptoms and their diagnosis and come up with a drug that would supposedly treat these ill people.  And they have been wildly successful!  How many people do you know who have been diagnosed with a disorder and are currently on medication???  This is part of the Kool-Aid we are talking about.

100,000,000 MILLION people around the world are currently taking one or more psychotropic drug. How did this happen?  Psychiatrists convinced them they were sick.  In times gone by we would have turned to family, friends, some form of religious leader, parents, etc. to find support for whatever we were going through.  Now, it is a pill.  There are no long term studies to find out what these medications are doing to the public at large.  Normal emotions are now a disease with a pill to *cure* them.  Only problem is there is no cure and so you become managed for life.  The video above can save your life if you watch it and understand what is happening to you or to someone you love or care about!

Any Psychiatrist will freely admit that their profession is devoid of scientific research.

Watch this video HERE: Short only about 10 minutes…

The truth is that such things as a chemical imbalance of the brain is a total fraud.  They cannot test for it and never have, so to tell you there is a chemical imbalance in your brain is simply to get you to take a drug they choose for you!  No science, no proof, just their say so.  If someone told you to jump off a cliff, would you do so simply on their say so?  Of course not.  But the con doesn’t stop with the American people.  They have conned the regular GPs into prescribing these drugs too.  All on the word of the marketing departments of Big Pharma!

70 % of all psychotropic drugs prescribed today come from General Practitioners.  Big Pharma has done an exceptional job in marketing to physicians.  There is no greater purveyor of drugs that the GP.  They are encouraged to prescribe drugs instead of thinking about how they can help their patients.  Insurance companies are directly responsible for this by giving the GP’s only minutes with each patient.

The unholy alliance between psychiatry, pharmaceuticals, (big pharma), and the FDA is a marriage made in heaven.  In 1966 there were only 44 psychotropic drugs available.  Today there are 174 and more are on the way.  But without the FDA, none of this would be possible!

Grossing over $18 Billion per year, the top 5 psychotropic drugs bring in more money than over half the countries in the world.  All told, the industry brings in a whopping $330 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR! The odds of you walking into a psychiatrists office and walking out with a diagnosis and a prescription is 100 %.  All within a 30 minute interview.  No science, no review, just a pill to get you through…

Psychotropic drugs are responsible for twice the number of deaths than are caused by all  homicides.

Side effects ranging from Heart Attacks, Liver problems, Immune System Deficiencies, Psychosis, Nausea, Headaches, General Feelings of Illness, Agitation, Uncontrollable Shakes, Muscle Tremors, Weight Gain, and Hallucinations are just some of the things you can suffer from.

And who is entrusted with safeguarding the health of Americans?  THE FDA of course.  Who sits on the panels of these drug tests?  Why Psychiatrists of course.  These panels are dominated by them.  And they have ties to big pharma too.  Some of these psychiatrists are tied to a dozen or more big pharma corporations.  These psychiatrists move between big pharma, learning centers, private practice, and the FDA. Does there seem to be a conflict of interest here?  You betcha!  These psychiatrists which sit on the board of the FDA have received, either directly or indirectly, funding from big pharma.

The mutual support which flows from the FDA to psychiatry to big pharma and back to the FDA is mutually supportive and self perpetuating.  Money talks and real science is absent.   For example, the panel which approved the drug Paxil has direct ties to big pharma.  Keh-Ming, M.U. Psychiatrist, Carol A. Tominga, M.D., Psychiatrist, Nina R. Schooler, PH.D., Psychiatrist, Robert Mark Hammer, PH.D. Psychiatrist, Jeffery A. Lieberman, M.D. Psychiatrist,  and Javier I. Escobar, M.D., Psychiatrist all have conflicts of interest.

To make matters worse, in 1993 Congress reviewed and passed the Prescrition Drug User Fee Act also known as the PDUFA Act (P-Dufa).  Through this bill Congress decided that a fee, (Sec. 102 (3) The fees authorized),  of $100,000.00 (per new application) would be paid for each expedited review of each drug approved by the FDA for human application.  Congress explicitly told the FDA that their job was no longer to assure the interests of public safety but to get these drugs ON THE MARKET.  (105th Congress)  This effectively traded safety, YOUR SAFETY, for sales…

Drug approval went from 2 years to barely 6 months with the passage of PDUFA and the number of drugs approved doubled…  It is all about numbers and money.  Everyday these psychotropic drugs gross over $7.7 MILLION dollars! Your health is being exchanged for drugs that can, and do, kill you or your loved ones.  Oh well, so sad, too bad…

Zyprexa alone makes almost $12 Million a day.

There is NO money in health.  There is HUGE money in Disease!  We have been conditioned to accept the fact that there are no cures, only management of our afflictions. A simple search for psychiatry and fictitious diseases will net you 74,300 responses.  Everything from bi-polar disorder to road rage.  No one is safe.  From babies to the elderly there are multiple diseases for each.  And every day the search for new clients and new ways to market these drugs is being sought out.

Psychiatrists divide human beings into two classes; clients and potential clients.  Disease mongering is growing by leaps and bounds. Here are a few articles that might be of interest:

An example of this would be Social Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia (S.A.D.)= Shyness! Everyone has felt shy at one time or another.  How does being shy become a disease?  It makes no sense when you think about it, but by giving it a special name, we can be fooled into thinking this is an actual disorder and sold a drug to fix it.  However, the drug never fixes it and we become permanently attached to the drug.  That is, if it doesn’t kill us first or damage our bodies beyond repair.

Since Heimberg secured the first NIMH social phobia treatment research grant (National Institute of Mental Health), such funding has been readily available because the condition is quite common: It’s the third most prevalent mental disorder behind depression and alcoholism. About 5.3 million American adults have social phobia, which usually begins in childhood or adolescence, according to NIMH.

A debilitating disorder

Since 1983, Heimberg has conducted a series of NIMH-funded studies on social phobia. Most recently, he received a $1.2 million, four-year NIMH grant–which he’s in the second year of–to investigate whether the addition of CBT to medication treatments can help prevent patients’ relapse.

Through his 20-plus years of research, Heimberg has found that nearly everyone fears social situations to some degree.

What is the review process?

Research contract requirements are concept reviewed by the National Advisory Mental Health Council. Research contract proposals are peer reviewed, and are awarded to universities, non-profit organizations, and profit making organizations involved in mental health research.

To me it is unimaginable that something so innocuous as being shy can have become a disease that over 5.3 million people suffer from.  Being shy may be no fun but how is this cause for medication?  These diseases are reviewed by consensus.

first; noticed behavior,

second; voted on as a disease,

third; number it and give it a diagnosis,

four; decide which drug or drugs to prescribe,

five; sit back and watch what happens.

IS THERE ANY OTHER MEDICAL PROFESSION ALLOWED TO VOTE ON A DISEASE??? NO.  This is the biggest scam in this history of human beings! It is perpetrated by psychiatrists, supported by big pharma, and approved by the FDA.  A real doctor doesn’t need to vote on the fact that a heart attack is real.

The latest and greatest scam is bipolar disorder.  Everyone has up and down moods.  These are a natural cycle of human beings.  If you are really up, (according to a psychiatrists), you are manic.  If you are really down, you are manic.  Being individuals our moods are particular to ourselves.  One person’s extreme feelings are an others inconvenience.

My first clue that something wasn’t right was when visiting a new doctor for depression I was given a new diagnosis.  How could so much be wrong with me when I only felt sad?  How come each new doctor I saw after moving had a new diagnosis?  Wasn’t there any two that agreed on this stuff?  Was the last one wrong or was this one?  I started questioning myself, them and most especially the drugs they wanted me to take.  I refused to take them.  I told them that at best they could only mask the symptoms and I’d never get better or I would allow a pill to make me over.  (My problems stemmed from severe abuse as a child, two abusive marriages, and a job which put me under such extreme duress I almost had a nervous breakdown.)  New doctor, new disorder.  I couldn’t accept it.  I was highly suspicious of the drugs these *psychiatrists* wanted me to take.  When I asked them how they knew what was wrong with me, or if there was a test to take for biological verification, I was told there were no tests to take, that I would have to trust them.  I was short on trust back then and worse today.

Spearheading the study of bi-polarism, (making it popular), in children is Dr. Biderman, Chief Clinical & Research Program In Pediatric Psycopharmacology and Adult ADHD.  He is a paid speaker for Pfizer and researcher for 25 different big pharma corporations like Eli-Lilly, GlaxcoSmithKline, Cephalon, ESAI, etc.  He was the first to say that there was bi-polar disorder in little children, something unheard of before.  (Imagine a child WITHOUT mood swings)  Do to the ad campaign for this fake disorder there has been a 4,000% increase in the number of children diagnosed with this disorder.  In direct response to the *new disease* the drug industry has produced 5 times more drugs than it used to have for our children.  And it equals out to be 2.5 million prescriptions per year!

In 2008 Dr. Biderman was exposed for a fraud by a Senate investigation for failing to report $1.6 million dollars in income from big pharma. But the damage had been done and because of this man, the top 5 psychotropic drugs on the market gross an estimated $25,000.00 per minute!!!

Expanding the uses for these drugs enables the pharmaceutical industry to gain even more money off the same drugs.  Repackaged, relabeled, you may not even know you are taking them.  These psychotropic drugs are now being distributed for NON mental disorders.

Prozac became Sarafem and is now given for PMDD, (Premenstral Dysphoric Disorder).  Having a bad period?  Take a pill…

Zyban touted as a cure for smoking is actually Wellbutrin, the anti-depressant.

Cymbalta, a psychiatric drug for depression and anxiety, is now Yentreve for urinary incontenance.

Now, these drugs are being tested on such things as Obesity, (Aripiprazole); Alcoholism – Citalopram;  Gambling-Olanzaprine; Hot flashes-Citalopram; Herpes-Nortriptyline; Nausea-Olanzaprine; Itching-Ondansetron; Shivering-Buspirone; Excessive Hair Pulling-Olanzaprine.  They will find a pill for every ill!

Shane Ellison, a former chemist for Eli-Lilly says these drugs were tested in their labs and found deadly, in other labs the results were the same, yet no one is told about these killer drugs which are also ineffectual.  The worse your health gets, the more drugs you need, the better for Big Pharma making you a patient for life while quality of health deteriorates.  It is a blatant, premeditated, murderous conspiracy by the FDA, big pharma and psychiatrists which can fatally injure, cause death, or have any number of other side effects you will never hear about. It is a crime against humanity on the same scale, if not bigger, than what Hitler did to the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Click here for view of Cymbalta Clinical trials for problems other than mental health: Scroll down the page.

Click HERE for Prozac: bottom of page.

Aripiprazole also known as Abilify: See page 2 for a list of conditions and uses.

Serious side effects may include:

  • An increased risk of stroke and ministroke has been reported in clinical studies of elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis
  • Very high fever, rigid muscles, shaking, confusion, sweating, or increased heart rate and blood pressure. These may be signs of a condition called neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), a rare but serious side effect which could be fatal
  • Abnormal or uncontrollable movements of face, tongue, or other parts of body. These may be signs of a serious condition called tardive dyskinesia (TD), which may be permanent
  • If you have diabetes, or risk factors for diabetes (for example, obesity, family history of diabetes), or unexpected increases in thirst, urination, or hunger, your blood sugar should be monitored. Increases in blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia), in some cases serious and associated with coma or death, have been reported in patients taking ABILIFY and medicines like it.

While taking ABILIFY, avoid:

* Drinking alcohol
* Breast-feeding an infant

* ADULTS: Nausea, vomiting, constipation, headache, dizziness, an inner sense of restlessness or need to move (akathisia), anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness

* PEDIATRIC PATIENTS (10 to 17 years): Extrapyramidal disorder (for example, uncontrolled movement disorders or muscle disturbances such as restlessness, tremors and muscle stiffness), headache, sleepiness, and nausea

Teen Screen is another program which is designed to get teens into a psychiatrists office for medication.  It is run under the guise of a suicide prevention tool.  It is 10 minutes long and nothing more than a survey.  It is the brain child of Dr. David Shaffer, Psychiatrist.  Psychiatrists everywhere want to make this survey mandatory for teens.

National Institute of Mental Health: A Participant’s Guide To Mental Health Clinical Research

National Institutes of Health These two *institutes* have been mentioned in all drug tests and on each site visited.

For an alphabetical listing of staff at the NIMH click HERE:

For NIH click HERE: You will notice this is a government site.  Who wants to bet it is linked to the FDA?  Here is a list of those on the site:

If the American people do not throw out their medications and storm the halls of these psychiatrists and demand answers this will never change.  They are poisoning us, our kids, our elderly parents, and our babies.  And lately, they have gone after our pets.  These psychiatrists are insane, not the citizens of this country.  We should medicate them with those medications they wish us to take.  Let’s see how long, or if they even will, take these medications…

It is imperative that you understand what the Standard of Care is and how it allows these killers to get off scott free with murder.  They do not even lose their license over these incidences.  We have to be responsible on this one; big pharma, psychiatrists and the FDA are NOT going to help you or feel for you.  They are soulless!

You do have the right to be informed on what the diagnosis is, and what the treatment is.  But I highly recommend you walk away without any pills.  There is absolute proof that psychotropic drugs DO NOT resolve mental illness. These drugs make the possibility of suicide more of a certainty than real life situations.

Unless we unite to fight these groups it will be business as usual.  People will continue to die while those responsible blithely go about their business.  These medications are more than dangerous, they are a criminal assault on the American people, and on people around the world.

If you, or someone you love, has had adverse reactions to these medications, contact MedWatch and report these reactions.  Mind you, this is an FDA site, but the only one available to report dangerous drugs.

Also contact the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights. (CCHR.ORG)

~ by justmytruth on April 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “FDA, Psychiatry, Big Pharma; Murder For Money”

  1. All I have to say, is that since I dropped my anti-depressant I have felt more human than ever. Having been in the healthcare industry for far too long (nursing home and pediatric care) I have seen the horrors of these medications at work. There is no reason every person needs to have a disease and a drug or more to go with it. Wait, there is: it makes other people big bucks. Who says I have to lay down my life for their pocketbooks? The very people that you’re expected to lay your life into their hands: doctors, psychiatrists, pharmacutical companies. Unfortunately, I have illnesses that I have to take medications to control. I truly believe these medications have crippled my body’s ability to heal itself. Ok, so that was more than just one thing to say, but there is never too much to say on behalf of the human race. Many people don’t like to hear it. Maybe somebody needs to tell them to listen. Maybe they need to be told there’s a pill to fix that too?

  2. Have you looked into MMS? Miracle Mineral Supplement? Try it. I’ve had great results from it for both arthritis and asthma. It works miracles on tumors and cancer whether of the skin or internal. I hope you will consider searching it out. Great stuff. Good luck with your health….

  3. I wish I could write this well! great blog thanks.

  4. You are welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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