Debunking Al Sharpton And Bertha Lewis Lies And Half Truths LONG POST

Those who like to grandstand should first understand that their position is only as strong as their argument.  JMT

Those who like to grandstand should first understand that their position is only as strong as their argument. JMT

Yesterday I was watching Lou Dobbs.  He was doing an article on my favorite Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.  So when Lou Dobbs said he was going to interview Al Sharpton I just had to roll my eyes.  Then it got even better with this lady from ACORN!  Talk about time wasters as you will see.

Al Sharpton only shows up when there is national media coverage on something.  He doesn’t give a shit about anything but seeing his name in lights.  His opinions count as much to myself and others like puffy clouds on air.  Because other than being a monumental grandstander and time waster he isn’t worth the time it takes to introduce him.  And this lady from ACORN?  Give me a break.  According to these two fools we should NOT enforce our laws but become a lawless State.  It is because it is inconvenient to have someone actually doing something the feds fail to do.  They also claim our Sheriff is a racist.  The following is a racist joke and a good example of racism:

Why do Black people raise chickens in their yards?  To teach their kids how to walk.

That my friends is being a racist.  Sheriff Arpio is not a racist.  I’ve already done a post on the true numbers of illegals and how they are voting and changing American policy and laws.  You can read it here: That article contains tons of links to prove my points, you don’t have to take my word for any of it.  The very fact that the Judiciary Committee is having hearings on this but is excluding Arpaio just shows how racially motivated this is and who is actually the racist.  It isn’t our Sheriff Joe Arpaio!


But let’s not enforce our laws.  Let’s pitty these poor pathetic illegals who steal our identities, rape, murder, smuggle drugs, and cause excessive amounts of pain for those who cross their paths.  BULLSHIT!


Sheriff Arpaio received 730426 votes to keep him in office.  If you don’t live here get the hell out of our yard.  This is a Sovereign State and we don’t give a crap about this committee, Al Sharpton, or Bertha Lewis but we do care about law and order.   Sheriff Arpaio enforces the laws of this nation and of our State here.  That’s what this is all about.  These people do not want the laws of this Country enforced.  And they do like to see their names in the tabloids!  Al and Bertha, you people are pathetic!  I will also prove that Bertha Lewis is a liar!

From Lou Dobbs last night you can find this:

DOBBS: Welcome back. Pro-illegal alien open borders advocates are attacking Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona and they’re accusing him of racial profiling. The sheriff for himself says he’s enforcing U.S. immigration laws. Advocates including Reverend Al Sharpton are accusing the sheriff of civil rights violations. Ines Ferre has our report.

INES FERRE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and community organizing group ACORN want the removal of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He’s been enforcing immigration law under authority granted to local officials by a federal program known as 287G.

Rev. Al Sharpton: Anyone of color is being pulled over and harassed. People are being made to carry their citizenship papers around and that’s racial profiling.

This is so much bullpucky it is a wonder he doesn’t squish when he walks.  Sheriff Aprio’s sweeps work.  They get criminals off the street.  Just because some of those criminals haven’t committed a violent act yet, doesn’t mean they aren’t breaking the law and THAT is why Sharpton and Lewis want him gone.  And federal laws state that non-citizen immigrants carry their green cards at all times.

FERRE: Arpaio says he’s a political scapegoat for those who don’t want to enforce the law.

SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO, MARICOPA COUNTY, ARIZONA: We are not racist. We’re doing our job. That’s how low these people are. They can’t solve the problem any other way, so let’s get personal. That’s what they’re saying.

FERRE: Arpaio’s office is being investigated by the Justice Department for alleged civil rights abuses at the request of several Democratic lawmakers, none of them from Arizona. Groups wanting tougher action on illegal immigration say special interests are being allowed to politicize the Justice Department.

Arpio’s office isn’t being investigated for cause, but because democrats need a scapegoat.  Their political standing is about to go down the tubes come next election.  Watch and see.  This is all politically motivated The Justice Committee is mostly hispanic! and will fail in the end.  Talk about racists!    Just how dumb do they think Americans are?  Twisting the facts is all these people can do because the bottom line is Mexican Nationals are crossing the border illegally and only Sheriff Arpaio has the balls to do something about it.

DAN STEIN, FED. FOR AMER. IMMIG. REFORM: Sheriff Joe is doing the job, his program is constitutional, it’s legal, it’s effective and it works, and that’s why they’re opposing it. There are people out there, organizations and others and many of them are closely aligned with the administration that oppose law enforcement, they oppose immigration law enforcement.

FERRE: Maricopa is one of 67 local authorities that take part in the 287G program.  The Justice Department said it can’t comment on the investigation against Arpaio’s office. Lawmakers asked for that investigation on February 13th. The Justice Department announced it on March 11th.

Ines Ferre, CNN, New York.

DOBBS: Joining me now: Reverend Al Sharpton, he is joining with the left wing activist group ACORN in calling for the resignation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Joining me now are: the Reverend Sharpton, of the National Action Network — good to have you with us; ACORN CEO and chief organizer, Bertha Lewis — Bertha, good to have you with us.

Let’s start. This is unusual and this investigation started with a call, Bertha, for an investigation by four Democratic senators — excuse me — Congressmen which looks on its face to be politicization of the U.S. Justice Department.

BERTHA LEWIS, CEO, ACORN: It didn’t start there. It started two years ago. Sheriff Arpaio has been doing his reign of terror for a very long time.

< Throws hands in the air > Don’t ya just LOVE how they get right to the emotional heart of things???  The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!!  Don’t bother me with the facts, just give me that knee-jerk reaction I want!!!  The only ones who could be possibly *terrorized* are criminals.  Would they say this if he was busting rapists or murderers? Of course not!  Sheriff Arpaio has over 55% of the population in Maricopa county voting for him.  That is the LEGAL population!  It would probably be more, but with illegals voting, < shrugs > the numbers aren’t as high as I would like.  Indisputably though he is a favorite.

DOBBS: Did you just say reign of terror?

LEWIS: Absolutely, I mean that.  < laughing my assets off here >


LEWIS: It’s been arresting people simply because of the color of their skin, or their language. You can’t tell whether someone is legal or illegal, you know. And he’s using 287-G so the outcry that had come up from citizens across Maricopa County forced these Democrats to at least take some action and the Department of Justice has him under investigation.

Racism has to do with hatred.  Sheriff Arpio doesn’t hate these people.  He’s just enforcing the law.  Something the feds have failed to do over and over again.  Had the federal government enforced its own policies I’m sure that Sheriff Arpaio wouldn’t be forced to do so.  The fact that he is is a direct failure of the federal government.

Illegal aliens cause their own misfortune by coming to these united States illegally.  Any emotional distress they suffer, any family disruptions they endure, is their own fault for breaking the law.  We do not feel sorry for murderers or rapists, why then should we feel sorry for these lawbreakers?

DOBBS: Reverend Sharpton, as Bertha just said, there are four congressmen who called for this but not a single one of them from the state of Arizona.

REV. AL SHARPTON: First of all I think that the reason in that action is that I got involved and there was national (INAUDIBLE) from the NAACP, other civil rights groups on…

SHARPTON: …La Raza and others is because our members that live in Arizona have raised this. So I don’t know whether members of Congress in Arizona have raised it.

It would be very nice if the man spoke english.  That seems to be a serious problem here in these united States.  He can’t even form a decent sentence here.  Legal citizens don’t need La Raza, (the race), to stand up for them.  ONLY ILLEGAL MEXICAN NATIONALS DO.  This is truly the most outrageous nonsense ever to become an issue.  ILLEGALS ARE HERE ILLEGALLY, duh!  What lawful grounds do they have for anything other than deportation?

I talked to people that were citizens and I think the thing that broke the camel’s back was when he started parading people through the streets. I mean he took a group of prisoners, paraded them to the street from one jail to another. I mean this is a bit beyond the pail.

Cry me a river.  Where were you when he marched WHITE criminals down the street to the tent city???  Oh, that is different.  Their skin color wasn’t brown or black!

But on top of that, when you get people that are born American citizens saying because of the color of my skin, I’m constantly pulled over, questioned about show my citizenship papers, this is a violation of people’s civil rights.

This is an outright lie.  No one pulls over Sharpton!  LOL  He would love it.  He was convicted of stopping traffic, but he wasn’t pulled over for race color.  And of a 10 day sentence, he served just 2 hours….  Sharpton is a drama queen.  He loves the sound of his own voice and makes claims that simply aren’t true.  Pathetic!  Go ahead, do a search for yourself.  I did with zero results for Sharpton getting pulled over for race or skin color.

In the sweeps, EVERYONE is asked to show identification.  He sweeps for drug and alcohol offenses such as drunk driving.  Everyone, not just brown or black people have to show ID.  It isn’t just hispanics that break the laws, but it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel either if you have an idea what you are looking for.

This has nothing to do with anything personal. None of us know the sheriff personally. None of us have — there’s certainly no political agenda in a county in Arizona for many of us that are functioning nationally. But when we are told that you have a sheriff that are pulling people over constantly because of the color of their skin, they become a suspect of being an illegal immigrant, that’s a civil rights violation, Lou.

No, it isn’t.  These people are breaking the law.  If 81% are brownskinned, black haired people, are you going to pull over a white lady?  PALEEEEEESE!

DOBBS: Well, indeed, I think that would be the case if that indeed is true but the issue seems to be one in the community in which he lives, Sheriff Arpaio, that is Maricopa county. He was reelected by an enormous margin. He’s been a member of the 287-G Justice Department program, giving him the authority to enforce immigration laws. His office has been investigated — not investigated but reviewed by the folks who administer the program and nothing found to be a problem.

SHARPTON: As of yet. But as you said we’re in the middle of an investigation. We don’t know where the investigation will go.

Secondly the prerequisites of not being guilty of doing a violation of civil rights is not if you were reelected. If that was the case many people of civil rights violations just on the basis of they were reelected.

The case is that there’s substantial evidence, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, John Conyers and others have also thought there’s enough evidence to go forward and investigate. And I think that these issues have to be dealt with independent of your position on immigration.

You and I may not agree on immigration but I don’t think you agree that people based on color ought to be pulled over and automatically become a suspect.

DOBBS: I think we’d agree on the latter. You and I would even agree on immigration. It’s where you and I disagree is on illegal immigration.

SHARPTON: Well, I don’t think so. I don’t think we do.

LEWIS: None of us.

SHARPTON: You are against amnesty. I’m for sanity. So I think we agree.

American CITIZENS are against Amnesty.  Not just Lou Dobbs.  And we will fight anyone who tries to ram it down our throats.  You want to commit political suicide?  Vote for Amnesty.

DOBBS: You seem to think the two are equivalents and I don’t.

SHARPTON: No, I don’t at all.

LEWIS: We believe — I mean ACORN has a lot of members in Arizona. And this — as I say, this has been going on for two years and also coming together more and more. And we believe that first of all, the 287-G program needs to be suspended and Arpaio needs to resign or be removed right away.

DOBBS: Why would you say that?

LEWIS: He actually is giving law enforcement folks who do the right thing a bad name.

Let me just say this. The federal government’s job is to protect our borders and to make sure we have the same immigration program and so therefore…

The federal government has a partnership with Sheriff Joe Arpio.  What is your answer to that???  This makes him part fed and ALL Sheriff!

DOBBS: How are they doing?

LEWIS: …we cannot have people like Arpaio taking anything that he wants to do and profiling based on people’s color. It’s not right.

That is not an answer.  Arpaio doesn’t just take what he wants.  Once again we have accusation without facts.  Search for yourself.  Arpio’s history is an open book of news coverage.  I do wish these people could speak decent English.

DOBBS: You conflated a number of things. One, that he is indeed racial profiling which he denies which by the way his department denies and over a fifth of his department is Hispanic, by the way. The rest of the statement that’s interesting is, I asked you how is the federal government doing, in enforcing border security, and in enforcing U.S. immigration law. And what’s ironic about that is, Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security as governor of Arizona was the first person to call for emergency action on the border in her state.

SHARPTON: Well, again, we’re confusing two issues. I think what National Action Network and NAACP board joined with ACORN today was on the violation of civil rights. We’re not talking about immigration policy, one way or another on that issue.

This is ALL about immigration policy, the federal government doing its job, and Arpaio’s part in it.  These groups are NOTHING BUT SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS.  And al never did answer the question!!!

Arpaio and the misuse of 287-G, we’re saying there seems to be a pattern of civil rights violation. That’s independent of what…

FACT: Arpaio has been investigated for allegations of racism and profiling.  These have been dismissed.  No evidence was found to support these claims.

DOBBS: But you understand my…

SHARPTON: …Napolitano is doing or anyone else. Secondly, I think that what becomes very important here is that to say that a fifth of his sheriff’s department is Latino, you know, when we started making racial profiling a national issue it was on the New Jersey turnpike. A large percentage of their state troopers were Latino and black but we were able to prove in court the late Johnnie Cochran in National Action Network that they were in fact profiling.

One does not disprove the other.

Sheriff Arpaio has never been accused of falsifying information, reporting incorrect ethnic origins, or failed to report stopping someone.  The NJ cops did and falsified records in an attempt to prevent allegations of racial profiling.  On the contrary, Sheriff Arpaio reports each and every action by himself or his deputies.


DOBBS: And the point that I’m making with Janet Napolitano as governor calling for emergency action in that state goes to your call to get rid of 287-G, because she, as governor of Arizona herself was saying that there is a national emergency here, that we’re not enforcing immigration law at the federal level. We’re not securing our border and that it is left to local law enforcement and I’m talking about from Texas to California. And when you call for the elimination of 287-G, that puts a cant, if you will, a bias in your very advocacy because you are opposed to 287-G no matter whether it would be properly administered or whether it were true that as you alleged that it’s racial profiling.

LEWIS: It’s not being properly administered. There is no oversight. We believe that this experiment needs to end. We believe that Janet Napolitano and the Obama administration need to come up with a comprehensive way to deal with this.

Your belief is not a basis for determining a programs viability.  I could say that ACORN, LaRaza and those groups were doing racial profiling because they only concern themselves with those of hispanic origins.  Want to go that route?

LEWIS: Arpaio and the way that he is going about doing this is not right and that’s what we’re here to talk about. That’s what the focus is, and he blames immigrants of any color and any stripe. It’s racial profiling.

Well, that sort of takes the wind out of your sails now doesn’t it Lewis?  If he is going after ALL types of immigrants, how is he doing racial profiling???  Damned by your own words for a liar.

LEWIS: It’s not good, and Lou, on your show, right here, this man said, “Oh, I don’t mind if people call me KKK.” That’s offensive. He should have resigned right then and there. We don’t need a public servant saying that he’s proud to be part of the Ku Klux Klan. Come on. He’s racially profiling.

The statement wasn’t made by Arpaio.  Get real lady.  Here is the actual statement:

“Oh yes, I support him. The man is doing what he’s being paid for. That’s what he runs on is law and order and justice. And when you talk about somebody that’s here illegally, the word illegally comes into it,” Arizona resident Tom Golding said.

Outright lies and broad statements issued as facts.  They just don’t get how easy it is to verify things.  If you have to resort to lies and half truths, you know you are on the losing side.  Illegals commit criminal acts simply by being here.

DOBBS: That’s not it. Bertha, you know better than what you’re saying and you should say you’re sorry to God, okay.

LEWIS: No. You can play the film, he did it right here on your show.

DOBBS: By the way I remember what he said and he was responding to accusations that he was KKK.

LEWIS: And he said I was proud to be called that. Yes.

SHARPTON: Whether he said it or not…

DOBBS: Are you sorry you said that.


DOBBS: You really should be. I really am embarrassed for you because that is a gross distortion of what the man said and what he meant. And you know it.

SHARPTON: I think that the problem that we all have is that people should not be harassed and there should not be a distortion.

This is SOOO True!  Americans should be able to have their identities safe.  These people are stealing CHILDREN’s identities which won’t be discovered for YEARS!  They are also using made up social security numbers.  Whether they know the ID’s are stolen or not is not an excuse under the law.  They know the ID’s are either faked or forged or both and they know it doesn’t belong to them.  If we as citizens don’t have recourse for our indiscretions, why should illegals?

DOBBS: Oh, I don’t think there’s any doubt of that.

SHARPTON: I think if you’re saying that Bertha and ACORN are saying things that Secretary Napolitano didn’t say, then I think it dispels the introduction that these are groups that are aligned with the administration because you can’t have it both ways.

Was that English again?  Where did this come from?  What did or didn’t Napolitano say?  When?  Give me facts not make shit up to suit your rhetoric!

Sharpton: That’s not it. We were introduced as being close to the administration. I think what they’re saying is they’re challenging the administration on 287-G. What we’re saying is that 287-G must be properly defined. If it’s too vague, then clearly it needs to be changed so it’s not misused.

DOBBS: But you understand that…

SHARPTON: But Arpaio has a pattern here. I don’t care what he said on your show or didn’t say on your show, I’m concerned about the people being pulled over just because of the color of their skin.

DOBBS: That can be established by fact-finding.

LEWIS: That’s right.

DOBBS: And there’s no issue of that.

But let’s be clear, let’s be clear, that there is a skepticism about the judgment here that’s being exercised by the Justice Department, because it’s a response to a call from four liberal, liberal Democratic congress people.

Every group arrayed here is on the side of amnesty, pro-illegal alien. And I don’t think I hear anybody here calling for an experiment in border security and enforcement of U.S. Immigration law. What I hear is a call for an end to 287-G and its enforcement.

I hear that!  It would be wonderful if once in a while those that are American Citizens and weren’t part of the pro-illegals got some face time too.  I, for one, endorse Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  I’ll support him to the very end and, in fact, will help him all I can!!!

LEWIS: And the resignation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

How about your resignation Lewis for lies and deceit?  I’ll go for that.  You are a liar!  I’ve proven it.

DOBBS: I think I got that. I think I got that part.

SHARPTON: And I think that there is — I think you’d acknowledge that there is no monolithic view, even in African-American and Latino communities in immigration.

DOBBS: Do you think we could include white folks there and Asians, too?

SHARPTON: Yes but you’re talking about from the civil rights groups.

Oh please!  Are you saying that white people or asian or others  don’t need civil rights?  You bigot!

DOBBS: Absolutely.

SHARPTON: Their view — Bertha and I may disagree on how to deal with the border. All of us agree that people because of the color of their skin should not be stopped. When they do, we ought to deal with it. That was the basis we came on.

Knock, knock, is there anyone at home in Sharpton’s head or does he just spout generalities because that’s all he’s got?  That seriously depends on if 81% of them is hispanic or black or asian or white when you are looking for a certain type of criminal doesn’t it???

DOBBS: I think that anybody who is found guilty of — found to be racially profiling, absolutely should be charged.

SHARPTON: That’s the issue.

DOBBS: That’s one of the issues.

The second part is what is the impetus of this investigation? Is it political or is it rooted in civil rights concerns?

SHARPTON: The impetus of our involvement, I speak for the National Action Network and the call today with all of the groups is on civil rights violation. It has nothing to do…

LEWIS: Well, and the impetus is thousands of people being stopped and profiled merely because of the color of their skin. This is a systematic distortion. He’s a bully and he needs to go and we need to suspend 287-G.

DOBBS: Have you met the man?

LEWIS: I’ve met him by his work. Our members in Arizona have been arrested time and time again; African-Americans who have been here for a long time.

OMG!  I’ve met him by his work???  That means  no then right?  < rolls eyes >  because I don’t know what else it could mean.  These people will say and do anything to be on TV.  Does that mean that since I’ve seen a Van Gogh painting that I’ve met him???  Wow, that’s a reach.  I’d love to stand there with my nose in the air and make a statement like that and actually look myself in the mirror tomorrow and not feel like an utter idiot.

DOBBS: What do you suppose would be said about ACORN, you’re being investigated in 13 states, for crying out loud.

LEWIS: Oh, I’m glad you brought that up. That’s not true. Check the facts. It’s not true. You can get on the phone right now, call the Department of Justice.

This is true.  There have been convictions, but as a whole ACORN has escaped.  But one of these days….It is the only thing she’s said so far that wasn’t a lie, a half truth, or a generality.  Must feel really good to be right about something!

However, 13 State ARE investigating ACORN.  Ohio, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Indiana, where a federal investigation is currently underway, Florida, and Michigan.  So while there may not be an investigation at the DOJ, there are plenty of others around!!!

DOBBS: I didn’t say anything about the Justice Department.

LEWIS: ACORN is not being investigated anywhere in any state. You don’t have your facts correct. If you’re talking about people being prosecuted, individuals, we are assisting in their prosecution so ACORN is not under investigation and has not been.

We asked the Justice Department in October, they confirmed it again and again, and you know what? Give them a call.

DOBBS: We will. We’ll do it. And I certainly will and I assure you it will be early tomorrow morning. How’s that?

LEWIS: That’s good.

DOBBS: As always good to have you both here. SHARPTON: Thank you.

DOBBS: Bertha, thank you so much.

LEWIS: Yes, thanks.

DOBBS: Thank you.

DOBBS: Still ahead the politicization of the Justice Department and a push to stop immigration enforcement during the census? How could that affect how seats are allocated in Congress?

And is there an impact of illegal immigration on the number of Congressional seats in states all across the country? Try six in California by itself. We’ll be right back.

So, have you noticed the Rev. Jessy Jackson has been utterly silent on this issue?  That tells me again that Sharpton has no grounds for his assertions.  Rev. Jessy Jackson usually has something to say if an issue has merit.  Too bad sharpton.  You are suck a pig for media coverage.

As for Bertha Lewis, she is a liar.  Hummm, the CEO of ACORN a liar, what a shock, NOT!  ACORN doesn’t have a great reputation right now so hearing from any one of them just doesn’t impress me.  Especially when she claims a lie as the truth.

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