Global Warming Is A Hoax


Deception: You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time. Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865

I’ve watched as everyone seems to have jumped on the Global Warming band wagon.  I don’t buy it personally for several reasons.

1)I’m old enough to remember when they thought there would be another ice age.  At the same time, there were other rumors that global warming was coming.

2)They are using fuzzy math, junk science and other misleading information to get people to “do the right thing and lower your carbon footprint” while those that tells this don’t apply it to themselves.  That’s a big red flag for me.  Anytime someone says do as I say, not as I do, I know there is a scam going on…

3)They never tell you just exactly how or why this is happening.

Now, I’ve always loved science.  It fascinates me to read about up and coming procedures or findings that open whole new worlds to me.  The possibilities are endless and so you have to be discerning to see if something is possible or just a fantasy with our technological abilities.  Having said all that, let me give you some facts about what causes *global warming* and why it is GOOD for us, not bad. Some of my favorite programs to watch come from National Geographic and the History channel.

What causes the earth to warm?  Obviously it is the Sun.  But how can the sun be causing the Earth to warm up?  Sunspot activity increase.  Sunspot storms can be bigger than Jupiter.  These solar storms cause explosions on the sun’s surface throwing gigantic arcs of sun matter into space before collapsing back into the sun.  During periods of increased sun spots, the sun sends out more radiation than during periods of low sunspots.

There are two effects this has on the Earth.  First, the increase in radiation causes the Earth to become hotter than it noramlly would be.

Second, the increase in solar radiation reduces the amount of cosmic radiation hitting the Earth.  This is the interaction of heating solar radiation on the water here on Earth.  Less radiation hitting the water means less cloud formation and therefore more heating taking place.

Three, there is plenty of evidence that this was going on LONG before man was producing factories or polluting the air with *greenhouse gases.*

Reducing carbon emissions means that the Earth would cool, plant vegetation would slow down or stop growing all together and we would head into an ice age with starvation staring us in the face.

Science can prove conclusively that the more carbon in the air, the more prolific the plant life.  Plants are good, they create oxygen and feed us and our animals.  They do this by *breathing IN* carbon-dioxide and exhaling oxygen.  More plants equals more oxygen.  Plants also clean the air of pollutants.  This planet has gone through many periods of increased and decreased temperatures through out its lifespan.  The ice age was due to decreased sunspot activity, not man.  Remember, the earth is over 4.54 BILLION years old.  It has seen warming and cooling phases over and over again.

Scott Armstrong has challenged Al Gore to prove it or shut up.  Al Gore has repeatedly refused to respond to Scott Armstrong.  Now why would that be?  Do you suppose because Al Gore KNOWS this is all a hoax and that there is limited time to gather the masses?  Mr. Armstrong put a $10,000 money challenge to anyone who could prove global warming…  The challenge so far is unmet.

There is a huge difference between Scientists forecasting global warming and Scientific Forecasts.  The first is just supposition, the second is scientifically PROVEN.   Do you see the difference?  Try this: Even Congress has gotten involved. See this speech given to the Senate by SENATOR JAMES INHOFE CHAIRMAN, SENATE ENVIRONMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE.


From the late 1920’s until the 1960’s they warned of global warming. From the 1950’s until the 1970’s they warned us again of a coming ice age. This makes modern global warming the fourth estate’s fourth attempt to promote opposing climate change fears during the last 100 years.

Recently, advocates of alarmism have grown increasingly desperate to try to convince the public that global warming is the greatest moral issue of our generation. Last year, the vice president of London’s Royal Society sent a chilling letter to the media encouraging them to stifle the voices of scientists skeptical of climate alarmism.

During the past year, the American people have been served up an unprecedented parade of environmental alarmism by the media and entertainment industry, which link every possible weather event to global warming. The year 2006 saw many major organs of the media dismiss any pretense of balance and objectivity on climate change coverage and instead crossed squarely into global warming advocacy.

Nor is Armstrong the only one who says this global warming is all crap.  Reputable scientists are coming out and speaking out against this.  These are scientists, Al Gore was a politician.  And we know just how trustworthy they are!!!

IPCC Scientists Challenge Al Gore’s View of Global Warming Consensus

By Noel Sheppard

The chinks in the armor that is a supposed scientific consensus regarding man’s role in global warming continued to grow this week when it was identified that many of the folks involved in the most recent report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were not in agreement with the studies findings.

Didn’t hear about this? Well, how could you? Nobody reported it!

In fact, what you also didn’t hear or read due to the media’s universal eschewing of this information was that many of the views expressed in the IPCC’s report go quite contrary to assertions regularly being made by the very press outlets not covering this new revelation and the Global Warmingist-in-Chief, soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore.

Now, it is pretty bad when your own panel of scientists comes out against what you’ve been saying for some time now and making tons of money on.   You can find the panel’s report Here: Here is what it says on the title page just after the introduction:

I retired four years ago, and at the time of my retirement I was well convinced, as were most technically trained people, that the IPCC’s case for Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is very tight. However, upon taking the time to get into the details of the science, I was appalled at how flimsy the case really is. I was also appalled at the behavior of many of those who helped produce the IPCC reports and by many of those who promote it. In particular I am referring to the arrogance; the activities aimed at shutting down debate; the outright fabrications; the mindless defense of bogus science, and the politicization of the IPCC process and the science process itself.

Still the media refuses to cover such facts preferring instead to dwell on the bugus, misleading, junk science that passes for absolutes these days.

A few weeks past some young gal came to my door looking for donations to support the war on global warming.  You should have seen her face when I told her no, I didn’t believe in global warming.  She just stood there.  You could see the wheels turning in her mind, the lights were on but no one was home.  Finally, with a dazed look on her face she turned around and left.  I just had to laugh.  She had never thought about the possibility that this might not be true.  She had been learning about it in school, SHAME ON THESE TEACHERS!!!

One thing I’ve learned is that if you don’t do the research yourself the media propaganda will consume you.  I don’t watch the news, I know it is bogus.  Not that all the articles they cover are, but the spin they put on it is guaranteed to make you see things the way the master puppeteers want you to see them.  It doesn’t matter if it is factual or not.  The only thing I tune into as far as news is concerned is the weather forecast.

Here are some REAL FACTS:

1. The recorded temperature rise is neither exceptional nor persistent. For example, the earth has not warmed since around 1997 and may in fact be in a cooling trend. Also, in particular, the Arctic and contiguous 48 states are at about the same temperature as they were in the 1930s. Also in particular the rate of global warming in the early 20th century was as great as the last third of the century, and no one seriously ascribes the early century increase to greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Predictions of climate models are demonstrably too high, indicating a significant overestimate of the climate sensitivity (the response of the earth to increases in the incident radiation caused by atmospheric greenhouse gases). This is because the models, upon which the IPCC relies for their future projections, err in their calculations of key feedback and driving forces in the climate system.

3. Natural effects have been and continue to be important contributors to variations in the earth’s climate, especially solar variability and decadal and multidecadal ocean cycles.

4. The recorded land-based temperature increase data are significantly exaggerated due to widespread errors in data gathering and inadequately corrected contamination by human activity.

5. The multitude of environmental and ecological effects blamed on climate change to date is either exaggerated or nonexistent. Examples are claims of more frequent and ferocious storms, accelerated melting of terrestrial icecaps, Mount Kilimanjaro’s glacier, polar bear populations, and expansive mosquito-borne diseases. All of these and many others have been claimed and ascribed to global warming and by extension to human activity, and all are bogus or highly exaggerated.

Here is another paper on the hoax as it is being perpetrated on people all across the globe.  Here: But you won’t hear of these in the media.  There is a huge invisible sign which says,”Don’t rock the boat.”  Don’t cover all the news, only some of it.”  And the money men own ALL the media outlets.

Or, you can check out this article here: How often do you get scientists to form a consensus on anything?  Yet here we have 650 of them…  And yes, I know you all have bigger concerns, however, if Obama has his way this HOAX is going to cost YOU big time!

Over 650 Scientists Challenge Global Warming “Consensus”

Steve Watson
ay, Dec 10, 2008

Twelve times more than those that put their names to the IPCC report

Over 650 scientists have put their names to a US Senate Minority report that challenges the contention of the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change that there is a scientific “consensus” on the causes of global warming.

Set to be released within the next 24 hours, the report features contributions from hundreds of prominent researchers, including current and former IPCC scientists, who are now speaking out in opposition of the UN’s stance on climate change.

I’ve never seen this many scientists agreeing on one issue like this. It is totally, and literally, unheard of, (no pun intended!).  Yet Obama is asking for Congress to send him a cap and trade legislation which would put a huge burden on the citizens of these united States.  Corporations which pollute are NOT going to bear the brunt of this crap-shoot legislation, We the People will…

In his speech to Congress, Obama mentioned cap-and-trade indirectly, asking Congress “to send me legislation that places a market-based cap on carbon pollution and drives the production of more renewable energy in America.”

During his presidential campaign, however, Obama was more specific. He called for an economy-wide cap-and-trade program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

A cap-and-trade program essentially creates a tax where none exists. Industries would be forced to pay for every ton of emissions they release – and those who pollute more could purchase “carbon credits” from businesses that pollute less.

2 Trillion Dollars is the estimated cost.  This on top of bogus stimulus legislation and other frauds.  Obama helped to create this scam and is now pushing it through Congress. Read more about cap and trade Here: And you thought this was change you can believe in? Only if you haven’t got two brain cells to rub together…

Do not blindly follow.  THINK for yourselves.  Do your own research and don’t just accept someone else’s word for things.  Why are scientists being silenced?  Why don’t they want you to know the real facts?  Because if you do then you will know just how much you are being scammed.  If you think there are thieves in everyday people, it is nothing compared to what Obama and Congress are doing to you.  These are right up there with the IRS, the Federal Reserve and the economy.  It is the engineered bilking of the public.

Question everything, everyone, every source.  Search for proof of claims from multiple sources.  Don’t take anyone’s word for anything.  If you don’t know for sure what is and is not a lie how can you make informed decisions?

Obama is popular and good looking but is that any reason to believe what he says?  Illinois is increasingly being shown to be a State where corruption at all levels of government is the norm, not the exception.  Why would you trust any politician from Illinois?  It boggles my mind to know the masses can fall so easily for programed propaganda.  We are being herded, conditioned, programmed to believe that what is false is true, what is possible is impossible and vice versa, and hammered daily with hurry, hurry, don’t think for yourselves.

Congress is abdicating its responsibilities to the public in favor of those who line their pockets, the lobbyists.  And still you choose to believe that Obama isn’t of this same breed?  Stop watching so much TV and start to think.  There are worse things out there than questioning authority or the puppet-media driven news bites.

Watch the Obama Deception

Learn, Think and Grow wisely.

Think you might need a safe place to go in the future?  Click Here:


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4 Responses to “Global Warming Is A Hoax”

  1. Very nice information. Thanks for this.


  2. Glad you liked it Mike. Come and stop by again any time.

  3. Keeping in mind that windmills are hazardous to birds, be wary of the unintended consequences of believing and contributing to the all-knowing environmental lobby groups.
    The climate celebrities are linking climate and the economy. Yes, there has been warming since the Pleistocene. Climate is a multiple input, multiple loops, multiple output, and complex system. The facts and the hypotheses, however, do not support CO2 as a serious ‘pollutant’. In fact, it is plant fertilizer and seriously important to all life on the planet. It is the red herring used to unwind our economy. That issue makes the science relevant.
    Water vapour (0.4% overall by volume in air, but 1 – 4 % near the surface) is the most effective green house gas followed by methane (0.0001745%). The third ranking greenhouse gas is CO2 (0.0383%), and it does not correlate well with global warming or cooling either; in fact, CO2 in the atmosphere trails warming which is clear natural evidence for its well-studied inverse solubility in water: CO2 dissolves in cold water and bubbles out of warm water. The equilibrium in seawater is very high; making seawater a great ‘sink’; CO2 is 34 times more soluble in water than air is soluble in water.
    CO2 has been rising and Earth and her oceans have been warming. However, the correlation trails. Correlation, moreover, is not causation. The causation is studied, however, and while the radiation from the sun varies only in the fourth decimal place, the magnetism is awesome.
    “Using a box of air in a Copenhagen lab, physicists traced the growth of clusters of molecules of the kind that build cloud condensation nuclei. These are specks of sulphuric acid on which cloud droplets form. High-energy particles driven through the laboratory ceiling by exploded stars far away in the Galaxy – the cosmic rays – liberate electrons in the air, which help the molecular clusters to form much faster than climate scientists have modeled in the atmosphere. That may explain the link between cosmic rays, cloudiness and climate change.”
    As I understand it, the hypothesis of the Danish National Space Center goes as follows:
    Quiet sun → reduced magnetic and thermal flux = reduced solar wind → geomagnetic shield drops → galactic cosmic ray flux → more low-level clouds and more snow → more albedo effect (more heat reflected) → colder climate
    Active sun → enhanced magnetic and thermal flux = solar wind → geomagnetic shield response → less low-level clouds → less albedo (less heat reflected) → warmer climate
    That is how the bulk of climate change might work, coupled with (modulated by) sunspot peak frequency there are cycles of global warming and cooling like waves in the ocean. When the waves are closely spaced, the planets warm; when the waves are spaced farther apart, the planets cool.
    The ultimate cause of the solar magnetic cycle may be cyclicity in the Sun-Jupiter centre of gravity. We await more on that.
    Although the post 60s warming period appears to be over, it has allowed the principal green house gas, water vapour, to kick in with more humidity, clouds, rain and snow depending on where you live to provide the negative feedback that scientists use to explain the existence of complex life on Earth for 550 million years. Ancient sedimentary rocks and paleontological evidence indicate the planet has had abundant liquid water over the entire span. The planet heats and cools naturally and our gasses are the thermostat.
    Check the web site of the Danish National Space Center.

  4. Thank you very much for stopping by and explaining all this. I’ll be sure to follow the link and read what the site has to say.

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