H. R. 1388 The GIVE Act Definitions Part 1

The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work

The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work

Here is a rousing bill!  H.R. 1388 sounds like something you want to wake up to each and every morning.  But do you want your day dictated to you?

This is another one of those monster bills.  It takes forever to read, the links to changes in U.S. Code go on for half a page.  Interesting…

But as I said, this one makes you want to get out your pom-poms and start cheering.  But the reality is, if you are poor you are going to work for the man!  You will NOT have any choice.  Now some might think this isn’t such a bad idea, but since when was it mandatory to volunteer? This bill is pure socialism.



1. A person who performs or offers to perform a service voluntarily

2. Law

a. A person who renders aid, performs a service, or assumes an obligation voluntarily.
b. A person who holds property under a deed made without consideration.
3. Botany A cultivated plant growing from self-sown or accidentally dropped seed.
1. Being, consisting of, or done by volunteers
2. Botany Growing from self-sown or accidentally dropped seed. Used of a cultivated plant or crop.
v. vol·un·teered, vol·un·teer·ing, vol·un·teers
v.tr. To give or offer to give voluntarily

1. To perform or offer to perform a service of one’s own free will.
2. To do charitable or helpful work without pay
Volunteering is done by the charity of the heart.  Not through coercion, force, or the process of creating a law that forces people into putting in time they don’t choose to.  Congress is again going off their Constitutional allowances and making a law that they have no right to make.

The *short title* for this bill is: Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act’ or the ‘GIVE Act’ Like I said, get out those pom-poms!  This rousing title gives little clue to what is inserted in the bill itself.


(a) Purposes- Section 2(b) (42 U.S.C. 12501(b)) is amended–
(1) in paragraph (2), by striking ‘community throughout’ and inserting ‘community and service throughout the varied and diverse communities of’;

(2) in paragraph (4), by inserting after ‘income,’ the following: ‘geographic location,’;

(3) in paragraph (6), by inserting after ‘existing’ the following: ‘national’;

Already we can see that this *voluntary service* will be income and location based. This is targeting the poor and low income families.  Following this paragraph we have a list of federal, State, and businesses that will be used or put to use to enforce this *volunteerism.*  Even the elderly will be encouraged to *volunteer.*

‘(12) expand and strengthen service-learning programs through year-round opportunities, including during the summer months, to improve the education of children and youth and to maximize the benefits of national and community service, in order to renew the ethic of civic responsibility and the spirit of community to children and youth throughout the United States;

‘(14) increase service opportunities for our Nation’s retiring professionals, including such opportunities for those retiring from the science, technical, engineering, and mathematics professions to improve the education of our Nation’s youth and keep America competitive in the global knowledge economy, and to further utilize the experience, knowledge, and skills of older Americans;

In a blatant attempt to commandeer and brain wash our children, Congress is dressing this language up to instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. But history tells us exactly where this will lead. We have only to look back to Hitler’s Germany to see where this bill is coming from and going towards.  From the very young to the elderly and everyone in between, this bill will force ALL people to participate or forgo services they need.  There will be NO alternative.

‘(16) support institutions of higher education that engage students in community service activities, provide service-learning courses, and encourage or assist graduates to pursue careers in public service in the nonprofit or government sector; and

‘(17) encourage members of the Baby Boom generation to partake in service opportunities.’.

The government will  now encourage/dictate where you should be employed.  The government will now dictate what service activities, learning courses, etc. will be approved of and allowed.  And just because you have been allowed to retire, don’t think you won’t be conscripted to *volunteer*.


‘It is the sense of Congress that the number of participants in approved national service positions, including the Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) and the National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), should grow to reach 250,000 participants by 2014.

‘(3) APPROVED SUMMER OF SERVICE POSITION– The term ‘approved summer of service position’ means a position in a program described under section 120(c)(8) for which the Corporation has approved the provision of a summer of service educational award as one of the benefits to be provided for successful service in the position.

(4) BABY BOOM GENERATION- The term ‘Baby Boom generation’ means the generation that consists of individuals born during the period beginning with 1946 and ending with 1964.

Please don’t think that because you are neither a child nor a baby boomer that they don’t have plans for you also.  We just haven’t gotten there yet.   Personally, I hate being placed in a box and being told this is what I will do…

(4) in paragraph (7) (as so redesignated), by striking ‘church or other’;

I have no idea why they would take out the *church* designation…

‘(9) DISADVANTAGED YOUTH– The term ‘disadvantaged youth’ includes those youth who are economically disadvantaged and one or more of the following:

‘(A) Who are out-of-school youth, including out-of-school youth who are unemployed.

‘(B) Who are in or aging out of foster care.

‘(C) Who have limited English proficiency.

‘(D) Who are homeless or who have run away from home.

‘(E) Who are at-risk to leave school without a diploma.

‘(F) Who are former juvenile offenders or at risk of delinquency.

‘(G) Who are individuals with a disability.’;

At this point I need to stress that I have barely moved the scroll bar in the bill.  This is truly a monster bill.  I don’t know if any of these legislators will actually read the thing, but I am…  As far as I am aware, no bill should ever be past in Congress without the members of Congress reading it.  What happened to these folks doing their jobs?

The bill goes on to mention SPECIFICALLY (13) HISPANIC-SERVING INSTITUTION- and (14) HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY- So far this bill targets the poor, certain geographic ares, the elderly, your child from birth, African Americans and Hispanic Americans.  That is certainly a wide net.

There is also some interesting redefining going on, but what the purpose is, so far it hasn’t really spelled it out.  For instance, in multiple areas it talks about businesses that qualify.  These *businesses* will have to tow a narrow line in order to qualify.  I am ONLY in section 1102:

(7) in paragraph (19) (as so redesignated), by striking ‘section 101(a) of the Higher Education Act of 1965’ and inserting ‘sections 101(a) and 102(a)(1) of the Higher Education Act of 1965’;

(8) in paragraph (23)(B) (as so redesignated), by striking ‘program in which the participant is enrolled’ and inserting ‘organization receiving assistance under the national service laws through which the participant is enrolled in an approved national service position’;

‘(27) QUALIFIED ORGANIZATION- The term ‘qualified organization’ means a public or private nonprofit organization with experience working with school-age youth that meets such criteria as the Chief Executive Officer may establish.’;

The reason I find this so puzzling is that once you have a thing defined, it is usually safe to continue on without having to do so continually throughout the document. In these bills though, we see it reiterated over and over again. Perhaps it is just the way the original bill is layed out, but I have to wonder at the significance.

‘(38) SCIENTIFICALLY VALID RESEARCH The term ‘scientifically valid research’ includes applied research, basic research, and field-initiated research in which the rationale, design, and interpretation are soundly developed in accordance with principles of scientific research.

Knowing how often scientists fudge data, tailor data to fit what is required, lower stats to add peer pressure, this worries me.  The government is out to force you to comply, period.  If they have to control the scientists to get the data they want, trust me, they will do it.  This is proven on an almost daily basis.  Global warming is there lates scam.  Do the research.  Those that are government owned will tell you global warming is real, the rest of the Scientists out there with desenting opinions, are mostly silenced.  You  have to work to find their reports.

It seems to me, at this point, that I will only be covering the definitions in this post.  I see no end to them very soon.  Isn’t that a bit scary?  I sure think it is…  Under section 39 on Scientific data we find this:

‘(C) includes, as appropriate to the research being conducted–

‘(I) use of systematic, empirical methods that draw on observation or experiment;

‘(ii) use of data analyses that are adequate to support the general findings;

‘(iii) reliance on measurements or observational methods that provide reliable and generalizable findings;

‘(iv) strong claims of causal relationships, only with research designs that eliminate plausible competing explanations for observed results, such as, but not limited to, random assignment experiments;

‘(v) presentation of studies and methods in sufficient detail and clarity to allow for replication or, at a minimum, to offer the opportunity to build systematically on the findings of the research;

‘(vi) acceptance by a peer-reviewed journal or critique by a panel of independent experts through a comparably rigorous, objective, and scientific review; and

‘(vii) consistency of findings across multiple studies or sites to support the generality of results and conclusions.

Now, because I know that there is a distinct difference between a medical definition of cause and the everyday person’s definition of cause I brought up the medical terminology to point out that CAUSE doesn’t necessarily mean a direct relationship as most suppose. It means it MAY have added to or…


in diseases, an agent, event, condition or characteristic which plays an essential role in producing an occurrence of the disease. Because there is nowadays much less certainty about what actually establishes a disease state it is becoming more common to use terms such as disease determinants, causal association, causal relationship. koch’s postulates are no longer the sole criterion used in establishing causality.
constitutional cause
an inherent characteristic of the patient. Usually a systemic defect, e.g. protoporphyria.
direct cause
there must be no known variable intervening between the suspect factor and the disease.
endogenous cause
the cause comes from within the patient. See also constitutional cause (above).
exogenous cause
the cause comes from outside the patient, e.g. a virus infection.
indirect cause
all causes other than the direct cause (see above).
host cause
see endogenous cause (above).
necessary cause
a factor which must be present to produce disease; the disease does not occur unless the factor was or is present.
precipitating cause
the trigger mechanism that initiates the commencement of the disease state.
predisposing cause
a mechanism that makes a patient more susceptible to the precipitating cause.
primary cause
the principal factor in causing the disease.
secondary cause
a factor that assists the primary cause. A cause of secondary importance.
specific cause
the single cause in a single cause-single disease relationship.
sufficient cause
a minimal set of conditions and events which inevitably produce disease.

As you can see, the word *cause* has multiple meanings. I can say, “The cause of cancer is smoking” but in reality the word cause means that there MAY BE a relationship, this is not an absolute.  In order to know what cause means in relation to something, you have to know which definition of cause they are using in the data.  Makes this rather vague to the average person.  And gives a whole lot of room for abuse, broad statements which are not necessarily factual, and falsified data.

‘(40) SEVERELY ECONOMICALLY DISTRESSED COMMUNITY- The term ‘severely economically distressed community’ means an area that has a mortgage foreclosure rate, home price decline, and unemployment rate greater than the national mortgage foreclosure rate, home price decline, and unemployment rate for the last 12 months for which satisfactory data are available, or a residential area that lacks basic living necessities, such as water and sewer systems, electricity, paved roads, and safe sanitary housing.

‘(41) TRIBALLY CONTROLLED COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY- The term ‘tribally controlled college or university’ has the meaning given such term in section 2 of the Tribally Controlled College or University Assistance Act of 1978 (25 U.S.C. 1801).

‘(42) MEDICALLY UNDERSERVED POPULATION- The term ‘medically underserved population’ has the meaning given that term in section 330(b)(3) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 254b(b)(3)).

‘(43) VETERAN- The term ‘veteran’ has the meaning given the term in section 101 of title 38, United States Code.’.

There is no base this legislation doesn’t cover. I have moved the scrollbar on this bill approximately 1/10th of the entire length of the bill. This is only the definitions portion of the bill. I have yet to get to the meat of it.


(b) Allotments to States, Territories, and Indian Tribes- The Corporation, in consultation with the Secretary of Education, may make allotments to State educational agencies, Territories, and Indian tribes to pay for the Federal share of–

This doesn’t say the federal government or the Constitution, NO it says the CORPORATION!!! It is the Corporation which will teach teachers, build community relationships, indoctrinate preschool children through secondary school, includes instruction of Tribal schools, etc. to maximize exposure and compliance.

‘(A) providing professional developement for teachers, supervisors, personnel from community-based agencies (particularly with regard to the recruitment, utilization, and management of participants), and trainers, to be conducted by qualified individuals or organizations that have experience with service-learning;

‘(B) developing service-learning curricula, consistent with State or local academic content standards, to be integrated into academic programs, including an age-appropriate learning component that provides participants an opportunity to analyze and apply their service experiences;

One thing I’ve also noticed is that whoever wrote this doesn’t use a dictionary or spell check. Simple words like development are spelled wrong. And it isn’t the only word in here misspelled. If they are pushing academics so hard, shouldn’t the one writing the bill know how to spell?  That may sound a bit nit-picky, but when we are talking education and educating, it only seems natural that spelling be required.  Oh, my bad, this is Congress we’re talking about!

The previous section goes on to talk about approved propaganda to be introduced throughout the school system and then to evaluate how well that propaganda is being implemented.   Can you say Socialism?  Can you say INDOCTRINATION???

‘(2) implementing, operating, or expanding school-based service-learning programs, which may include paying for the cost of the recruitment, training, supervision, placement, salaries, and benefits of service-learning coordinators, through distribution of Federal funds by State educational agencies, Territories, and Indian tribes made available under this part to projects operated by local partnerships among–

It goes on to state that this *SHALL include*, State, public and private non-profit organizations, human, education, environmental, or public safety needs, directed at students, and has been in existence for at least one year.

It may also include: private for-profit business, private elementary or secondary school, or Indian tribe.  The Tribes just cannot be partners…

OK, I’ll end this post here as it is getting VERY long.  Look for part 2 coming soon.

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