Questioning The Flow Of Guns Into Mexico

‘‘Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined’’ — Patrick Henry

‘‘Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined’’ — Patrick Henry

You can’t miss the headlines.  They are splashed across every major news agency, over the internet, and on every local station:

Mexico: U.S. Must Stop Gun Trade At Border

But do a google search of Gun Shop Owners arrested for selling those guns, or, Gun shop owners arrested for trafficking guns, and chances are, you won’t find but one maybe two…

I know, because I’ve been looking.  After the 19th page on google I decided I’d done my civic duty and could rest easy now with my findings.  For surely, if all these masses of guns were flowing into Mexico, wouldn’t there have been SOME evidence?  I mean, isn’t this the wet dream of the BATFE agent to get the headlines out?  You would certainly think so!  So, if they aren’t making bust after bust, where are the FACTS???

Here is what I’ve found in the 19 pages I searched for with the search criteria; Gun shop owner arrested.  You might also try guns stopped at the border which I also tried.  Or make up your own, I did those too.  I didn’t have any luck with any of them.  Only more article headings that CLAIMED massive amounts of guns are entering Mexico, but no facts or links to prove it.  AND EVERY OTHER ARTICLE ALWAYS HAS LINKS.  Sorry big media, but I’m not buying the bullshit.

By Joel Millman


3:00 a.m. March 8, 2009

— An Arizona gun shop has gone on trial in state court in what law enforcement officials are calling a landmark case against gun dealers who sell weapons that end up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels, fueling horrific violence south of the border that killed more than 6,000 people last year.

Jury selection began last week in the trial of X-Caliber Guns LLC, accused of knowingly selling hundreds of weapons, mostly AK-47s, to buyers who were posing as fronts for Mexican drug gangs. The store’s owner, George Iknadosian, 47, has maintained his innocence in court filings.

AK47 Assault Rifle

The weapon was developed for motorized infantry, adopted for service with the Soviet Army in 1949 and designated the AK47.   These are illegal.

Well, there was one anyway… but this one hasn’t even gone to trial yet.  How could one man be responsible for all those weapons in Mexico?  And, could it be he was set up???   Visions of David Olofson come to mind. And you know what?  I believe the gun shop owner.  I know, my bad.

Search after search I found a title that is unsupported.  And notice the wording meant to speak to your passions.  Don’t think, believe what we tell you.  We wouldn’t lie to you!  Not us!  Trust us!  Ummmm, NO, don’t think so.

Mexico: U.S. Must Stop Gun Trade At Border

Over, and over, and over again.  The first three pages in fact were all about that title.  I wanted something with actual numbers.  So I changed my search criteria.  I tried Gun Shop owners arrested.  This came up with more nothing, although lots of articles, but nothing of substance or nothing to do with these united States…  Like this one here:

CBSA agents display guns seized at the Coutts border crossing. Photograph by: Handout, Courtesy CBSA

Canadian border guards seize weapons at Coutts crossing

By Jason van Rassel, Calgary Herald January 8, 2009

A cross-border investigation has netted authorities 10 semi-automatic handguns hidden in a vehicle returning to Canada at the Coutts crossing in southern Alberta.

The Canada Border Services Agency announced today that officers found the contraband hidden behind panels inside a vehicle they searched at Coutts, 80 kilometres southeast of Lethbridge, on Saturday.

In addition to the firearms, officers also seized 11 high-capacity ammunition clips and 300 rounds of ammunition.

But, that is from these united States INTO Canada…  Not into Mexico.

And then there was this headline which someone had a sincere sense of humor when they wrote this one!!!

Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons // Store Owner Arrested Previously

By Brian Barber
Published: 8/5/1997
Last Modified: 5/25/2008  1:57 AM

Federal agents on Monday searched a south Tulsa gun shop owned by the man who officials allege had kept in his house one of the largest stockpiles of explosives ever confiscated by the Tulsa
Police Bomb Squad.

Thao Dinh Le was arrested July 2 on numerous federal and state charges after the explosives were found. He has remained in jail since then.

So, that one isn’t really about guns as the problem.  And did you love that headline?  FEDERAL AGENTS RAID GUN SHOP, FIND WEAPONS!  LOL  Seriously, what did they expect to find in a gun shop?  Ice cream?  I did mention a sense of humor didn’t I?  And notice the date: 8/5/1997 Nope, not recent either.  So, the search went on.

Owner of Colbert, Ga., gun shop arrested in sting.

Byline: Lee Shearer

Oct. 18–Federal and state investigators locked down a Colbert gun shop Tuesday and jailed the Athens man who owns it on federal firearms charges.

Michael Curtis Oakley, 46, of 365 Oak Meadow Drive, was arrested at his workplace, Athens Housing Authority, by officers with the Athens-Clarke County police Drug and Vice Unit and agents with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said Lt. Mike Hunsinger, supervisor of the Athens-Clarke unit.

At about the same time, ATF agents, Athens-Clarke police officers and Madison County sheriff’s deputies went into Oakley Outdoor Sports in

Yet again we have an old article this back in 2006.  So, come on, where are all these supposed gun sales or runners from these united States into Mexico?  So I kept searching and then I came across this interesting bit of news:


US Military Training and Texas Guns Fuel Mexico’s Narco Wars

by Peter Gorman, Fort Worth Weekly

But their artillery goes beyond anything found at your local gun shop. The cartels have M-16s, hand grenades, grenade launchers—that is, US military weapons, by the truckload.

Many of the most murderous units of the drug armies know very well how to use those weapons because they were taught by the US military—on the assumption that they were going to fight against the cartels. Now they fight for the cartels—or control them. What’s more, US corporations are getting into the act, working under contract with the Mexican and US governments to train specialized soldiers, including in torture techniques, and to act as private security agents on both sides of the border.

The reason I found this article so interesting, even though there is no date on it, was the information ABOUT the guns the cartels have.  This all but proves it isn’t the Gun Shop owners that are selling the arms and ammunition to the cartels, but the united States, her military and/or the corporations that contract with them.  But not the little shop owner, no siree bob!  The whole article is very informative.  In fact, it goes on to say how they have managed to get Mexican citizens to put RFID chips into their bodies!  At the bottom of the article it says first printed Dec. 3, but doesn’t give a year.  The resources are from 2007.

An excellent read by the way.  Just a long one.

So, moving on again.  I found this little gem tucked away on about the 4th or 5th page of one of my searches.  I swear to God I did NOT make this up either.  Read on…

Jersey City gun shop owner wins partial court victory

by Michaelangelo Conte

Thursday May 08, 2008, 5:11 PM
Murray, the owner of David’s Sporting Goods on Second Street near Newark Avenue, still faces aggravated assault and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose charges. He is also charged with bias intimidation, or intimidating or threatening to intimidate a person or persons based on their race, officials said.The charges stem from a May 3, 2007 incident in which someone double-parked beside Murray’s car and refused to move.A nearby security camera captured images of two men getting out of the vehicle and walking to Murray’s vehicle, where there was a confrontation.

At least one man can be seen swinging punches at Murray before Murray fires his licensed .357 Magnum into the air. The two men then go back to their vehicle and speed away. Murray was arrested and indicted and the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office never pressed charges against the others involved.

Apparently in Jersey City you can be assaulted but DO NOT defend yourself!  You will then be arrested and charged with bias intimidation, or intimidating, or threatening to intimidate a person or persons based on their race.  Funny, the article never does mention WHAT that race was…  Yup, that’s Jersey Justice for you!  Oh, and then decided NOT to charge the two thugs who accosted the gun shop owner.  Way to go Jersey!!!

But, again, there is no charge of gun smuggling.  So where, oh where, are all these gun shops that are selling CONTRABAND weapons???  As far as I can tell, gun shop owners aren’t allowed to carry, let alone sell, automatic weapons.  It is automatic weapons that are crossing the border.  That spells military, not civilian!

According to Wikipedia:

Illegal arms trafficking, also known as Gunrunning, is trafficking in (smuggling) contraband weapons and ammunition.

Arms trafficking is most widespread in regions of political turmoil, but is not limited to such areas. For example, in South Asia, an estimated 63 million guns have been trafficked into the region.

The suppression of gunrunning is one of the areas of increasing interest in the context of international law. Two examples of gunrunning are the Larne Gun Running and Provisional IRA arms importation.

The total value of the illegal arms market is difficult to estimate. However, available estimates place the value of the arms trafficking market in the billions of dollars.

Now, it is only the most ignorant of individuals that can’t see where this is leading.  Someone, pulling strings, is stirring up a hornets nest.  These shadowy figures want OUR guns.  So they make it look like Civilian gun shop owners are responsible for all these massive amounts of guns getting into Mexico when I’d bet dollars to doughnuts they are coming in from elsewhere…  But hey, if you want to start a war between Mexico and these united States, what better way to do it than to get both countries pointing fingers at eachother???  Am I making sense here?

But where is the proof?  All these splashy headlines going across the wire being dinned into everyones heads, “Stop the Guns flooding Mexico!”  Man, they go out by the millions and there is NO FACT TO THEM.  None whatsoever!  Not one points to a place or a shop and says HERE IS THE PROOF!

I’m NOT buying it.  Not today, not tomorrow.

Tempe Gun Store Owner Who Shot at Alleged Thief Never Charged



Warsaw Gun Shop Owner Arrested By Feds

Staff Report

Federal investigators confiscated weapons and documents from a Warsaw gun shop and arrested its owner Thursday.

Earl Howard, 60, the owner of Little Hawk;s Guns & Knives, Warren Street, Warsaw, was charged with two counts of selling a firearm to a convicted felon and one count of failing to keep required records. He was booked into the Allen County Jail after being taken into custody at his store by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

These are all OLD stories.  Not current articles!  Where are the facts?  And how do these articles in any way come close to what is being touted ALL OVER THE WEB and LOCAL STATIONS?  There isn’t any.  They are blowing smoke up our collective rears and how many are falling for it?  A LOT.  If these idiots would rub two brain cells together they could figure it out.  But it is like falling for Obama, they don’t think once they fall for him.

‘‘I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.’’
‘‘To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.’’

— George Mason

You can’t have our guns.  You have to prove it is us and not the government and I do believe it is the government.  Only they have the weapons capability, them or Blackwater.  Blackwater is a contractor with the federal government…And Blackwater is training in these united States…

Just in case you aren’t convinced, check out the application site for Blackwater:

Here is a small article concerning them:

Blackwater Worldwide

At Blackwater’s complex in North Carolina, it has shooting ranges for high-powered weapons, buildings for simulating hostage rescue missions and a bunkhouse for trainees. The installation is so modern and well-equipped that Navy Seals stationed at the Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base in Norfolk, Va., routinely use it, military officials said. So do police units from around the country, who come to Blackwater for specialized training.

Nope, it isn’t the civilian population that are sending the guns to Mexico, it is the government or operations like Blackwater who have access to these weapons.  Don’t fall for the media hype and blather, it is ALL LIES!  Are we surprised?  Nope.

There is NO evidence to support the theory that lax gun laws in these united States are responsible for the arms getting into Mexico.  If there is a conspiracy here, it is between the Mexican government and the united States government.  It has nothing to do with We the People or small business owners.


~ by justmytruth on March 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Questioning The Flow Of Guns Into Mexico”

  1. Excellent article, I’ll definately pass it around. Judging by all the pictures shown in the media of these cartels’ weapon caches and seizures, and statements that these weapons came from the US… I must be shopping at the wrong gun stores. It’s all automatics/grenades/RPGs and other military equipment.
    That thing sure didn’t come from a US gunstore.
    Yeah, now just the other day I remember seeing an M72 LAW AT weapon and rifle grenades at the sporting good store here in Texas, where these are all coming from right? *sarcasm*
    I could keep going, but I’ll stop here.

    Sure, there are a good number of semi automatic rifles and similar that appear to have originated from the US, while digging through photos, I did come across a few FN PS90s and FN FS2000s, I have no doubt these were aquired in the US, as well as quite a few civilian looking ARs. But they were usually a few among the hundreds of beatup automatic AKs from South of Mexico, russian suppressors for the AKs, Uzis, Grenade Lauchers, Grenades, Mortar rounds, AT weapons such as M72s (most likely given/sold to Mexican Military by the US in the 90’s), and a ton of SBR ARs, which are strictly regulated by the ATF in the US.

  2. The largest amount of weapons that are flowing into mexico are not those sold by gun dealers to the drug cartels, but average american joes that purchase the weapons legally..and then sell them to the cartels.

  3. That’s what you say. Now show me your proof. I’ve showed you mine.

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