Demand Scrutiny For All Passports Issued For Past 10 Years

Responsibility is the price of greatness.  Winston Churchill

Responsibility is the price of greatness. Winston Churchill

I’ve about had a gut full of the incompetence of the federal government and its subdivisions.

Things were supposed to improve after of 9/11, yet here is proof, 8 years later, that NOTHING much has been accomplished.

While Citizens of this country are treated like criminals in airports, train, and bus stations with all the added security measures, the feds can’t even do a simple thing like verify passport information.  In essence they are throwing the boarder doors open and with a big neon sign saying COME ON IN NO ONE”S WATCHING.  The hen house is going to wind up empty with the Fox guarding it.

While constantly targeting citizens who obey the laws of this land, government agencies are incapable of following their own rules, guidelines, or security measures with any certainty.  Just how safe do you feel after the news that passports are being handed out with forged, adulterated, fraudulent, or even dead people’s identities?  How about even the identities of your own living children?  There goes identity fraud again!  THAT is another area the needs a whole lot of work…

Fake papers used to get passports

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Using phony documents and the identities of a dead man and a 5-year-old boy, a government investigator obtained U.S. passports in a test of post-Sept. 11 security.

< Snipped >

  • One investigator used the Social Security number of a man who died in 1965, a fake New York birth certificate and a fake Florida driver’s license. He received a passport four days later.
  • A second attempt had the investigator using a 5-year-old boy’s information but identifying himself as 53 years old on the passport application. He received that passport seven days later.
  • In another test, the investigator used fake documents to get a genuine Washington identification card, which he then used to apply for a passport. He received it the same day.
  • In yet another investigation, he used a fake New York birth certificate and a fake West Virginia driver’s license and got the passport eight days later.

Criminals and terrorists place a high value on illegally obtained travel documents, U.S. intelligence officials have said. Currently, poorly faked passports are sold on the black market for $300, while top-notch fakes go for about $5,000, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigations.

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Only now, 8 YEARS AFTER THE FACT, when the cat has been let out of the bag, do they decide to *review their policies*. < rolls eyes > This is not a proactive situation!  These agencies need to stop the knee jerk reactions and fix their own problems.  Gives new meaning to the saying, *Government Intelligence!*

The GAO has put out several reports on this issue, but the problems remain.  Click Here for report.   Also click Here: One report is dated 2005, the other is 2007.  This was NOT news to either the GAO OR the passport division!!!  In case it escaped your attention, that is at LEAST 4 years that this agency and the GAO have known about the problems.

Will it take another 9/11 for this department to get it right?  How many other instances of incompetence are there in other government agencies?  How are they supposed to keep us safe?  Does anyone remember how they were outsourcing this department???  I sure do!  This CNN Lou Dobbs Transcript is from 2008:

New evidence tonight that our government is putting expediency ahead of national security once again. The State Department is outsourcing the manufacturer of American passports to foreign countries and at the same time doing little or nothing to enforce visas into the United States. It always seems to get just better and better.

Louise Schiavone has our report.

A google search shows 163,000 instances of reported failures by government agencies. Fire them all and start over!   It is clear to me that these agencies cannot perform their function.  Between the FDA, the Passport agency, and others that completely fail to keep the public safe, those elected or appointed need to be fired.

And passing more laws will not make us safer, just as allowing these agencies to continue to function while they *review* their methods, won’t change a thing. Enforcement of EXISTING LAWS would be a wonderful thing!!!  I suggest we make a Civilian review board to over-see Congress and these agencies, a coalition of citizens which are NOT part of the federal government and whose interests are strictly to close dangerous gaps in policies.  We have enough laws, what we lack is the ability to enforce them.

From CNN’s Mike Ahlers we have this report:

The GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, said its undercover investigator conducted four tests of the passport issuance system and “easily” obtained passports every time. Individuals with “even minimal counterfeiting capabilities” can obtain genuine U.S. passports, which can be used to travel overseas, open bank accounts and prove U.S. citizenship, the GAO report says.

< Snipped >

A State Department spokesman was not immediately available for comment. But the GAO said in the report that State Department officials “agreed that our findings expose a major vulnerability” in the passport issuance process. State Department officials said the department’s ability to verify the information submitted “is hampered by limitations to its information-sharing and data access with other agencies at the federal and state levels.”  Some agencies won’t share information because of  concerns, or because the State Department is not a law enforcement agency.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.  Man, I wish the government would allow us excuses when we don’t do something right.  Why are the Citizens of this country putting up with this kind of crap?  Bloated agencies, corruption, incapable administrations and their sub-agencies, need to be trimmed if not eliminated.  And the need to start the process of fixing the issues and firing incompetent employees seems to be an answer to start with.

A great article to read on this subject can be found here:  According to Michael Cutler who is a 29 year veteran of INS:

It is interesting to note that the definition states that the passport is supposed to be issued by “competent authority.” That term is used to make it clear that only an appropriate government official can issue a passport to make certain that the process has integrity. For the United States, it is the State Department that has the authority to issue U.S. Passports and carry out a number of other critically important functions that relate to foreign policy.

Clearly where the United States Passport Office is concerned, they should perhaps amend the definition of passport to reflect that all too often, passports are issued by incompetent authorities!

I whole-heartedly agree!  It is going beyond ridiculous with the amount of incompetence we are seeing in Congress, Homeland Security and other agencies with regard to protecting Americans!  It seems in the rush to placate Mexico and other countries, the government agencies are ready, willing and able to screw our safety in order to allow whomever or whatever to enter this country.

Adding to this are other problems the government knows of and yet does nothing about.  Why, exactly, do we have a government if it isn’t doing the job for which it was designed?  Could it be time to replace said government?  Maybe…

Need I point out that a man on kidney dialysis is still out there forming terrorists cells and camps and plotting against these united States and her citizens?  Osama bin Laden should be easy to find with his medical issues.  Some claims have him coming into the united States for treatment AFTER 9/11.

According to PBS:

An American citizen of Yemeni descent from Lackawanna, New York, Alwan and five friends traveled to Afghanistan, trained in an Al Qaeda camp, and met Osama bin Laden in the spring of 2001. Alwan was arrested in September 2002 and has pled guilty to material support of terrorism. He is now serving a 10-year prison sentence. In this interview, Alwan explains why he went to the camp, what it was like meeting bin Laden, and the events that transpired leading up to his arrest.

These terror cells are neither small nor few as you can see by the map.  These are ISLAMIC in belief. But there are other equally dangerous cells from other countries and beliefs.

WorldNetDaily had this to say about terror cells living and working INSIDE the united States:

U.S. authorities have no doubt there are terrorist sleeper cells in our midst. In 2002 the FBI concluded in an internal review that somewhere between 50 and 100 Hamas and Hezbollah operatives had infiltrated into America. The FBI believed these operatives “were in America working on fund-raising and logistics, and they had received terrorist and military training from Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East, giving Hamas and Hezbollah the capability of launching terrorist strikes.”

In 2004 the FBI suggested that al-Qaida sleeper cells were believed to be operating in 40 states, awaiting orders and funding for new attacks on U.S. soil. The bureau believed that these agents were being funded ” by millions of dollars solicited by an extensive network of bogus charities and foundations,” with the cells using “Muslim communities as cover and places to raise cash and recruit sympathizers.” U.S. law-enforcement authorities claimed to have satellite photos and communications intercepts that documented between 60 and 70 camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and in Pakistan. Still, finding sleeper-cell terrorists is very difficult, especially with the presumption of innocence and extensive legal rights and civil liberties granted suspects under U.S. law.

So why does our government allow this to continue?  Why don’t the clean up and revise problems known WHEN THEY FIND THEM instead of after it is leaked to the public?  It is almost as though the government WANTS bad things to happen to the citizens of this country so that they may react AFTER the fact, imposing more repressive laws upon We the People.  It truly makes me angry.

And what is worse to me is the mantra of the Obama administration, *Protectionism* is supposed to be a dirty word. Let me tell you this Obama, Protecting the American Citizen is your top priority.  If it is not, you need to be replaced!  It is about bloody time that someone got serious about protecting the right to feel safe and secure within our homes and borders.  It is about time that we knew our boarders and ports were secure, screw the desires of other countries.  And it is damn well time that the government got its shit together for those purposes or was replaced.  Protectionism?  That’s a beautiful word to me!!!

Reviewing passport records for the past 10 years needs to be mandatory.  Incompetence is NOT acceptable.  A thorough background check on all employees at the passport facilities needs to be accomplished ASAP!  No excuse is acceptable and no compromise will be tolerated.

What has happened to this countries leaders?  Do they understand the oaths they took? Do they have any sense of American Pride, of Loyalty, or a sense of Patriotism? Are they all liars and thieves willing to swear any oath in order to get what they want and screw the people of this Nation?  Just too many things are pointing in this direction lately.  Maybe all those in office of any sort need to take a lie-detector test to see if they are loyal to this country, their States, or the People of this land.

I have no desire to overthrow the current government, however, I want them concerned with OUR safety first.  I want them taking care of those issues which concern the Citizens of this country FIRST, not be last on their agenda.   We, the Governed, DESERVE to be priority number 1. Our Government should be concerned with Americans first, foreign governments, such as Mexico or China, and other county’s peoples LAST!  Wake up administration or you may find the angry citizens of this country knocking on your doors!


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