It’s All A Lie Part 2

Fighting for these united States

Fighting for these united States

I’m currently having some issues with comments on this blog.  I’ve contacted support about them not showing up on these articles.  I’ve done all the steps WordPress requires for posting comments, (upgrades, GRRRRR!) they used to show up just fine, but now they seem to be missing totally when I view my site.

My irritation levels are way up!  The instructions are wayyyy too easy to screw up, so where are my commenters posts???

OK, I’ve figured it out.  Right next to the title of the articles is a tiny *comment* area which if you want to view the comments you have to click on.  Then you can see them.  < rolls eyes >  I’ve never found an upgrade yet to be enjoyable on this site.  They always seem to be a step backwards.  I can’t imagine what kind of brown-noser says these are a *great idea*…

Walter Burien contacted me and left this comment with links.  If you live in Phoenix, or another city in Arizona, you are going to want to access these links for the REAL truth!  If not, his email addy is right here so contact Mr. Burien directly.  I’m sure he will answer you as quickly as possible!

You can download the City of Phoenix, Arizona CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) for 2002 through 2006 from this download directory –

For Maricopa County, Arizona CAFR for 1996 through 2003 from this download directory –



I don’t know why I should have been so shocked at what has been done to us.  I’ve known for a long time that government can’t be trusted to tell us the truth or defend us as Citizens.  I’ve also stated for a long time that as long as you vote EITHER Republican or Democrat, NOTHING will ever change.  Evidence of that is the total Democratic Congress after voting out so many Republicans and still we have spending like there is no tomorrow.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein, (attributed)
US (German-born) physicist (1879 – 1955)

OK, the TV stations I’ve contacted, and you can too, are as follows:


KAET Receptionist: 480-965-8888


Questions or comments about programming: 480-965-2308 Leave them a message if it is after hours.

Telecommunications Device for the Deaf: 480-965-9165

OR to send them snailmail:

Arizona State University,
Box 871405,
Tempe, AZ 85287-1405.

Then there is CW-6, the WB station.  The only way to get through to them is if you are a listed or joined member.  I’m not so the contact information is limited but I’ll add it anyway.


Phone: (480) 661-6161

Location is Phoenix, Arizona

AZTV-7 Located in both Phoenix and Prescott Arizona:

For programming and website questions:

Phoenix Office and Studios:
4343 E. Camelback Rd. #130
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: 602-977-7700
Fax: 602-224-2214

Prescott Office and Studios:
3211 Tower Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86305
Phone: 928-778-6770
Fax: 928-445-5210

Next, we have ABC-15 or KNXTV  If you go to the website, under the main banner, close to the top of the page in the right hand corner is a button called: Submit your news.  Clicking on it will take you to an email box.  Here is my message to them:

I would appreciate a story done on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or CAFR for Arizona, Maricopa County, and Phoenix.  Please contact me when you will run this story?

Click the submit button and your message is sent.  You will receive this message:

MyAZNews allows you to submit news to ABC15.

Thank you for your submission, we will review it as soon as possible.
Now we move on to KPHO-TV or CBS-5.  This station was especially difficult to navigate to find where to contact them.  Maybe I’m just a bit dumb, but I’m usually a lot faster with things than this allowed me to be.  Finally though I found their contact information…
NEWS TIPS – 602-650-0711 OR
Email address for replying to Morning Show questions –
For your concerns of criminal or unregulated activities and investigative tips
CBS 5 GENERAL MANAGER – accepts viewer concerns and suggestions –
This was my message to them:
Please do an investigative report on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or CAFR for Phoenix, Maricopa County, and all of Arizona. I would love to hear back from you concerning this matter.
I got back: Thank you for your submission. It has been received by our staff.
Next I contacted KPNX or 12 News.   I sent them the following message.  The Arizona Republic is also listed wayyyy at the bottom of the page in teeny-tiny lettering.  My message to them follows:
I would like to see a news report done on the CAFR or Comprehensive Financial Annual Report.  It seems that the City of Phoenix and the state of Arizona aren’t broke after all.  Your news information will appear on my blog.

You can contact them by clicking HERE:
U.S. Mail to: The Arizona Republic Newsroom,
200 E. Van Buren St., Mail Code NM19
Phoenix, AZ 85004.
The Arizona Republic, email us at with as much detail as possible and your contact information. You may also call the newsroom at (602) 444-NEWS (6397).

Letters to the Editor
The Arizona Republic welcomes letters to the editor of up to 200 words on any topic. They may be edited for clarity and length. Letters must include your name, address and a daytime phone number. If your letter is selected for publication, we will notify you.

Letters to the editor, opinion and editorial columns and articles submitted to The Arizona Republic may be published or distributed in print, electronic or other forms.

Send a letter to the editor using our convenient online form. Letters can be sent via U.S. Mail to: Letters to the Editor, The Arizona Republic, P.O. Box 2244, Phoenix, AZ 85002. Letters may also be faxed to (602) 444-8933.

Next, I contacted KSAZ-TV or MyFox 10.  And some of the stations listed are no longer available to contact.  They have either left the area or gone out of business. To contact KSAZ-TV  click here:

When I sent them the email, I clicked on Business & Consumer News with my usual request.


511 W. Adams Street
Phoenix, AZ  85003
Phone: 602-257-1234  Fax: 602-262-0177

I left them this message:

I would like to see a news report done on the CAFR or Comprehensive Financial Annual Report.  It seems that the City of Phoenix and the state of Arizona aren’t broke after all.  Your news information will appear on my blog.

Then I next contacted KTVX or 3 TV
General Station Info:
5555 N. 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Phone: 602-207-3333

Anchor & Talent Feedback:

News Tips:
Phone: 602-207-3443

3 On Your Side:
Phone: (602) 207-3470


View Programming Schedule

My message was as follows:

I would like to see a news report done on the CAFR or Comprehensive Financial Annual Report.  It seems that the City of Phoenix and the state of Arizona aren’t broke after all.  Your news information will appear on my blog.

Thank you,

And the last one I contacted was KUTP My45

MY 45
511 West Adams
Phoenix, AZ 85003-1608

You can contact the MY 45 viewer comment line at 602-262-0431

email here:

I would like to see a news report done on the CAFR or Comprehensive Financial Annual Report.  It seems that the City of Phoenix and the state of Arizona aren’t broke after all.  Your news information will appear on my blog.

Thank you,

Thank you!
We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for watching My45 KUTP!


That was all the TV stations that were available to contact.  Next I tried radio stations in Phoenix and surrounding area.

KAJM Mega 104.3/99.3

(888) 314-9629

Address: 7434 E Stetson Dr,
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
This station claimed they didn’t have a news desk and couldn’t report on anything.  I told them I wanted to get the word out about the true financial situation here in Arizona and the gal responded instantly with, “We don’t have any real news ability, only public service announcements that are hand picked.  They pointed me in the direction of KTAR…
KTAR has a very nice website.  The AM and FM stations are the same.   Their contact information follows:
5300 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85012-1410
(602) 274-6200
Fax: (602) 266-3858
Listener Call-in Line
News: (602) 277-5827
Director of News & Sports Programming, FM News/Talk 92.3 KTAR,
Russ Hill
(602) 200-2660
This message was sent to the above email addy:

Dear Mr. Hill

I would like to see a news report done on the CAFR or Comprehensive Financial Annual Report.  It seems that the City of Phoenix and the state of Arizona aren’t broke after all.  Your information, and any response will appear on my blog.

Thank you,

I made sure to save a copy in my sent mail…

I tried several stations that didn’t seem to exist except as call signs.  That’s disappointing!  I finally found this one KBAQ:

KBAQ 89.5 FM
2323 W. 14th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Phone: 480-833-1122
Fax: 480-774-8475

I clicked on comment about programms since it was the  only one to let you suggest programming articles;

Name: These boxes filled in on form
Comments: I would like to see a news report done on the CAFR or Comprehensive Financial Annual Report. It seems that the City of Phoenix and the state of Arizona aren’t broke after all. Your information, and any response will appear on my blog.

Thank you!

Thank you for writing

Thank you for writing to KBAQ. Due to the large volume of correspondence it may be impossible for our Staff to respond individually to each e-mail. Please know that your concerns and comments are important to us and that they will be reviewed by the appropriate member of your public radio station. Sincerely,

The KBAQ Management and Staff

Isn’t this FUN?  LOL  And on to the next one! KDKB 93.3

Here is the message I sent them:

I’m really curious if any media outlet have the guts to check into this information.  I’d love to hear about it!

I’d love to hear a piece done on the CAFR or Comprehensive Annual Financial Report that all cities, States and counties do.  There seems to be a media blackout on this issue.

Your station information and any response will be found HERE:

Thank you!

Thank You

Thanks for your comments and sharing some time with us @ KDKB-FM.

I’ve been checking my email addy that I’m leaving for these stations.  Except for ONE auto response, I’ve gotten nothing from any of the above.  NEXT…

KDUS *The Fan* AM 1060 was a sports only station so I didn’t stay and I didn’t contact them.

KFYI was my next stop.  Although they are listed quite often, it was only on those websites that advertise stations.  Confused?  Me too.  How can a radio station be advertised if it doesn’t exist?

KKFR came up next.  By the way, if you are curious as to where I got all this station information from, check out Wikipedia for local stations.

Here was a pretty empty webpage.  While there is contact information, it isn’t very descriptive and you are left to wonder who it is you wish to contact…

4745 N 7th Street Suite 410
Phoenix, AZ 85014



Request (I have no idea what you would be requesting here and there is no description available)

General Manager
Nat Galvin

Program Director
Bruce St. James

Marketing Director
Charlie Huero

Market Controller
Wendell Rote

I’ve spent more time looking for radio stations that DO NOT exist!  It is ridiculous!  One station I looked at was actually based out of Illinois.  So most do not exist here in Phoenix even if they say they do.  They are owned and operated by Big Media outlets and probably won’t be contacting me back.  Goes to show you how right Walter Burien is right about the media black-out.

I’ve had the email addy open this whole time for those I did send emails to, not one has responded.  We just have to keep pushing this, writing it down, sending it out.  One of these days they are going to crack when they realize enough people are not only aware, but are working on them too.  Do your part, we may just beat them.

Update March 12, 2009

As Walter Burien pointed out I had written CFAR instead of CAFR!  Must have been a blonde moment and what I get for doing copy and paste instead of typing.  Just another day at the farm!

I’ve contacted JudicialWatch concerning this matter:

Phone: Call us toll free at 1-888-JW-Ethic (1-888-593-8442)

I phoned and left a message for Jill Farrell

Fax: 202-646-5199

Mail: Please write to us at:

Judicial Watch, Inc.
501 School St. SW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20024

E-mail: Jill Farrell

Media inquiries –

My email says:

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Walter Burien has done a piece on the true state of the financial situation in these united States.  You can find this information at It is imperative that this gets out yet there seems to be a total media blackout on this matter.  Will you help?


~ by justmytruth on March 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “It’s All A Lie Part 2”

  1. Thanks, justmytruth. My concern is that voting is so controlled that the anti-us won’t allow true elections to take place. And, if it looks like we are gaining the momentum to replace the powers-that-be, I’m sure they will come at us with a rage (poisons, missles, bombs). It’s a horrible feeling not to be able to trust those who promised and oathed to represent and protect us……..

  2. The government works with distraction and misinformation first. But they do have all those camp FEMAs around. The best thing we can do at election time will be to place people we trust at exit polls to keep track of how We the People are voting. When the government is no longer trustworthy we have to take our own steps to protect what is ours. Voting is ours.

    Again, thanks for posting and come back soon.

  3. I hope soon millions will be able to C FAR re the CAFR!! I visited the Columbus (Ga.) Ledger Inquirer months ago to see if they would do a story on the CAFR, and the elitist who talked to me just blew it off and disregarded me and my info.

    As I see it, the powers behind the Oz Curtain will never give up their stranglehold on Amerika. And we have no power to stop them. It appears that we will continue sliding into 3rd or 4th world status without any hope for victory over the Khazar Banksters, titled “Esquires,” career politicians, and all their ilk.

    Those profiting from this worldwide fraud and enjoying their perks have no desire to aid us in our search for peace and freedom.

    So much for those praying that the “Prince of Peace” would do something to help us. Not a pretty picture, is it? s–i—g–h–.

  4. Walter Burien and his attempts to get the information out there are being derailed by our representatives in congress. It is up to us to distribute this information to all the people of this land so that they will know what the government is up to. Those in congress will continue to blow us off until we vote them out and change business as usual practices.

    Thanks for posting!

  5. justmytruth:


    On your press contacts you started out correct then on the rest you kept writing CFAR over the correct term of CAFR

  6. I’ll be fixing that right away. So Sorry! LOL I must have been tired.

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