It’s All A Lie Part 1- Updated Again 4-2-09

800px-gadsden_flag-largesvgThose who read my blog know that I always back-up what I say with links and information.  I don’t just rant or go off on tangents just because this is my blog and I can do that here.  I try to find things that will be of interest while maintaining my stated purpose.  Here is one of the most shocking posts you will ever read on my blog.

I was reading emails last night from a group I belong to when one of them contained a link.  Since it was a trusted group, I did a copy and paste of  the link into the url line of google which took me to a video.  The video, truth to tell, was a bit dry and boring, however considering the information it contained it is critical that every Citizen of this country watch it and learn just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to government lies and fraud.

The government no longer needs our tax money.  They take it because they can and because we are conditioned to pay it.  But they haven’t needed it in a long time!  Click HERE to read or watch the video.  2 hours plus

All the media outlets have an utter blackout on this information, (they have had it sent to them for decades), although it can be readily downloaded with just a simple google search for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report from your State or county or even local city.  google CAFR1 OR CLICK HERE:

In order to find out what is going on with your local State or county or city simply go to google, type in Comprehensive Financial Report and put your personal location next to that.  I just did one this morning for the city of Phoenix where I live.  While most of the report is a series of expenses, budget expenses, and such, the very last pages contain the true wealth of these cities and counties.  Now, multiply that with every city and county across the land, and you will start to get an idea of just how much wealth the government owns.  According to Walter Burien who founded this site, it is in the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

In watching this video I got sick to my stomach knowing just how manipulated and side-stepped we have been.  The money men are laughing at us peons.  And soon, we may become a liability and expendable.  It certainly doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, the facts are the facts and easily proven given a bit of time and effort on your part.  You certainly don’t have to take my word for any of it.

What matters is that we take back what is ours, return the country back to We the People instead of the Corporation it has become.  Stick your head in the sand and life will continue for a few more years just as it always has.  But time for us is running out.  Soon those with the money and power will get bored with the peons who try to circumvent their desires, or make too much noise, for total rule.  It is at that time that we become expendable.

The media is being paid to keep silent, to keep us entertained and unaware so we won’t look or see or search for the true state of affairs.  As Walter Burien says, “We’ve left the hen house door open and the Fox said Thank You!”  While we were busy watching movies, gaming, partying and scurrying like the little mice we are, our government is, and has been, busy stealing every thing they can.  Within the next few years, if you do nothing, you may be sitting at home when the FEMA trucks roll into your neighborhood to take you and your family to the camps…  In a very few years, the government will own  everything.  Will you sit at home with your head in the sand?

Consider this; EVERY School District, County or City Colleges, Pensions, Enterprise operations, etc., creates this Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, every single one of them.  Try to wrap your brain around the fact that you need to multiply the bottom line profits from this information for EVERY State.  Then RECOGNIZE that the federal government has assets in the TRILLIONS of Dollars all by itself.  The government has been scamming us since 1945!


First: We can take our collective heads out of the sand and stop letting the media side-track us.

Second: Write to your local news media outlet and ask them: “When and who will work on this FEATURE story.”

Third: Write to your local elected official and ask them when they will be placing a copy of the Comprehensive Annual Report on their website with links to analysis and findings.

Fourth: Send a letter to your local and State governments requesting they send out a letter of recommendation to all registered voters to review their local CAFR.  (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)  Make sure that this notice doesn’t contain ANY OTHER information in which this important issue may be lost or glossed over.

This morning I sent off this request to the City of Phoenix:

My comments or questions are related to: OTHER
Message: I would like a copy of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for this year. It should include all assets and investments the City of Phoenix currently has. Thank you,  Phoenix, Arizona 85006

I may update this post with their response if I even get one.  We shall see.

Now, Walter Burien had a partner.  That partner was Colonel Klatt who was murdered in July of 2004.  His information and qualifications can be found HERE:

Gerald Klatt – who I briefed in 1999 and I motivated to get up his site in 2000 was eliminated on July 11th 2004 in Tucson Arizona on his birthday. He no longer can fight the fight. I have sidestepped this end result that fell on Mr. Klatt (death) now for over ten years even though many attempts were blatantly orchestrated by a few ruthless local government players to accomplish that end result. Even an FBI agent (Kim Kelly) moved for indictment of the select parties involved three times back in the 90’s and was told by those up above “we are not going to go there”

I’m not sure how many out there are familiar with Devvy Kid but she puts together some incredible articles on  Here is the last one she wrote concerning California’s supposed budget shortfall, Walther Burien and the REAL state of affairs!

But, are the states really broke?

At least ten years ago, a man named Walter Burien began exposing something called a CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Walter managed to get on a SF radio show hosted by my friend, Geoff Metcalf. It was a real eye opener. Try as we all did, not one newspaper in the State of California would expose the truth of how the taxpayers were being fleeced. Nor would 99% of the radio stations statewide. I guess they all love being flogged every April 15th to reward the thieves in the state house.

I’ve written about this issue before and perhaps now, with the states crying poor, the citizens of the 50 states will do what I did years ago: I went to the Comptroller’s Office in downtown Sacramento and got a copy of the CAFR. Oh, they didn’t want to give it to me, but I whipped out my press credentials and after some muss and fuss, I obtained a copy. I am not an accountant so a lot of that tome was foreign to me. However, thanks to Walter and Gerald Klatt, even someone like me can understand this complicated shell game:

© 2009 – – All Rights Reserved

< snipped to preserve copy write >

This article contains important links.  For California citizens alone, here is some information from one of the links:

The Synergistic Magic of Economics.
What happens when the government holds the $59.83 billion.
The government holds and investments the surpluses at 4.5%.
Here is what happens when the $59.83 billion is returned to the taxpayers (the private economy).
(In Thousands)Surplus Effect Per Capita Family of 4
The surplus is returned to the taxpayers.
Wages are increased. State government revenues increase.
Local government revenues increase. 9,572,789 271
1,085 Federal government revenues increase. 23,931,972 678 2,712

Total Benefits…
In FY 2002 there 1,163,000 unemployed in California. If the surpluses were returned to the people, 1,196,599 jobs would be created. There would be no unemployment in California which means an additional $10.5 billion in unemployment savings.This is why it is disastrous for governments to hold excesses/reserves of the taxpayers money. Note: The economic impact analysis is further explained at Economic Impact Analysis.
(In Thousands)Investment Income Per Capita Family of 4

By putting this information out there, but never telling you about it, there are no laws broken per say.  However, theft by the government who confiscates your money and then tells you it is broke, is a lie.  It is only when we view the facts and figures for ourselves that the blinders start to come off, that We the People will see and acknowledge that we are being ripped off and THEN WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

So long as we are blithfully unaware, the government can do as it pleases, your so called Representatives can do as THEY please!  No one will ever be held accountable for this fraud.  We can either be complicit or we can call them to account.  It is up to each and everyone of us to make that decision.  If you prefer to be an Ostrich with your head in the sand, so be it.  But if you care that your government is stealing your hard earned money, driving you into bankruptcy, unable to pay for your home, your car, your families needs, then you will stand up and take notice.  You WILL do what you can.

I know there is a lot of things out there demanding our attention.  I know that it is very tiring to have everything clamoring for us to do something NOW!!!  But, above all other issues, I believe this one to be the most critical and time sensitive.  We are running out of the time there is left.  Our window of action is narrowing and soon will close all together.  What happens to We the People when we find ourselves without recourse, without any avenue to turn to for help, and without a path to action?  Slavery…

I would rather die than be a slave to the Corporation of the United States.  Worse, we MAY all die so that there will be more space for the mega rich to enjoy the world without all of us here in the way.  In this case, ignorance is NOT bliss!

After over 72 hours since contacting all the different media agencies AND Judicial Watch, NOT ONE AGENCY HAS CONTACTED ME BACK.

I’ve received another update from Walter Burien.  It reads as follows:

For you Brits out there in the UK, or any other interested party, here is a link to review the many financial reports of the:

“House of Commons”

Your will see who controls the wealth of Britain by review. What the House of Commons owns and controls is very telling!

Look to the far right after each report for the .PDF symbol and if there you can click on it to view or save the report.

Truly yours,

Walter Burien
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, Arizona 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532 and

Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs “Without” taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!

To automatically subscribe to CAFR1 NATIONAL posts –
If you do not wish to be on the CAFR1 NATIONAL email list then click –



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10 Responses to “It’s All A Lie Part 1- Updated Again 4-2-09”

  1. Who is doing the writing. We have not heard from Linda since she lost her job. Would like to know how she is doing.

  2. She isn’t interested in blogging any more. This is my blog and I do the writing. Not knowing who you are I can’t give you more information.

  3. Not many people know what is being shared here. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. You are welcome. I hope you learned something useful. Walter Burien is a brilliant man.

  5. I have known Waler Burien for many years. No one is equal to his knowledge or integrity on the CAFRs. Truth is that Congress can ONLY make laws for governments. NOT for the people. So, if your sheriff is allowing legislators, voters, congress, judges, etc… to enforce illegal laws upon the people, then He must be replaced and charged with RICO organized Crimes….

    A sheriff can arrest anyone in his county, He is the highest el
    elected law officer in the nation. all others are appointed. He can arrest bankers, IRS, DEA, FBI, CIA, BATF, HLS, etc…. Bankers, who give away your income as taxes to the IRS, employers who do the same…

    Waler is right. We left the hen house door open and the foxes came in and took over. WE must unite and get our country back. Just say NO, to any victimless law and you will be supported by the constitution FOR governments.

    Remember, All rights belong to the people. Article 4 section 4 states “We must have a Republic form of government…” thus they can not make laws to control the people. That would be a democracy or mob rule, and or socialism. Therefore, any act or bill, or law or mandate made upon the people is illegal if it does not have a damaged property or injured person.
    David J. D’Addabbo
    sui juris et de jure
    Christain Patriot Preacher
    Investigator for the people

  6. We have the BEST Sheriff in the world here. We are privileged to have Joe Arpaio working for the citizens here in Arizona. I couldn’t ask for anyone I feel more confidence in. He doesn’t take shit from anyone, even the ethnocentric La Raza of MALDF!

    I will continue to report on this issue with Walter Burien until I’m forced off the blogosphere!

    Thank you for stopping by and adding your testimonial.

  7. “JMT”; thank you for your great blog; its nice to see some other eyes on this. I was sent this link via Walter Burien’s CAFR1 newsletter; I see that Mr. Burien has already commented here with some additional information – a testimony to his commitment on this issue. Speaking of which: thank you Mr. Burien; I do, and many others WILL, appreciate what you’re doing when it is INEVITABLY disclosed…

    I am a Canadian investor and late last spring, I, like many people, was forced to sit up and take notice of the U.S.’s financial market situation. I was lucky enough to move some moneys around and avoid getting hit really hard; however, I still took my share of losses.

    In any case, as I was starting to really get in to researching new vistas late last fall, I stumbled on this information that I am still trying to wrap my head around. I have informally polled everyone I know that is either professionally or non-prof. involved in the financial sector (about a dozen people) and so far NO ONE has heard of it. As a result of that, I additionally contacted brokers/advisers/traders that I didn’t know (“cold emailed”) at a few of the major firms and it’s been the same story there (perhaps they do know but they won’t say…?).

    This has so insensed me that I’ve been moved to act and am currently in the process of mailing as many media outlets as I can in order to get this issue it’s well deserved time in the spotlight.

    I am fully aware that, for the most part, Americans (and to a lesser degree all North Americans) are spoon fed their daily “news” to the point of being brainwashed so that opportunities to actually receive this information have, historically, been almost non-existent. Well, say hello to the boundless information of the internet my friends – I love it.

    Keep up the good work here; I’ll ring in again if I have anything worthy of sharing…


  8. Thanks Mok,
    Glad you liked the article. I do what I can to wake people up and get their attention but with the media blackout it is hard sometimes. I agree with you about the spoon-fed news. I call it canned media and don’t watch it. I’ll watch programs like Lou Dobbs and a very few others, but that’s it. I won’t even watch CNN all day.

    I’m doing the same in emailing the media, so far only canned responses. So nothing to report. We’ll see, and all I can say is we gotta try!


  9. You can download the City of Phoenix, Arizona CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) for 2002 through 2006 from this download directory –

    For Maricopa County, Arizona CAFR for 1996 through 2003 from this download directory –




    Read; Learn; and Comprehend “The Name of the Game!” WJB

  10. Thank you for both commenting on this blog post and giving the links too. When I contacted the City of Phoenix about this I was given this link to follow:

    As you can see this address is nothing like any of yours.

    There I found a broken out and divided City accounting done in .pdf format. It was all very confusing so I will check out your links too.

    Thank you for responding!

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