It All Sounds Reasonable, BUT…

An American Flag

An American Flag

I know it souldn’t, but it still amazes me how those promoting amnesty for illegals can twist and manipulate both words and people in this country into thinking our Constitution is outdated.  They would just LOVE for us to accept that in today’s world there is no room for this beloved document which has been the beacon of freedom throughout the world.

I used to look to as a source for important information but see it now for the amnesty agenda it is pushing so hard.  They have lost me as a supporter and serious reader because of the blatantness of their agenda.

A recent speech given by Janet Murguía, President and CEO of the National Council of La Raza is a perfect example of what sounds reasonable but is anything but!

I’m going to step through the speech and point out the problems.  Here is what Janet Murguía had to say:

“We are better than this, and our nation deserves better than the continuation of a failed immigration policy that contradicts American values and civil liberties. Our community understands the federal government’s pursuit of hardened, dangerous criminals and our country’s need to protect its borders. But the systematic demonization, detention, and deportation of peaceful immigrant workers and parents under the pretense of homeland security is an assault on our values as a country. At a time when messages of change and hope abound, we are left to wonder how change will come to these failed policies.

Here she speaks to our pride, our sense of origins, and of liberty, of illegals, calling them simply and misleadingly *immigrants*.  However, we are also a nation of laws and illegal aliens are, in fact, criminals, regardless of the fact that they break no other law than the one of coming here in the first place.   Janet Murguía wants you to believe that while it is just fine to weed out the hardened criminals, it should somehow be ok that other criminals should be exempt because they are peaceful.  And throughout this speech Janet Murguía plays  on our emotional natures, twisting language and manipulating those who hear her words.  I really hate manipulators!

She claims the ICE policies are failures, that securing our ports and borders is somehow un-American.  However, if the policies are such a failure, then why are so many illegals caught and deported???  Oh, I forgot, that is the “poor pity the illegals” part.  If, in fact, these policies were failures then why is Janet Murguía working so hard against them???

“We are a nation of immigrants, and we are indeed a nation of laws, yet when our government engages in practices that violate the very laws we hold dear, it is a clear indication that we must evaluate the course. The zeal with which federal and local law enforcement agencies have applied these policies has violated the rights and civil liberties of many in various communities, including legal residents and U.S. citizens. Latinos specifically have been racially profiled, arrested without warrant, detained without counsel, and in some cases even deported out of the country although legally present. Such policy is an abrogation of civil rights, common decency, and human dignity.

Our government hasn’t violated the laws of this land yet in regards to illegals.  The laws are in our founding document, upheld by EVERY patriotic citizen in these united States.  Most of this speech is geared towards emotional blackmail, towards the weak minded, easily intimidated, easily manipulated person who will fall for this baloney.

violated the rights and civil liberties of many in various communities

I’m still baffeled by the notion that illegal aliens have any civil liberties in this country.  They are not here legally and should simply be deported to their native countries, not taken to court wasting billions of tax-payer dollars, but simply taken to the border and let go.  No need for any fuss.  It is the un-American acts of those attorneys who seek to bring down the sovereignty of this Nation, those such as the Illegal Alien Civil Liberties Union, (ACLU), who make this a difficult process.  But perhaps Janet Murguía is speaking of the United Nations Rights of Man.  This is not one of OUR nation’s founding documents…

As for racial profiling, that is such bullpucky that we just aren’t even going to fall for it.  If 98% of those here ILLEGALLY in these Southern States are of Hispanic origins, (seeing that they come mainly from Mexico or Guatemala), why reinvent the wheel looking for the white or black person?  Just like you wouldn’t look for a hispanic if you were seeking a serial killer.  That would be a white male between the ages of 18 and 32!!!  Race only has a bearing if it fits the majority of those committing the crime.  That isn’t profiling, it is common sense.  Shame of you Janet Murguía for twisting things around.  It is because of those like yourself that strife is coming to this country.

“Escalating immigration raids and local police crackdowns over the past eight years have spread indiscriminate terror among millions of people who pose no threat to the United States and who have lived peacefully and productively within our borders for years. Most have worked hard, paid taxes, lived productive lives, and been good neighbors.

Breaking the law makes you live in fear. The fear comes from thoughts of getting caught.  It has nothing to do with law enforcement.  Those breaking the laws of this land create their own misfortunes, their own distress, their own fear, not law enforcement. They work here illegally, steal citizens ID’s, SSN’s, and other documents in order to work.  They HURT AMERICANs simply by being here.  Indiscriminate terror felt by those who broke the law setting foot on united States soil have only themselves to blame!

Many have children and spouses who are U.S. citizens. Many have served in our nation’s defense. Yet over the past eight years, U.S. policies have sought to criminalize this population, raid their homes and workplaces, suspend their civil liberties, put them in chains, and ultimately deport them. In the process, families are torn apart and children are separated from their parents, despite the fact that under U.S. law, immigration violations are a civil offense.

OMG!  Here let me call the WHAAAAAAAAAAMBULANCE for you and all those here ILLEGALLY.  Cry me a river.  Oh woe is me cries the dramatist!  The intention of these illegals IS to have babies so that they have an anchor to this country.  It also gives them some claim to stay here and benefit from those services supposed to be reserved for CITIZENS of this country.  We cannot deport legal citizens, (the anchor baby), so parents and children are separated.  Again, had the ILLEGAL ALIENS obeyed the laws of this land and come here legally, there would be no problems for them or their families, and no separation of parents from children.  BUT, in breaking the Sovereignty of this land, they become criminals/enemies of the States.  Their actions precipitated these law enforcement groups to act, not the other way around! And again, the actions of the illegals caused their misfortune and emotional distress, not those that enforced the laws.  Also, we put all criminals in chains, this is not something reserved only for ILLEGALS!  < gags on the bullshit >

“Billions of dollars have been allocated over the last decade to such ill-conceived tactics, yet the undocumented population has continued to grow. While some may claim that these techniques have staunched unauthorized migration, the reality is that the most powerful factor in that equation has been a slowing economy. Restoring the rule of law to our immigration system requires systematic change and smart enforcement strategies that do not blur the line between innocent workers and those who mean us harm. An urgent response is needed, and it should include a thorough examination of Department of Homeland Security practices and policies to provide a cost-benefit analysis in terms of the effectiveness, security, resource efficiency, and ethics of these operations. We also need clarification from the administration as to its plan to reform our immigration system in a manner that protects families, workers, and our nation’s ideals.

“Ill conceived” was the notion these people had that they could cross the border with impunity, without paying the consequences for their actions.  Nor are there any *innocent* workers or families.  They knew EXACTLY what they were doing.  It was planned and premeditated.  They KNEW they were breaking the laws from the moment they crossed the border without united States’ permission.

And billions of dollars is what these illegals cost the CITIZENS of this country in free medical care, free housing, free food stamps, things our CITIZENS can’t qualify for just because the illegals are using up the services!!!  Having heard more than once that if I had brown skin I could get free services, I know this for a FACT!

*mean no harm*???  When they steal our ID’s, SSN’s, obtain driver’s licenses under false pretenses, take services better suited to those CITIZENS of this country who need them, while pretending to be Citizens?  These people go to emergency rooms with full intent of NEVER PAYING FOR THEIR CARE, costing billions of taxpayer dollars and eventually forcing the hospitals to close, while American Citizens of this country are unable to get even a modicum of health care.  Some States, such as California, are finally seeing the high cost of their sanctuary status for harboring illegal aliens.  Lies, lies and more lies.  Playing on the emotional nature of the weak willed and minded individual.  Or the hispanic communities which shelter and hide illegals.

And yes, urgent action IS needed to get ALL States and law enforcement agencies to get this invasion under control.  It is the duty of those in law enforcement and Homeland Security to ENFORCE the laws currently on the books, not invent new ones to molly-coddle those that are breaking SOME OF THE LAWS.  You can’t have it both ways.  Either we enforce ALL laws or we live in a lawless nation!  Would you say this about those dealing drugs?  Rapists, or murderers?  Of course not.  You simply want exceptions made to your pet interests.

“Let us not forget that how we resolve the status of the undocumented will say much about who we are as a country. We would do better to listen to the better angels of our nature.”

Oh PALEEEEZE!  The citizens of this country OBEY those laws or pay the consequences of their actions.  You, Janet Murguía, would do well to take some responsibility for your actions as would those coming here illegally.  Knowingly breaking the law means you open yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your community to *so called* harassment and intrusion of law enforcement.  You bring this all on yourselves. Do not attempt to lay blame elsewhere or sidestep the consequences your actions or of those illegals you so love.  These are adults after all with a basic understanding that they are breaking the law coming here!

And so we have a speech all about twisting the truth, playing on our sympathetic natures, and a cry of foul because being law abiding people we enforce our laws!  Golly-gee-whiz, can you just imagine that???  There are so many forms of visas and fraud with visas in this country. Still, illegals somehow feel they shouldn’t have to wait in line, that it should be ok for them to steal our identities, and not pay the consequences.  They feel they should be able to just jump ahead of everyone else in line and that the rules/laws should NOT apply to them.  The blame for, and consequences of, their OWN actions is what has lead to their misfortunes and is not the fault of law enforcement, ICE, or Border Patrol officers!


~ by justmytruth on March 8, 2009.

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