Taxpayers Arise

united States in Distress

united States in Distress

I’ve just been reading some interesting articles.  Apparently the united States taxpayer is finally waking up to the bloated and ineffectual federal government and the movement is spreading.  Angry, these same taxpayers are taking to the streets!

Citizens everywhere are sick and tired of having the government stick its sticky hands down their pockets before they even have a chance to say a word and taking all the government can.  We never have liked to be taxed to death, that’s why we had the Boston Tea party in 1773 and the war for independence soon after.  Not because the tea was bad, but because King George was using the citizens here as his personal piggy bank.  Today, instead of a King, it is Obama and Congress that now take without asking, making some of the WORST decisions possible financially.  And the people are rising and taking action…

One of the WORST plans is the use of fear to compel the citizens of this country into compliance.  The use of fear was a favorite tool of dubya and it seems that Obama is enamored of this policy since he is continuing to promote and use it.  Me, I’m sick and tired of fear mongering.  I had a gut full with dubya.

I have pointed out previously that this situation with the banks was engineered on purpose to bring countries to their knees and place them at the mercy of the bankers, those bankers such as the Rothchilds, J.P.Morgan, etc., and that the Federal Reserve/Central Banks were a scam perpetrated on the Citizens of this country, done in secret with only a few Congressman as witness and never ratified.  The same with the IRS.  Imagine all the trillions of dollars the government has stolen, the properties seized, the lives irreparably hurt  by an illegal program?  Can we even wrap our minds around it?  I can’t.

Consider the word “Plutocracy” as defined by Wikipedia and you will get a sense of what is happening in both Congress and the White House.

Plutocracy is rule by the wealthy, or power provided by wealth.

In a plutocracy, the degree of economic inequality is high while the level of social mobility is low. This can apply to a multitude of government systems, as the key elements of plutocracy transcend and often occur concurrently with the features of those systems.

The term plutocracy is generally used to describe two distinct concepts: one of a historical nature and one of a modern political nature. The former indicates the political control of the state by an oligarchy of the wealthy. Examples of such plutocracies include many old political families.

And here is the real kicker:

Modern political

The second usage of plutocracy is a pejorative reference to a disproportionate influence the wealthy are said to have on political process in contemporary society. Positive influence includes campaign contributions and bribes; negative influence includes refusing to support the government financially by refusing to pay taxes, threatening to move profitable industries elsewhere, and so on.

Now, does that sound a bit like the lobbyists to you?  It sure did to me!  Consider those families such as the Kennedy’s, or any other family with a long history in Congress  and you start to understand how this term applies.  You can easily read about any of these families in Wikipedia or elsewhere.  But I digress…

The taxpaying citizens of these united States have grown sick and tired of having the government confiscate their money and use it for BAD policies.  The bush administration was most famous for these, but it goes back a long way further than dubya and his daddy.

In reading, you can see that the Citizens of this country are now organizing and protesting.  And while the media refuses to cover such things, it won’t stop citizens from organizing, growing louder and stronger in the Citizen’s dissent with the government.

Brendan Steinhauser

Feb 23, 2009

The Taxpayer Tea Party Movement is Growing

Grassroots Americans are rising up and demanding that the federal government stop wasting trillions of dollars of our money. The Feb. 27th tea parties were only the beginning. FreedomWorks is now working with other groups to plan a massive, nationwide tea party protest day for Tax Day on April 15th, 2009!We will be posting the details of each tea party on our event website so please be sure to check back for your city and the location of the protest. Many of you have requested that we expand the list, which we are working hard to do. Once you sign up to we will be able to email you updates with new cities, event times and locations. This is the best way to keep posted on all the events being planned around the country.

All across the nation citizens called their representatives and sent a resounding NO to the bailouts.  However, Congress and Obama weren’t listening!  Obama used the rhetoric of fear to push Congress into granting his desires, (something we have had enough from with the bush administration), even as We the People said NO, NO, NO!!!  But did the administration or Congress listen to the REAL economic specialists around the country?  NO, again they listened to those lobbyists who financed their campaigns!  The very same people responsible for the financial collapse of the markets with decisions directly geared to this very purpose all across the globe.

So, the Citizens of this great nation have decided enough is enough already!

Taxpayers Organize ‘Tea Party’ Protests

by Christine Stuart and Kimberly Primicerio | February 27, 2009 4:00 PM
Posted to General News

Taxpayers from across Connecticut gathered outside the Supreme Court and State Capitol Friday afternoon to protest spending in the federal stimulus package and a handful of other policies proposed in President Barack Obama’s budget.

The protest was billed as a “tea party,” similar to the Boston Tea Party during which overtaxed tea was dumped into Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773 and is regarded as a major catalyst of the American Revolution. More than 100 taxpayers attended Friday’s event. Protesters didn’t claim a specific affiliation to any single organization, though many had learned of the event through conservative Web sites like and conservative radio talk shows like the one hosted by WTIC’s Jim Vicevich.

The protesters have some great signs and I hope you will visit the link above for the full story.

Now, I have long been in a class of Citizens that has been taxed to the breaking point by Congress all under the guise of “FOR THE CHILDREN”.  Having written scads of letters to my representatives and getting nothing back short of canned answers, lame excuses, etc., I find it rather amusing, in a sick and twisted way, that We the People are only now getting tired of it.  I am a smoker…

SCHIP is sitting directly on my back, and I’m on Social Security!  I pay as much for medicare as someone making $80,000.00 per year…  Fun huh?  And, guess what?  Not only have I never used it, but I live on less that $10,000 per year.

My roommate recently wrote a letter to our Representative that voted for this program here in Arizona, all the others voted against it.  Here is the letter which I felt was excellent in asking questions and proving the point.  Published with permission from the author…

Dear Mr. Ed Pastor:

I would appreciate a response to my email.  Not a canned form response that probably gets sent out to all who contact you, but a real response because I have some very real questions.  I would have written sooner but I was far too angry to be coherent and needed to calm myself down and put my thoughts  together in a civil manner.

I understand the importance of SCHIP, even though I have serious problems with the term “children” being applied to those up to the age of 29 (I don’t care if they are still in school); and income limits for a family of 4 being $80k/year.  In my mind, once someone turns 21 they are no longer a child, but are in fact an adult.

IF this program were not defined as a States Children’s Health Insurance Program I could fully understand it, but then would simply say that any single person whose income was under $30k/year whose employer did not offer a health insurance package should qualify.

In my mind, any family with an income of $80k/year most definitely has an option of employer provided health insurance at a group rate and has no business NOT covering their children and then expecting me to pay for it for them.  I have a handicapped child (who is now an adult), and never asked for a handout (and no we did not make a lot of money either – combined income was less than $25k/yr – and struggled to survive).

What appalls me the most however, is the open discrimination and ‘taxation without representation’ (that you voted for) of the smokers  that this bill  will extort this money from.  Yes, I used the word extort, for that is how us smokers view this.  It is claimed that the majority of smokers are from the lower income brackets, and yet these are the same people you want to pay for this program. The logic being that the tax increase should help them to quit using the legal product they enjoy, that the states receive tax revenue from.  The logic is totally twisted.  IF smokers quit, who is going to fund this program? Or was that the plan all along…a way for government to get its foot in the socialism door?

Back in 2006 when the early childhood education issue was put on the ballot to be funded by an 80-cent per pack tax on cigarettes, I switched to rolling my own cigarettes as I refused to pay for a program that no one else wanted to fund (it was my understanding that then Governor Napolitano had been trying to get this program going for several years but no one wanted their taxes raised to pay for it).  I personally question the legality and constitutionality of putting such a bill to the vote of the people when it is only a minority of the population you plan on burdening with the costs.

Car owners who use our roads and highways daily, polluting our air, protested about talks of a ONE-cent tax increase on gasoline to fund road work/repairs; so the plan was squashed.  They use those roads, demand that they be in good condition and still don’t want to help pay to keep them that way.

Now I find that ready made cigarettes will be hit with a 50+% tax increase; and the loose tobacco that I buy will be hit with a

2,000+% increase

.  That’s right, Sir, over a 2 thousand percent increase (from a

$2/lb tax to over $24/lb tax)

.  Even the tubes I stuff the tobacco into are being hit with an exorbitant tax increase.  And that’s just the Federal tax, since we all know the State will be raising it again as is the pattern.  That is not only UNfair taxation, I call it downright UNconstitutional.

Why?  Why did you vote for this outright discriminatory bill?  Why do you feel that over-burdening your lower income constituents, especially during a recession such as this, was a good thing?  WHY do you feel it is perfectly fair to over-tax a minority to cover a majority?

I voted for you as I feel you do a good job overall, however, you now have me questioning my senses and I am seriously considering not voting for you next time around.  I cannot vote for someone who believes in the tyranny of the majorityOur constitution was designed to afford ALL EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW.  Please explain to me how this bill falls into that category.

The lies spread about smoking go as far back as 25 years, and we smokers are tired of the pseudo  science and outright lies, un-constitutional taxation without representation, and segregation.  We are NOT second-class citizens of this country, we are Patriots and her defenders.  And we have warned you!  When the smoke hits the fan, and the facts come out, this government will never be trusted again.

States are given flexibility in designing their SCHIP eligibility requirements and policies within broad federal guidelines. Some states have received authority through waivers of statutory provisions to use SCHIP funds to cover the parents of children receiving benefits from both SCHIP and Medicaid, pregnant women, and other adults. SCHIP covered 6.6 million children and 670,000 adults at some point during Federal fiscal year 2006, and every state has an approved plan. Despite SCHIP, the number of uninsured children continued to rise, particularly among families that cannot qualify for SCHIP. An October 2007 study by the Vimo Research Group found that 68.7 percent of newly uninsured children were in families whose incomes were 200 percent of the federal poverty level or higher. In FY 2008, the program faced funding shortfalls in several states.

And here are the REAL figures from this legislation.  You are NOT going to believe it.  This is how they decided to fix the shortfalls!

(a) CIGARS.—Section 5701(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of
1986 is amended—
(1) by striking ‘‘$1.828 cents per thousand ($1.594 cents
per thousand on cigars removed during 2000 or 2001)’’ in paragraph
(1) and inserting ‘‘$50.33 per thousand’’,
(2) by striking ‘‘20.719 percent (18.063 percent on cigars
removed during 2000 or 2001)’’ in paragraph (2) and inserting
‘‘52.75 percent’’, and
(3) by striking ‘‘$48.75 per thousand ($42.50 per thousand
on cigars removed during 2000 or 2001)’’ in paragraph (2)
and inserting ‘‘40.26 cents per cigar’’.
(b) CIGARETTES.—Section 5701(b) of such Code is amended—
(1) by striking ‘‘$19.50 per thousand ($17 per thousand
on cigarettes removed during 2000 or 2001)’’ in paragraph
(1) and inserting ‘‘$50.33 per thousand’’, and
(2) by striking ‘‘$40.95 per thousand ($35.70 per thousand
on cigarettes removed during 2000 or 2001)’’ in paragraph
(2) and inserting ‘‘$105.69 per thousand’’.
(c) CIGARETTE PAPERS.—Section 5701(c) of such Code is
amended by striking ‘‘1.22 cents (1.06 cents on cigarette papers
removed during 2000 or 2001)’’ and inserting ‘‘3.15 cents’’.
(d) CIGARETTE TUBES.—Section 5701(d) of such Code is
amended by striking ‘‘2.44 cents (2.13 cents on cigarette tubes
removed during 2000 or 2001)’’ and inserting ‘‘6.30 cents’’.
(e) SMOKELESS TOBACCO.—Section 5701(e) of such Code is
(1) by striking ‘‘58.5 cents (51 cents on snuff removed
during 2000 or 2001)’’ in paragraph (1) and inserting ‘‘$1.51’’,
(2) by striking ‘‘19.5 cents (17 cents on chewing tobacco
removed during 2000 or 2001)’’ in paragraph (2) and inserting
‘‘50.33 cents’’.
H.R. 2—100
(f) PIPE TOBACCO.—Section 5701(f) of such Code is amended
by striking ‘‘$1.0969 cents (95.67 cents on pipe tobacco removed
during 2000 or 2001)’’ and inserting ‘‘$2.8311 cents’’.
(g) ROLL-YOUR-OWN TOBACCO.—Section 5701(g) of such Code
is amended by striking ‘‘$1.0969 cents (95.67 cents on roll-yourown
tobacco removed during 2000 or 2001)’’ and inserting ‘‘$24.78

Another thing to consider, what happens to SCHIP if the smokers quit smoking???

Now, you may say, “Hell that doesn’t affect me and if you want to destroy your health you should pay for it.”  However, we aren’t paying for OUR health insurance, but for everyone else’s. It’s for the children you see.  AND, if they picked on this group, which group with they single out next?  Obese people?  Cholesterol patients? Soda pop drinkers? The blueprint has been drawn.  Do you think the bailout money was the last money Congress and Obama are going after?  Wow, have I got a bridge for you here in Phoenix!  It’s a great deal too!

You must also understand that this taxation of ONE group of the public is ILLEGAL according to our Constitution.  Here is what the Constitution says about taxation:

Constitution Article 1 Section 8

Section 8.

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

There is no uniformity in singling out one portion, one group, a minority of the public, or one set of products, from all others for the purpose of taxation or revenues.  What they have done is blatantly illegal.  It is expressly forbidden in the Constitution and no amendments have changed this.  Therefore, the taxation against smokers is in direct violation of Article 1 and Section 8…

Allowing this tax to stand will only open the door to more targeted taxation.  So, Arise Taxpayers, shake off your lethargy, and watch Congress carefully!  They seek to take, whatever they want and however they can, whether it be legal or not!!!  They have done it to one small group, they will do it to a group you may belong to next!


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