Obama Administration Are Soft On Illegals

united States in Distress

united States in Distress

Those of us here in Arizona knew there would be trouble for united States Citizens when Mr. Obama nominated Janet Napolitano to Secretary of Homeland Security.  She was very against the ICE raids done here and seemed to be working FOR illegals instead of FOR united States Citizens. Needless to say that while we are glad to be rid of her, we were dubious about her capabilities in this position.

As far as I am concerned the woman is a very BAD choice for the position she now holds.  More and more I’m glad I didn’t vote for Obama even though I knew he would win and I rather liked him.

So it isn’t surprising when I hear that the new Omnibus gave millions of dollars to La Raza and ACORN even though both of those institutions are pro-amnesty, pro-illegals and one is under investigation in over 12 States.  Click HERE to see a rundown on some of the PORK! We, the united States Citizens DON’T want amnesty.  We’ve made that clear.  But hey, they seem to have powerful lobbyists that grease the money wheels there in Washington SO VERY WELL.  Too bad We the People aren’t being heard clearly for all the money changing hands up there.  Wouldn’t iit be nice if JUST ONCE the CITIZENS of this country came first like our Founding Fathers intended?

As I was watching Lou Dobbs last night on CNN he did this article about how Napolitano was all up in arms about an ICE raid.  Her hystrionics are famous here and we don’t pay them much mind, but there in Washington it’s a different story.  It is just disgusting to see that woman in charge of such a position and betraying all of us!

From CNN’s Lou Dobbs:

DOBBS: Immigration agents this week conducted the first worksite raid since President Obama took office. But the raid was news to the agents’ boss, apparently, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The secretary is now demanding a review of that operation. That’s raising serious questions about this administration’s commitment to enforcement of immigration laws. Casey Wian with our report.

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Immigration and customs enforcement agents raided this Bellingham, Washington, factory Tuesday, acting on a tip from two gang members. Twenty-eight suspected illegal aliens were arrested. Instead of applauding a job well done, one California lawmaker is demanding answers from the Obama administration about why some American workers allegedly were temporarily detained.

Does anyone besides me see the come on hysterics in Zoe Lofgren’s reply when she goes from a total of 28 workers arrested to 126? I wonder where she learned how to count? I get so tired of these bleeding hearts!  They should bleed for the united States Americans who are being harmed by these illegals being allowed into this country in the FIRST place and tolerated!  Please get a grip on yourself there Zoe!

REP. ZOE LOFGREN (D), CALIFORNIA: Seventy-five ICE agents in riot gear at 9 a.m. raided the plant and detaineed 126 workers — most of them were United States citizens — and held them for a number of hours.

JANET NAPOLITANO, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: I did not know about it beforehand. So, I’ve asked a number of questions about what was the predicate for this. Now, there’s a lot of different allegations going around: Was it 70, was it 40, was it 30, what were they wearing? There were earlier allegations that helicopters were used. They were not.

But I want to get to the bottom of this as well. So, I’ve already issued those directives to ICE to get me some answers.

WIAN: Some within ICE and Congress are concerned that Napolitano’s response could have a chilling effect on future workplace raids. The Obama administration has stated it wants to focus those raids on employers, not workers.

REP. LAMAR SMITH (R), TEXAS: What I’m really concerned about is that they want to stop the worksite enforcement actions that have been increasing and are one of the real highlights of our efforts to try to save American jobs for American workers.

WIAN: From 2006 through 2008, ICE made more than 15,000 criminal and administrative arrests at workplaces in the United States, nearly six times as many as during the previous three years. But advocates of legalizing the status of illegal aliens are trying to stop those raids. Friday, a Los Angeles federal judge dismissed the deportation case against one of 130 illegal aliens apprehended last year at the Microsolutions printer cartridge factory, ruling ICE had no grounds to make the arrest.

WIAN : The ACLU, which represents the illegal alien, says as many as 50 others are making the same claim. ICE is appealing the ruling and said it abided by the terms of a search warrant. Now, to be clear, there has been no official change in policy governing how ICE conducts those worksite raids, but there are signs change could be coming — Lou.

DOBBS: I wonder how many people are paying attention to what is happening here. Left-wing groups are taking over. I mean, literally, they are taking over the government, interfering with the direction of government, the enforcement of existing law, because of an ideological agenda. And it’s that straightforward.

There are a lot of us paying attention, trust me, and we are also organizing. We are sick to death of those few making our lives hard and our lands a trash heap. We are only concerned with enforcing OUR LAWS!

WIAN: Lou, I’ve got to tell you, I spoke to a lot of former ICE officials today. Very concerned about this. They’re talking to their colleagues still within ICE. They’re very concerned about what kind of a signal this is going to send and whether the Obama administration is basically going to throw up its hands and stop enforcing immigration laws at workplaces.

Because they point out that it’s fine to go after the employers, but you need to make those cases. You need to go after the illegal aliens as well to prove that the employers are hiring them.

DOBBS: And when the boss, in this case Janet Napolitano, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, is flailing her arms around in obvious solidarity with the questioner there, Zoe Lofgren, the Congresswoman from California, I mean, if that isn’t a chilling influence on every ICE agent, I don’t know what would be. Talk about conduct unbecoming, that certainly would be it.

Thank you very much, Casey Wian. We appreciate it.

They will not stop ICE nor the American Citizens from enforcing our LAWS! Those that break the law deserve no better than to be arrested! I don’t care if it is the employer or the employees.  The time for feeling sorry for these illegals is over.  They take no pride in their country and they bring no pride for ours.  It is time they left our borders and the softies here can just pack up and go with them.  That would me you Zoe Loftgren and Janet Napolitano too!

I have to tell you that I love the web!  I was able to get the webpage for the company where ICE did their raid.  Here it is:

Yamato Engine Specialists 1990 Ltd.

Private Company, Headquarters Location
2020 E Bakerview Rd., Bellingham, WA 98226, United States

I think I’ll be giving them a call and let them know just what I think of their hiring illegal aliens when there are united States Citizens out of work!  It is time that the business world understood that doing business in America means you hire CITIZENS of this country, not the illegals!  I hope there are others that feel the same way I do and will also call the company to voice their opinions.

I intend to make a point from now on about these employers and the Congressmen or women that support hiring illegals.  Zoe, you are on my list!  You too Napolitano!  Time that Washington and Congress learned who they work for!  Not the communists, not the socialists, but the American People!

According to one blog I read:

Investigators said the 25 men and three women — most from Mexico — might have gained employment at Yamato using bogus Social Security numbers and other counterfeit ID.

Lori Dankers, spokeswoman for ICE, said all the workers were interviewed and admitted to being in the country illegally, with no authorization to work here.

“In this economy, that’s 28 jobs that are being taken away from U.S. citizens or immigrants who are legally in this country,” she said.

Everyone should know that ICE was very careful with the women who were detained.  They were questioned and released so they could be with their families.  These are not incensitive agenst.  They are mindful of these women’s children.  I don’t think there is another law enforcement group, besides Joe Arpaio, who does the same thing.  Read further here:

The arrested workers included 25 men – 22 Mexican nationals, one Salvadoran, one Guatemalan and one Honduran – and three women, all Mexican nationals, said ICE spokeswoman Lorie Dankers. She added that some of those arrested had phony documents, such as Social Security cards.

If this company, Yamoto Engine Specialists, LTD, had used E-Verify they wouldn’t had to go through all this.  That program would have spotted the bogus ID’s and saved the company this very problem.  E-Verify is 99.6 percent effective in stopping those with false identification from ever getting a job.  The company could have saved themselves a lot of embarassement had they used it.

Nor was this the first time that ICE has raided this company.  In 2006 ICE showed up and had to remove illegals from the premisis.  You would think they would be smart enough to realize that hiring illegals is a bad idea.  Maybe ICE will put the owners in jail for a while???  Maybe that will get the point across.

And get this, the owner of the business doesn’t think there are any skilled AMERICANS to do the job these illegals did! Can you believe that shit? Sound off Washington Citizens and tell me if you don’t have the qualifications needed to work this business! Because I think American’s are some of the most skilled on the continent! Talk about a load of BULL…

So, I’m going to call this business and recommend they install E-Verify, which is FREE, so that they can find some qualified workers for their business!

~ by justmytruth on February 27, 2009.

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