Mexican Government Whining Again

united States under distress

First of all, I want to assure those HISPANIC Citizens of the united States that this article is NOT about them.  It is about Mexico and Mexican Nationals here illegally! I have NOTHING against the Hispanic people of this country!!!  I find those Hispanic Citizens of this country to be both hard working and honorable individuals.

Having said that…

I find Mexico’s assertion that their drug Cartel problem with guns that are coming from the united States to be patently absurd.  Mexico is incapable of fighting their own battles and MUST have the united States aide to do so.  To complain about our laws being the problem is just  pointing the finger elsewhere because they cannot deal with their own problems!  Spare ME!

Just how do they KNOW that these guns aren’t coming from their SOUTHERN border???  After all, look at the countries they connect to there…

It seems that Mexico whines about everything.  They cannot stop the Cartels, they cannot fight them, (too much inner corruption in the police force), and so they wish to blame the united States for all their ills.  No wonder the people are leaving in droves!  They should go south though not come north and try to ruin MY country!

According to Reuters:

Mexico complains most of the often high-powered weapons used by warring Mexican traffickers come from gun shops in the United States and Mexican Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora said there was not enough control over their sale.

“I think the American (gun) laws are absurd because they … make it very easy for citizens to acquire guns,” he told a meeting of academics and businessmen.

Citizens DO acquire guns but we DO NOT sell them to YOUR Cartels Mr. businessman! Blame your own government for failure to check the borders and the shipments coming into YOUR country.  Blame your country for being so corrupt that those supposed to protect you are actually HELPING the Cartels.  I’m so sick and tired of Mexican whiners I could spit on everyone of them!

In 2007 the United States Pentagon budget included $1.4 BILLION DOLLARS to help Mexico fight the drug cartels!  They were to give the Mexican’s training and “tools” with the money.  Explain “tools” to me.  Doesn’t that mean GUNS???  It seems that no matter HOW MUCH MONEY is given to Mexico it will NEVER be enough.  There is too much corruption and graft going on in Phillipe Calderon’s administration.  Is it any wonder WHY the cartels are doing so well?

By ALFREDO CORCHADO / The Dallas Morning News MEXICO CITY – Tucked in the Pentagon’s massive budget request is at least $1.4 billion in U.S. aid to Mexico for its fight against increasingly violent drug kingpins – including better training and high-tech tools.

Negotiators for the two countries have agreed on the package now awaiting U.S. congressional approval, officials familiar with the proposal said Monday.

Both U.S. and Mexican officials have said the package is needed to fight a common threat – one that has leeched over the border and into North Texas.

So, in 2008 the united State’s government GAVE to Mexico over 1.4 BILLION Dollars in goods and aid, guns being part of that!!! But they have also received aid from other countries as well. Read HERE:

In case you didn’t check the link Mexico received $24 BILLION DOLLARS for their financial stability.  Just WHERE is all this money going???  It seems that Mexico is a black hole for money with NOTHING to show for it!  Now they want to attack CITIZENS of THIS country because we own guns LEGALLY!  Ordinary citizens DO NOT sell guns to Mexican Drug Cartels.  The Mexican government simply cannot deal with what is happening and so look to blame everyone else for THEIR problems.  SHAME ON YOU MEXICO!

Where is all the Mexican people’s pride and spirit to fight these cartels?  Oh, that’s right, they’ve jumped ship and moved into the united States!  Seems to me that all they are good for is breeding like rabbits, living on welfare, having anchor babies and taking united State’s citizen’s jobs and identification, and WHINING about how unfairly they are being treated because we haven’t given amnesty to all the illegals here yet.  It is enough to make  you want to shoot every Mexican on sight!  (I do NOT own a gun!)

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, the brilliant Obama administration has decided that they should hurt united States’ citizens by responding to this whining…  CNN’s Lou Dobbs brought this to light:

DOBBS: The attorney general of the United States wants to interfere with our second amendment rights. But we knew that he did. But this time what’s different is attorney general Eric Holder wants to help out the government of Mexico by crushing your second amendment rights. Telling reporters Mexico’s concerned about what it says is the number of assault weapons entering Mexico from the United States. Holder said the United States has a responsibility to take action.

Why?  Mexico hasn’t taken responsibility for anything else yet.  Just a few gun related issues?  Did I mention I have this bridge for sale here in Phoenix???

HOLDER: As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun related changes that we would like to make and among them would be to re-institute the ban on the sale of assault weapons.

DOBBS: That’s your attorney general talking about selling out the second amendment and your rights for the benefit of the benefit of Mexico. At least that’s what he’s saying. There are strong concern among gun owners. By the way, just folks who like to believe their constitution is still operative, that the Obama administration will try to weaken our second amendment rights to own and bear arms and I believe that’s what you just heard the attorney general say in that videotape.

Well, Attorney General Holder tonight is also facing strong criticism on another issue. This, after he went to the prison camp for suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay Monday. Holder refused to allow any reporters or photographers to accompany him on that trip, even though president Obama has made closing that camp one of his top priorities. So much for what is supposed to be a new era of transparency that was promised by president Obama.

Contact for the Department of Justice is :

  • Department of Justice main switchboard: 202-514-2000
  • Office of the Attorney General: 202-353-1555

I think every gun owner in this country should call Mr. Holder and let him know what they think of being blamed for Mexico’s incompetence. Even Mexicans don’t believe their government can deal with the cartels effectively and yet they turn around and blame us??? Get real!  OUR government certainly isn’t protecting its citizens from the threats abroad.

Yudith del Rincon, a state legislator from Mexico’s ruling National Action Party, campaigns against the traffickers and has been the target of intimidation. “The real problem is the link between the drug-trafficking cartels, the people laundering money and the people building business empires out of that money,” she said. “The cash is being used to back politicians who then offer the gangs protection. There used to be a line between us and them. That line no longer exists.” The legislator has had threatening messages left at her home and her car has been smashed up twice, but she remains undaunted: “I prefer to keep fighting rather than face a future where you don’t stand up against the drug trade.”

Here in Phoenix and Tucson there have been over 400 kidnappings by Mexicans of American Citizens or other Mexicans.  We now have the dubious honor of being the kidnap capitol of the u.S.A. WHY isn’t the government stepping in to defend us?  I believe they want the violence to escalate!  It serves them well to have the violence inflated.  It gives them a reason to send more of OUR money to losers!

Mexican Cartels Make Phoenix U.S. Kidnap Capital

A major U.S. city long known as an illegal immigrant sanctuary has the nation’s highest rate of ransom kidnappings, virtually all of them connected to Mexican drug cartels that have penetrated the area in the last few years.

Federal law enforcement officials have crowned Phoenix the country’s kidnap-for-ransom capital, according to a news report published this week. Arizona’s largest city, also the nation’s fifth most populous, by far has more ransom kidnappings than any other U.S. municipality and most every victim and suspect is connected to Mexican drug smugglers from Sinaloa which is located along the Pacific Coast several hours south of Arizona.

Our Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, is doing everything HE can do to keep his citizens safe and yet he is constantly under siege by bleeding hearts who advocate for amnesty and claim he violates the rights of illegals who get caught! Tell me who is violating whose rights with the kidnappings? Who’s rights are being violated with stolen identity? Where is the federal government? Sheriff Arpaio had to deal with bleeding hearts here in our own state with such people as Janet Napolitano, (You guessed it, Homeland Security!), and Mayor Phil Gordon, both losers! I can imagine just how effective Homeland Security is going to be now with Janet Napolitano in charge!

Obviously Obama lied when he said he would secure our ports and borders.  When will American’s learn that these politicians promise everything yet deliver little?  I’m tired of being lied to by those who want our votes and who claim we can put our faith in them.  ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS MR. OBAMA.

Mr. Obama said this about our borders:

Secure the borders

Will support “additional personnel, infrastructure and technology on the border and at our ports of entry”.

This was promise number 286 for which he has done NOTHING! Tell me how we can trust you Mr. Obama when you do not keep your promises?  Why should we support anything you do when you have proved yourself a liar and one who is NOT supporting those of us, (citizens),  in direct danger by another country?  Have your handlers made it clear to you that protecting AMERICAN’s is NOT on your list of things to do??? Gosh, what a total surprise!   This is NOT change we can believe in, it is the same old shit on a different day!

To see more of the issues that Mexican citizens are facing go HERE:

I’d like to recommend that all patriots join this site.  There are individual State groups available for keeping up on issues directly involving your particular area.  Make contacts, join with like-minded others.  If we are united in our stand against illegal policies and illegal aliens we WILL get our country back.  Letting our elected officials know how we feel is very important.  Do your part and support your Country!

~ by justmytruth on February 26, 2009.

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