McCain Outdoes Himself In Naughty

What is it about the media lately that refuses to ask the hard questions, refuses to dig deeper, refuses to actually go after news-worthy material? Shouldn’t the public be informed if someone is unstable, if that someone is in the pockets of Big Business, if they are deceitful as hell? Hypocrisy seems inadequate to describe McCain.

The Huffington Post is not afraid though and is scooping all the other media sources out there. Too bad for them. I guess they just don’t care that their readers get the full story. But I LIKE telling the full story…

Take McCain’s health care plan for starters. Now, here is a man who has been on Government insurance his entire life. His father was military so he grew up getting medical benefits from the military. But why should the American public benefit from that type of medical care??? Oh no, he wants you to pay big bucks just so big Corporations benefit from your money, NOT YOU! McCain’s medical plan is a farce at best, and a blatant give away to big business at worst. Go McCain, straight to, well a very dark place… ahem…

But I’m sure you are more interested in the facts than in my colorful descriptions of where McCain could or should go… So, here’s the facts as put out by the HuffingtonPost:

The True McCain Health Plan: Wealth Transfer From Voters to Corporations

Posted May 1, 2008 | 12:44 PM (EST)

How would this transfer of wealth take place under the McCain plan? First, its important to note that most under-65 Americans with health coverage receive that coverage through their employers. The employers who provide health benefits aren’t small businesses – they’re medium to large companies. While these companies receive a tax break for providing coverage, it isn’t enough to cover their costs.

What would the McCain plan do for them? First, it would destroy the employer-based system by eliminating tax breaks for companies that offer health care. As a result, nobody would have employer coverage anymore. Since businesses are paying far more in premiums than they’re been getting in tax breaks, they’ll save an enormous amount of money. But unlike Sen. Ron Wyden’s plan, for example, the McCain plan would not require these employers to give this sudden windfall back to their employees as salary increases. America’s businesses would enjoy a huge reduction in expense without being asked to give anything back.

Ah, but it gets better, or worse, depending on if you are big business or the person who desires medical coverage. Here are the facts as laid out by the Huffington Post:

1. If a family gets a $5,000 tax break but the typical family premium is $12,000, they’ll either pay $7,000 out of pocket or go without coverage.
2. People with pre-existing conditions won’t be able to get private coverage.
3. McCain will encourage the states to take on people with pre-existing conditions by creating “high-risk pools.”
4. But high-risk pools at the state level haven’t worked very well. So people with pre-existing conditions will either go without insurance, remain uninsured, or state taxes will skyrocket to cover their costs. That means even more money out-of-pocket for individuals, in the form of higher state taxes.

5. Cost controls on premiums are sketchy. That means the $12,000 average premium will probably go up, too.

The end result? More out-of-pocket expenses for individuals, terrible difficulties obtaining coverage if you have a pre-existing condition, and an enormous financial break for larger American businesses.

Way to stick it to the voters McCain! What a guy! What a great American! Go McCain Go!…and take your healthcare plan with you… If you have mental problems you will vote for this guy. It is obvious he still has great knees! They must be getting a great workout from the Big Corporations he’s sucking up to. <weg> ahem………

Please read the article, it is terrific. If you like sarcasm, this positively swims in it although it gives the facts very plainly. I particularly enjoyed the comment section at the end. They were awesome! There are some really smart people out there, (laughing all the way).

Oh, and then we have the story about the man who was ejected at a town meeting for having the audacity to ask McNasty if he actually called his wife a cunt. Truly enlightening journalism as to the character of McCain. He hasn’t changed and never will.

Here’s the exchange from the forum:

Now, mind you, this was a Baptist Minister that asked this question. But not JUST a Baptist Minister, he also holds a master’s degree in Political Science.  Gutsy! I loved it. But McCain sure didn’t and the guy was escorted OUT. Seems that McCain doesn’t like to have his temper questioned. I imagine it is hard to keep up with these long days, the campaign trail, and the endless stops at McCain’s age. Wonder who he is taking it out on now? Reporters???

From the Huffington Post, we get this jewel:

OffTheBus member Keith Dinsmore was on the scene at the McCain healthcare town hall in Iowa Wednesday where Marty Parrish posed a question to the candidate the mainstream media weren’t asking. Parrish was dragged out by secret service agents. He talked with OTB’s Dinsmore after the event.

Marty Parrish was aware of John McCain’s alleged history as an adulterer and that he had left the wife who had raised his children while McCain was held captive in Vietnam for a rich, young trophy wife.

But last week, when Parrish — a business owner in Des Moines — read a HuffingtonPost article by Adam McKay, “Vetting the Candidates,” that related how McCain had verbally abused Cindy McCain in front of reporters and staff, Parrish became both angry and concerned.

“A guy who would call his wife a trollop and a c–t just because she had ruffled his hair in front of five guys is not only a jerk, but a dangerous hothead if he ever gets his finger on the button,” Parrish said Thursday evening.

“And since the mainstream media has decided to give McCain a free pass, I decided to stand up and, if they gave me an open mike, ask the question that the press refuses to touch,” he explained. “Our country is in a serious crisis after nearly eight years of Bush, and America appears to be oblivious to the danger this guy (McCain) poses to our country,” said Parrish.

So when the soft-spoken Arkansas native prepared to go to the Polk County Convention Center in Des Moines for McCain’s health care forum Thursday, he decided to print up a few leaflets to hand out to Iowans and the media, highlighting the offensive quote from Cliff Schecter’s new book, “The Real McCain.”

When he arrived downtown, Parrish took the one-page flier (mccainleaflet) to an instant copy place to have 500 printed. Nestled among about 30 protesters in front of the Convention Center were about a dozen volunteers with, inviting passersby to take the “Bush-McCain Challenge.” (Try to tell the difference between Bush’s policies from McCain’s views and win a free prize!) The staff eagerly volunteered to distribute the leaflets to all comers.

“If I didn’t get to ask McCain the question I wanted to ask, at least the fliers would help spread the word about McCain’s hair-trigger temper and the lack of respect for his young wife,” thought Parrish, who has a master’s degree in political science and is a licensed Baptist minister.

Because it was a forum on health care, Parrish said that he wanted to frame his question in a pertinent way. Midway through the Q-and-A session, McCain pointed to Parrish and a staffer brought him a microphone. According to a transcript of the event and a YouTube video, Parrish posed “the question” like this:

“This question goes to mental health and mental health care. Previously, I’ve been married to a woman that was verbally abusive to me. Is it true that you called your wife a cunt?”

The room fell silent for several seconds while McCain adjusted his mike and started to answer: “Now, now. You don’t want to …Um, you know, that’s the great thing about town hall meetings, sir, but we really don’t …. There’s people here who don’t respect that kind of language. So I’ll move on to the next questioner in the back.”

Ouch!! Gotcha!  And while I’m sure the rest of the press world will go on about their business as though this NEVER HAPPENED, today, at least, we have it here for you!  I can imagine Mr. McNasty was totally unprepared for that question, although he should have expected it somewhere along the road, but it is sooooooo nice to see someone with the guts and fortitude to get up there and ASK him about it.  I’ve written several articles on McCain’s being unfit for the office he is applying for, this just goes as further proof that all is not well with McCain.

Almost as soon as the question was asked one of McCain’s staff came towards Marty Parrish.  Right behind the staffer came a Des Moines police officer.  He was taken out into the hallway where he was questioned by the Secret Service for about 30 minutes the article stated.  I hope you will read it, it was a GREAT PIECE!  Especially how Marty Parrish explains to the Secret Service WHY he asked McNasty the question. I really do have an evil sense of humor sometimes…

But it seems we will only rarely get the whole story from the media and so I feel it is absolutely essential that the truth be told when it is printed.  I’ve no pity for McCain, not for his vet status, (considering there are many Vietnam Veterans AGAINST McCain), or for any of a number of other reasons, mostly due to his suck-up to big business.  Do you supposed he stocked up on knee pads at Wal-Mart?  Oops, there I go again, naughty me!

Schecter also commented on what Marty Parrish had done.  Gave Marty a big thumbs up!!  You can also read his comments in the Huffington post article. You remember Schecter?  He wrote the new tell all book about McCain: The Real McCain

I think McCain should withdraw from the run for President.  His history is too full of nastiness to deserve this kind of attention and consideration.  But hey, that’s just me.  I’ve already had a gut full of 8 years of abusive Republican government, I’m not about to support 4 more years of this crap.  McNasty belongs on the dung heap, not the greatest seat in the country.

~ by justmytruth on May 2, 2008.

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