Phoenix Mayor, Feeling The Heat Yet?

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon may be starting to feel the displeasure and heat over illegal immigration issues. On May 1, 2008 there was a *gathering* of people outside the Capitol building. Citizens of Phoenix are sick and tired of seeing illegals here and are standing up and saying, “NO MORE!” But it isn’t just the Mayor they are mad at, it is the Governor Napolitano too!

A few supporters of the Mayor were also there, but for the most part the talk was of Mayor Phil Gordon being recalled from office. Are you feeling the heat yet Mayor? Are you hearing us yet??? Does the money in your pocket make up for the fact you may soon not have a job? Inquiring minds want to know…

The group that is calling for Mayor Gordon to be fired is ARIZONA PATRIOTS SUPPORTING ENFORCEMENT of IMMIGRATION LAWS. I went looking for it to join it. I’m supporting any group that is working towards letting our government officials know that illegals are not going to be tolerated in this state! If the Mayor and Governor want to keep their jobs, I suggest they get on board with the program here! You can also try this site here:

While KTAR seems focused mainly on Latinos and those who support illegals, the citizens who showed up for the rally outnumbered those supporting such reforms. Do you suppose the Mayor might be getting the message yet? Poor Mayor, he’s feeling picked on. Just show me, or tell me, where to sign that petition and I’m all for it! Out with the namby pamby, in with the LAW!

According to KTAR:

As for the recall effort against Gordon by a group demanding a stop to illegal immigration, Simcox said, “I think again it’s an expression of the frustration of most of the taxpayers and legal citizens who say, `Look, this is a sanctuary city. It’s a threat to our public safety.‘”

Simcox said there’s no doubt that Phoenix is a sanctuary city and the issue could be resolved if efforts are successful to put a measure on the November ballot that would abolish all sanctuary ordinances in the city.

He said illegal immigrants are preying on the Hispanic community, along with everyone else, and Gordon and Gov. Janet Napolitano are allowing it to happen.

“I think the people in the Hispanic community are scared to death about the gang bangers and the foreign nationals and the smugglers who are here preying on their loved ones and their family and friends,” he said.

He said Gordon and Napolitano are not doing anything “because of budgeting issues or they’re afraid of offending a certain group of people.”

Chris Simcox is the leader of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps.

Now that I’m aware of the situation I’ll be posting things here that the groups want to have posted and get the word out. It is past time to get these people OUT of office that refuse to support our Law enforcement officials in trying to get this situation under control. We are so done with those who have made this an issue of race too. My belief is that they are doing it as the only way they can get sympathy.

And by the way, I suppose I should thank those who are trying so hard to get amnesty for illegals. If they hadn’t done so, if they hadn’t gotten in our faces, they just might have gotten away with this without us ever having found out about it. Now that they have gotten in our faces, we’ll be getting right back in theirs.

And frankly, if the Mayor and the Governor are afraid of *offending certain people* I’d say they have more to fear from LEGAL VOTERS than they do from Big Business or illegal immigrant reformers. While big business may be able to line their pockets much better, they won’t save them from being fired.

Now, I’m not sure why they focused entirely on just one spokesperson, Simcox, I’m sure there are many other impassioned views. But that is all we have.

To send a comment to Mayor Gordon click here:

To send a comment to the Governor click here:

The Governor’s office is located in the
Executive Tower at the State Capitol

The full mailing address is:
The Honorable Janet Napolitano
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Telephone (602) 542-4331
Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883
Fax (602) 542-1381

I’ll be happy to address her as *honorable* when she does something to deserve it. Being soft on illegal here in this country isn’t going to impress me! I’ve had it with those who demand we “let these poor people into our country.” Do you know how they treat illegals in Mexico? Seems to me before they demand we fix our issues with them they should fix their own issues and country, which is broken and which is WHY they are here in the first damn place. Someone please explain to me why these illegals aren’t demanding their rights in THEIR COUNTRY???

The Mayor is trying to get this off topic and turn it into a race/hatred issue. For some reason these <sarc>smart people</sarc> don’t seem capable of dealing with this on a rational level but must call names and point to issues of racism or hate, making it seem that anyone against illegal immigrants are racists or hate illegals, in order to make themselves feel better. This is NOT about hate or about race, this is about those who break the laws of this land. No matter what else you want to say about it, this is the issue. If I were to make this issue about race, I’d be specifying that it is only Mexican Nationals we should go after. That is NOT what I’m doing. This is about any and all illegal alien/immigrant.

For those small minded people who claim this is about race, those of mostly hispanic origins, remember that you are NOT the only ones who come to this country illegally. Other races, including those with WHITE skin are also here illegally and must be dealt with in the same manner. Just because there are more hispanic illegals out there than other races is NOT OUR FAULT. You, your families and your friends who come here illegally to join you, that is YOUR FAULT and doesn’t make us RACISTS because we stand up to you!

Watch this video

Oh, and by the way, today was National LAW DAY, not fight for immigration reform day dummies! It would help if these illegals learned to read. As for demanding rights on a day when we celebrate our LAWS, they should have had ICE out there to welcome the people!


~ by justmytruth on May 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “Phoenix Mayor, Feeling The Heat Yet?”

  1. […] policies and we weren’t happy about it. I wrote several pieces on it earlier, see HERE: And Here: Sure is nice to know you can get someone’s attention. But I’m not willing to let him […]

  2. Oh, and by the way, be careful who you call an idiot. It may bite you…

  3. And you would know this how? You live in Denver. I did a search on your IP addy and got a Denver address from Quest Communications.

    OrgName: Qwest Communications Corporation
    OrgID: QCC-22
    Address: 1801 California Street
    City: Denver
    StateProv: CO
    PostalCode: 80202
    Country: US

    So what would it matter to you whether someone is grandstanding or not? I’m very curious as to WHY you would care.

  4. These idiots that have launched the recall are grandstanding. I expect we will discover that they are getting paid by the Sherriff to keep the media at bay.

  5. I think ICE should be expanded and stationed all throughout the cities that are border related. Especially in LA. No more Sanctuary Cities.

    Thank you for posting, come back soon.

  6. ICE should have a permanent office at the front doors of Maricopa County Hospital…and the emergency room…

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