Dance Chris Christie, Dance

If you are going to open your mouth and insert your foot, it is best to make sure the fit is perfect. So for New Jersey’s US Attorney Christopher Christie, (what were his parents thinking???), when he opened his mouth to pander to the Hispanic community he really did a bang-up job! Not only was what he said inaccurate, to say the least, it could get him fired.

On the other hand, he may be working towards getting himself elected to some other part of New Jersey government! Wouldn’t that just be wonderful? One has to wonder though if he is going to make statements like he has, if he is even electable. But then george w. bush was elected, so anything is possible.

All of this comes about over a speech he made at a church meeting on Sunday April 27, 2008. Christie was pandering hard to the Latino community there. About 60 people attended the meeting. It was sponsored by the group, Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey so obviously his answers were for their ears and not, just as obviously, the accurate answers. According to the New Jersey paper, the Star Ledger, Christie said this:

U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie surprised many at a Dover church public forum when he said sneaking into the United States is not a criminal act.

Being in this country without proper documentation is not a crime,” Christie told more than 60 residents and town officials. “The whole phrase of ‘illegal immigrant’ connotes that the person, by just being here, is committing a crime.

Being undocumented may be a civil wrong, but it’s not a criminal act,” Christie said.

Don’t let people make you believe that that’s a crime that the U.S. Attorney’s Office should be doing something about,” he added of entering the country illegally. “It is not.”

HUH? Since WHEN is it NOT illegal for an alien to sneak across a border, violating the sovereignty of the United States of America? My understanding of the law is that if you cross the border without authorization, without proper documentation, you just broke U.S. Customs and Immigration laws. Christie went on:

While Christie told the audience it doesn’t take a “genius” to see there’s a “serious immigration problem” in this country, he stressed an undocumented immigrant is not a criminal unless that person re-enters the country after being deported.

I noticed the word ILLEGAL missing from this cute paragraph. It should have read, “It doesn’t take a genius to see we have a serious illegal immigration problem.” There, I fixed it for you Christie. Saying “undocumented and immigrant” as though they were negligent is so typical of these people who pander to illegales. Apparently Christie feels it is ICE’s job to catch and deport criminals who enter this country illegally and beneath the notice of his office. His record for catching and deporting illegal aliens is abysmal! Between 2002 and 2007 Mr. Christie’s office caught and deported all of 13. WOW!

Now, I became aware of this article through CNN’s Lou Dobbs. I so love this man’s show! He isn’t a pansy like the rest of the media and he says it like it is! It is SO refreshing to hear this today! So, from CNN’s Lou Dobbs, here is the Other Side of the story:

DOBBS: One of the country’s top law enforcement officers is out of his mind. He says it isn’t a crime to be in this country illegally. U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie of New Jersey says the simple act of being in this country without proper documentation is not a crime — his words. In point of fact, illegal aliens in this country are violating dozens of criminal laws.

Bill Tucker reports.

BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: U.S. Attorney Chris Christie is the top federal prosecutor in New Jersey. So when he tells an audience at a community gathering that being an immigrant living in the United States without documentation is not a crime, just a civil offense, people listen and some people become outraged.

The mayor of Morristown is now calling for his resignation. Christie’s office has since issued what it calls a clarification saying that he was responding to a direct question and that, “The U.S. attorney responded that the simple act of being in the United States without proper documentation is not a criminal act under federal law.”

That clarification invited this response from a former Justice Department attorney.

KRIS KOBACH, IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY: Mere presence, just standing in the country illegally is not in itself a crime, that’s correct. But that’s you know kind of a silly statement. Illegal aliens are not just standing here being present and doing nothing else. There are a multitude of crimes associated with the life of an illegal alien in the United States. That’s just the way our laws are written.

TUCKER: There are more than 50 criminal offenses in immigration law ranging from illegal entry to helping others do so, a crime to help illegal aliens stay, a crime to work without authorization, a crime to use and carry false documents, a crime to fail to carry your registration documents. The list is long, but one is enough. Even Christie admits being here illegally or without proper documentation as he puts it is an offense that will result in deportation.

TUCKER: Now it’s perhaps worth noting that Christie doesn’t have a strong record on prosecuting immigration violations. From 2002 through 2007, we could only find 13 cases of immigration cases that were prosecuted.

We called Christie’s office; they would not help us with a better count. They told us they have got 150 lawyers; they don’t have the time to track all of this. So we withdraw their press releases and got 13. Compare that to the U.S. attorney in Kansas who was much more helpful. That office provided us with a list of their immigration case load in that same time period and Lou, 597 cases in Kansas from 2002 to 2007.

DOBBS: A little difference. Chris Christie, this fellow is really kind of interesting, isn’t he? He’s just about as cute as they get. Why would he be saying it’s not a crime? Why would he then be saying one could be deported? When did he say one could be deported, at the same event?

TUCKER: At the same event…

DOBBS: Where he was pandering

TUCKER: Right.

DOBBS: … to a Latino activism…

TUCKER: To a mostly Latino audience. It was an open community gathering. Most of the people though there were from the Latino community.

DOBBS: You know, why don’t we call — why don’t we call the attorney general tomorrow and just see how Mukasey is getting along. He’s got a department that is just really showering the nation with honor in the way it has pursued warrantless wiretaps, the way in which it has found a way to rationalize torture, the way in which it has prosecuted law enforcement agents in preference to that is of course illegal alien drug smugglers.

This is the kind of arrogance, incompetence, and cuteness that we really need a lot of in federal government. This man is an utter embarrassment. I just can’t imagine why they would want him to hang around.

TUCKER: They’re letting him hang around and there’s some people, as you know Lou, who think what he’s doing in dancing around this issue like he is preparing himself for a political future as perhaps governor of New Jersey.

DOBBS: That would be a wonderful thing for the people of New Jersey to contemplate, Chris Christy, G-man, unbelievable.

Thanks very much. Bill Tucker, appreciate it.

The sarcasm dripping from Lou was palpable! For myself, I think Christie is an idiot. Not only is it NOT cool to LIE, it is unconscionable that he would give out false information on top of it. Or put out the information in such a way as to make it sound like being an illegal alien isn’t such a bad thing. And while I’m sure he is popular with the Latino community, when ICE steps into the community and deports half of it because they are illegals, how are they going to feel then? They will be outraged and rightly so. They got bad advice from someone who should know.

I really don’t understand how these politicians, (it seems Christie has ambitions), can have the stance they have in this country. We do have laws and they seem to be indifferent to upholding them. To me that is a clear sign that they are incompetent at their job and should be fired. How hard can that be to do? How can they run for an office if they are not willing to uphold the laws of this country? Shouldn’t that be their first priority? And if not, shouldn’t they be gone???

In doing further research on Christie I came up with this information which totally explains why an incompetent like Christie could get, and keep, his office:

Christopher J. Christie Jr. was appointed United States attorney for New Jersey in 2002. Mr. Christie specialized in corporate securities and election law and worked on the 1988 presidential campaign of George H. W. Bush and as a top fund-raiser for George W. Bush during his 2000 presidential run.

You remember, the election that was STOLEN?? Yup, that’s the one! Oh ya we can trust this guy! Just another one of the bushy boys who got a cushy job. He’s just picked the wrong side of the fence to sit on. If he isn’t careful though, the fat police are going to be after him!

And anyone who says this is a race issue is dumber than a post! This has nothing to do with race even if most of the illegal aliens in this country are Latinos. I feel the same way about ANY illegal be they Japanese, Irish, Chinese or British in this country. I can’t help it that most of them are Latino. But to make this about race means you are really trying to make this an emotional issue instead of one about LAWS.

This has to do with LAWS, with Sovereignty. A Mexican National, a Japanese National a Chinese National, an Irish National or even a British National doesn’t owe allegiance to the United States of America. And we cannot obey some laws and not others. This isn’t a country where you pick and choose which you want to obey. Imagine if someone decided they didn’t feel like stopping at red lights? Extreme you say? What’s the difference I say?

I honestly FEEL for those who risk everything to come to this or any other country and make a new start, but doing so against the laws of that country will make you once and forever an outsider. There is no hope of making this right while starting out wrong. Nor should any American be made to feel that it is a matter of race, or racial pride for that matter. To stand up for the laws of this country is simple common sense. By breaking the law to begin with, you cannot hope to ever be a good citizen of this country.


~ by justmytruth on May 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Dance Chris Christie, Dance”

  1. I did not know his corruption went so deeply. However, I am not surprised at all. These lowlifes take their cue from governor bush and company.

    Thank you for posting. I’ll be sure to check out your site.

  2. I was happy to see some truth being exposed on this hack. He is no more a law enforcement agent than our infamous NJ Attorney General is. My website shows New Jersey corruption of the legal field from the lowest municipal level of law enforcement, judges, and prosecutors all the way up to Christie’s desk.
    This worsened when repeated attempts to involve the FBI and the US Attorney Chris Christie (now being questioned for his hiring of his ex-boss to handle certain matters in NJ) were ignored and actually opposed. US Attorney Chris Christie has intentionally refused to investigate. Here is his broken promise he gave after I cornered him at a public event in NJ:
    [audio src="" /]

    My website is:

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