OK, I Don’t Get It…

I’m reading all the hoopla over Indiana’s voter law and it escapes me WHY everyone is so excited by it. With identity theft so rampant, WHY wouldn’t you want to show ID before you vote? In the State I used to live in we didn’t have to do that, but you did have to register ahead of time. In registering, you had to show ID. If they didn’t have your registration up to date, you didn’t vote. And before you tell me I don’t understand because I probably don’t fit into the income bracket they are speaking of, trust me, I do! If I can get, and keep, my ID up to date, there is no reason others can’t also. Most especially at the cost of ZERO dollars!!!

Most everyone has a driver’s license or state ID of some kind. Most everyone has also had occasion to get a copy of their Birth Certificate. Those forms of ID are needed to get a Social Security Card. Most of us have them before we are a year old now due to changes in laws requiring us to produce them. So what is the big deal here? Just have your ID with you when you go to vote.

Identity theft is rampant. With today’s illegal immigrants stealing/buying SS numbers and some of these states having such lax Driver’s license requirements, Why is it such a big deal that people are freaking out over this? I’d think that you would be pleased that they cared enough to make sure you are you when you vote and that someone trying to be you, was turned away, or better yet, busted. So, I went to NPR.org and several other sites to get some answers.

Tova Wang, a Democracy Fellow at The Century Foundation, co-authored research and filed a federally mandated report on the question.

“We found that although there is fraud in the system, it doesn’t take place at the polling place,” Wang says.

Royal Masset, a consultant who by his own estimate has been involved in some 5,000 Republican campaigns in Texas, agrees.

“My experience is that in-person voter fraud is nonexistent,” he says. “It doesn’t happen, and if you really analyze it, it makes no sense because who’s going to take the risk of going to jail on something so blatant that maybe changes one vote?”

OK, but how do they know? And can they say this for sure about every State? I really don’t know and I take voting very seriously. I do not understand how showing identification in any way infringes on my right to vote? 5,000 campaigns sounds like quite an impressive number, but it means next to nothing to me personally. I don’t know how it references anything. Does that make sense? In another way of phrasing it, I cannot put it into a context that helps me understand why that is significant. It’s a lot, definitely.

I guess I don’t understand how, in this day and age, you can get by without identification. If you can, more power to you, but I seem to need mine on a regular basis. So I fail to see how this requirement is a burden. Especially when they will let you vote provisionally. You then have another 10 days to get the ID. How hard can that be? Not only that, but the State gives them to you FREE!!! Come on, who can’t afford that??? But I admit, I don’t know what the “other” secondary identification required could be…

And here again is an area where I diverge from the ACLU. I sometimes think they go for the frivolous lawsuits or those they have NO business being in like ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION! (What part of MEXICAN NATIONAL don’t they understand in reference to their being the American Civil Liberties Union. I see no Mexico in there!!!)

The Democratic Party and the American Civil Liberties Union went to court seeking to block the law, noting that there is not a single recorded case of voter-impersonation fraud in Indiana’s history. A federal appeals court acknowledged that the law poses a heavier burden on groups that tend to vote Democratic — minorities, the poor and the elderly. But, the court said, the burden is slight.

So being so slight, how can it be an actual burden? There are so many ways of getting this accomplished that I really fail to see the problem here except that someone is trying to make their BE ONE! ~rolls eyes here~ From my point of view, voting machines are the real problem. NOW there is something where fraud is rampant and everyone knows it. Why isn’t someone suing over THAT issue?

The devil, Smith contends, is in the details of Indiana’s law. He cites, for example, the case of a woman who made three trips to the motor vehicle bureau in a vain attempt to get a free voter ID card. Her problem, even after she obtained her birth certificate, was that it was not in her married name. While the state does provide free voter ID cards, Smith observes, voters incur considerable costs in time and money to secure the documents the state requires as a condition for getting the cards.

And this part was sheer ridiculousness! Just how hard is it to get your birth certificate and produce a marriage license? OMG, am I the only one who finds this absolutely incredible? Now, if she has lived in Indiana for long enough to have 7 children, she obviously has a history there. Even if she is a stay at home mom, there had to be public records with her name on them, from the school, birth certificates from the children, etc. These should have proven she was who she said she was, and Indiana WILL have to allow for those ID’s. So, take your old birth certificate + children’s birth certificates, + marriage license and wallah! But to say that this law is burdensome, and overly so, is really preposterous. And if it was important for her to vote, the family should have made arrangements with bill collectors for one month. I’m sure one of them would have understood. They COULD have worked it out. It did NOT sneak up and bite her!

I do NOT accept this issue from the League of Women voters. I’m a woman, I’ve had ID my whole life. But then, I don’t depend on a man for my welfare, nor that of my children. They are grown now, but they weren’t for a long, long time.

The state contends that Tillman could have voted if she had gone to the state offices within the 29 days before an election and sworn out an affidavit saying she is indigent, a process she would have to repeat before each election. There is no indigency affidavit provided on Election Day at the polls.

End of issue as far as I am concerned. Between the free ID and the affidavit, how can anyone say this is too hard? Give me a break here, this is nothing less than an excuse to have an issue. And not a very good one as far as I am concerned. Wasting time and taxpayer money for NO GOOD REASON is unacceptable.

Carter adds that even though registered voters without proper ID must take extra steps to legitimize their votes, “elections don’t sneak up on any of us. There is an opportunity to start that process if need be several weeks or months before the election.”

I have to agree with this. It isn’t like they keep rearranging the day to vote on. We all know when that is coming, especially with advertising. I’m seeing excuses here and belligerence, things that don’t make me sympathetic at all. So, after all my reading, I’m still wondering what all the fuss is about.

But the Census Bureau and the Federal Highway Administration estimate that 11 percent of voting-age citizens, some 21 million Americans, lack any form of current government-issued photo ID. The ubiquitous driver’s license doesn’t exist for many city dwellers who use public transportation, or for those too poor to own a car, or for senior citizens who no longer drive.

And they have never heard of a State ID for cashing checks? PA..LEASE!!! Spare me here! And just how many of these are illegals??? Somehow, I’m just not in the mood to feel sorry for those too lazy to go about the process of living in today’s society. ID is pretty much required anywhere you go, for just about anything you do, unless you don’t do or go anywhere. In that case, you probably don’t vote either. ~shrugs~ Oh, and by the way, I don’t have a car either.

Now, nowhere could I find the exact law itself. I was hoping that in reading it I would get a better clue as to the language of it, the wording itself, etc. But I couldn’t find it anywhere and no article links to it. So I am unable to go any further with this. My thing is usually to go as far as I can with something, but I have to stop here on this one. Your comments are welcome of course.

The article that started me on this quest was from AlterNet.org who published an article by the Brennan Center for Justice. Now, I just couldn’t understand HOW they were coming to their conclusion. Especially not when they said this:

With this decision, the Court has seriously watered down protections to the franchise by insisting that the rights of voters can be protected only after their rights have been abused,” stated Renée Paradis, counsel at the Brennan Center. “State and federal lawmakers must be ready to reject laws like Indiana’s and ensure that the rights of voters prevails,” she stated.

Now, I’m sure these are very smart people, but let’s get real here… A lawyer not in court is a board lawyer, same with a Judge. So, this doesn’t impress me much. What would impress me are REAL issues such as the discrimination against a whole section of the population, smokers. Where is the ACLU on that one? How about the outright LIES of the previous Surgeon General? Talk about promoting JUNK SCIENCE! OR how about REAL JOB LOSS discrimination because you smoke? How about our Constitutional Rights being abused and dismantled? And until THOSE issues are addressed, y’all can kiss my ass!


~ by justmytruth on April 29, 2008.

6 Responses to “OK, I Don’t Get It…”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is how I think all these bleeding hearts and sanctuary cities have come about. Can’t explain it any other way.

  2. anyone who thinks they are NOT voting is delusional at best and just downright stupid at worst.

    But that’s just my not so humble opinion…LOL

  3. Excellent points all of them. And I agree. I can’t do a damn thing without ID, I don’t know how anyone can. So again, I JUST DON”T GET IT… And your point about illegals being outed sounds like a very good point to me. Imagine them voting??? DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Something else just struck me too. You need ID to get a job, to prove your citizenship. You need ID to get any kind of social benefits, be it welfare, food stamps, medicare/medicaid. You can’t board a plane without your ID these days. You can’t cash a check, open a bank account, or even get utilities without ID. IF these people don’t have ID then how is it they are working or collecting benefits? How are they paying bills, cashing checks, etc?

    I’m starting to smell a rat here, and its starting to smell like “protecting illegals from being outed”.

  5. LOL, so you don’t get their problem either I take it? Good to know I’m not the only one who has a problem with this one! Of all the things in this world that are wrong, this just isn’t that big a deal for ANYONE!!!

    Here’s another case of needing to call the waaammmbulance!

  6. I am soooooo with you on this one! My son is handicapped and the first thing he did ON his 18th birthday was to go to the motor vehicle department where he lived and got himself an ID card.

    My birth certificate also only shows my maiden name, my social security card, drivers license, and bills all have my married name. I only ever had to provide my marriage certificate once and that was right after I got married and was switching my SS card to my married name. That was the one and only time I needed it.

    I also can tell you that in NYC when I lived there, you had to register before the election to vote, then when you showed at the polling place, you had to show ID to vote.

    I just fail to see the problem here. This is just bullshit because needing the ID might prevent the illegals from voting…..Goddess forbid!

    I wonder how many of those whiners actually believe the Real ID act is a good idea and are all for THAT?

    Bunch of wussies and hypocrites!

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