Bill Gates, Stealing The American Dream

Bill Gates owes everything to living and working in America. How does he repay her? By outsourcing and advocating for the outsourcing of American jobs. Bill Gates is a thief. Bill Gates is a liar, worst of all, Bill Gates has betrayed the country and every American by his demands for more H1B visas. Bill Gates is scum.

If everyone out there were to show their disgust for Bill Gates and his outsourcing America views by buying Apple Computers instead of Windows, Bill Gates might think twice about being such an outspoken proponent for outsourcing. But we won’t, we’re too in love with easy…

One of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen was Bill Gates in front of Congress speaking on behalf of big business and those Congressmen acting as though God had just walked into the room. If Bill Gates had asked those men to clean his shoes with their tongues, there is NO doubt in my mind they would have done exactly that!

Watch this Lou Dobbs Video:

Lie 1) H1B Visas go to fill jobs American’s aren’t qualified for.

The largest quantity of H1B visas go to unskilled workers doing menial labor. According to a study done by Science Foundation almost ANY American can do these jobs. The problem is that Corporations don’t want to pay the wages that Americans demand. So outsourcing jobs is good for men like Bill Gates. Shame on you Bill Gates!!!

Lie 2) “It makes no sense to educate people in our universities, often subsidized by U.S. taxpayers, and then insist they return home,” he, (Bill Gates), told the House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee during a two-hour hearing.

These students came here hoping to get a job and live and work inside the USA after completing their educations. They displace American workers, American veterans. Before ANY other nationality is hired for any job within these borders, it should be clear there isn’t an American who needs that job. We don’t owe these students anything and they aren’t here to apply for an H1B visa. They aren’t Americans, their money doesn’t keep America competitive, even globally.

Lie 3) An audibly irritated Gates replied that when companies like Microsoft hire top foreign engineers, they create jobs for B and C American students around them. If Microsoft weren’t able to hire those top engineers in the United States, it’d be doing so in other countries and surrounding them with native B and C students, he said.

89% of the employees Microsoft or other companies hire on HB1 visas do menial jobs: These aren’t top engineering jobs as Bill Gates would have you believe or ANY other highly skilled labor, these are menial jobs that anyone can do. Bill Gates is a liar. Bill Gates is a fraud. And those in Congress who fawned all over him, should be show the door. It is obvious they cannot make good decisions if they believe this liar.

Lie 4) Gates retorted. “These jobs are very, very high paying jobs.” Earlier in his remarks, Gates said Microsoft was unable to hire one-third of the foreign-born candidates it wished to hire because of too few H-1B visas. In an attempt to show a shortage of qualified Americans to fill his company’s posts, he pointed to a 2008 National Science Foundation study that found in 2005 59 percent of all doctoral degrees and 43 percent of all higher-education degrees in engineering and science are awarded to temporary residents.

A new study out by the same foundation which Gates spoke of says that 2.5% of those in the Science and Engineering fields remain unemployed. This means that Gates is a liar. He simply wishes to hire foreigners, cheap foreigners, not Americans. If these Americans remain unemployed, Bill Gates cannot say there aren’t enough AMERICANS to fill the high paying jobs Microsoft has.

Ron Hira, a public policy professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology and author of the book Outsourcing America, told CNET on Wednesday that it’s wrong for Gates to imply that most H-1Bs are going to the brightest foreigners with advanced degrees and earning them big bucks. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the typical H-1B holder holds a bachelor’s degree and is making a median salary of $50,000. And the same NSF report referenced by Gates says less than 1 percent of H-1B recipients in computer-related professions even hold doctoral degrees, and about 44 percent hold master’s degrees.

That’s only a three year degree folks in case you didn’t get that. NOT the more esteemed degree that Bill Gates is speaking of and arguing for. Seems ol Billy boy just thinks he can say whatever he wants and no one will question him. And when they do, he gets upset. Don’t question God or Bill…

He almost looks like some angelic saint here doesn’t he? Instead, he means American workers no good at all. For a man whose beginnings are due entirely to the American Dream, the American economy, to living and working in American, Bill Gates is as Anti-American-worker as you can get. If it were up to him, he wouldn’t hire a single American because we cost him too much. Where would Bill Gates be today if it hadn’t been for the opportunities he received as an American?

Bill Gates is living the American Dream and he is stealing that dream away from EVERY other American Citizen who works in the computer industry and others related to it. Without America and American prosperity, Bill Gates could not have done what he did. Yet he doesn’t want anyone else to have that dream. From CNN’s Lou Dobbs we have this piece:

It’s more than rising fuel costs costing Americans their jobs. A new study shows what we’ve been saying here for years big business is simply taking advantage of visa programs for cheap labor. The report shows visa applicants are not the best workers available, as businesses have, many of them argued, but simply ordinary workers with sometimes just average skills taking American jobs and driving wages lower. Bill Tucker has our report.

TUCKER: Average that is what the H1-B visa program is providing in the way of foreign worker talent, according to a new analysis by a critic of the program. The analysis, called H1-B, still not the best and the brightest uses actual wages paid to visa workers against prevailing wages in a profession and creating a measure it calls the talent measure.

Using the number one to represent average, the median value of talent in all foreign tech workers came in at one. The study’s author, University of California Davis Professor Norm Matloff (ph) that a better moniker might be “ordinary talent doing ordinary work”, businesses lobbying to expand the program for a simple economic reason, the report says.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These are mostly average workers and what the business community wants is to increase the supply of workers and keep wages down.

TUCKER: The data suggests business is not seeking a higher level of talent. The Department of Labor uses four levels of classification. The first two require little or no judgment. They’re entry-level positions, which is where the vast majority of H1-B workers are concentrated. Very few, only 11 percent, are level four workers are people who quote “plan and conduct work-requiring judgment and independent evaluation.”

Matloff’s (ph) analysis found that among companies that push the hardest for expanding the H-1B program, there are few level-four workers to be found among their H1-B hires. We contacted representatives from two lobbying groups pushing for expanding the H1- B visa program for comment, Compete America and the National Foundation for American Policy. Both declined to comment.

TUCKER: Compete America actually saying that it would not make anyone available for comment because it doesn’t like the editorial position of this show. The National Foundation for American Policy said its spokesman, Stuart Anderson (ph), was just out of town, Lou, and not reachable for comment.

DOBBS: There’s a brilliant idea. They don’t like the editorial position of the show. Here’s the editorial position of the show. Bill Gates and all of you playing these little games with those congressmen and senators who just want to kiss your feet when you walk into Washington, D.C., here’s the editorial policy of this show and this broadcast and the people who work on it.

We don’t really think that that looks so good for you people in Washington, to be slobbering over billionaires who are asking for an unlimited number of H1-B visas no matter what the cost is to American workers. And Bill Gates, specifically for you, we have reserved a chair here at any time for you to come in and explain how you could testify as you did before Capitol Hill when only three percent, three percent of your 900 H1-B visa workers at Microsoft are considered level four and keep giving us those speeches on the best and the brightest, Mr. Gates, because you’re just doing it, just doing it beautifully. Except for one thing — you look like a complete and utter fool and we really don’t understand why a man so smart as you would choose to look like a fool, especially in the nation’s Capitol.

Bill Tucker, what in the world are they going to do?

TUCKER: I have no — they’re going to want more, they’re going to get more, most people will say. Congress will in fact do exactly what they want them to do.

DOBBS: What is it going to take for the American working man and woman in this country to decide that before he or she is a Republican or a Democrat that you’re going to insist first on honesty, straight forwardness, and first, the national interests and all of our interest is tied up in succeeding at that. It’s remarkable. Bill, thank you very much. Good work.

More Links to information:

If we want the American Dream back, we need to get on the phone and call our Congresswomen and men. We need to do it often and and we need to get our friends and relatives to also call. This is a war of a different sort. A war to save American jobs and dreams for Americans. Those like Bill Gates, who have gotten the American Dream, don’t want to share it with anyone else. We need to make sure that OUR voices are louder. We can’t compete money wise, but we can in phone calls and emails. Contact your Senator and Representative TODAY!

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8 Responses to “Bill Gates, Stealing The American Dream”

  1. It’s like starwars clone wars.He is the leader of both sides.

  2. bill gates is a crook, he doesn’t even give a lot of money from what he makes, Warren Buffet is much more generous he gave most of his fortune to the bill gates foundation and he does not have that kind of corrupt attitude where if he loses money he will be worried, no he lives a humble life, can’t say the same for bill gates. The thing is I don’t see bill gates money going to more donations to people and don’t see schools getting better. He seems stingy because there are people that give more than him with less income. Bill gates did not make microsoft from what I heard, some say he stole someones idea and marketed it for himself.

  3. bill gates put together a brilliant campaign to market computers to the world. His products have been bad from the beginning though. Not robust and sturdy like Unix or Lenix.

    Cheap labor means more money for shareholders instead of wages paid out to those who work for his company. bill doesn’t want to share the American dream with anyone else. He’s a selfish bastard, make no mistake there, I don’t care what his foundations LOOK like they are doing. Smoke and mirrors. The upcoming technology for windows is that employers can spy on employees. Ya, what a guy!

  4. Bill Gates will never understand because Bill Gates didn’t earn his money, he took it through underhanded scheming while the rest of the computer industry was sharing the technology he depended on. That makes him business savvy but the shame was the industry needed someone like him, though not necessarily him, to push a common platform forward that unified the world to develop on x86.

    I do think Bill wants to entice as many H1-B people to apply to MS as possible, for all levels of work especially the skilled laborers because MS knows they are running out of steam with Office and Windows and really don’t know where to go next besides touch-screens, cloud computing and a rental pricing model. If they can get their floors swept cheaper too, that’s all the better since they were primarily about money and control, not fairness or quality.

  5. And you must be an idiot if that was ALL you got was that I hate rich people? Give me a break here. Are you an illegal??? I’ll just bet you are.

  6. he is very successful due to hard work and a great idea IBM didnt like. u must be a deomcrat. u seem to hate rich people. Thats silly. they work hard for their money.

  7. Those were exactly the reasons I wrote this piece. I’m so sick and tired of hearing gates spew that crap when he knows damn well the bottom line is his profit margin. Bastards come in all sizes and shapes these days. And I’m sure he never examines his motives too closely.

  8. What’s even more insulting is how the bill gates’ of the world have the nerve to look you in the eye and talk about H1B visas going to the top tier in the field, knowing that any simple search can find that this isn’t the case.

    How insulting they think the common person is THAT stupid to buy their lies.

    How do these people live with themselves? How do they sleep and look themselves in the mirror, knowing they are promoting and condoning the financial enslavement of the common American citizen?

    I guess the saying is true, about money and power corrupting absolutely!!

    It’s time this country had another “American Revolution”. It’s time we took back what is ours to start with.

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