Democratics Payoffs And Kickbacks

Now, maybe I’m just way off base here, but in this day and age you would think that when someone gets involved with a campaign they would do it for their belief in the candidate, not for the kickback they can expect to get paid. Call me silly, but I’ve always thought it was belief in what you were involved with that made that important. So when I read this article in Common Dreams, it made me see just how tawdry the whole thing is back east. No wonder we are bombarded with these presidential campaigns for so long…

Pennsylvania has gotten a lot of news coverage. But after the primaries there now I wonder if they were legitimate? Since Barack Obama didn’t pay the kick-back money, did he get a fair go there? Can a candidate lose simply because he doesn’t pay the dues? From comes this story:

Pay Up or Risk Long Battle, Obama Told
By Ewen MacAskill

Barack Obama has been warned that his refusal to pay the traditional “street money” to local operatives to help get the vote out in Philadelphia today could cost him the crucial percentage points needed to knock Hillary Clinton out of the race for the White House.

In many of the city’s poorer wards, the recipients look forward to these bonuses from Democratic officials – a hangover from the days of the party’s old-fashioned machine politics – even though the amounts are relatively small, ranging from $50 to $400.

But as in other contests, Obama is relying on his own army of unpaid volunteers to get the vote out. The Clinton team, meanwhile, is not saying whether it will pay out “street money”.

There are 69 wards in Philadelphia and estimates suggest it would cost Obama $400,000-$500,000 to pay the 14,000 people normally required to help get the vote out.

Now, I see this as just WRONG! You don’t go out and buy votes. And I commend Obama for not paying out this extortion money. I don’t care if it has *always* been done that way. Who the hell are these people anyway? By what right do they have to bias voters? This is NOT the American way! This is the way of corruption and graft! This is what is WRONG with our country right now.

This isn’t the welfare line, it isn’t a job line, it is a presidential campaign and those who expect to have their votes bought should have their voting rights taken away. Apparently they don’t understand that this is a responsibility of a free society, not their dues to be paid to them by a candidate who wants their vote. I’m a bit outraged that they would even consider this sort of thing.

Yes, I am naive, it isn’t done that way out in the west. When we vote for someone we do so because we think that candidate should win, not because they bought our vote. How dare these people in Pennsylvania call themselves Americans? They are slime! Having your vote bought is nothing short of illegal.

Jeremy Bird, Obama’s Pennsylvania field director, told the Los Angeles Times that the campaign had faced a similar predicament in South Carolina over the traditional distribution of money: “We always said that we’re not going to do politics the way it’s always been done because it’s always been done that way.”

Here again in South Carolina we have the same kind of corruption and kick-backs expected. How can these people call themselves Americans and then have their votes bought by the campaigns? Is McCain’s team also buying votes? What kind of election are we actually having here? Bravo to the Obama campaign for not giving into these greedy money grubbers.

It is no wonder that Congress is so bad with expecting their palms to be greased by special interest groups/Lobbyists when this sort of thing is going on. How disgusting that these people actually believe they are doing things in a manner that is justified.

If you have to justify your actions, you already know you are wrong.

Just as obvious is the fact that Hillary Clinton paid the graft money to these “machines.” While Obama may have outspent her in commercials, she spent her money on buying votes. How un-American is that? If we want corruption OUT of Washington, it has to start with WE the PEOPLE. Be an example, not part of the problem…

And if Hillary Clinton is buying votes, does she really have a chance at the presidential campaign? Does she have enough money to buy all the votes she needs? Will she be buying these super delegates? Regular delegates? Just how far does the vote buying go? What is left of America and the process we have always believed in?

it is truly shameful of these cities and people to stoop to these levels in order to get out and vote, something that is a duty in our society, not something that should be bought. These cities now get the Shame Award for graft and corruption. The Clinton campaign also is nominated for paying out these sums to these cities. Shame on your Ms. Clinton!!!


~ by justmytruth on April 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Democratics Payoffs And Kickbacks”

  1. I hear you. The article specifically states it is a money machine! That has NOTHING to do with being reimbursed for gas you spend getting out the word, especially when the word is NOT gotten out because the money wasn’t paid out ahead of time!!! Thanks for posting….

  2. It’s total quid pro quo, Chicago. You pay me money and I’ll spread the word. And the gas argument doesn’t fly with me either. Philly has a great public transportation system.

  3. I say again, if this is done because you believe in it, you don’t expect to be paid, paid back, or anything else. It doesn’t matter where the money would or would not have gone to, getting paid for votes is wrong.

  4. The money isn’t kick back money. It’s paid to people who use their gas, etc. to drive around and get out the vote. Clinton’s campaign couldn’t pay it, but Obama had a lot of bucks that would have gone mostly to black kids and elderly black people who do these jobs. So that’s why people were mad at him. He took the black vote for granted, not advertizing in that media and spent a lot of money with white advertising firms. Street money is not kickback money because no one gets any favors, there are no quid pro quos. Not like grants to supporters while he was a legislator in Illinois (see LA Times yesterday).

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