Creating The War On Terror

How would it be to wake up one day and know for a fact that your government had created the war on terror? That it was created through intention and manipulation. From ever conceivable part of government all across the country the guilty remain in office and at large.

Events are manipulated, the guilty protected and helped, even, in some cases, supplied what they need in order to accomplish the goals of those responsible, and I don’t mean those found guilty either.

The evidence, when looked at clearly without the misdirection, without the media bias, without the paid off liars giving false and misleading testimony, is still there. The guilty are still there. And we, as Americans, can still do something about it. Those responsible can be put behind bars for a long time, even if it takes courage and fortitude that hasn’t been shown in the past. Even if it goes against what the established government want you to know. The evidence is still there, it still damns those responsible, cover their tracks as they might try.

Perjury, obstruction of justice, withholding evidence, tampering with witnesses, and outright lying to Congress are just some of the charges that can be leveled at these officials. Strong words you say? The evidence speaks for itself…

Of interest will be the following to anyone who is a victim of the Oklahoma bombing.

1, FBI Memos Implicate FBI in Deaths of 169 People in OKC Bombing .
2, FBI Blocks BATF Raid To Stop OKC Bombing .
3, Former DOJ officials claim OKC Bombing coverup began in D.C. .
4, OKC Bombing: Two More of 19 Federal Provocateurs Identified?
5, FBI Files, Actions Conceal 17 Federal OKC Bombing Provocateurs.
7, OKC Bombing Victim Families Formal Request for Congressional Hearings, Prosecutions of Officials
8, Rohrabacher presses FBI On Hangings
8, Be alert for storm victim surge .
10, Why Frank Keating Should Not Be A Vice President or Cabinet Official .
11, OK Governor Candidate Congressman Istook Covers Up His Role In OKC Bombing.

How would it be to be one of these men in power and know you are guilty of letting the perpetrators go free, of helping to kill hundreds of Americans. But this is small potatoes when compared with the WTC. What? You think that wasn’t manufactured by those in our government also? Wake up and smell the coffee.

As for prior knowledge, there is no question the FBI, under the Clinton Administration, knew and did NOT stop the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. The FBI was running the operation and allowed it to happen. There can be NO misunderstanding on that one:

Do you still want to vote for Hillary Clinton? You think for a second she wasn’t aware of everything her husband knew? I’d be willing to make a bet who wears the pants in this family.

It seems that government agencies such as the FBI,(fbiteletype4201995), CIA and ATF agents are more capable of cover-ups than they are at actually preventing anything. I wonder how it feels to be a part of an agency bent on covering up the tracks of the guilty vs. bringing them to justice like the American public believes you will??? But then we wouldn’t be waging a war on terror that doesn’t exist if these agencies were actually doing the jobs they were supposed to be doing, now would we? Fear mongering is the latest and greatest way to control the American population there is. The bush administration is a great one for telling us the “terrorists are coming, the terrorists are coming!!!” Yup, with their, (the government and government agencies), help they certainly will be.

No mortal priest of any religion can absolve these men and women of their crimes against humanity. Their souls are stained by the blood of those whose lives they have helped to take by either action or inaction.

Patrick Briley and other courageous journalists have been unraveling the pieces and there is NO doubt the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the OKC bombing and 911 are connected. The players are the same. The terrorists organizations are the same and other than the Internet, every major newspaper in this country – despite being given the hard facts, times, dates and places, continue to remain silent while known terrorists are operating in this country, protected by the Bush Administration.

Yup, it’s a wonderful country we live in where these criminals can sit in luxury and comfort while they conspire to kill American citizens and citizens of other countries. Agencies meant to protect us are knowingly protecting and hiding those who commit these atrocities. Well done bush and company! Well done FBI! Well done CIA! Well done ATF! Someone pin a meddle on these corrupt agencies so they can feel good about themselves.

To the American media F*** You. The word will get out despite your cowardly silence.

To those journalists who persist in trying to get the truth out there, to be heard, who are screaming into the nighttime of this country, THANK YOU! I am hearing you.


~ by justmytruth on April 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Creating The War On Terror”

  1. That is exactly the problem, they never ever seem to get stopped. We talk and talk about them, but the guilty stay in office, or worse, get promoted.

  2. Deanna Spingola (sp?) from has a couple of great series along these lines. None of these things surprises me. I’m only amazed at how they are allowed to continue. Which means this goes into every avenue of government. We need to overturn the entire government.

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