dubya’s Alternate Universe

dubya seems to live in an alternate reality where things that don’t work here in the real world do work in his mind. Point in fact, he says NAFTA is doing a great job on our nation and along our southern border for both countries, ours and Mexico. He says there is prosperity down there. But the facts and figures do not bear him out. Just one more reason this man needs to be examined by experts in mental disorders.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs did a great couple of stories on Thursday night about just these sorts of things. My question is, with all the evidence mounting that dubya isn’t all there, how come he still hasn’t been taken out of office? What is wrong with Congress?

As always the hack job is mine. I refuse to give someone praise if they have done nothing to deserve it. And these supposed leaders have done nothing to deserve it…

From CNN we have this story:

Dobbs:Still ahead here, new questions about the president’s faith-based economic policies, including so-called free trade.

Casey Wian will have our report — Casey.

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lou, the president says NAFTA is creating prosperity on our southern border. The evidence says otherwise. We’ll have details, coming up, Lou.

DOBBS: Looking forward to it, Casey. Thank you.

Also, a rapidly increasing number of states have apparently had a bellyful of the federal government’s failure to secure our borders. They’re taking action. We’ll have that report.

DOBBS: President bush was in New Orleans this week. He met there with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Those three leaders vigorously, and some might say vacuously, defended NAFTA. President bush even claimed NAFTA created a new era of prosperity along our border with Mexico.

Well as Casey Wian now reports, the reality, as it often is with this president, is very different.

WIAN: Don’t mess with NAFTA, proclaims the leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico at their summit in New Orleans this week. They claim the 14-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement has benefited all three North American nations. President bush even said NAFTA is responsible for an economic boom along the border.

bush: I wish people could remember what the border looked like between Texas and Mexico before NAFTA. I mean, it was poor, really poor, on both sides of the border. If you go down there today there’s prosperity on both sides of the border, and that’s in our nations’ interests.

You notice he only mentions Texas here, not Arizona, or any other State. And again, the figures do NOT match what he says. Also, how does Canada benefit from this? In no part of this article does it mention how Canada has benefited from this agreement.

WIAN: Post-NAFTA personal income in counties along the border has grown slightly faster than income in other counties in the same states. But overall the region remains impoverished. According to the advocacy group, Border Counties Coalition, 22 of the 24 U.S. border counties have unemployment rates that are double the national average. Without prosperous San Diego County, border counties would rank last in per capita income and last in unemployment if they were considered a 51st state. The group also says more than half a million children or 27 percent of the youth population in border counties live in poverty.

bush: People who say let’s get rid of NAFTA because they flow away a political line must understand this has been good for America.

WIAN: The president warned that scrapping NAFTA would increase illegal immigration, a threat echoed by Mexican president, felipe calderon.

felipe calderon, PRESIDENT OF MEXICO (through translator): It would be a sudden loss of economic opportunities that would lead to even greater migratory pressure with the United States.

Ya, right and if you believe this crap I have a bridge here in Phoenix for you real cheap! Do these guys actually think we will believe a word they say? The total lack of reality here is just another example of the twilight zone these men live in and think that we are going to be duped into buying into. Illegal immigration can’t get any worse than it currently is. The only way to make it better is to secure our border with Mexico. THAT will take care of illegal immigration. Nothing else is going to.

WIAN: Supporters of NAFTA say it’s needed to remain economically competitive with Asia and Europe.

WIAN: But opponents point to the rapid increase in illegal immigration in the years following NAFTA, plus the loss of four million manufacturing jobs in the United States during the past decade is clear evidence that NAFTA is not working for U.S. workers — Lou.

DOBBS: Absolutely not. I suppose that’s a little embarrassing. I shouldn’t say that. It wouldn’t be embarrassing to this White House to see that statistic that those border counties would represent the 51st — as the 51st state would be the poorest state in the union. I mean, how can this administration, this White House — isn’t there anyone in this administration who has the intellectual integrity to meet or at least approach the level of their ideological fervor?

WIAN: Perhaps their definition of prosperity is a little bit different than yours and mine, but given these economic statistics we just reported on, and given the drug cartel violence that’s spilling across both sides of the border, it’s hard to, you know, to support the argument that the border region is prosperous by any stretch of the imagination, Lou.

DOBBS: I’ll give Stephen Harper, the prime minister of Canada a pass. But to see President bush and President calderon laughing about the state of the quality of life along that border when we have a State Department warning out on the border for Americans, when we still have Mexico sending across that border the largest — the highest percentage of our methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin coming into this country.

That is an ugly and disgusting attitude on the part of those two — those two leaders. Thank you very much for straightening the record out, Casey, as we will continue to try to do with this administration no matter what.

WIAN: Absolutely.

DOBBS: Casey Wian, thank you.

If there is anything to be said for bush it is that he is a liar. calderon has his reasons for saying what he says, it benefits illegals/mexican nationals to come into this country if we do nothing. But bush just wants to be a dictator and Congress isn’t doing a thing about it and that just makes me mad. This do nothing Congress is in for a big surprise come election time when they all wind up jobless because We the People decide NOT to re-elect them. Won’t that make everyone take notice??? Oh ya!

The question has been asked, how can we forget that we are all the descendants of immigrants? We don’t forget! But those of us that are Americans, are here LEGALLY, that is the difference. The illegal immigrant doesn’t seem to care to fit into American culture. They do not care to speak English, but demand we speak and write things in Spanish for them. NO other culture has demanded that. If English speaking Americans go to Mexico, can we demand the same thing of the Mexican government? Get real here people.

Irish speaking immigrants do not demand that we speak and write our governmental paperwork in their language. Japanese and Chinese immigrants do not demand we write and speak their language, ONLY the Mexicans. This is what makes these illegal immigrants so offensive to American citizens and legal immigrants. You seem to expect us to rearrange our culture to suit you while being rude to us in our own country.

The next part of this article was on the different things States are doing to secure themselves since the leaders of these countries are doing nothing to help us. From CNN, we get the rest of the story…

Dobbs:State governments across this country are tonight taking action to fight illegal immigration. State legislators, in fact, have introduced hundreds of new measures to crack down on illegal immigration and illegal employers who hire the illegal aliens.

Bill Tucker has our report.

BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: States are actively treading where Congress fears to go. More than 1,100 pieces of immigration legislation have been introduced in 44 states in the first quarter of this year. Groups favoring tighter immigration control say the trend should not be surprising.

MARK KRIKORIAN, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES: Because the federal government is unwilling to enforce the immigration laws, the state governments that bear most of the costs of illegal immigration are taking matters into their own hands.

TUCKER: Law enforcement legislation has attracted the most attention. Thirty-five states introduced nearly 200 bills, a large majority seeking to require state and local police to work with federal immigration authorities to determine immigration status of those in jail. Stricter guidelines for IDs and driver’s licenses were equally as popular.

The majority of the bills deal with creating stricter guidelines for obtaining an ID or driver’s license. And 31 states are weighing stricter guidelines on employment, with many of those bills calling for sanctions for employers hiring illegal aliens and addressing the use of the federal employment eligibility verification systems such as e-Verify. Why are states more willing to act, according to one state legislator proximity.

DON BALFOUR (R), GEORGIA STATE SENATE: It makes a huge difference when you’re going home every night and you’re going to that grocery store, that barbershop or that movie theater, and Balfour, what are you doing? What are you — and when they’re adding what are you doing on immigration? Well, it makes you think more when you go in the next week. What are we doing on immigration?

TUCKER: He notes that when you’re in a senator in Washington, you don’t typically get that kind of feedback.

TUCKER: Now, the activity at the state level doesn’t seem done. Legislators in five states have not had the regular sessions yet so far this year. Arkansas and Oregon have had special sessions to deal with immigration issues in those states, Lou. So they’re hard at work out there in the states.

DOBBS: They’re trying to do something, because this Congress lacks the guts, the courage to simply dealwe could have had, in my opinion, illegal immigration as an issue could have been resolved in this country if three years ago instead of the Kennedy legislation, the Kennedy/bush/McCain — you name it legislation, comprehensive immigration reform legislation, if they’d simply secured the border, which is totally within the power of this government, this administration to do so, we could be done.

We could be done with the issue of how to reform immigration law. Now we are in precisely the same place. We cannot control our borders and our ports, therefore we can’t control immigration. And therefore we cannot reform substantively or meaningfully immigration laws. And it’s almost — it’s — I don’t know whether it’s ironic or it’s tragic or what, but to hear my friends at the Hispanic — Congressional Hispanic Caucus talking about referring to their Democratic leadership as bad as the Republican leadership they replaced, it’s — I mean, it’s ridiculous because they’re talking as though nothing has happened.

What has happened is the American people have expressed their will on this issue. Senator John McCain acknowledges it. That border must be secured before anything is done to change immigration policy.

TUCKER: Exactly.

DOBBS: I tell you, it’s — a little common sense would go a long way in that town, Washington, D.C.

Bill Tucker, thank you very much.

TUCKER: You’re welcome.

Sad to say the federal government can’t get its shit together and get this done. But if they can’t, the States will. We don’t need the federal government to tell us what needs to be done and if they can’t or won’t figure it out, I guess we’ll just have to show them how it is done and screw the presidents and NAFTA. When you don’t live in this reality, I guess you will be prone to some rude awakenings sometimes.

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