Some Suggestions For America

When I read these articles about Boeing and EADS/Northrop Grumman and all the contracts that the military has just given away to foreign countries, I just have to wonder what, if anything, they were thinking? Such a simple math problem like 1+1=2 can describe the results of these contracts being given away on American jobs, the economy, workforce moral, skills, and the list goes on. These are supposed to be men with great minds… Or is this where the saying, “Idiots don’t get fired, they get promoted”, comes in?

Congressman Tiahrt speaks out at the press conference and rally in Washington this week

My guess is, the Air Force isn’t deliberating on the contract right now, they are trying to figure out how to get out of this with their uniforms on and their metals intact… Knowing the incompetence of Congress lately, they will probably manage it too.

Yes, I’m a tad bit cynical when it comes to that governing body lately. I notice things like them voting for immunity for the telecommunications industry which just handed over all our private information/conversations without any warrants, thereby violating the 4th Amendment of EVERY American citizen living in this country and abroad, just because, and I am in awe of just what money can buy in the face of these people having to justify their actions to WE the PEOPLE! Yet they did this, and they have NOT been held accountable. Remember also, if they are not guilty, neither is the man who ordered it, dubya!

U.S. Constitution: Fourth Amendment

Fourth Amendment – Search and Seizure

Amendment Text | Annotations

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

In my article: Telecom Immunity Congress List Of Shame I named those who voted the amendment down that would have held these companies liable. It is a LONG list!!! Their voting is a matter of public record and they can be held accountable. Call your Congresswoman or man up and ask them why they voted that amendment down why don’t you? I would love to know their reasoning. If you send it to me, I’ll be happy to print it up in a follow-up article if I get enough responses. It could be an interesting read to see what these people have to say for themselves don’t you think? <snickers> Can you imagine if we ask them about the way they voted on EVERY issue? Government Accountability… what an interesting concept… They might actually understand the fact that they REPRESENT WE THE PEOPLE! not themselves…

But the military has always felt itself apart, separate from most of the government. Although there is oversight, there has been little accountability. I think they believed themselves beyond the most basic of scrutiny. It took something so outrageous that Congress finally took notice and said, “Wait a darn minute!” Hello! What took you so long???

Now, I can’t begin to tell you what these military men were actually thinking. I can only surmise at best, although their actions seem to speak volumes in themselves. Common sense would dictate, however, that the military is one area you don’t outsource, not if you want to keep those forces strong and intact and independent. Not to mention instantly ready for any situation and able to rebuild on site. But, <sarc> silly me, I’m only a civilian, and what would I know about the military, secrecy, independence, moral, (insert here)? </sarc>

Government accountability starts with us though. It is obvious that Congress isn’t doing their job even though some of them are now making noises about certain issues. And certainly after this fiasco with the Air Force contract and Boeing – Northrop Grumman/EADS, and looking back there are many other instances of outsourcing we need to rethink, we cannot count on the military to make good decisions either. As Americans we may not agree on every issue, in fact that has been one of the things which has made America great, but we can pull together and see to it that America is not weakened further. We can take back Congress by voting out of office those who have shown/proven voting records contrary to our interests and putting ourselves in their places. After all, who knows best what we need?

We can make it illegal for ANY monies/gifts/contributions to come from any source with a vested interest in anything. That means no more Lobbyists, PERIOD! If you have ever worked for the military or congress you cannot take a job with a company which will then lobby congress or congressional aides for favors. We can make sure that those making laws make them for the good of all, not the good of the few making the laws, duh!

We can make sure that skilled labor is encouraged/rewarded in THIS COUNTRY, not in others. Trade is good, on equal footing for all. Trade has not been on equal footing for all. Our trade agreements need to be redone… Reward companies that create jobs here, in America, and remove any tax breaks/incentives from companies that outsource jobs to different countries around the world or bring in workers from other countries to work here for cheap labor. Lets make America and AMERICANS work again.

Let’s develop new technologies in this country for doing what needs doing. And lets get government interference OUT of this area all together. Government seems to do more to stymie science than it does inspire it. And why that would be I have NO idea. And let’s outlaw JUNK science. If the laws of real science do not apply to the data, the study cannot be claimed to be true/real or valid. Let’s make truth mean something again.

Let’s stop educating to pass tests and start educating to teach minds to think critically about issues, about mathematics, about science and technology. Or how about just plain common sense? Let’s make sure our students have every opportunity to learn and advance that other countries offer their students. Let’s make music and the arts an important part of our education system again.

Let’s pull together as a nation with ideas on making America work again and get rid of those who are working against Her/Us. Let’s turn this into a strength despite what those who have taken us here had in mind. We’ve united before, we can do it again. This is AMERICA!

Let’s bring our soldiers home. Don’t listen to dubya’s yes men. They will say anything he tells them to. Despite what the military says, we are doing more to destabilize the situation there than anything else. It is time to leave. We can balance the budget on what we aren’t spending over there. The oil they have will rebuild their country! Allow them to do it, THERE way!

It starts with us. We can’t expect it to work from the top down. It will only work from the bottom up. We the People must stand and take back our government. We the People must unite again for a common cause, ourselves. Our country needs us, we need our country. Those who would abuse us need to be held accountable and removed. Those who live by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, whose voting records prove their words, will be kept in office and the others removed. There can be no other way.

Get informed. Educate yourself. It is the patriotic thing to do.


Congress Exposed


~ by justmytruth on April 25, 2008.

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