Getting The Word Out

When it comes to wanting our freedom, many of us are content to let others fight for us. We sit back and read about this or that, but we often do nothing other than read. It’s a shame really, for while we do this, it accomplishes nothing. It doesn’t further the interests of responsible government for the People, by the People, it simply allows government to run amok as usual.

My only way to really help is to educate. I don’t have a car and can’t travel, so going places isn’t really an option for me. However, I can read and I can post and I can communicate. It is my contribution to freedom, it is what I CAN do. I can call my legislators and voice my opinion, and I do. I spoke with a representative of John Kyle yesterday and let them know what I think and feel about the way he voted on the amnesty bill for the telecoms. I asked for an answer too, we’ll see what comes about. Most likely I’ll just get another form letter, that will be a mistake on Mr. Kyle’s part. It is no longer good enough that these people don’t represent us for me. They either WILL represent WE the PEOPLE, or face replacement!

So, in my inbox today I received this email:

GREAT NEWS! The War is Over… We can now look forward to:

…being subject to random searches, chemtrails, fluoride &
nutritionless food!

…submitting to mandatory biometric data collection!

…a life of asking the government permission to eat, sleep &

…a future of enslavement, ruled by our debts to the elite!

So here is the update, , Only 80 of our brothers
and sisters, freedom-loving Americans, responded to our call
to action yesterday and stood up in defiance of the REAL ID/
Surveillance threat. While 80 patriots may seem like a
respectable number for a demonstration, I must tell you that
I am ashamed because yesterday’s email went out to over 30,000
Americans that are signed up as RTR Activists. This is not only
embarrassing, but it weighs heavy on my heart.

We all take risks for what we believe in or profess to believe
in. Those of us who have pledged our mortal lives to this
cause are not only standing tall amongst the masses but are
waving the flag of liberty for all to see. When the Orwellian
nightmare comes true and those beacons of light like; Restore
the Republic, Freedom to Fascism, Lone Lantern, and Republic
Magazine just disappear, who will have the courage to pick up
the flag and rekindle the torch of liberty?

I am proud to stand with those who stand with us and are willing
to fight for what is just and restore our great nation and the
communities which we call home. There is no freedom without
sacrifice; there is no justice without solidarity and there
will be no future without courage! With my dying breath I pledge
to defend your liberty, your property and your future, knowing
that in doing so, I also am defending my own. We need everyone
to participate! We are sending a message to Washington, and we
need all of America to know what is at stake! We need more
support in this action. Please order your copies of the REAL
ID issue to distribute among your communities and friends. If
you can’t afford to get active, go forth and bring others into
the movement that can.

Go to and pledge your support by
ordering copies to pass out and/or a subscription for all those
that you know that needs to hear the truth. You can even order
by phone and by mail: (866)437-6570; Republic Magazine, PO Box
10577, Newport Beach, CA 92658.

Restore our faith that the sacrifices made by all our brothers
and sisters, both past and present are not in vain.

Yours in Freedom and Truth,

Gary Franchi
National Director

There is also a down-loadable copy of the magazine HERE:

How much of your time are you willing to give for freedom? What is your freedom worth to you? Are you willing to sit back and let others do the fighting for you? What if our founding fathers had taken that stand? Where do you think our country would be if that had been the case?

One of my greatest regrets is getting old and not having the ability to do more physically any more. But we have so many young people out there. Some are active, yes, but most are not. I cannot help but wonder why not? What is keeping them from feeling the urgency I feel for the loss of freedom and the repressive government that is clamping down on all that I have known all my life. I guess when you do not have it, you do not miss it. Such views sadden me.

I see more activity for amnesty for illegals than I see those fighting for their rights in this country. How sad is that? Amnesty should never even be considered when viewed from the stance that these people 1) are Mexican Nationals and do not owe allegiance to America; 2)have broken our laws by coming here in the first place; 3)insist we change OUR culture to suit them instead of them fitting into our culture. Reverse this and ask yourself, Would Mexico rearrange its culture to suit Americans if they went to live there? HELL NO! So tell me why WE should be expected to change ours for them??? I really want to know the justification for that one!

But, I digress… This is about freedom from oppressive governments HERE, not in Mexico… Read the magazine, think about what you want in your life and where it is going. Think about where your children’s lives will be going if you do nothing. Will you be a slave in a machine? Will they? Will you wake up with no right to make decisions for yourself only do what the government machine tells you to do? Its coming to that.

One day you will look around you and realize it is too late, that the time for action has passed you by. What will you do then? There is still a chance now. Think about it.

~ by justmytruth on April 25, 2008.

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