Amnesty For Illegals? Not On My Watch

Mexican President Felipe Calderon thinks to make a joke of the fact that he has friends and relatives here in the USA illegally. But the fact is he and his country have nothing to offer anyone, so everyone is trying to leave. That makes him and his country the joke. He can laugh all he wants at us Americans, but in reality, it is the lack of success and the failure of the mexican government that has his people flocking to the United States of America.

If this President had any pride at all, he would be doing what he could for his people, making them proud to be Mexicans IN MEXICO, but NO, instead he is saying that Americans should pass immigration amnesty for HIS people, making them Americans, NOT Mexicans. Who is the joke really on Mr. Calderon? I’d say it is on you…

No pride for his country, no pride in his people, nothing to offer anyone, what else is there but mass exodus? What a pathetic excuse for a president!

No mention of taking out the drug cartels which make life so hard on his people. No mention of taking on the companies that work the workers so long and hard for so little money and improving conditions. Nope, even he knows Mexican workers are too uneducated to be worth anything more than slave labor. And these people are proud of him? Give me a break!

I was watching CNN’s Lou Dobbs tonight and saw this article done on Calderon. Here it is for you to read…

DOBBS:Up next here, a remarkable admission by the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, that may explain his sometimes aggressive pro-amnesty open borders agenda.

Casey Wian will have our report — Casey.

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lou, perhaps now we know why Mexican President Felipe Calderon is pushing so hard for illegal alien amnesty in the United States. It’s apparently a family affair. We’ll have details coming up.

DOBBS: A remarkable story.

Thank you Casey. We look forward to your report.

Also, the Department of Homeland Security abruptly reversing course on its much ballyhooed virtual fence along our border with Mexico.

DOBBS: Some outrage tonight, some disbelief, I suspect over the latest comments from Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderon. Calderon speaking in Dallas last night said he has relatives and friends who live in this country illegally. That’s right. The president of Mexico admitting as it turns out again that he has relatives in this country who are illegal aliens.

But President Calderon said he wouldn’t say who or where they are until the United States passes what he called comprehensive immigration reform granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. You will note he didn’t say until Mexico, under his leadership, can bring his citizens back to his country assuring them of both peace and prosperity.

Casey Wian has our report.

WIAN: Mexican President Felipe Calderon traveled to New Orleans this week to discuss closer economic and security ties between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. He also visited Dallas and he spoke to the Institute of Mexicans Abroad where he acknowledged that he has relatives living illegally in the United States.

FELIPE CALDERON, PRESIDENT OF MEXICO (through translator): We all have someone on this side, cousins, brothers-in-law, friends, aunts and uncles, some of them we know we never see again while laws don’t change here. They cannot move from where they are.

WIAN: Two years ago while campaigning in Mexico, Calderon disclosed he had a brother-in-law and cousin in the United States. He did not reveal their legal status. But now while on American soil, he appeared to flaunt the illegal presence of his relatives and shared a laugh with hundreds of countrymen apparently in on the joke.

CALDERON (through translator): Many times the press asks me well where are your cousins, your friends? I greet them every day each time that I am able and I tell them the day there’s an immigration reform I’m going to tell them where my cousins and my friends are.

WIAN: Earlier, President Bush joined Calderon at a ceremony marking the reopening of the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans. Calderon continued to advocate amnesty for an estimated seven million Mexican illegal aliens.

CALDERON (through translator): May all Mexicans who live in the U.S. know that my administration will continue to watch over their security and their rights.

WIAN: Mexico now has 48 consulates in the United States, New Orleans being the fifth to open during Calderon’s administration.

WIAN: A Zogby poll in 2002 found that Mexicans by more than a two to one margin believe the southwestern United States rightfully belongs to Mexico, so it’s perhaps a bit surprising, Lou that Calderon said he admires the courage and bravery of his countrymen to risk it all to go to a land that is not theirs — Lou.

Now see? Your own prez has told you this is NOT your country! Do you get it yet? And no illegal has rights in this country, unless it be the right to leave, the right to be silent, the right to a speedy ride home across the border once you have been processed through the jail they stick you in! You don’t have rights here! This is America and only American Citizens and legal immigrant residents have rights!

DOBBS: You know the other that that is amazing to me is to hear a head of state, this — Calderon reminds me so much in so many ways of George Bush. But the very idea that he would sit there and say that his countrymen he would name them once immigration reform was passed, and not take the opportunity as the leader of Mexico to say that he would like to have his family and his cousins and his friends back in Mexico, where they could work and secure prosperity and a quality of life for themselves and their children. That failure of leadership, that failure of national pride on the part of a man who is the president of his government is simply astonishing.

WIAN: Yes, it is, Lou.

He did say that he hopes to be creating more jobs in Mexico. He said he’s working to that end so that Mexicans don’t feel thay have no choice but to leave to the United States. He says he’s trying to crack down on corruption and the gang violence that is going on throughout Mexico and hurting the economy there.

But the fact that he and that audience were just laughing about the fact that so many Mexicans are violating U.S. immigration law was really kind of a slap in the face, especially given that he did it on U.S. soil — Lou.

DOBBS: Yes and a slap in the face frankly though is that of Mexico. I mean he is a — you would think that there would be some pride, some honor on his part that would speak to repatriating the people who have had to flee Mexico’s governmental incompetence, corruption and a failure to provide for their own citizens. I mean it is really a — just an unconscionable betrayal of government responsibilities this time on the part of the Mexican government.

WIAN: Yes and quite the contrary, Lou. The Mexican government in some quarters — some of the state governments have complained about the difficulty they’ve had repatriating some of the countrymen who have left places like Arizona where immigration laws are actually being enforced, so they’re complaining about their countrymen coming back — Lou.

DOBBS: Incredible.

Thank you very much. Casey Wian.

So, the rest of the mexican’s in Mexico can’t handle it when they get their people back. That is sooooo sad! Really, I mean, what can I say when you wind up back in your own country and they don’t want you??? Damn, that would be tough! Not wanted at home and yet the prez wants to make sure the mexicans here are stirred up by this instituto de los mexicanos. So we get to deal with all the evil temperedness of these people. It is amazing to me just how far they are willing to go to demand rights for those who have none and deserve none. They are law breakers simply by being here. That doesn’t change just because they protest.

Their prez doesn’t want them back, he wants us to keep them! I think it is time to start calling ICE for every mexican I see. Guess this is what that prez wants to have happen if he is going to stir up trouble. Not a good thing to do I’m sure. Somehow I fail to see the pride of a mexican in being mexican when there is nothing in mexico to be proud of. It can’t be the drug lords, or the mexican factories, or the rapes and murders, so what is it about being mexican that makes it so wonderful to be if everyone is running away from it? Someone clue me in here.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus today, well they decided to blast fellow House Democrats as spineless because those Democrats, particularly Democratic leaders in the House failed to push through so-called comprehensive immigration reform. Members of the Hispanic Congressional Caucus also said the leadership was simply no better than Republicans for scheduling hearings on enforcement and visa issues but not dealing with the overall issue of comprehensive immigration reform.

A statement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office blamed the Bush administration and Republicans for delaying that so-called immigration reform. And did not respond to the charges leveled by the Hispanic Congressional Caucus.

Someone should call the waaaaaaaammmmmmbulance for these poor babies! Americans can’t get what they want and you think NON American’s are going to get freaking amnesty? It is your own fault for stirring up trouble with voters with your marches and such. You made it an issue and voters are calling you on it. What? You expected us to take it laying down? I’ve decided I’m going to fight for my country and you aren’t invited!

Matter of fact, I’m going to see about getting penalties doubled for things like catching an illegal with a driver’s license, social security card, voter registration card, etc. I’m going to make it a personal mission to make life hell for illegal aliens caught this side of the border. And while I’m at it, how about taxing any money going out of this country and finding it’s way to mexico? We’ll just pass a law that makes it mandatory for banks to collect 50% of all funds for reintegration into the American economy and other purposes. If you think to get a money order to get around that, we’ll just make it so they are no good in mexico. And any business hiring illegals has to pay double the wages being paid an American in fines when caught for hiring an illegal on top of the fines already on the books. Any business known to hire mexicans will be prone to audits by ICE officials. Yard services be prepared to show your green cards! Trouble works two ways Mr. Calderon.

And speaking of amnesty for illegals Mr. Calderon, I hear you have problems with your southern border. Do tell me how you handle that problem, huh? Are you planning on running an amnesty program for illegals in YOUR country? Or is that only good for America? <sarc> Please, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this…</sarc> (8) I think you are nothing but a hypocrite Mr. Calderon. And I’d love to tell you this to your face.

And then there was this article about the virtual fence. Seems it isn’t doing quite what they wanted it to do. Go figure. It is always the desk jockies that think they know what’s needed. They never talk to the guys down on the front lines. If they did, they would get the right stuff to begin with! <sarc> But that would make too much sense. Why would we do that? </sarc>

Well as we’ve reported extensively on this broadcast, that so- called virtual fence doesn’t work. Now, after insisting for years that the fence does work, the Department of Homeland Security announced it is scrapping its border boondoggle, a $20 million virtual fence installed along part of the Arizona-Mexico border.

Lisa Sylvester has our report.

LISA SYLVESTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The Department of Homeland Security praised the virtual fence in Arizona just two months ago saying earlier kinks had been worked out and the virtual fence was now operational and effective.

MICHAEL CHERTOFF, HOMELAND SECURITY SECRETARY: We’ve actually had operational value come out of the system, people being detected and apprehended, I actually saw it with my own eyes.

SYLVESTER: But now DHS officials acknowledge that the $20 million radar and ground sensor system has to be replaced. And the infrastructure is not optimal given the terrain. That does not surprise rank and file agents.

T.J. BONNER, NAT’L BORDER PATROL COUNCIL: There were problems associated with the technology which would have been readily apparent before they ever constructed this had that bothered to talk to the people who do the job day in and day out.Dust storms for e xample decrease visibility.

SYLVESTER: This broadcast has been pointing out holes in the virtual fence for the past two years.

DOBBS: But as we have repeated on this broadcast many times before, technology has already proven completely ineffective in securing our borders.

SYLVESTER: DHS says quote “the virtual fence was never intended or purported to be the perfect end-state solution, it is a prototype. We anticipated a need for some changes“. But Representative Ken Calvert says DHS needs to stop wasting taxpayer money for an unproven system.

REP. KEN CALVERT (R), CALIFORNIA: The virtual fencing is still a theory, an idea, and different types of technologies are better than others; what we need to do is go to what works first.

SYLVESTER: For Calvert that’s to build not a virtual fence but a real one.

SYLVESTER: DHS says the equipment from the 28-mile virtual fence in Arizona will be used in other places along the border. And the agency still is insisting that the virtual fence is not being scrapped all together. But consider this the taxpayers have already paid some $20 million for this program and will likely have to pay even more to put in a new replacement system — Lou.

DOBBS: Lisa, thank you very much, Lisa Sylvester from Washington.

So, that’s the latest news from Lou Dobbs about mexican’s, border security, and the mexican prez. Nope, not going to give him any more respect than I give dubya! They are both worth about as much to me as a three headed toad!


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2 Responses to “Amnesty For Illegals? Not On My Watch”

  1. More of the pot calling the kettle black thing in my book. Glad you enjoyed the article. I just had to say something about that! And all the numbers add up against the “illegal” part. I’m not against immigrants, just the illegal part. Anyone is welcome here LEGALLY!

  2. Great piece!!! Loved the ‘turn the tables on them’ part also. You gotta just wonder if these people ever listen to themselves. I understand Mexico is quite harsh on any illegals crossing into Mexico. So I want to also here his answer on why we should welcome illegals from Mexico in OUR country, while his own country doesn’t offer the same welcome mat/amnesty for illegals in Mexico. Hypocrite is quite right and I wish I could find an even stronger word to use there.

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