Criminal Illegals And The Patsies That Feel Sorry For Them

I really can’t stand illegal immigrants/aliens of any kind. I don’t care what their excuse is. One wrote me one day claiming that we eat because of them. LOL, sorry boy, but we ate fine before you got here and we’ll eat fine if you aren’t here. GO HOME! We don’t want your sort here! You bring disease with you, you bring crime, and and are a drain on this great nation’s tax payer income. I’ve no use for you what-so-ever.

So, when I read this story about this bleeding heart SHAME AWARE NOMINEE, Joe Kennard, I thought it just figures some asshole like this would be forcing the American tax payer to fund schooling for this criminal’s kids. Because Ana is a criminal. She broke the law not only by coming to America the way she did, but time and time again…

Participant Court Case Number File/Violation
Case Type /
Cause Code
1 Reyes, Ana
Judgment Debtor
Pierce Co Superior 06-9-01831-2 02-07-2006 Judgment
2 Reyes, Ana
Judgment Debtor
Pierce Co Superior 06-9-00368-4 01-03-2006 Judgment
3 Reyes, Ana
Yakima Superior 00-2-01976-8 08-01-2000 Civil
5 Reyes, Ana L
Pierce Co District 6Y753586C 04-03-2006 Civil
Goods and Services
6 Reyes, Ana L
Judgment Debtor
King Co Superior Ct 07-9-24179-1 08-21-2007 Judgment
7 Reyes, Ana L
King Co Superior Ct 07-2-27057-4 08-21-2007 Civil
8 Reyes, Ana Louisa
Yakima County Dist AH97-0196 12-05-1997 Civil
9 Reyes, Ana Luisa
Granger Municipal 9806364 03-25-1998 Criminal Traffic
10 Reyes, Ana Luisa
Sunnyside Municipal 47753 04-10-1995 Criminal Traffic
11 Reyes, Ana Luisa
Sunnyside Municipal 52984 04-02-1998 Criminal Non-Traffic
12 Reyes, Ana Luisa
Yakima County Dist 237310 08-03-1999 Criminal Traffic
13 Reyes, Ana Luisa
Sunnyside Municipal 5703 10-23-1998 Infraction Traffic
14 Reyes, Ana Luisa
Sunnyside Municipal 57473 10-12-2000 Criminal Non-Traffic
15 Reyes, Ana Luisa
King County District IT0022353 05-25-2007 Infraction Traffic

As you can see, time after time, Ana Reyes was arrested, convicted, and allowed to go free again before finally being deported. What is it with bleeding hearts that makes them think this sort of person is OK?

At the time Reyers was picked up by ICE officials she was also living with her two daughters, her illegal alien boy friend, his illegal alien brother, AND her illegal alien son. They just squat with a whole bunch of illegals!!! And she had these babies just so she could stay in the USA! Well, here is a solution to this issue right now!

If you are mad as hell about these illegals having their anchor babies then here is something you can do about it today!

  1. End birthright citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants in the U.S., thereby eliminating one of the primary incentives for illegal immigration into the U.S.;
  2. Block the North American Union (NAU) by defunding and dismantling the Security and Prosperity Partnership and all other government programs that are being used in the process of creating an open borders NAU merger of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada (a good start would be congressional passage of H.C.R. 40);
  3. Repeal NAFTA, the legal platform upon which the open borders NAU merger process is being developed (a good start would be congressional passage of H.C.R. 22); and
  4. Establish a moratorium on the consideration of any legislation regarding amnesty (legalization of status in any form) for illegal immigrants and temporary worker (or guest worker) programs until both the President and Congress can certify that illegal immigration has been brought under control for several consecutive years. (Click here for H.R. 946, introduced in the House in 2003 for a similar purpose.)

It is past time to sit on your duff and do nothing. Past time for these illegals to make patsies of us all time and time again. Past time for us to make our voices heard loud and clear to those in Washington DC. I’m sick to death of the criminals coming across the border looking to live off Americans, breaking laws, stealing, killing people, living off welfare services that should be reserved for American citizens in need, getting free medical care, etc. Let’s save that for deserving AMERICANS!

According to a NewsWithViews article by Lynn Stuter:

Five years after Reyes first came to the attention of ICE, an immigration judge (in 2003) granted Reyes the chance to leave the U.S. voluntarily; she appealed his decision, lost, but never left. And indications are, from the series of articles published in the Seattle Times, that Reyes, given even a minute chance of success, will re-enter the United States illegally. Now that Mr Kennard has been so gracious as to provide her a home in Juárez, Mexico, “10 minutes from the U.S. border [5]” and El Paso, Texas, just across that border, she has been provided the perfect location from which to accomplish that goal as has her live-in boyfriend, father of her six-year old daughter, Sharise,

“So he (Arturo Hernandez) and Reyes, along with her grown sons (Christian and Carlos Quiroz), haven’t stopped plotting ways to get back to Seattle.” [6]

This is but one reference of many in the Seattle Times articles to Reyes intention to illegally re-enter the United States.

From her criminal history, it is apparent that Ms Reyes carried a Washington State driver license. In a letter, dated October 16, 2007, Kimberly Mathis, Executive Assistant, Policy and Legislative Affairs, Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL), stated,

“DOL does require applicants to provide proof of identity and proof of residency to obtain a first Washington driver license or Washington identification card.”

What documents did Ms Reyes produce for the DOL to fulfill this requirement? Ms Reyes not only had a Washington State driver license, she also admits to owning and driving a car in Washington State. Was that car registered in her name? Did she carry the required insurance? How did she obtain either without proof of being a United States citizen?

A further check of Reyes turned up additional information of willful criminal conduct. Ana Reyes was registered to vote in Washington State on August 17, 2001, in King County, Washington. She moved from Yakima County to King County in 2001. She gave her birth date as June 26, 1966; her voter registration status is listed as “active.” [7]

Please read the full article, it is a great one! There was a lot of research done on it. And it is well worth the read. The questions asked by Ms. Stuter are very appropriate and I am one who would LOVE the answers! Washington State has some serious problems there that need addressing!

I want to know how this happened and I want the person who did this fired from their job! I will personally write to the Washington State Attorney’s Office and see what can be done about having their voter registration rolls checked against illegal alien status registrations. This sort of contempt for US Law will stop, and it will stop by writing to Congress and the cities where this type of abuse is rampant and these crimes are caught. I will not see illegal aliens voting to change laws in this country where they shouldn’t have the rights to do so. This is beyond belief!

To contact the Washington State Republican Party, click HERE:

To contact the Washington State Democratic Party, Click HERE:

This has got to stop. And we have got to make it stop. It is up to the Citizens of this country because the lawmakers are not going to do anything unless we make enough noise! Now, I did check on the status of Ana Reyers voter registration in Washington State and as of now it is gone. But given that she already has obtained 1 illegally, I’m sure she already knows how to do it again. I want to know how this happened and I do want these people fired. IMMEDIATELY! And I want them charged with criminal negligence at a minimum.

Please explain to me Mr. Joe Kennard how you figure this person is not a criminal? And let’s put your picture up here for all to see what an idiot, moron looks like…

You sir are what is wrong with this country! You sir, do not have the intelligence of a tit mouse. Why not move to Mexico and help make life better for these individuals you care for so much down there? They won’t appreciate it one bit there I promise you. Get out of America if you love these criminals so much and leave the Citizens of this country alone! You don’t deserve to be here doing this crap! It is obvious that senility has set in and he needs a caretaker to oversee his financial dealings. Hopefully he has family that can do that for him, otherwise, the State will need to step in.


~ by justmytruth on April 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Criminal Illegals And The Patsies That Feel Sorry For Them”

  1. I have edited out the address. I’m uncomfortable with putting someone’s address here without a good reason, and not knowing if this information is good or just someone trying to get even with someone else.

  2. Mayra Payes Carrillo
    Aliases: Guera
    Date of Birth: Octuber 06, 1978
    Height: 5’2”
    Weight: 160 pounds
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Brown
    Sex: Female
    Race: White/Hispanic
    Nationality: Guatemala
    NCIC Number: No have documentation,
    Occupation: No
    Scars and Marks: Mayra alias Guera has a tattoo of a roses in the arms right.
    Is gang member
    Does not carry document has problems with the law, is extremely violent, to be careful. “once or twice carries firearm or I puncture cutting”
    Possible address where itself to seen
    5XXX S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles CA.

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