SPP, NAFTA On Steroids

dubya thinks he can do anything and that his power as pseudo president mean he doesn’t have to live by the Constitution of these United States. In fact, he is so certain of that, that he is again meeting in secret with Mexico’s President and Canada’s Prime Minister. What I think of these three men is not flattering to say the least. In fact, it isn’t fit to print… Suffice it to say they can stick their collective heads where the sun doesn’t shine.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs ran a story on this last night. I didn’t get around to watching it until tonight though so I didn’t write this up until now, even though I knew this was taking place. I’m really glad to see t here were protesters out in front of the meetings though. Can’t wait to get a hold of the videos and place them here for you to see also.

bush has no authority granted by the Constitution to accomplish what he wants to with this SPP. So, no matter what he does, it will be Constitutionally ILLEGAL! What has been done so far with NAFTA has done nothing but hurt the USA and it is time to get rid of that piece of garbage all together.

So, from CNN’s Lou Dobbs, we have this article:

Also — President bush holding a summit meeting with Mexican and Canadian leaders in New Orleans. Now, this is going to sound a little more Republican to you. They are there pushing for a North American Union. Bill Tucker will have our report from New Orleans. Bill?

BILL TUCKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Lou, we know they’re meeting but we don’t know exactly what they are talking about or what they might be agreeing to. And that has a lot of people just plain angry. We’ll be back with the report, Lou.

DOBBS: Yeah, part of the story is we’ve got three heads of state and no one knows what the heck they’re talking about.

TUCKER: Exactly.

DOBBS: I don’t think that’s going to please too many people in Canada or perhaps even Mexico. It sure won’t please that many people in the United States of America.

DOBBS: President Bush is in New Orleans tonight. He’s there in a summit meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Those three leaders are expected to talk about NAFTA, so-called free trade among the three nations. Ed Henry is traveling with the president tonight, and he is, of course, in New Orleans with him.

Ed, tell us all about it.

ED HENRY, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Well, Lou, as host, the president got to choose the city. He chose New Orleans because he wanted to highlight it as a comeback city and, in fact, today he appeared with President Calderon, reopening the Mexican Consulate here that had been closed for some six years.

Then the two leaders emerged from a closed-door meeting to talk of trade, both saying that it’s time basically for the U.S. Congress to stop stalling the Colombian trade deal. But also Mr. Bush used this as an occasion to stand up and defend NAFTA, which as you know is under assault right now on the presidential campaign trail for not living up to its hype.

george w. bush, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: When you and I grew up, in our respective countries, the border region of Mexico and the United States was very poor. And today when you go down there, there’s prosperity on both sides of the border. A lot of that has to do with trade. Our trade has tripled, and our economies have grown, and this has been a very positive aspect for both our countries.

HENRY: While selling trade, Mr. bush will not be issuing a new push for comprehensive immigration reform. Officials saying they realize that basically there’s no point in pushing something that is hopelessly stalled on Capitol Hill. Also they don’t want to push it at a time when John McCain, the Republican presumptive presidential nominee, is trying to woo conservatives. President Calderon, however, decided to bring up what he called comprehensive immigration reform, saying he realizes the presidential election year, so it’s not going to happen this year, but he said he hopes the U.S. government deals with it next year by bringing, quote, “respect and responsibility to the process”. Lou?

DOBBS: Did President Calderon talk about in any way taking responsibility for the people that he is effectively ushering out of his country because they’re too poorly educated, they lack the skills, and are simply so impoverished that they have to flee the country and that — did he take any responsibility as he put it himself?

HENRY: He did not appear to take any responsibility in his own remarks. Interesting President bush also raised the issue of drug smuggling across the border and that’s another issue obviously the Mexican government is going to have to deal with, Lou.

: Well, we say that they’re going to have to deal with it. But Mexico remains the largest source of methamphetamines, cocaine, heroin and marijuana into the United States and that president you’re reporting on has allowed that trade to go with his blessings because he’s refused to secure that border. Thank you very much, Ed Henry.

Protesters tonight are gathered there in New Orleans. They’re voicing outrage over the so-called security and prosperity partnership of North America known as well the North American Union. Critics say these three leaders are negotiating that agreement in secret. Bill Tucker has our report from New Orleans.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We will exercise our Second Amendment, against any and all who will…

TUCKER: There is some unease in some quarters over what the administration calls the Security and Prosperity Partnership, the SPP. The meetings between the United States, Canada and Mexico are not secret. The discussions are. And there’s anger over it, some, labor leaders.

DAVE COLES, ENERGY & PAPERWORKERS UNION OF CANADA: This is about corporate rule, not corporate America, corporate world taking over the responsibilities that belong to the legislatures and the parliaments and the governments of our country.

GARY BEEVERS, UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA: This is all being done behind closed doors with no transparency whatsoever and it shouldn’t be secret in this country. It shouldn’t be secret in Canada, and it shouldn’t be secret in Mexico.

TUCKER: But it is. Even the human rights group, Amnesty International sent an open letter to the leaders saying, quote, “the secrecy and lack of accountability that has marked the development of SPP leave insufficient room for informed involvement of civil society”.

The Bush administration denies any secrecy about the talks that it says are to address common security concerns and facilitate trade and travel. On its Web site, spp.gov, it dismisses criticism that there is no oversight of SPP by Congress, as, quote, “a myth”. Some in Congress find that laughable.

REP. MARCY KAPTUR (D), OHIO: There have been no hearings on the SPP negotiations and transactions. In fact, I signed a letter with parliamentarians from Canada, Mexico and the United States, asking that these discussions not proceed forward until the legislative bodies of all three countries are informed as to what’s going on.

TUCKER: Kaptur and more than a dozen other representatives sent a letter to President bush asking that the talks be stopped. Some in Canada agree. Maude Barlow heads a public advocacy group.

MAUDE BARLOW, COUNCIL OF CANADIANS: This is profoundly anti- Democratic. Decisions are being made at these committees almost as if it’s sort of a treaty outside of any democratic process around areas that will affect all of our lives. So, we are here. We’re not going away and we think that…

TUCKER: And these are extensive talks, Lou. They are wide ranging, covering anything from environmental concerns to labor conditions, to regulatory issues. Critics say all of this secrecy amounts to what they call a full assault on the sovereignty of the United States. Lou?

DOBBS: As well as the sovereignty of Canada and Mexico, for that matter.


DOBBS: You know, I just can’t think of how in the world this administration could rationalize these meetings, take one more shot if you will, here, Bill, and tell us what this White House of ours — I’ll use the term loosely — is saying.

TUCKER: It’s not a secret. We have a Web site. You can go and see what we’re talking about.

DOBBS: Let me try this again.

TUCKER: There’s no need…

DOBBS: Let me try this again.

: OK.

DOBBS: What are they saying is being discussed…

: Trade issues, facilitating the trade in the movement of people back and forth between the borders, Lou. That’s the official word on what’s being discussed.

DOBBS: And that’s the sum total of what they will divulge?

TUCKER: That’s about — puts it all together in one nice little package, Lou.

DOBBS: That’s incredible. And to think that, you know, this is what’s great. This country has come to a point where we’re accepting this kind of nonsense from this kind of administration sitting in the White House that belongs to the American people after all, or at least it used to. Thank you very much, Bill Tucker, from New Orleans.

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur will be here later. We’ll be discussing the North American Summit, and the negotiations and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, which is to lead to, of course, the North American Union. This is also the subject of our poll tonight.

Are you outraged that talks that could lead to a North American Union are being held in secrecy by the governments of the United States, Mexico, and Canada? Yes or no? Cast your vote at Loudobbs.com. We’ll have the results here later.

Now, CNN was very appropriate where it came to bush’s name. It was my hack job that took off the caps. I won’t have him given any respect on MY blog! So this is all my doing here, not CNN’s. Just want that clear in case of a misunderstanding. You can check CNN’s site to be sure.

And just in case you are interested in the poll results, here they are:

Are you outraged that talks that could lead to a North American Union are being held in secrecy by the governments of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada?
Yes 97% 9610
No 3% 332
Total Votes: 9942
This is not a scientific poll
There was more to the story obviously with Representative Marcy Kaptur, so I’m bringing you the rest of it here also. I hope that this brings you a little more information. There just isn’t much to bring you though unfortunately. The website isn’t much help either although they claim it is. They only feed you what they want you to see, nothing more.
DOBBS: Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is calling on President bush to halt negotiations of the so-called security and prosperity partnership until congress is told just what in the world this government is doing. Congresswoman Kaptur joins me tonight from her home district in Toledo, Ohio.

Congresswoman, as always, great to have you here.


DOBBS: Why is the administration not responding to you and to the calls from others to explain exactly what they’re doing?

KAPTUR: Well, the executive branch really thinks that they can run everything and they like to ignore congress. This is another example on the trade-making front where the executive branch goes beyond its constitutionally authorized powers and doesn’t want to inform the congress, which has the key trade-making authorities under the constitution.

This is kind of a follow-on to NAFTA, Lou, called the SPP, and that’s what this meeting down in Louisiana’s all about. I think it’s the third meeting they’ve had in four years.

DOBBS: Right, right. And the idea that they would not be responsive to you, is your — is the leadership of the house, Speaker Pelosi, in the senate, Senator Reid, are they responsive and demanding of their prerogatives on the issue of — of this agreement, security and prosperity partnership, so-called, which is the foundation for a North American union?

KAPTUR: Well, you know what, they’ve been focusing on of late is Colombia, the free trade agreement with Colombia. The issue of mortgage foreclosures, the additional funds that are being asked for the war in Iraq. There are on lot of other issues that have come forward, and so this is kind of sliding by I think without a lot of attention.

DOBBS: Well, have you brought to it their attention?

KAPTUR: We are —

DOBBS: I’m sorry, go ahead.

KAPTUR: What I was going to say is that we are doing everything we can to bring it to their attention. The respective committees that should be holding hearings and are not, and I think just other issues have taken precedence.

DOBBS: Well, at this point it’s pretty clear that we have a lame-duck president who is basically going to tell you people to go exactly where he’s been telling you to go for some time and can do so without real consequence because he’s only got another, what, about seven months in office. It seems your leadership should be more responsive to you on this issue. How concerned are you about this — this North American union prospect?

KAPTUR: I’m very concerned about it because just this year, this past year, we had a $76 billion trade deficit with Mexico. We were told that after NAFTA passed, we would have more of our exports going down there. We’ve been exporting our jobs and importing goods from there. And unfortunately importing a lot of workers, who were thrown out of work down there and farmers when were thrown out of work on their land.

DOBBS: Right.

KAPTUR: So NAFTA’s really hurt us a great deal as you know and the SPP we believe to be an expansion of that done on the executive side with no congressional oversight helping to push the continent toward this NAFTA highway, the superhighway that they want to bring up through Texas, through the center part of the country and Canada.

DOBBS: The transatlantic corridor, right?

KAPTUR: There have been — we were successful in passing an amendment in the house to prevent that from happening. They didn’t pass it in the senate. And it passed by quite a wide margin, so, I think congress’ focus, that particular vote, but the administration then keeps negotiating behind closed doors.

DOBBS: All right. Well, as soon as they can find someone not to negotiate with, say, Senator Harry Reid in the senate, perhaps it will be a more propitious outcome for all of us. Marcy Kaptur, congresswoman from Ohio, we thank you very much for being with us. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

KAPTUR: Thank you. Thank you.

What worries me most is daddy bush has an awful lot of money to throw around. Knowing how the greasing works in Congress it concerns me a lot on this * negotiating * bit. I don’t want to see bush get anything accomplished at all. Nothing, nadda, zip, zilch! He’s a bad man, a very bad man! He’s a traitor to this country, a war criminal, and he has not done one thing good for the USA in his whole two terms in office. He ever started out by stealing the presidency. I won’t ever honor this criminal. I won’t honor him as a man, as a human being, or as a spiritual individual. I haven’t got one decent thing to say about him. Not this lifetime anyway! Talk to someone else.

I swear, dubya would sell his own mother for a buck if he could. And it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I loath the man. If he were to give every penny he had away to a charity I’d still wonder if he owned the charity itself and planned to screw the people the charity helped out of the money somehow. That’s how much I think of dubya. And you can add his buddies to that list also. Each one of them was cut from the same mold. Not a good one in the bunch. Just a bunch of smarmy criminals. I want to see them all behind bars in a federal prison somewhere enjoying waterboarding since they swear it isn’t torture.

Why hasn’t this administration been impeached yet? How much longer do we have to wait?


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