McNasty, Payback’s A Bitch…

McCain and his cronies would have you believe that the new book out, The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don’t Trust Him And Why Independents Shouldn’t, is pure trash, but the trash is from the McCain side, not the book’s or the book’s author. The author, Cliff Schecter, has chosen the high ground while the McCain camp has chosen to use name calling, (gee, what a surprise, NOT!), and other things to discredit the book. Problem is, when you have truth and facts on your side that can be backed up, it is really hard to discredit!

I noticed that in the denial of Jill Hazelbaker she didn’t back up her statement with any signed witness statements, only her mouth. Shame on you Jill. That doesn’t convince us. Next time back yourself up otherwise it isn’t news worthy.

What is even sadder is that media can be so easily persuaded to ignore an important piece of literary journalism for the sake of the spin-doctors on the McCain campaign. Money talks and bullshit walks… Shame again to British Journalists!

The journalist in question asked not to be identified so as to not face any problems from the paper in question. But I did confirm that the story was killed based on a conversation with McCain’s staff. From the email received by the journalist at the newspaper:

They told me that first that this was all off the record, that (Cliff Schecter was) a super liberal with a hate streak, known to make outlandish comments like this and not a reliable source. Then they said that they would prefer that we didn’t go with anything, just to protect the Senator’s image from false information. Because this was just a crazy, gossipy piece of journalism anyway.

I then asked for a quote for the article, as my editor needed something from them. They said, “Well, I know you aren’t going to like this” and with a little almost smirk from them: “This book is just tabloid trash,” said Crystal Benton, a spokeswoman for the McCain campaign. “The fact that it is even being reported speaks to the sad state of journalism today.”

If the best the McCain side can do is call this trash, I’d say they are in trouble. There isn’t a thing here they are denying… And just calling names doesn’t disprove a thing. Poor, poor McNasty, it’s a bitch when your temper tantrums come home to haunt you.

Now, had McCain used a modicum of control throughout his lifetime, this wouldn’t be happening. But like all those who are rich and powerful, oh wait, it’s his wife that’s rich, OK, like all those who are married to money, they cop an attitude and figure it is up to others to handle what they do. Oh, on the contrary… Just because you can doesn’t mean you should and now you get to deal with your inappropriate behavior.

There is a great article today from that Cliff Schecter wrote. I hope you will read it HERE: It is all about Cliff’s rebuttal to the McNasty spin doctor’s smear campaign. And very funny too. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. And I can’t wait to get a copy of the book to read for myself!

You can bet your ass that Cliff Schecter checked and double checked his facts before writing this book and publishing it. The very fact that McNasty is so upset with it should tell you just how truthful it is. They don’t get upset at lies and innuendo, that can be disproved in a heartbeat. This will stick and hopefully, disqualify him from ever getting the presidential office. We don’t need a lunatic in the Oval Office. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt thank you very much. Eight years of bush should be enough for anyone! Especially not with someone that can’t control his temper any better than McNasty here.

McCain has even gone so far as to physically assault another Congressman, Representative Rick Renzi.

Perhaps the most remarkable story of McCain’s temper involved Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi. Two former reporters covering McCain, one who witnessed the following events and one who confirmed the facts provided by the first, relayed it to me as follows: In 2006, the Arizona Republican congressional delegation had a strategy meeting. McCain repeatedly addressed two new members, congressmen Trent Franks and Rick Renzi, as ‘boy.’ Finally, Renzi, a former college linebacker, rose from his chair and said to McCain, “You call me that one more time and I’ll kick your old ass.” McCain lunged at Renzi, punches were thrown, and the two had to be physically separated. After they went to their separate offices, McCain called Renzi and demanded an apology. Renzi refused. Apparently this posture made McCain admire him, as they became fast friends.

Just how pathetic can an old man be? Using abusive language such as calling another Congressman “boy” to the point where it becomes so offensive that the man can no longer take it? And this man pretends he has ANY ability to become president? I don’t think so.

The fact is everyone is so afraid of McNasty’s temper that they refuse to be identified. That speaks volumes on McCain’s character. He has none. He is an angry, bitter, conceited, spoiled, rich, bastard who doesn’t deserve his present position, let alone the Oval Office.

Frankly, the picture on the cover of the book makes me think of two gay males, but that would insult the gay population too much, sorry guys. So go ahead McNasty, come after me why don’t you???


~ by justmytruth on April 22, 2008.

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